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Aug. 23rd, 2017 09:17 pm
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As you probably know, when Tamnonlinear died ten months ago (and holy crap that STILL doesn't feel real and I think of her and miss her every damn day), I adopted two of her six cats. (Pyrite took 2 others. The last two went to a neighbor/friend of Tam's sister-in-law.)

One of the reasons I took in Mia and Jessie, specifically, was that they were the most skittish of the six and I figured they'd have the hardest time finding homes. Of Tam's household, Jessie was often the biggest cat but always the most scared. When we talked on the phone, she'd sometimes have him in her lap or nearby but if she moved wrong or another cat came too close, he'd zoom off. The times I visited, I almost never saw Mia or Jessie even though they were cats who had the run of most of the house (as opposed to some cats who had only certain rooms.)

Tam's SIL brought the cats halfway to me and I installed them in my office/library. They hid. Jessie spent all of his time hiding behind a curtain, on a tiny window ledge, and if I came too close he'd start shaking. Mia would come out to eat but spent most of her time under one spot or another. In time, I started leaving the library door open, in the hopes that they'd join the rest of my household. The other three cats (Marlowe, Callie, and Widget) were not super welcoming but there weren't huge fights either when one of those three went into the library.

Months past. Jessie stayed behind his curtain. Mia would sometimes come out of the room if it were getting late and she hadn't been fed yet. The only progress I made was that if I had tuna, Mia would take it from my fingers. (Can you blame her? Tuna, yum.)

Then Widget, the smallest cat in this household, started bullying Mia and Jessie. She'd go into their room and corner one or the other. There would be horrific howls and I was terrified that someone would hurt another, although whenever I got to the room it was to witness a standoff rather than a fight. But it got so that Widget would corner Jessie in the litterbox or eat his food.

Also, it became clear that Mia and Jessie weren't looking to join the larger household any time soon, so the library had to become more comfortable. They needed more routes to travel in there, so they could avoid Widget if necessary. (I wasn't willing to lock Widget out of that room because it would mean locking Mia and Jessie in it.) So, I thought, perhaps some upward space. I initially thought just a few shelves to get to the top of a bookcase. (It's a library so there are lots of bookcases. Most of them have books on top.) Then my parents arrived and turned the room into a paradise for Mia and Jessie.

I moved a bunch of stuff out and a futon (from my parents) in, which Mia immediately *loved*. Suddenly she was sleeping out in the open as long as no one bothered her. Then we took down Jessie's curtains (they'd gotten so gross from 10 months of him living behind one) but gave him boxes in the window to hid within. He took to them immediately, too, suddenly looking more comfortable but still safe and with a view. We moved out my printer, making the desk area entirely cat friendly. We put in a cat tree and several shelves so that cats could get not only to the top of the bookcase but then over ALL the bookcases on an 8 foot shelf along the rest long wall of the room, where cats can then hop down a few other steps and be at the litterbox (or up and going in the oppose direction.) Suddenly the room was more open and the cats had travel paths.

The difference is NIGHT AND DAY. Jessie not only allows me to pet him (without shaking) but he rubs his head into my hand, he nibbles on my fingers, licks them, and purrs. (Also, he drools, it turns out.) So far this has only happened when he's in one of his boxes, until tonight when I got a few pets in while he was out and about.

Mia took to the shelves, sleeping in the bed on top of the bookcase and running down the 8 foot shelf like it had always been there. An excellent improvement.

I started napping in the library (since there's a futon) and waking up to find that Mia was relatively nearby.

Today though? While I was lying on the futon, she joined me. She let me pet her. She then curled up at my legs. Then she came closer so that she was curled up at my side and I pet her and she purred and we stayed that way for about an HOUR. It was amazing. I mean, yes, it's a normal cat thing to do, but this is after 10 months where I could not even touch her. (The one time in November or December when I tried to move them from one room to another, they were so frightened that they lashed out and the scars on my arm haven't quite faded away.)

I want to write a thank you note to Jackson Galaxy because everything came from reading his book (and my parents watching his show.)  A local carpet/flooring shop gave me a remnant (for free!) with which we could make all the shelves safer. And my parents are my *heroes* for coming down to KY and building these things. My parents don't even like cats all that much.... 

So what about the other three cats, you might be asking? My parents built them a whole damn catio. Seriously! My house has two decks and we made the smaller one into an enclosed space for the cats to play outside! Marlowe and Callie LOVE it. As soon as I go towards that door, they're following me. Marlowe even bats at the door to tell me he wants out. I can't say their behavior generally has changed but they were already pretty well adjusted. Widget isn't sure how she feels about the catio (I brought her out once whereas Callie and Marlowe, from day one, just went on through the door. Widget spent her whole time outside staring at the door to go back in.)

I hope Tam would approve. 

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So, if you didn't know this already, I'm an English professor, and more than that, I'm an English professor in an area where education is not really valued and where students are underprepared and I teach at an open enrollment school. So, while I DO get to spend at least one course per semester (and usually two) teaching literature, I also have to spend two courses per semester teaching composition.

(This is particularly ironic since I never even took a composition course. I petitioned my way out of them at my own undergraduate college.)

At any rate, summer enrollment is very low, for lots of reasons (many of them having to do with financial aid, and the lack thereof.) So I have only 5 students signed up for my online summer composition class. And yet I have spent more time dealing with one of these students in the past two days than I have with entire classes in past semesters.

My only main point here is that writing IS important even if all you'll ever do is send an email. Because of the the dozen emails I've received from this student, I've had to puzzle through all of them and even sent two of them back, writing, "I don't know what you're trying to say here." And this student's most recent email was not even a full sentence informing me "I have the assignment done at 5." All right, but what? Does the student mean s/he will have the assignment done at 5? Does it mean that the student already has it done, and posted it yesterday or this morning at 5? And what assignment is this student talking about, since this was in response to an email about two different assignments?


All I'm saying is, if someone tells you they don't write, or don't need to know how to write, point out how this sort of thing looks in any kind of business world. I'm not expecting everyone to be able to produce Shakespeare (and Shakespeare produced some questionable stuff at times, too...) but as casual a form as email has become, you still have to be able to convey ideas, right? Surely?

Call me a snob, but I want a communications major -- and frankly ALL MAJORS -- to be able to communicate.


May. 3rd, 2017 08:51 pm
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So, remember how the nazis were late in showing up to their own party on Saturday?

Turns out it was because they got lost and had to stop their caravan several times to get directions.


As long as the fascists we have to deal with are only this smart, I'll be less concerned.

Also, heimbach got served a summons while in Pikeville for his having (allegedly, I guess) pushed a black woman at a trump rally in Louisville.

More information available here
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Fashionably late (by over an hour), the traditional workers party and the national socialist movement* have arrived in Pikeville, dressed in black (polo shirts mostly), carrying flags and assault rifles.

The Unicorn Riot interviewers are asking questions about things like whether they agree with heimbach (head of the twp)'s statement that interaccial couples need to be put into camps and re-educated (they answered yes) and whether hitler was a good person (heimbach answered yes). I just can't wrap my head around seeing such naked evil on display.

I should be down there on the protest side. I'm a coward to not go... but I'm nearly 100% certain I'd lose my job if I did go.

The campus chaplain is down there, in robes. He is my hero. (For lots of reasons, actually.)

The two sides are about equal in size now.

*Yes, it's petty, but I just can't bring myself to capitalize their names.
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A climate of fear seeped over UPIKE at the end of the week and only a tiny percentage of our students are on campus this weekend. The entrances to the school have been blocked off by buses. The planned diversity rallies were canceled.

Campus ministries screened Tickling Giants (which is amazingly good) last night. On the other hand, it also made me feel truly cowardly for not going downtown today to protest the nazis. I'm afraid of losing my job if I do. People under oppressive regimes have true things to fear.

I'm watching a livestream of the protests via Unicorn Riot and the local tv station. The nazi program was scheduled to start at 2, with their permit from 12-5. It's 2:30 and it appears that about a dozen nazis have shown up, all of them league of the south and not the twp who scheduled things. There are more like 200 antifa/ARA/and anti-nazi protesters on the other side of the street. The Oathkeepers also showed up and when interviewed tried to do some verbal dancing in saying that they're not in agreement with either side of the situation but how dare those protesters show up and give the nazis a bigger platform, and the nazis have the right to be in town because free speech.

No kidding free speech. They absolutely 100% have the right to say whatever the heck they want. They are allowed to spew their disgusting rhetoric.

But that doesn't mean they have a right to be agreed with. That doesn't mean they have a right to be listened to. That doesn't mean they have the right to not be drowned out by protesters' shouts, horns, and occasionally a tuba.
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What set me off yesterday, I think, was the glibness of conversation happening around the twp/nazis invading Pikeville and how my colleagues were ignoring that, and yet rushing to talk about safety concerns due to antifa/ara. I sat there in the faculty meeting, arms crossed, realizing my body language was getting more and more defensive but just so angry that I couldn't bring myself to care.

I know being angry all day / kicking a wall due to "presidential glibness" is overreaction. Please see my previous post to see my struggle to articulate the event.

Anyway, to follow up, the university president has posted the following on our website and it is MUCH more evenhanded and better in tone and reassuring about not welcoming (or ignoring) the kinds of ideology that brings the twp here. (I ... don't know how to make an LJ-cut, 'cuz this isn't LJ. Sorry.... Stop reading here if you're not interested and visit me for my next post...)

from the university president...
When my wife and I moved to Pikeville, Kentucky, we were immediately impressed with the kindness and hospitality of the people who call this region of the country home. Our little town is warm, safe, and has a charm that one would expect from a village nestled in the mountains on the edge of the south. Our university has been in this place for more than 125 years. We are blessed with caring, expert faculty in the arts and sciences, humanities and professions. Our medical school is exceptional and our new optometry college is highly innovative. Our university is diverse and welcoming. We have students, faculty and staff from across the country and around the world. Faces of all colors walk our streets, work in the local hospital and study on our hilly campus. We love it here.

It now appears obvious that this weekend we will be invaded by people who want to bring hatred, fear, and violence to our part of the world.

By now, you have probably heard about the rally sponsored by the Traditionalist Workers Party (TWP) that is scheduled for this Saturday in downtown Pikeville. They were not invited to our town and are not welcome on our campus. They chose to visit Pikeville for their own reasons, contacted the city, and were granted the right to assemble in our courthouse square. Groups of all sorts come to this same location in Pikeville. The city does its best to provide a safe place for free speech to occur, regardless of the political agenda. According to several reputable sources, the TWP is a Neo-Nazi organization that has a strong racist platform. If you have doubts about the truth of that statement, look them up online. Though violence tends to follow this group, they seem to be expert in provoking rather than being violent.

As a university founded by Presbyterian ministers, we have worked hard to build and maintain a tradition of a hospitality toward everyone, therefore, we utterly reject racism in all of its forms.

In fact, one of our students partnered with another student from the region to create a counter protest. They contacted the city and reserved the city park for their event. The Rally for Equality and American Values (REAV), was to be a family friendly alternative located just a few blocks from the TWP rally. They gathered significant financial support and had generated significant enthusiasm in the community. The hope was to have an event that would show the true spirit of Pikeville - family, equality, and peace - as a contrast to the rally at the courthouse.

There were some concerns for safety. Would the TWP leave the courthouse and walk the five blocks to the park? Would a shouting match ensue? At a meeting between the organizers for the REAV and myself, we determined that if they moved to our campus we could help them increase the distance from the TWP. While the REAV was never an official university event, it did closely align with our mission and values.

Over the last week or so, it has become apparent that at least two other groups are now planning to come to Pikeville. Anti-Racist Action (ARA) and Anti-Fascist Action (ANTIFA) have both made it known that they plan to send contingents to Pikeville this weekend to protest against the TWP. At first glance, it might appear that these two groups would be more closely aligned with the REAV and university positions, but you must look deeper. These two groups are vehemently opposed to the TWP, but their tendency to incite violence causes me grave concern. Review their history online and you will discover that their form of confrontation is usually not peaceful.

As a university founded by Presbyterian ministers we have worked hard to build and maintain a tradition of a hospitality toward everyone, therefore, we utterly reject violence. Indeed, racism is a form of violence that is insidious.

This week, in meetings with city officials, law enforcement, and others whose job is to watch these kinds of events we have come to the conclusion that the presence of the TWP, ARA, and ANTIFA in downtown Pikeville presents a real danger to the peace of our town. The likelihood of a violent conflict between these groups is too significant to ignore. When presented with this information, organizers of the peaceful, family oriented REAV gathering on our campus determined it was in the best interest of safety to postpone their event.

If you have ever been to Pikeville, you would understand. We have limited parking here because we live in a narrow valley. It is impossible to keep crowds separated when there are large events that occur simultaneously. The risk posed by bringing peace-loving families into the same parking garage with the TWP, ARA, and ANTIFA was simply too great.

The university agrees with the decision to postpone the Rally for Equality and American Values. We think it was the right decision for this day, but we wholeheartedly support their goal. We hope that in the weeks to come we can work to bring a peaceful event to our region that celebrates our diversity and upholds our values.

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Quick background for those who don't know: I am a Yankee who has lived in 5 states, become over-educated, and is currently living, somewhat under duress in Appalachia.

A few months ago, the traditional workers party declared that they were going to rally in Pikeville, KY (the town I currently live, work and teach in) to give training seminars and recruit new members. Their reasoning was that because this area is overwhelmingly white, poor, and voted for trump, that they'd have an easy time gaining new followers and support. (To give you an idea of the area, I routinely have students admit to me that they had never seen someone who wasn't white until they came to college. There are students of color at the university in which I teach, but they are almost uniformly recruited as athletes from other areas of the country.)

As you can imagine, some people were upset about learning nazis were invading, and a med school student and a high school student stepped up to the plate like heroes and put together two rallies for unity and diversity and equality and peace. (Each rally has a long title that I can't remember, so I'll lump them both together as "diversity rallies" for this post.) There was meant to be a rally tomorrow (Friday) in Floyd County, and one Saturday in Pikeville, because those were the two areas in which the nazis declared they'd be demonstrating.

(Yes, I know that some twp people wouldn't call themselves nazis. I don't care, at least for this post. If it talks like a nazi and acts like a nazi...)

The diversity rallies very specifically said that they appreciated the general support of outsiders but requested that no outside groups come into the area, that they wanted this to be community based, a celebration of the people who live and work here. They invited veterans, politicians (from the spectrum), religious figures, and planned a really good looking schedule of events for Saturday. (I know more about Saturday's than Friday's, although I expect that Friday's would have been great, too.)

Because the nazis plan to demonstrate downtown at the courthouse, the diversity rally planners wanted to gather and celebrate peace and unity at the park about 300 yards away. Some city officials got nervous about this and my university agreed (I suspect somewhat under duress) to host the diversity rally on Saturday instead. The university is significantly farther from the courthouse and up a large hill-- the high ground, you might say. This was never, however, really a university event.

Many of us were truly hoping that the nazis would turn out to be three guys in a pickup truck and a confederate flag driving through town a couple times, but social media and such have definitely escalated the situation. Several anti-racist/anti-fascist but pro-violence groups have now also declared their intent to come into town on Saturday. (Some are already here, according to colleagues who know.) Their websites and online rhetoric suggest a plan for violence and for destruction. The city passed an emergency measure to ban hoodies and masks in response. Apparently these groups are the same ones (or branches of) that were causing destruction and violence in Berkeley.

Let me state for the record that while I am anti-fascism, because duh, I'm also anti-violence. But I'm really super anti-nazi. So it's been upsetting me that the nazis got barely an eyebrow raise and the anti-fascist groups are getting "oh god, lock up your children, get off the street." I get that the reasoning is, apparently, because the nazi group gets right up to the legal line and dares the other people to cross it.

I also get the university's lack of enthusiasm because I assume they fear reprisals, lawsuits, danger.

I don't know how bad things might get Saturday. The university president has told us that there will be regular cops (we only have 21), state troops, and homeland security in town. There will be, and I can't believe I'm typing this, snipers on the roofs of the downtown buildings. Expectation from the various security groups talking, is 600 outsiders arriving to demonstrate and/or make trouble. I don't know where that number comes from (beyond the chief of university security). But to put it in perspective, if true, that's 10% the population of the town. (Pikeville is 6000 people, roughly, and much of that spread out.) So yeah, people coming to town, looking for trouble, it could be bad.

I'm not suggesting that we, as academics, encourage our students to go looking for more trouble or danger or violence. But I'm still incredibly disappointed in my university, my adopted community, and my colleagues. (Not all of them, I should clarify.)

I can't help but think back to my own undergraduate days. I wasn't particularly well informed on current events when I got to MHC, age 17, but I was quickly involved in things. I marched in my first protest my first semester. I was already enraged about gender inequality when I got to MHC; I quickly started to understand intersectionality (even though I didn't have that word til much, much later), mainly by thinking critically and being aware of the world and people around me. Even if MHC were not in a more liberal area (MA), I still cannot believe that something like this would happen anywhere near that campus. I cannot imagine the faculty not making a stand-- with university support.

The university here? Has canceled the diversity rally. (I don't know who actually decided to cancel it, since the verbiage I've seen in emails and on social media has been vague. But hearing the university president in a meeting today makes me think pressure came from the university.) Obviously they've cited safety concerns.

Judging from what I've seen on both sides of the fence's social media sites, yeah, I think both sides are looking to start trouble. Yeah, both sides are pointing out that KY is open-carry and stand-your-ground. Yeah, I think someone could be an idiot on Saturday in downtown and get hurt.

But I think not supporting the diversity rally is a mistake. Where is the demonstration that this community doesn't want nazis here? The same thing that got us to this point (ignorance, reluctance to talk about let alone deal with the systemic and institutionalized prejudices and racism in this community and country) continue to fester, conversation quelled by fear and a reluctance to do the heavy ideological lifting.

The rhetoric I've heard from colleagues lately has been "nazis? meh. but anti-fascists? run for the hills!" Again, let me reiterate, I'm not advocating violence. But where is the condemnation of the twp and what they stand for? Where is the soul-searching to understand what brought them here? Where is the demonstration that they're not wanted here?

I know I just wrote a very long post, so it's ironic that in closing I'm writing "I can't put into words what I'm feeling right now about all this," and yet it's true. It's taken me all day to be able to articulate even this much. (For all my anti-violence, I did stupidly kick a wall and hurt my foot over this... Well, we make mistakes.)

My instinct is to move away-- I've been wanting to for a while and November 9th clarified that for me-- but in some ways I'd be doing the same thing: shutting up, ignoring the problem, sweeping nazis under the rug.* So let this be a call to action to myself, too, to be braver, to stand up, to bring up the tough questions in class.

(The title of this post comes from the fact that last weekend was Hillbilly Days, the area's biggest festival and the first thing that comes up in search engines if you look up Pikeville. It's supposed to be a reclamation of the idea of hillbillies but frankly what I've seen makes it look like it's mainly a reification of harmful stereotypes. When getting some dates confused earlier in the semester, I realized that April here this year is basically hillbillies and nazis. Ergo, title.)

*and rug nazis might be even harder to remove than ordinary ones.
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I used to use my LJ for geeking out over random (sometimes VERY random) things. So now that I'm here at DW, going to do that in this blog, even though I have approximately 5 readers total and I'd have to guess that not a single one of you has even heard of what I'm about to geek out over....

So... in the early 1990s there was a cartoon called ExoSquad. It ran for 2 seasons and it had been created in an attempt to be an American anime, since dubbed anime had become popular over here. It was about mecha and space war and was inspired by World War II and was really impressive. I knew precisely no one who watched it. When I first saw it, I was about 14 years old. I caught an episode during a snow day or snow delay and was intrigued. I started setting my VCR to record episodes every morning (I think there were 2 a day at this point; it was already canceled and in repeats when I started watching it.)

[Note that I recorded 2 minutes before and after everything I set a timer for, just in case the clock was messed up in some way. This means that along with every episode of ExoSquad, I also recorded the credits for some show about robots. The credits were entirely in rap. While these tapes still exist, I don't have access to them, so I don't know what show this was, but I can picture it and one day I'll have to find a way to hunt it down.]

Anyway, at 14, despite having wonderful best friends, I was embarrassed to like this show. I did not think said wonderful friends would understand and they wouldn't have gotten into it like I did. (In retrospect, maybe they would have, maybe they wouldn't have.) Since this was circa 1994, I hopped onto America Online and found me a discussion board about the show. I lurked. It wasn't a super active board, since, as I mentioned, the show as already canceled by this point, but it was nice to not be alone in my love of this kids show. And when my favorite character was killed (spoiler for a 20+ old show, I guess), it was to this message board I turned in a panic. (I can't remember having a favorite character killed of in a show before that. I mean, since then, yeah, of course, as I've been a fan of the Joss Whedon-verse, Supernatural and Game of Thrones, so it's a common occurrence at this point.)

So Exosquad was my first fandom, long before I knew the term fandom. And two of the characters (Alec and Maggie) were my first 'ship, long long before I knew what shipping was.

In retrospect, this show was really good for me, in many ways. I mean, I was already a sci fi fan, so that wasn't new. But the fact that this show about space pilots had gender integrated squads, and no one made a fuss about it, in show, with the women just as capable (sometimes more) than the men? Well, it mattered. Maybe I didn't know it at the time, but it mattered. (This is the same time in my life that I spent frustrated and angry a lot, arguing with people about gender equality a lot. In this same time period, for example, I had a history teacher who literally called Abigail Adams "Some broad" and argued with me about women's importance in history. I needed this kind of entertainment. And the fact that it was aimed at children? And it wasn't putting this equality as a Message front and center? That was huge.)

These days, every once in a while-- about annually, actually-- I get in the mood to either watch this cartoon or find something as good as it in the same genre. I'm almost always disappointed. (Note: please feel to recommend character/plot driven space opera in the comments.) Early last month I got pretty sick and was laid up for about 4 days (and then coughed for another 6 weeks when it became walking pneumonia and I was too stubborn to see a doctor. I digress.) I went through a space opera phase that week and dug out my DVD of Exosquad. I watched the first 13 episodes (the only ones on DVD) pretty much straight through. (It's a 20 minute cartoon and I wasn't capable of getting out of bed anyway, so don't judge me too harshly.) Then I hunted down the second season. (I wouldn't pirate things if they were legally available, so again, don't judge me!)

Then I went to Connooga with [personal profile] pyrite and upon seeing all the cosplay and while planning future cosplay, decided I was going to cosplay as an ExoSquad character, even though no one is going to know who the F I'm dressed as. FORTUNATELY, Pyrite is an enabler, even though she has no idea what this show is, so this is a plan that is going to happen (although it will take time as it requires brightly colored 1990s-future armor. Also, a wig. A lot of work, is what I'm saying. A lot of work do create a costume no one will recognize. Ahh, geekdom.)

In the past year or so, I've also gotten into podcasts. Not many, to be fair. There are only a couple that I listen to routinely. (Hidden Almanac every MWF, What the Folklore? every Tues/Sun, and to which I donate on Patreon because I love it so much, and occasionally various others as the mood strikes but not routinely.) On a whim I searched PlayerFM (which I use for WTFolkore) for ExoSquad. And HOLY CRAP THERE'S A PODCAST. (If any of this post sounds amusing, you should check out said podcast, called "ExoSquad Goals".) I don't think I can explain what this means to me. Three guys talking about ExoSquad -- taking it seriously (but also being hilarious), looking at it like a real text, like it matters.

Remember, I felt like this show was a guilty secret when I was a teen, and non-existent as an adult. I was so embarrassed about liking this show that when I found some of the toys at KayBee on clearance, and bought a couple, I hid them. From who?! I have no idea! My parents wouldn't have cared. I made up some excuse about them, that since they were on sale I bought them as inspiration for the sci fi I was writing at the time. To be fair, I did spend most of my time writing, but who needs an excuse to buy a toy?! And no, no one ever asked me about them anway.

So yeah, I'm pretty damned pleased about this podcast and getting to geek out over this show.

I'm not saying that ExoSquad was perfect. Like just about every mainstream piece of media, it has its issues. (And terrible hairstyles.) There are a few episodes that make me cringe. But it was also ahead of its time and just what I needed at 14.
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So.... I *think* I've subscribed to journals, and when I go to said journals they've updated recently, but they're not showing up on my "reading" page. Anyone have a suggestion as to what I've done wrong?

(I'm not sure this counts as an update, but it is a post... Expect ramblings about teaching, gardening, and April-the-Giraffe at some point, though.)

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I'm fairly certain I set up a DW account a long time ago, but I cannot remember who/where and it wasn't "Eilonwy", tragically. (It had already been taken.) So here I am, part of what is probably the Final Great LJ Migration. (Thanks, Putin.)

I don't know if anyone is reading this, since I haven't checked out how the friend importing worked, and I haven't gone to find my DW friends yet, etc. But just in case, Hi!

The main reason I went ahead an imported everything and came over here, other than to save all my stuff somewhere, is to keep anyone updated who might be interested, on Mia and Jessie, the cats I adopted from TamNonLinear. (I don't know how to make links to journals from DW yet. So much to relearn. So many years at LJ.)

So a quick update before I head off to teach a class. Mia has gotten more outgoing. She yells at me if I haven't fed her recently enough. She comes out of her hiding spot frequently. I now leave the door to their room open (albeit with a baby gate) if I'm home (even at night) and she has never come out of that room (nor have the other three gone in) but she will come up to the gate at times. Most impressively, she will now take tuna from my fingers. (Well, y'know, tuna, so can you blame her?)

Pretty much no update on Jessie. He remains hidden behind a curtain at all times.

I can also say that Jaimie and Jasper are doing very well. They've integrated into their new home (although it did mean changes in the pet hierarchy/structure.) They're very loving with Pyrite (LJ name... don't know if she has a DW) and all is well there.

I suppose at some point this journal MIGHT have something other than tweets, cat updates, and commentary on how damn much I miss Tam (every damn day), but... not today. :)

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  • Tue, 15:00: Sometimes I get discouraged because it's onky Tuesday. Then I remember that Tuesday means a new episode of @WTFolklore ! Yay!!

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  • Mon, 12:25: Everyone's watching #AprilTheGiraffe to see her deliver, but I'm just happy to have a live stream of giraffes all day. Baby will be bonus.
  • Mon, 12:46: (Somehow I don't think when my institution gave me 2 monitors, they expected one to be used for giraffe-watching. Oh well. #AprilTheGiraffe)
  • Mon, 13:09: No student, I will not comment on your emailed draft 2 hours before the final draft is due. I have, y'know, classes to teach.
  • Mon, 16:55: RT @KamalaHarris: I'll remind you that as Jeff Sessions lectures our cities about the law, he is facing calls for resignation for lying to…

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Mar. 27th, 2017 12:00 pm
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  • Mon, 09:00: RT @PaperFury: It is a truth universally acknowledged that a girl doesn't want a husband. She wants floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and a magi…

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Mar. 26th, 2017 12:00 pm
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Mar. 25th, 2017 12:00 pm
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Mar. 24th, 2017 12:00 pm
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