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Mind you, I'm guessing here, since I don't actually speak fluent cat, no matter how much of a crazy cat lady you all think I am. But as I was cleaning just now I discovered that someone had been up on the highest shelf of Yarn!chesters.

(I keep meaning to take a picture of the most recent Yarn!chester display. The lowest level is atop my DVD racks and it's Sam, Bobby, Dean and Cas. Then there's the top of the stereo cabinet, beside the DVD rack, and that's Pamela, Ellen, Jo, Ash, Chuck and Becky, as well as most of the props, including some of the 'set pieces' from my Two of Pentacles card that you haven't seen yet because I haven't yet gotten it back from the mods. Then Mary, John, Meg, the YED, Lilith and Henricksen are on the very tallest shelf along with the original Sam and Dean. At one point I'd planned on having a kind dead vs. alive thing going on, but people die a *lot* on SPN, and also sometimes they aren't dead and sometimes they are, and yeah... So now it's the four I need most often for taking to Flurry's within easy reach, people who were at the Roadhouse or might have enjoyed it, and then everyone else. Got that?)

ANYWAY. As I was cleaning I discovered that someone (read: Callie) had toppled the YED over, although he was still on his shelf, simply clinging to the legs of a wooden giraffe to keep from tumbling to the ground. And Henricksen was not only no the floor but partially undressed!! Somehow he'd lost half his FBI jacket, although he was still firmly in his FBI bullet-proof vest.

So my reading of the situation? One of my fuzzies (and not Jack because there's no way he could get his chubby 18pound self atop the stereo cabinet, let alone the top shelf, let alone without destroying all the things) thinks that while it was good that there were references to the YED, more would have been better, and also, dammit, bring back Henricksen somehow.

At least, that's how I read the yarn-feline-situation. :D
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If you're here because you're interested in the Yarn!chesters (ie: the yarn versions of the Supernatural characters) you can click the tag "Yarn!chesters" to see all sorts of things (see below) or you can go to their flickr set.

New pictures from Vancouver will be posted soon.

(Also? EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! Rob Benedict held ami!Chuck for a photo op!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He was all, "That's my robe!")
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I hadn't so much planned on crocheting Becky as had the idea come upon me. I wanted to do one of the as-yet unclaimed tarot cards for the SPN Tarot/Winchester Arcana, and Becky was one of the options. (They wonderful mods over there are still looking for a few artists, in case you're interested. Also, if none of the unclaimed cards tickle your fancy, they also accept alternates. I just didn't feel like doing an alternate.) But once I thought about crocheting Becky, I started to love the idea because of her outfit in the episode "The Real Ghostbusters" (5.09).

This is her outfit:

Sorry for the blur-- it's a much wider shot (with other characters in), but the only one I could find wherein you could see her whole... special... outfit.

But dude, kneesocks! Three shades of brown! A sweater vest? How could I not try to recreate this?!

So, ami!Becky:

(I liked the idea of photographing her on that mat-- something I normally use for blocking my knitting, if you're wondering-- because Becky is very much the center of Becky's world. )

More pictures of yarn!Becky and other Yarny SPN Goodness )

Totally unrelated, here, have a Guess That Episode! (It's an homage. And there are actually two acceptable answers. Winners win two free internets. Note: Internets have monetary value.)

If you would like to see any of the above pictures bigger/in more detail, I have, of course, uploaded them to the Yarn!chester Flickr Set. (Which has grown huge.)

Speaking of Flickr, I find looking at my stats to be very amusing, and I don't know why. Mostly what gets randomly hit on days when I haven't posted anything in the vein of this LJ entry are pictures of cats. "Calico cat" gets looked up a lot on Google Images evidently. Equally amusing to me is that "medieval undergarments" on Yahoo evidently pulls up this picture from the Let's Travel in England book. It does not, however, actually include any medieval undergarments, so this confuses me.

But one picture consistently gets pulled up from my Flickr set, and it is, in fact, a Yarn!chester image. Evidently, there are a lot of people using Google Images to look up "Castiel Coat Detail". Okay... not sure why, but sure. I suspect most of them are disappointed, or at least bemused, when they get this picture. Heh. But apparently they click anyway, or it wouldn't be counted on Flickr... Weeeeeird.
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I finished the most recent yarn!chester yesterday. I'm quite pleased with this one-- which is good, since I didn't feel so keen about ami!Pamela. I'm too lazy to take proper pictures of her tonight, I'm afraid, but you can have a sneak preview:

Guess that character!

There'll be better pictures. Oh hey, you can see Callie in the bottom right of that photo, hee. Anyway, she looks even better when I haven't just heaved her up and snapped a shot. (The doll, not the cat. Although I suppose the same could be said of Callie...)

In other, similar, news, I had not realized that Zachariah wore a pinstripe suit. If I had, I might have been less keen on making a yarn version of him. So far he has a head, torso, one leg (but two feet), and two arms. This means he still needs a second leg and his suit coat. Then the whole suit needs to be embroidered with wee stripes. Sigh. He'll also need a tie, and of course his hair.

After that? I's got some ideas, but you'll just have to wait and see. :)

Oh! Speaking of yarn!chesters, if you haven't already, check out the Yarn!Chester Set on Flickr because between [livejournal.com profile] spade, [livejournal.com profile] maiafire, [livejournal.com profile] miki_moo and myself, we got some pretty interesting shots of them out and about in Brighton and London. Also included are pictures of the Mini Yarn!chesters that I made for Maia:

This is one of my favorites, and totally came from the twisted mind of [livejournal.com profile] spade... Name that Yarn!Chester Scene:

And last, I know I linked to it before I left for England, but here he is again, with the awesome border by [livejournal.com profile] bt_kady, my first entry for the Winchester Tarot:

I'm working on another card now, too-- the Three of Wands, though I haven't figured out yet what the vignette will be. Meeple.

Okay, I'm done now. And so is my iced tea (brewing), so I'm going to go work on Zachariah some more.
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No, she's not in London with me. These are two rushed picture I took before leaving home. I'm still not happy with her hair, but maybe I'll go back and work on it some other time.

Pamela, as we meet her and as we see he most recently:

And Pamela with her sunglasses:

The coat is removable. The shirt is supposed to evoke the idea of the shirts Pamela wore without faithfully recreating any of them. The sunglasses aren't perfect, but I kind of like them (sculpey and sculpey glaze.) Her hair is ... not good. I'll work on her some more this summer.
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Firstly, thank you to [livejournal.com profile] blergeatkitty for my random recycling goat. :D

Secondly, i've been updating things like a mad thing what updates things... yeah.

Project-Cat has a new non-update, with pictures! Including Daphne (so heads up [livejournal.com profile] oddharmonic, heh.)

And speaking of pictures, there are new ones over in my Flickr. Provided with no commentary, 'cause I'm in a hurry, you can see lots of pictures of my hike at Lost Dutchman Trail.. Proof that even though it's home to a lot of freakin' idiots, AZ is pretty.

Also, you can see pictures (mainly of animals) from my trip to the AZ Renaissance Faire. Sadly there's none of me in costume, but there is one of my hair. These pictures have commentary.

Also, also, I have posted my art project to [livejournal.com profile] spn_tarot, and you can see it here. Even though it's really different than all the other tarot cards that have been created so far, I'm fairly pleased with how it turned out. And I'm also highly amused. Yes, yes, I amuse myself. I know, it's sort of sad. :) (But, but, toilet plunger! Inherently amusing!)

Um. I think that's it in the updates and links category.

In other news... my grandparents' house officially went on the market today. The sign has been hammered into the front yard. My parents are done with the house. I'm really glad that my parents no longer have that stress, but holycarp, house. For sale. That was my second home growing up. ::sniffle:: I'll probably post links to the house itself once it's online. 'Cause. My mom put it best over on Facebook-- I really hope whoever buys the house loves it as much as we do (or more.) :(

My grandfather doesn't seem to be getting any stronger, but he does seem to be getting a bit more lucid. On Thursday he remembered Sacred Heart-- where he and my grandmother have been living for two years-- for the first time since his fall.

I stlil have TOO MUCH TO DO before bedtime and more deadline-y, before 5am Tuesday morning when I leave for the airport. HolycarpLondon!


Last night I slept on the couch because my bed is full of clean clothes, sorted into piles regarding their likelihood of being packed. At the rate I'm going, I would not be surprised if I slept on the couch again tonight... Mergle.

Tomorrow I teach, then I have office hours (which I can't skip as they're the last of them), then I have to run errands: Bank (for pounds), AAA (for a converter/adaptor, and for traveler's checks, I guess), bookstore (I need a London tourbook), mall (to get my new glasses adjusted-- they're crooked), apartment office (to pay my rent). After that I get to finish cleaning and packing. And make sup to freeze so that I don't waste all the vegetables in my fridge... Yay.
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Let's see... where was I? (I've bolded key phrases in case you want to skim. I know I'm too verbose.)

Oh yes, Thursday's Glasses Debacle, for starters. Remember how surprised I was at how quickly my glasses arrived? Well I did, indeed, rush over ot Mesa to pick up my glasses. Unfortunately, the helpful lady wasn't there, but I didn't really expect her to be (she had said she tends to work at a different branch.) So a guy who looks a bit like the son from Married with Children sits me down at the front desk. Directly in front of me there is a large sign assuring customers that every pair of glasses goes through 14 different quality checks. The sales-guy pulls out my glasses and tries them on me. As expected, they look crooked (because I have a crooked face. Bleh.) So he adjusts them and adjusts them some more. Then he adjusts them so that they're sooper tight and I'm trying to decide if I want him to unadjust them somewhat, as he's working on adjust my sunglasses, when I realize that the smudge on the left lens really isn't coming off. Sales-guy hands me a bottle of cleaner to use, which is nice, but hey, lookit that, it's not a smudge at all. No indeed, my glasses, despite the 14 quality checks, has a spider-web of lines through the left lens. Clearly this is a problem with the coating on them, and just as clearly this is going to require a new lens.

Le sigh. Still, several good things happened. First, there's enough time to get new ones because I went right when I got the phone call. (My glasses should be done aaaany day now, 'cause they were put at the top of the list, since they were flawed, and are being overnighted to the store.) Second, I really like the frames, even though they're rather plain. They've very similar in shape to the ones I have, but are slightly wider. This does mean a bit more curve to the lenses, which is a shame, but it's more flattering to my face. Also, my sunglasses are fine-- except for a strange tendency for shiny things to look a bit odd when the sun hits them. Car windshields (not from the inside of the car, thankfully) look as if I were looking at them through red/blue 3-d lenses. OH! And when I wear them, the driver's side window of my car, from the inside, has polka dots. It's *very* weird.

In other news, I have continued my almost-daily workouts. I only managed a half hour on Friday and Saturday, because I had scheduled stuff, but I did an hour today. It seems weird to me that if I do an hour on the elliptical or the cycle or the treadmill, that's 3 Weight Watchers Activity Points. But if I do a half hour on the elliptical AND a half hour on something else, that's 4 points (2 points each.) ... Sure.

Today I did the first 30minutes on the treadmill at a 4% incline and I tried to do a minute of jogging (at 5.0) every 3minutes (so 2 minutes walking, 1 minute jogging.) After I got a side sticker (and a flashback to being an unathletic child, thankyouverymuch), I toned it down to every 4minutes (3minutes walking, 1 minute jogging.) This worked only for another two cycles before I felt lightheaded and like I was going to vomit. It takes a lot of effort to jog this one-hundred-and-too-much pound frame, I guess. :( So I did the last 15 minutes at a 5% incline, walking at 4.0 (instead of the 3.7 I was doing earlier.) So, yeah, that kinda sucked.

The 30minutes on the elliptical, while a bit tough since I was already tired, did feel rather easy by comparison. I was using the elliptical with hand thingies, so could only adjust difficulty, not the, um, other, adjusty thingie... The "weight loss" program is 4minutes of level 8 and 4minutes of level 1. I bumped it up to level 2 instead.

So hey. Tomorrow I'll weigh myself. However, despite working out more this week than ever before in my life (and just as importantly, more regularly), I'm not sure if I'll have lost weight this week. I was dipping into my weekly points more this week than usual, and then on Thursday, Flurije gave me a piece of carrot cake. And while the points I assigned to it were based on guesswork, it was not a good idea. Despite pizza on Friday, food at Flurry's yesterday, and a cast party today, though, I think I behaved relatively well-ish the rest of the week. So we'll see.

This new exercise regime is now approximately 6weeks old. I don't feel different at all, other than guilty when I don't work out. And I do NOT have any extra energy. In fact, even though it's only 9:30, I fully intend t go to bed after I finish this (long) LJ entry and figure out what I'm teaching tomorrow. And that's after not getting up 'til 11 this morning. Pathetic.

Someday, a CPAP machine... maybe... (Speaking of which, did I mention that insurance turned me down again? I'm going to the doctor again on Tuesday to see if we can do something else about it. Not holding my breath, though.)

Oh yes, I mentioned that today I was at the cast party for the Second Shepherd's Play. The best part, frankly, was that I picked up A., who was the Angel in the play, and that meant I got to meet her cat, Ronan. I don't really approve, frankly, of going to breeders, especially backyard breeders, to get a pet, but Ronan, who is an American Shorthair, is really freakin' cute and sweet.

The "party" was at the annoying professor's house, and some of it was really awkward. Fortunately, they have a beagle named Rabbi Otto, and that helped immensely. (Pets are good for many things. Like distraction at awkward events.)

The topic of conversation came back to the Icelandic Volcano several times because the Other (not-annoying) Professor was supposed to travel to England on Tuesday, and because, of course, I'm supposed to go to England in less than 2 weeks. Eep. I'm quite nervous about the situation, frankly. I really wanna gooooo. I think we should all leave offerings to the god Vulcan so that the volcano quietens, at least 'til June.

In other news, my house is a DISASTER. I have MANY papers to grade. My vacuum is still broken. And I have so much I WANT to do (put the last touch on the newest ami, do my wee mini-project, photograph my spn_tarot card, etc.) but no time. :P And I got accidentally a little bit spoiled for the season finale of SPN, which is a bit annoying. I'm not a spoilerphobe, but for the second half of this season I haven't been actively seeking spoilers out, either, and have been enjoying show more because of it. (Someday I'll write about my opinion on spoilers, and on why I think season 5 has been better without spoilers, but not tonight.) No comment on said spoiler (for the sake of spoilerphobes, but I'm cranky about having been spoiled.
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I have no idea how this episode will turn out, but having just rewatched 5.17 I figure I should start with a preemptive "DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMMMNNNNNNNNNNNN YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUU KRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIPKEEEEEEEEEEEEE."

It's T-minus three minutes. Not quite enough time to write a post about my experiences at the glasses place today (sigh) but long enough to suffer through the teen-age angst of nearly-thirty year olds on Vampire Diaries. And for Flurry to watch WoW clips/songs on WoW... So strangely animated characters are singing "work. work work work" to my left and sulky vampiric peeps are drinking blood and brooding.

episode! )

I saw today that someone had posted a meta about reds and blues this season, and another about greens. I haven't had a chance to read them yet, but am looking forward to it. This episode is very green heavy, too. Makes me think of season four's green room.

And Beatrice just came barreling down the stairs and across the living room. Okay. Aaaand three seconds later it was back across the living room and up the stairs. She's in quite the mood.

There will likely be less commentary in the next section 'cause I'm hungry and I wanna eat my pita.

Point of No Return )

Beatrice managed to steal all the pieces of my mini-yarnchester and scatter them about the room. It was like a yarn massacre!

That was a yummy sammich.

I missed a huge chunk of the episode 'cause of that sammich, though. On the bright side, I'm pretty sure I can get Flurry to reenact the episode with the yarn!chesters. At the moment, however, she is balancing all three of them on top of each other, a "Totem o' Winchester. And Castiel." According to Flurry. I will try to get a picture of this later, too.

[NOTE: I did get a picture of the totem, and will post it later or tomorrow. Flurry, however, has refused to reenact her brilliance.]

Elsewhere )

Flurry: RARRRR!
Me: There's a few more minutes.
Flurry: STILL.

Me: Y'know, I missed a huge chunk of the episode 'cause of my sammich. You'll have to reenact for me.
Flurry: No.
Me: Please?
Flurry: No. Only once.
Me: ::using ami!Sam:: Pleeeeeease?
Flurry: ::using ami!Dean:: No. Cut your hair.

I'm pouting. Seriously, it was hilarious. :(
pouty-pout pout.

End of the episode )

Sorry guys. I tried really hard but Flurry refused to reenact the Yarn!chester stuff. I'm really quite upset about this, in fact. Sorry to disappoint. :( She won't even tell me why she won't reenact it. :(
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(Read: Supernatural stuff.)

1. Yarn!Chesters. The newest one is alllllmost done. But I broke the accessory I made for her and need to make a new one. Also, i'm not entirely sure I like her hair. And she needs eyes. I plan on trying to finish her tomorrow, though.

2. Speaking of Yarn!Chester accessories, I have made, with no particular skill or talent, the following items out of sculpey:
1. The colt that can kill anything except when it usually can't
2. Ruby's knife that can kill anything except when it usually can't
3. A large random knife/sword thing (like the ones for killing vampires in season 1), which the Yarn!chesters can actually hold on their own
4. a cannister of salt
5. a cannister of gasoline
6. many candles
7. a sawed off shotgun
8. a random handgun (with a pearl grip, to mimic Dean's.)
9. a shovel
10. a stake (for killing demigods)
11. several metal stakes for pinning zombies back into grave beds

When I photograph the newest Yarn!chester (tomorrow?) you can see these weird items, too.

3. I have a new Yarn!chester mini-project. I shan't say more than that, however, 'til I find out if it works. If it does, I'll be very happy because I want to be able to give something Yarn!chester-ish away as gifts, but the full size ones are too time consuming.

4. I have, in my hot little hands, Keith R. A. DeCandido's newest Supernatural tie-in novel: Heart of the Dragon. You know what this means, right? Yes! Time for a new WTF?! book review! Wheeee!!!

I plan on doing my utmost to go into this one with an open mind and no opinion. I have read no one else's reviews and while Mr DeCandido comes across as a prick on LJ (sorry, but he does), it has been a long time since his previous Supernatural novel, so I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt in that he'll have improved.

(Also, in the next two months, two new novels are coming out, by authors I've never heard of. I'll be getting/reviewing those, too, in due course.)

ALSO, it's Spring Break. So while I must GRADE GRADE GRADE, and plan for England, and research Oberammergau, and write my dissertation, it does mean there's a wee bit of time for accomplishing the above.

Not tonight, though, for I am going out to dinner with [livejournal.com profile] aussie_nyc and [livejournal.com profile] kizlj. Wheeee!
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Blech. Since Sunday morning, the awful mind-numbing brain fog that comes with a sinus infection has lifted, although there's still some sinus pressure and I currently have a headache. I lost my voice most of the way on Sunday as well, which was excellent timing as I was in rehearsal for The Second Shepherd's Play, a task I've more and more come to view with displeasure. (Speaking of which, [livejournal.com profile] magelette, you still on for sending me some wenchy clothes to borrow?)

Being ill has given me ample time, however, to view much visual entertainment (which is to say: movies and tv shows.)

My Watch Every Sean Bean Movie (and catalog how he dies) Plan has hit a major snag, however, I started to watch Far North the other night. I chose this one for several reasons: 1. I hadn't seen it, 2. it only has 3 major characters in it, leading me to believe there would be ample Sean Bean screen time, and most importantly 3. it was available via Netflix's instant downloads and I was out of new movies to watch at the time.

However, I only got roughly 3 minutes into said film because the first thing the first character does is pull out a giant knife and -- well, I stopped the movie but it was pretty clear she was about to slit the throat of a dog. So, yeah, I can't watch that one... maybe I'll manage it in the future if I fast forward past that part, but... probably not.

Flightplan, however, was a fairly entertaining movie-- an enjoyable example of its genre. I had my doubts during the opening, but once the story actually got to the plane, it was good. I even didn't mind that they played the "is she crazy?!" angle because it wasn't done up as a twist (ala Shutter Island, ugh), or used as an answer (ala My Bloody Valentine.) On the Sean Bean angle, there clearly wasn't enough Sean Bean, but what there was was enjoyable.

The only broadcast tv I've watched was Make it or Break it last night, and it played very much like the episode-before-the-finale of a serial tv show, if that makes sense. In other words, it was all set up to make next week's finale as tense and as intense as possible. So, whatevs. (Then again, no episode is going to stand up to the one from 3 weeks ago in which Kelly Parker got chalk in the face, and Sasha punched Marty.

(I have no qualms about spilling spoilers here because a. it was from several weeks ago and b. I'm 98% sure that no one on my friends list watches the show. I didn't even know it existed until Flurry insisted that I watch some of it. It's weirdly addicting, and not just because the actor who plays Sasha is both hot and has a sexy accent.)

I have been using Netflix, however, a great deal, particularly the Instant Queue.

Last week I rewatched North and South (the BBC miniseries about the industrialization of England based on the novel by Elizabeth Gaskell, not the American miniseries about the Civil War.) The first time I'd seen it was because Richard Armitage was in it-- and I'd just seen him for the first time on the BBC series Robin Hood. This time I watched it because it's a really good miniseries. I then promptly went to the university library and took out the book. (This was, surprisingly, more difficult than one would assume. While the ASU libraries (of which there are several) apparently own about 10 copies between them, all but one were checked out from the main library, and that one was missing from the shelves when I got there. However, I discovered that for some reason the multi-volume set of the Complete Works of Elizabeth Gaskell don't come up when you search for the individual works (which is odd-- as other collected works certainly do), so I managed to find a copy within volume 4. Irritatingly, however, a previous reader has underlined many passages (inexplicable ones in some cases) and made absolutely imbecilic marginalia notes-- usually insipid and often wrong. I know I should just ignore them, especially as deciphering the handwriting takes me out of the story-- but I've never gotten the hang of ignoring marginalia (or footnotes. Which has nothing to do with this rant.) Oh well.

I then rewatched Wives and Daughters, also a BBC miniseries based on a(n incomplete) novel by Elizabeth Gaskell. This, too, I'd seen before. This one, however, while still good, just doesn't bear up to a second watching as well as North and South does (and again, this is not just due to the presence of Richard Armitage in the former...) This means that when I get a little cash (some day...) I'll buy myself North and South on DVD and not worry about getting the whole Elizabeth Gaskell Collection. Particularly since the third miniseries on the collection is Cranford which I enjoyed watching the first time, but haven't had any impulse to rewatch. (The collection is only twice the price of one miniseries, you see, but still too expensive to buy on a whim. But now that I've decided I don't need the collection, it'll be easier to afford just North and South.)

Have I mentioned that I have a pounding headache? Well, I do. And I choose to blame that for the babbling I'm doing here.

I have also been watching a great deal of MI-5 (or, for my British readers, Spooks.) I'd caught bits of it on BBC America back when I was watching series one of Robin Hood (see above re: Richard Armitage, but actually that was a cast that was entirely comprised of sexy Brits, not just Armitage alone.) And I'd found it interesting then. But upon checking imdb to see what else Richard Armitage was in, I discovered that he was (is?) in series 7 and 8 of MI-5. I've very much been enjoying series 1 and 2 of the show, and series 7 is now on my Netflix queue (as it's only on DVD, not instant). I don't know that I'll watch all of the intervening series as I understand that Tom Quinn (the main character from series 1 and 2) is not on after series 3. So I may watch 'til his character leaves, then start back up with series 7. We'll see... (And apparently series 8 isn't available via Netflix-- any Brits watch this show and know if it's currently on, or recently finished or what?)

(I may have to rewatch the Keira Knightley version of Pride and Prejudice as apparently the actor who plays Tom on MI-5 was Mr Darcy.)

Speaking of Richard Armitage, I also watched the Macbeth episode of Shakespeare Retold as he played the Macduff character. Also, I'd been told by several Shakespeareans that the series was very good and that Macbeth was the best of them. It was quite good. It had some issues (both as a retelling of Shakespeare and as its own piece) but nothing too bad. It had some great moments, too, some very nice modernizations.

However, I blame it for the wacky dream I had in which everyone wanted to ride a roller coaster called the Macbeth (why was it called that? why were we riding roller coasters? No clue.) But every time someone said the name of the ride, it was said the way Paul Gross says MacBETH? in series (season?*) 2 of Slings and Arrows. This meant that I simply had to bring up Macbeth in some fashion while hanging out with Flurry so that I could say MacBETH? over and over. Naturally.

(Apropos of very little, last night I dreamt of TastyKakes.)

So. Yeah. I need to get over this sinus problem mess so that I can start thinking about something other than telly again. (Namely, my dissertation.)

I'm looking forward to watching the series premier of Parenthood tonight.

I saw Shutter Island on opening weekend and hated it.

I've crocheted 5.5 sheep while watching all of the above. (They're for my Second Shepherd's Play castmates. There, uh, will be 6 total, I'm not stopping with that .5.)

I've played with Sculpey a lot in the past two days, too, and made some accessories for the Yarn!Chesters. (One of the nice things about watching things on my computer-- which I rarely do-- is that I can sit at my desk and work on things like Sculpey. It's not nearly as comfortable as on my couch, of course, but then I don't play with sculpey on my couch, do I?)

While looking at pictures for the accessories, it reminded me of how awesome seasons 1 and 2 of Supernatural are, so I may be beginning a rewatch of that eventually soonish. Or something. :)

All right, this already ridiculously long and pointless entry is rapidly devolving, so I'm going to stop now. You'll probably be relieved to know that I'll be back in classes and such tomorrow. I'm not at 100% health-- well, not even 100% for me health-- but well enough. My throat only hurts a wee bit, and then only when I cough. I have coughing fits, but it's not all the time My nose is mostly clear, the pressure's mostly gone. The only major issue left is that my ears are still closed. Very frustrating. :P But hardly an excuse to keep from teaching/going for ice cream with Heather/going to a presentation on "Virtual Reconstructions of History." This last I don't particularly feel up to doing, but it could prove useful for my diss. Yay.

*Do Canadians use "season" or "series"?
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Michael's has yarn!chester sized doll stands for $1.50, so I bought 5. Mwahahaha.

The newest yarn!chester is put together-- has a body, arms, legs, head. The coat is made, too. So all that's left is hair, eyes, and a necessary accessory. I'm hoping what I bought at Michael's today (other than the doll stands) will enable me to craft that. We'll see.

I really really need accessories for these guys, though. But I suck with sculpey. [livejournal.com profile] oddharmonic, were you still interested in crafting some weaponry for the yarn!chesters? If not, no worries-- anyone else interested? I might try, but I don't have high hopes. My skillz do not in polymer clay lie.

I have got to finish ami!Flagg-- he's sooooo close to done.

I'm still sick, sick, sick. Don't know what I'll do with the rest of my evening. I'm not quite up to putting the hair on the newest yarn!chester, but I may keep working on the free hand amigurumi sheep I'm making for cast members of The Second Shepherd's Play.

::pout:: [livejournal.com profile] doctor12am was s'posed to be here this weekend, but even though postponing sucks, and he doesn't know when he'll be free (arg!), it's a good thing he's not coming, as I am still miserable. The nurse practitioner gave me Allegra and a nose spray, but sadly no magic bullet to clean out my sinuses and make me feel human again. So. I guess I shall do easy crafting stuff 'til I feel not-dead.

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Finally! A new yarn!chester, ready to be unveiled...


To quote this very character from "Yellow Fever": It's me! Lilith!

I'm fairly pleased with her. I wish she hadn't ended up quite so tall, but she is still the shortest Yarn!chester, ceratinly.

Her eyes are white beads I found at Michael's a while back in preparation for Lilith (and potentially Alistair).

I'm quite pleased with her hair. I didn't do anything radically different than the other long haired Yarn!chesters, but since Lilith's hair is (baby) fine, and hangs straight down, I needed to end up with *less* of it on her. So I used bigger stitches tot hold it in place, except on the crown of her head, meaning less yarn in general, and therefore less poof.

I modeled the dress after the one that the hallucination of Lilith wears in "Yellow Fever", but it's not exact by any mean.

Her shoes are removable. I know this is a weird detail for Lilith, and frankly only happened because I didn't plan ahead. That said, you know what this means, right? Right?

Yeah, it means someday an ami!Sam who can accurately perform everybody's favorite scene from "Bad Day at Black Rock." Mwahahahaha. "I lost my shoe."

Here, a quick ami!Scene:

Baboon! Baboon! Baboon! Ba-boom! Ba-boom! Ba-boom!

There are three more pictures in the Yarn!chester set, in case you wanted to see her with both the Winchesters (here or with Meg and the YED (here.)
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I know I should probably be working on the dissertation tomorrow, but...

I have rehearsal at 12noon. Then I'm going to a matinée of Shutter Island with Flurry.

After that, I think i will be taking (and posting) pictures of my newest yarn!chester because this particular creation makes me giggle. Also, it has allowed for several new ideas for Yarn!chester scenes. Mwahahahaha.

And, while I might not actually start the next one tonight, I'm about to head over to Flurry's to watch some Olympics, and I'm bringing the appropriate yarn with me. I plan on doing a puzzle, but should I get bored or frustrated, well, it'll be time to work on the next yarn!chester.

Tomorrow I also need to prep for English 101, and sew on the eyes and make the buttons for ami!Flaggypants. Then he'll be all done and ready to ship off to NYC to wreak havoc. Mmm, havoc.

Havoc is a weird word.

Also, I have so totally been on a Sean Bean kick lately. In the past week I have watched, in order:

Sharpe's Challenge: I'd seen this one before, but now I saw it with the critical lenses regarding colonialism and the Other and such built up since getting to ASU. While I'm still a bit icked by a British movie about a British soldier being made, set in India, putting down insurrections, I thought they handled it relatively even handedly, particularly since the Big Bad was also British. Also, seeing Padma Lakshmi somewhere other than Top Chef was a bit weird. I tend to watch Sharpe movies with half my attention-- the long battles, rides and babble of Napoleonic war maneuvers I let slide by, whereas anytime that Sean Bean is on screen, I'm fairly happy. (Also, Harper rocks.) [Of course, I can't think of Sharpe without thinking of Harper saying, of Theresa, Sharpe's wife in many of the movies, "They call her The Needle. Don't ask why." And they never do say why. NEVER.]

Don't Say a Word: As I said before, basically an okayish movie wherein Sean Bean plays an inexplicable bad guy and has a needlessly complicated death.

The Dark: Amazingly SB survives this one, and damn is he hot in this one, but, in my ever so humble opinion, the movie fails in the way that nearly all horror movies fail for me-- in its unsatisfactory ending. It had some nicely creepy bits which reminded me of why I almost never watch horror movies alone, but then it all just fizzled out. Also, it irritated me greatly that the female protagonist left the tea kettle in the attic, and the camera lingered on it significantly, but then it never came into play. The ending reminded me of the ending of another SB horror movie, Silent Hill. (Another movie I saw almost entirely because SB was in it, but actually enjoyed, except, as with so many of the genre, the ending.)

Clarissa: I was prepared to hate this one-- I hated the book after all. (I'd had to read it in an 18th Century novel class in college.) I honestly can't tell you if the miniseries is faithful to the book or not, having, apparently, promptly forgotten everything about it except that it is a) an epistolary novel and b) there's at least once scene at a garden gate. The miniseries keeps the garden gate (yay?) and does, indeed, have the heroine constantly write letters. I also was prepared to hate it because, and you know I love me some Sean Bean, but he is not the 18th century gentleman type, he's more the rogue (the Richard Sharpe or the gardener form Lady Chatterly, if you will.) That said, and stuipd hair aside, I actually enjoyed the series, even if only because I was laughing at it. It failed in what the book's author wanted-- which is to say, you're supposed to sympathize with Clarissa. Instead, while I certainly didn't wish ill on her (and ill does very much happen), I mostly thought she was a stuck up, snobby, holier-than-thou figure who made bad choices. As for Sean Bean's character, he had fantastic clothes, I enjoyed watching him fence, and he was definitely the best part of the movie. That said, he was also a thoroughly despicable character by the third (fourth?) episode. (Until that point, it was difficult to tell whether he was lying to Clarissa or to himself-- whether he would reform.) For those counting the Sean Bean death toll, yes, he dies at the end of this one, too.

North Country: I just finished watching this one. Weirdly, until reading the synopsis on Netflix, I'd had it in my head that this was a British movie, but no, it's set in the coal country of Minnesota. This is fine-- I'm actually fascinated by coal mines, and I'd knew I'd be interested in a movie about prosecuting sexual harassment, and women's rights. And in fact it 's a very good movie, which I enjoyed a great deal. However, being a movie set in the coal country of Minnesota, Sean Bean is rather ... inexplicably British. That said, his character's relationship with Frances McDormand's character was fantastic, and I thoroughly enjoyed all of his scenes, few though they were.

Speaking of Sean Bean, no, I do not plan on seeing the Percy Jackson movie just 'cause he's in it, although I do enjoy hearing his voice/accent in the previews. Also, why the heck isn't Sharpe's Peril, which I admittedly didn't know existed 'til just now, on DVD? It was filmed/released in 2008, that's plenty of time to get me my Sharpe fix!! (Evidently it takes up immediately where Sharpe's Challenge left off.

Not all the movies on my Netflix queue have Sean Bean in them, mind you. (Some have Thomas Gibson or Jack Davenport, after all.) But I am returning all three of my most recent discs (North Country and disc two of Clarissa, as well as Master and Commander, which I adored in that it was about sailing ships, about which I have an even more unhealthy fascination than with coal mines, but hated in that it was all people standing around going, Um.... and then something interesting happening, followed by more Um.... with a plot that just slowly collapsed like a flan in a cupboard.) This means that I will be getting three at once back in the mail, one of which is a Jack Davenport film (The Incredible Journey of Mary Bryant (British actor crush? Check! Costume drama? Check! Sailing ships? Check! People deported to Botany Bay? Check!*) and the other two are Sean Bean (The Island and Flightplan, neither of which I have high hopes for.)

I really ought to create a proper list of Sean Bean movies I've seen, his part in them, and whether he survived the film. I'm pretty sure he dies in at least 50% of them-- more if you don't count the Sharpe's movies. Then again, I think it also has to do with whether the film is British or American-- in the latter, he gets killed, often in interesting ways (I'm thinking GoldenEye as the most obvious example), but in the former, he's generally more the dashing, debonair love interest.

*the transportation of prisoners to Botany Bay and the creation of Australia is on my list of "inexplicable interests" along with coal mining, NYC at the turn of the century, and sailing ships, with or without pirates. Why? NO CLUE. Well, I sometimes know where the interest comes from but not why it stuck, or grew into such a fierce interest. Oh well. I never claimed to be logical.
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I just got an idea for a Yarn!Chester postcard to send to the SPN offices involving the spikey clocks. Hee.

(Also, I have ideas for 2 more Guess that Yarn!Chester Scenes, but who knows when I'll have time to do them... Alas, the vagaries of a chronically fatigued phd candidate.)

When I finish rewatching Slings & Arrows I think I will start rewatching Supernatural, but starting at season 4. I've seen that one the least, and it obviously has the most bearing on the current season. If I get through 4 pretty quickly (and I imagine I will) I might even rewatch season 5. (The problem with 5 is that while it has its moments it isn't overall the greatest. [Mind you, I have issues with season 4, too. 2 is actually my favorite.] And I have to watch it on my computer.)

In case you hadn't figured it out (and if you care at all, then I bet you have), now that I have (mostly) finished ami!Flagg for [livejournal.com profile] blergeatkitty's donation to Help_Haiti, I'm working on a Yarn!Chester Liliith, the child version (in a version off the dress you see her in in "Yellow Fever," even though she's a hallucination in that episode.) I'm looking forward to making the foofy skirt.

After I finish her, I'm not sure yet who I'll move on to next.
NOTE: THE FOLLOWING CONTAINS A SEASON 5 SPOILER (but not a recent one-- it aired months ago). Just thought I should give non-US people a heads up (although I imagine you're all watching online!) You're safe again after the long vertical list.

The characters I have made*: Sam (3 times), Dean (3 times), Castiel (twice) , Bobby (twice), John (the grown up Jeffrey Dean Morgan version), Mary (in a nightgown about to be burnt on the ceiling version), the YED, Henrickson, Meg (season 1 version), Ellen, Jo, Ash (aww, my first mullet), and Chuck (and that @#$!@# bathrobe of doom.) I may have taken my own hellatus in there to study for comps, but I have been busy. :)

Off the top of my head, the characters who I have not yet made but who are in the running** are as follows (although I'm sure I'll forget some, in which case you should comment.)

-Meg (season 4)
-John (young)
-Mary (young)
-Lilith (dental hygenist)
-Ruby (blond season 3)
-Ruby (brunette season 4)
-Ed Zeddmore
-Harry Spengler

You can probably notice that this is not a poll. I could make a poll, but I am a) too lazy and b) not ready to make a decision about this anyway. I am, however, interested if anyone has any thoughts on which one(s) I should make and why. :)

I feel that I'd have to create Ed and Harry as a pair, likewise the two Rubies, and young John/young Mary, and Andy/Ava. Everyone else I could do singularly. I think visually Pamela, Anna and Tessa would be fun. Zachariah and Uriel would pretty much be guys in suits, though. I still don't have a feel for how I'd make Lucifer.

(Of course, I sort of plan on making 6 small sheep for my Second Shepherd's Play castmembers, by April 1st, so it may take a while...)

I have got to get to bed. Tomorrow starts way early and goes a long, long time.

G'night all. :)

*I originally had "done" here instead of "made", but then when I typed "Sam (3 times)" after the colon I felt it sounded too dirty. Not to mention, y'know, like I'm crazy, what with the Winchesters being all fictional.

**Criteria for being included on this list is that the character has been in more than one episode. That's pretty much the only criteria, in fact.
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You might be surprised by the lack of response to Thursday's episode of Supernatural ("Sam, Interrupted"). [livejournal.com profile] flurije was over to watch it, and asked why I wasn't blogging while it was on, or after. And I thought about this question-- because it actually had not occurred to me to do so, which is odd, as I have done so for every episode since the last third of season 4. But... I didn't. and it's not because I've fallen out of love with the show. (Yes, I prefer season 2's feel over season 5's, but whatever.) In fact, I was more excited about this episode than any this season. I enjoyed it, although I had some qualms with it, and it's an episode I look forward to rewatching. But mainly my brain is still fried from comps, and I had to teach Friday morning, and I slept ALL of Friday afternoon, and then I wrote my proposal (for the dissertation) Friday night and I slept all morning today, and spent the afternoon working on application materials for a fellowship and now I should be learning lines because I'm supposed to be off book for rehearsal tomorrow (I won't be.)

It doesn't help that I'm having trouble typing. I don't know why, but for some reason my fingers just aren't responding quite right-- they don't hurt and don't feel stiff, but they don't seem to have their usual strength/speed, which makes the idea of writing out all my opinions both on episode 5.11 and on the recent news I heard about SPN too daunting to contemplate. Maybe tomorrow, because I do have things to say.

The amigurumi that I offered up for [livejournal.com profile] help_haiti went for a $60 donation, won by [livejournal.com profile] blergeatkitty, and she donated, I'm pleased to say, to Doctors Without Borders, so that's pretty damn awesome. Depending on a lot of things, I may offer another one in the next Help_Haiti auction (in mid-February.) Blerg wishes for a Randall Flagg (the Walking Man from The Stand), a fact which amuses me to no end, even though it means finding multiple shades of yarn that work for acid-wash jeans, and the creation of a curly mullet. (But not, in fact, the first mullet I've ever done, so that's all right then.)

Because i don't have all of the necessary yarn (although I will hopefully stop by a craft store tomorrow, though I don't have high hopes as I've looked for jean-colored yarn there before), I am also planning the next Yarn!chester, to work on when I can't move forward on ami!Flagg (or Flaggypants, as I've taken to calling him, even though by "him" I mean the half of a head I crocheted last night.) I need to find some pale pink yarn. Any guesses on who I might be working on? :D

(No poll because I feel inspired to make this particular character, so I'm just going to go ahead and do it while I have the motivation.)

Whee. Tonight Flurry is coming over to watch bad Lifetime movies, so I'll be sure to be making some progress on something, I just don't know if it'll be ami!Flaggypants, the new Yarn!chester, or sewing up/stuffing cat toys, since a brand new box o' organic catnip arrived in the mail. Mmmm, catnip.
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Don't forget, I'm offering a custom designed, hand crocheted person-of-your-choice (any fandom. Heck, any *person*, as long as you send pictures.) You donate the winning bid to the charity of your choice (who is currently helping Haiti, obviously, what with this being a Help Haiti auction), show me (or the community mods) the proof of donation (they're working on methods of keeping personal information personal*), and I craft and send you your very own wee crocheted person. (ie: a Yarn!chester who doesn't actually have to be a SPN character.)

Your amigurumi could be yourself, a friend, a famous person, an original character you made up, or from any fandom (as long as it has pictures, or you can send a very detailed description-- similarly if you choose an original character.)

Bids close tomorrow at noon Eastern Wednesday. Questions? Check out [livejournal.com profile] help_haiti

My offer is on page three of this thread. Or, if it's easier, you can go to this post and find me under "yarnish/Desk of Madam Defarge"**, click and get to the original post. (You must reply to the original description post to be bidding.)

I'll start on the winning bid's character this weekend. I'm looking forward to it (even if my wrists aren't necessarily...) [I have studying 'til Thursday and I'm in the process of knitting a doggie for a friend's daughter's first birthday, the party of which is on Saturday. You wouldn't begrudge a toddler a stuffed doggie, would you? Didn't think so. So I'll start your winning amigurumi after. Hee.]

*but I'll need an address to send you your amigurumi anyway
**This pleases me greatly
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I finished these weeks and weeks ago. And frankly, I'd been *almost* finished with them for months. But life, as they say, got in the way.

(For the record, I have not started any new amis, and will not be doing so until at least after the end of January, due to grad school necessities.)

Anyway, finally, in yarn form, Ellen and Jo Harvelle....

Some more random Yarn!chester stuff behind the cut...


Also, just a reminder to anyone who sends postcards to the SPN Set-- they're about to start filming the 100th episode (!!), and the Postcard Community is looking for a push of cards in celebration. I'm about to create a few via the USPS postcard creator. (The crew must think I'm completely insane-- but then again, I haven't sent any cards since October, it looks like, so it's time!)
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Tomorrow I will unveil the two newest Yarn!chesters. I finished them tonight (putting their eyes on.) One has been done (other than eyes) for ... months now. The other I was having trouble with the hair-- but decided to just finish it, and so I have, and so they're done, and so tomorrow there will be pictures and posting.

I don't anticipate making any more until after I pass (I hope) my comps in January, partly out of lack of time but mostly 'cause I've been more interested lately in knitting warm accessories to wear (both here with sweaters and at home at Winter-break with heavy winter coats and such, because PA is cold to someone who has been living in AZ!) But you never know-- Hellatus could do strange things to a girl.

Also, I realize this is incredibly dorky, but I'll share anyway. I've started thinking about how to design a shoulder bag for the convention, one in which some of the Yarn!chesters could be displayed but safe. Since I'm too lazy to get my sewing machine to work, I've been thinking about this in terms of knitting an d felting. I haven't decided yet, though, if I'm going to somehow make said bag SPN thematic or just something simple so as to show off the Yarn!chesters. (I started knitting a bag based on the tattoo ages ago, but wasn't enjoying it, and even before that I knit the pieces of what was going to become a wristlet based on the devil's trap, but when it felted it was too big and so I never got around to finishing it. This is a common problem with me.*)

*Evidently it was a common problem with my great-grandmother, too (father's mother's), so perhaps it's genetic. Although I never met her (she passed away just a few months, I think, before I was born), I now have pretty much ALL of her left over crafting supplies because my grandparents never threw anything away and my parents shipped everything to me. (Actually, most of the embroidery floss is now in [livejournal.com profile] oddharmonic's possession, and some of the yarn has already been shipped to [livejournal.com profile] pyrite, but it all went through me first.) Amongst the yarn and such, however, has been a large number of half-knit items still on their needles. Just so we're clear, this means that they've been on the needles for thirty years. I really don't know what to do with these projects. In most cases I'm incapable of continuing them (not having the pattern) and even if I could, there'd be such a difference in tension/etc. and a bump (at least) from where the yarn was on the needle for three decades that it'd be weird. And it's not like it's yarn worth saving in most cases, 'cause it's acrylic from the 1970s.
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If you read my review of last night's Supernatural, you'll know that at times things got a bit silly, as they are wont to do. (Relieves stress.) I mentioned that Flurije had wrapped ami!Castiel in Baby Beatrice's Tutu.

Some reference pictures.


Beatrice in a Tutu:


ami!Castiel in a Tutu:
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First, I've been meaning to make this image for aaaages. Yes, it's sort of a new Yarn!chester picture. It's my response to season 5 thus far:

Behind the cut for more random pictures.... click! )

For more new pictures of the Feral Colony, head on over to the Flickr photoset.

If you like petting zoo type aminals, you should totally head over to my AZ State Fair photoset.

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