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I hadn't so much planned on crocheting Becky as had the idea come upon me. I wanted to do one of the as-yet unclaimed tarot cards for the SPN Tarot/Winchester Arcana, and Becky was one of the options. (They wonderful mods over there are still looking for a few artists, in case you're interested. Also, if none of the unclaimed cards tickle your fancy, they also accept alternates. I just didn't feel like doing an alternate.) But once I thought about crocheting Becky, I started to love the idea because of her outfit in the episode "The Real Ghostbusters" (5.09).

This is her outfit:

Sorry for the blur-- it's a much wider shot (with other characters in), but the only one I could find wherein you could see her whole... special... outfit.

But dude, kneesocks! Three shades of brown! A sweater vest? How could I not try to recreate this?!

So, ami!Becky:

(I liked the idea of photographing her on that mat-- something I normally use for blocking my knitting, if you're wondering-- because Becky is very much the center of Becky's world. )

More pictures of yarn!Becky and other Yarny SPN Goodness )

Totally unrelated, here, have a Guess That Episode! (It's an homage. And there are actually two acceptable answers. Winners win two free internets. Note: Internets have monetary value.)

If you would like to see any of the above pictures bigger/in more detail, I have, of course, uploaded them to the Yarn!chester Flickr Set. (Which has grown huge.)

Speaking of Flickr, I find looking at my stats to be very amusing, and I don't know why. Mostly what gets randomly hit on days when I haven't posted anything in the vein of this LJ entry are pictures of cats. "Calico cat" gets looked up a lot on Google Images evidently. Equally amusing to me is that "medieval undergarments" on Yahoo evidently pulls up this picture from the Let's Travel in England book. It does not, however, actually include any medieval undergarments, so this confuses me.

But one picture consistently gets pulled up from my Flickr set, and it is, in fact, a Yarn!chester image. Evidently, there are a lot of people using Google Images to look up "Castiel Coat Detail". Okay... not sure why, but sure. I suspect most of them are disappointed, or at least bemused, when they get this picture. Heh. But apparently they click anyway, or it wouldn't be counted on Flickr... Weeeeeird.
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Finally! A new yarn!chester, ready to be unveiled...


To quote this very character from "Yellow Fever": It's me! Lilith!

I'm fairly pleased with her. I wish she hadn't ended up quite so tall, but she is still the shortest Yarn!chester, ceratinly.

Her eyes are white beads I found at Michael's a while back in preparation for Lilith (and potentially Alistair).

I'm quite pleased with her hair. I didn't do anything radically different than the other long haired Yarn!chesters, but since Lilith's hair is (baby) fine, and hangs straight down, I needed to end up with *less* of it on her. So I used bigger stitches tot hold it in place, except on the crown of her head, meaning less yarn in general, and therefore less poof.

I modeled the dress after the one that the hallucination of Lilith wears in "Yellow Fever", but it's not exact by any mean.

Her shoes are removable. I know this is a weird detail for Lilith, and frankly only happened because I didn't plan ahead. That said, you know what this means, right? Right?

Yeah, it means someday an ami!Sam who can accurately perform everybody's favorite scene from "Bad Day at Black Rock." Mwahahahaha. "I lost my shoe."

Here, a quick ami!Scene:

Baboon! Baboon! Baboon! Ba-boom! Ba-boom! Ba-boom!

There are three more pictures in the Yarn!chester set, in case you wanted to see her with both the Winchesters (here or with Meg and the YED (here.)
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So, I'm sure you already know about [livejournal.com profile] help_haiti-- a community auctioning fandom items, where the highest bidder donates to one of the these charities, sends a donation confirmation to the artist, and then receives his/her object.

Ironically, just yesterday I mentioned on the Yarn!chester post with ami!Ellen and ami!Jo that while I can't afford the time to sell amigurmumi, nor do I think that people would be willing to pay what is a fair rate for my time in creating these guys, I'd think about auctioning them for charity. Given the situaiton in Haiti, and the timing of my comment and the creation of this community, I've decided to offer an amigurumi for auction, starting at $25.

If you're interested in your very own amigurumi-- and this isn't limited to Supernatural, if you send pictures, I'm sure I can create any character-- you can bid. My offer is under "Art", here. (Mine offer is on page 3.)

That said, you really ought to check out all the items on offer-- there's fiction, audio, graphics, and art.

Bidding on everything is open until next Wednesday (the 20th) 'til noon, Eastern time. Bid amounts are in US.
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Yesterday's Challenge was very easy, I know, but that doesn't change the fact that I was quite pleased with it. :) [livejournal.com profile] seablue_eyes was first to correctly identify it as from "The Monster at the End of this Book".

compare! )

The biggest difference (other than, y'know, yarn instead of Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki) is that in the yarn!chester version ami!Dean is reading a German/English dictionary. What can you do? :)

Now, I know I said that rather than a scene today you'd (finally) get to see ami!Mary.

There has, however, been a change of plans.

I've decided that I hate what I've done and I have to remove her head. Seriously. So you're not going to get to see her today. Instead you get another really easy scene.

Probably no more yarn!chesters 'til Monday.

(Today did not go as planned. And now it's 1am, and tomorrow I have an early morning meeting, and and and... yeah...)

But hey, teeny tiny ouija board. :)
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(Twenty-five? Really? I can't tell if I feel like I've done lots more or lots fewer of these!)

Yesterday's challenge was a bit difficult, as I anticipated. Poor Sammy does get tied up an awful lot, and I didn't give you much to go on. The only real clue was that he was secured with silver tape. [livejournal.com profile] a_starfish correctly identified the scene as from "Bad Day at Black Rock". I'm sure it'd have been easier if I said that Sam was missing a shoe. :D

The tape was actually made from silver ribbon and silver tissue paper. Heh. Click the cut for a comparison.

Comparison! )

Today you get one of my very favoritest scene challenges so far. (I'm ridiculously, absurdly proud of this one.)

(I really need a *table* for my Yarn!chesters. The "table" Sam is sitting at is the same "counter" Bobby had in front of him in the scene from "Sex and Violence." It's actually neither-- when facing the other direction and on its other end, it's a stereo for Barbie-sized dolls.)

TOMORROW (Wednesday), instead of a scene challenge, I will show you ami!Mary. :) She's finished. I'm not ... 100% happy with her, but I'd say I'm solidly 85% happy. Heh.

Thursday you'll get a very easy scene challenge.

Friday... I have no idea what Friday holds. So we'd best hope that Thursday holds some inspiration. :) (I'm also probably watching some SPN with [livejournal.com profile] flurije and A. on Wednesday and that might help.)

Unfortunately, classes start all proper-like on Monday the 24th, so there'll be a new and different schedule of Scene Challenges then.
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Just a heads up-- I'm not sure that I'll have enough challenges for the whole week. :( I'm not very creative. You'd think with so many episodes to choose from I'd have better luck. We'll see. But! On the bright side-- one day this week (tomorrow maybe?) there will be a post introducing ami!Mary instead of a challenge. So that's something. (She's sitting next to me-- well, standing, actually, as she's in the doll stand that I have) with her hair done, although I'm not 100% happy with it, but without eyes or the flower on her dress. Those require sewing and even though it's only a few stitches, it's always the last thing I want to do.)

Aaaanyway. Thursday's Scene was guessed by [livejournal.com profile] caffienekitty, and was, indeed, Sam contemplates a reindeer from "A Very Supernatural Christmas."

This scene:

was modeled after this one:

(Pay no attention to the fact that the yarn!chester version actually includes a moose... heh. His name is Cupcake, and he was a gift from a friend who went to Alaska. I later made that friend an amigurumi cupcake, which he named "Mousse". Heh.)

Friday's scene challenge was Bobby in his kitchen (which, yes, I know, in the show does not include a pink sink but what can you do?) and was first guessed by [livejournal.com profile] a_starfish as from "Sex and Violence."

This scene was the inspiration

was the inspiration for this one:

I decided I didn't want to use a background-- no particular reason why. But it does mean that you can see my spinning wheel behind Bobby's pink sink, as well as two of my many bookshelves. To the left of Bobby's head are, fittingly, seasons 1 and 2 of Supernatural. (Season 3 is in my bag because that's how far [livejournal.com profile] flurije and A. are, and we watch at Flurije's house.)

I know that in the actual episode he has a stove behind him, but I don't have a proper sized stove. And I know he used a regular land-line phone, but the Barbie cell phone is all I have just now.

Moving on! To Today's Challenge!

This one could be difficult. And please ignore the background (I was multi-tasking and not thinking, so you can see a ball of yarn and part of my laptop, and goodness knows what other mess on my desk.) I'm sure someone will get it, but if no one does, I'll offer clues later.

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Well... no one guessed yesterday's challenge. So... no one gets accolades in this space. (I assume it wasn't seen by the usual suspects because I posted it later than usual. So I'm posting today's challenge before I go to bed. It's technically Friday, even on the West Coast.)

So yesterday's challenge is still open, and I shan't show you (yet) the scene I tried to recreate.

But I'm still going to post today's challenge, 'cause that seems only fair.

I chose this one because apparently ami!Bobby is the favorite of the yarn!chesters which I sent to the production offices. :) Heeee.

No, I haven't heard from anyone officially affiliated with Supernatural, but[livejournal.com profile] anteka visited the set this past week and took pictures. (Anteka, as you ought to know, is the genius behind Plastic!Winchester Theatre.) Check out her pictures!! I loooove that the Plastic!Winchesters are hugging the Yarn!chesters. :D

As for ami!Mary, I didn't get to work on her very much, but I did, in a fit of detail-craziness, crochet edging onto her sleeves and hem. (I can't tell if the hem of her nightgown had edging, but it looks from screencaps that her sleeves did. Therefore, I'm guessing.) This was, at least partly, continued procrastination from trying to do her hair.

Also, the yarn I spun for her hair won't work, I think, although some of it will be perfect for ami!Jess. Fortunately, though, I found some dark yellow yarn in my craft closet (of DOOM) which, in combination with the pale yellow, should work, I hope. Also, as I must needs remind myself, it's a freakin' doll made of yarn and therefore does not need to be perfect. :)

There'll be another challenge (and hopefully kudos to whomever figures out this scene and yesterday's) on Monday.
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Yarn!Chester Scene #21 was, indeed, Dean ecstatic over the steam shower in "Bugs", as first guessed by [livejournal.com profile] alocine_89 and quoted by [livejournal.com profile] tsuki_no_bara.


as this:

The "towel" is actually a bit of polar fleece fabric, bought years ago when I was sewing hats with kitty ears (not very useful here in AZ, though.) It was weird to wrap it turban style on a doll-- it's not something I think about when wrapping up my own hair, it's just unconscious. Doing so for a 6inch toy was difficult. (Also, I had to use three straight pins to keep it on him. Poor ami!Dean as Voodoo Doll. If Jensen Ackles had a headache on Tuesday (when I took the picture) I apologize, heh.)

Today's challenge is two-fold. The pictures are of the same scene, although different shots. Please pay no attention to the fact that Sam is wearing John's coat in the second one-- I haven't made Sam's coat yet is all.

The first image:

And the second, even easier, image:

Hee. :)

There may not be a scene challenge tomorrow-- it depends on how today goes. I have some ideas for scenes, but haven't taken any pictures, and the ideas I have require more effort than point and click. So, we shall see... If not tomorrow, I do expect to return with a scene on Monday. :)
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While chatting on the phone with [livejournal.com profile] doctor12am yesterday, he pointed out that I talk/think/write way too much about Supernatural. I did not argue the point. Looking at the past few days' journal entries, which are only SPN, and yarn!chesters at that, sort of illustrates this point. Oh well.

Yesterday's scene actually proved to be slightly challenging, it seems. [livejournal.com profile] alocine_89 was the first to guess "Dead Man's blood", which is correct, but it was [livejournal.com profile] caffienekitty who nailed the exact scene as the one in which Sam and John finally have the blow up fight about Sam having left for Stanford, with poor peace-keeping Dean in the background.

This yarn!chester scene:

was inspired by this SPN scene:

The background of the yarn!chester scene gave you nothing with which to work, I realize. By the same token, that scene sort of exemplified, for me at least, the relationship between John and his sons (at least as long as he was alive.)

Today's challenge gives you just as little background material with which to work, but that's actually true to the scene.

(Every time I set up a yarn!chester scene it renews my admiration for the work that the real crew does. I'm not going to the Vancouver convention this month, but I'm sure you all recall how much I wanted to when the set tours were announced. Said set tours have been canceled-- which so totally sucks for the people who were planning on going. Weirdly, I'm really quite disappointed, too, because it makes it that much more unlikely that *I'll* ever see the set. I've said it before and meant it-- I'd rather meet the crew and see the set than meet the actors (*not* that I'd turn down both, but you know what I mean.) Anyway, my sympathy to those who are going but are disappointed in the lack of set tour. And I'll stop this digression now, 'cause I'm rambling. If it helps to contextualize said rambling, it's 1am-- I tend to write these yarn!chester entries before going to bed and post them first thing in the morning (or write them when my cats get me up at 6, so either way you're not exactly getting me at my best!))

Right. Where was I? Oh yes.... today's scene challenge:

(Huh. I think I need to trim the eye-lashes of ami!Sam and ami!Dean 2.1. It seems I got a bit carried away.)

Oh. While I'm here, a quick update on ami!Mary. Man, I should have made a different female character first (one *not* in a lace nightgown) so as not to face all the challenges at once. She's barefoot, which necessitated a different kind of foot and leg, but those are done. Her arms are done, complete with semi-attached sleeves (like the oversleeves of ami!Sam 2.0). She has a head (although it is, like all my yarn!chesters 'til the very last moment, completely bald.) She has a body. Said body, however, will be completely covered because I'm currently working on the nightgown, which is entirely separate (although it will not, once the doll is put together, be removable.) So the nightgown is the current challenge, especially as I get towards the top where I will need to approximate the gathers, the lace and the v-neck. Sigh. Once *that's* complete, that leaves her hair, which is also an unkown at this point since I've never done long hair. I might return to [livejournal.com profile] needle_noodles's method, but the time I tried that, (on ami!Sam 1.0) the hair ended up way too thick once I had the lines close enough to hide the scalp. But the fact that Mary has long hair isn't even the biggest challenge-- it needs to be wavy, too. And I'm having a very difficult time finding an appropriate yarn in a color to approximate blond. The point is, ami!Mary's going to need some more time before her unveiling. (She is currently in 7 separate pieces, after all.)

Lastly, check out this post by [livejournal.com profile] anteka. It's a picture of a pile of postcards sent to the SPN production offices-- they're not on the wall yet, apparently because of remodeling. You can see several yarn!chester cards (ami!Sam and ami!Dean beside a strange elephant clock; the two in front of the Belle Grae Inn in Staunton, VA, and, catching the flash of the camera, the two beneath a sign for "Antiques" in Franklin, Tn) if you click on the picture (on the left.) I suspect, from the visible white border, that the rest of the yarn!chester cards are beneath. :)
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Yesterday's challenge, was, as I said, less challenging and more homage, and was, as [livejournal.com profile] tsuki_no_bara first pointed out, to "Everybody Loves a Clown."

Since it was an homage, there's not really any scene to compare it to, and no one really needs a picture of the creepy clown from the episode, in my opinion. :)

Today's challenge is a wee bit more difficult, I think...

Sorry about the "blue screen" background. It doesn't exactly offer any clues. The addition of the third character, of course, definitely narrows the playing field!
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(Apparently my subconscious is so totally ready for season 5. I dreamt that I was at an interview with Sera Gamble, madly asking questions and jotting down spoilers. The weird part was that said interview was taking place in the church my family belongs to, and therefore quite logically [livejournal.com profile] liveoak was there.)


Kudos to [livejournal.com profile] sinnerforhire for recognizing Friday's Yarn!chester Scene as Castiel and Chuck in "Lucifer Rising." Equally important, thanks go to [livejournal.com profile] caffienekitty for the suggestion of the scene! ::applause for both:: Woooo.

(If you have a suggestion for a Yarn!chester Scene, please message me!)

Scene Comparison! )

Today's scene challenge is... neither a scene nor a challenge, heh. It's an homage, and it's really easy. But the "guest star" in one of the pictures is so damn creepy that I have to post it anyway.

Also, I have two versions of this homage! Hee. One is from VA (in the Jolly Roger Haggle Shop) with ami!Sam 2.0 (and [livejournal.com profile] spade's hand), and the other is more recent, starring ami!Sam 2.1.




So... which is creepier? :D (And why would you buy either? And have it in your house?)
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Yesterday's Scene Challenge was correctly guessed as "A Very Supernatural Christmas" first by [livejournal.com profile] a_starfish! Hoorray!

(And Callie appreciated the compliments paid to her thanks to that LJ post as well. Hee.)

comparison )

Here's Friday's yarn!chester scene:

Next Yarn!chester Scene Challenge will be posted on Monday (along with the reveal of this one.)

(In other yarn!chester news, I have begun working on ami!Mary, but run out of flesh-toned yarn. The plan is to pick up more today, but I don't know how well my plans will go given how crappy I feel thanks to last night's sleep study.)
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Yesterday's Scene was correctly identified as Dean finding the (poor toothless) rabbit in "Malleus Maleficarum" -- first identified by [livejournal.com profile] threecatmama! Woo!

Comparison )

Here's today's scene...

Guesses? It might help to look closely at their necks.

(Also, I suppose this is technically the unveiling of ami!Sam 2.1. Thoughts?)

Note the exciting blue backdrop (which has nothing to do with the scene, I just needed a backdrop.) You might be curious to know that our Yarn!chesters are clearly consumate professionals, working under pressure. Even as they filmed their yarn!chester scenes, danger lurked.

But our crocheted boys carried on.

It helps, of course, that Callie, as you know, is a Sam!girl. (See icon.) But remember her animosity towards the original ami!Dean?

It looks as if they have made a truce, though. I came across this scene yesterday when I went to retrieve the handspun I had drying on my porch:

That's Callie's spot, atop a bed-thingie originally made for a chihuahua. (Well it was.) Clearly ami!Dean (1.0) had fallen there from his perch atop a shelf that's directly above that dvd rack you can see in the background. But he had landed and remained-- Callie apparently not minding sharing her space with him now.

In fact, I was able to pose this:

It's not as cute as her reaction to Sam, but clearly Dean has grown on her. (Hey-- again just like her mommy!)

Okay, honestly this was just an excuse to show off pictures of one of my cats. :D But they're relevant! Yarn!chesters! And you can comare ami!Dean 1.0 to 2.1!

(At the moment, the yarn!chesters are on my desk awaiting another photoshoot, jumbled in a bit of a heap with some props and other oddments. ami!Sam appears to be being molested by a moose. o_O)
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Yes! That's right! After a hiatus in which to make new stars, the Yarn!Chester Scene Challenge (formerly known as Guess That Yarn!Chester Scene) has begun again. Every weekday from now until I run out of ideas (which... may not be all that long, but we'll see) I will post a Yarn!Chester photo-- either an homage to an episode, or a recreated scene. Is very exciting-- in a, y'know, crochet kind of way.

I'm pretty sure that thus far every scene or homage posted has been guessed. I suspect that will continue to be the case, but a few of this next batch are slightly more obscure.

(If you have an idea for a Yarn!Chester homage or scene you'd like to see, let me know.)

Today's challenge...

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For ease of searching (so I can reference just this post), I give you the complete guide to Yarn!Chester scenes numbers one through fifteen. Scenes should return next Monday (3 August).

#1: "Bedtime Stories" (3.05), Sam and Dean come across the frog

#2: "No Exit" (2.06), Dean and the Cement Truck

#3: "Playthings" (2.11), Sam loves dolls and the hanged guy

#4: "Ghostfacers" (3.13), Sam at the 'party', with hat!

#5: "Heart" (2.17), Dean fights a werewolf

#6: "Monster Movie" (4.05), Dean and the Big Pretzel

#7: "Yellow Fever" (4.06), Dean and Marie (the snake)

#8: "The Rapture" (4.20), Jimmy Novak on the bus

#9: "Yellow Fever" (4.06), Dean chased by Girl!Benji

#10: "Wishful Thinking" (4.08), The suicidal teddy

#11: "It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester" (4.07), Sam and the Great Pumpkin (homage)

#12: "The Monster at the End of this Book" (4.18), Dean and the wtftofu burger

#13: "Lazarus Rising" (4.01), Dean rises from the grave

#14: "Houses of the Holy" (2.13), Sam: Wait, there's no such thing as unicorns?

#15: "Scarecrow" (1.11), Sam rescues Dean. Also, Sam and Dean with a clown-scarecrow
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Status: So, I will post a Yarn!Chester episode on Monday, barring unforeseen problems. How cool is that? It was written, directed, photographed, etc'ed by myself and [livejournal.com profile] spade when I was in VA for the weekend. This will be in place of a Yarn!Chester Scene Challenge because I am out of Yarn!Chester scenes to post.

BUT NEVER FEAR. Yarn!Chester Scene Challenges WILL return... just as soon as I make some more Yarn!Chesters. It's very hard to do scenes without a Sam and Dean. I could make a few (and probably will in the future) but not enough! On that note, the current ami!Dean has a head, two arms and a body. Woot. Tomorrow he should get feet and legs and maybe even a shirt. So he's moving along. I plan on *not* making his coat until after I've made ami!Sam (sans hoodie) so that I can get back to Yarn!Chester Scene Challenges sooner rather than later. That's how much I like you guys (all, y'know, 4 of you who read these! Heh.) With luck, the Yarn!Chester scenes will be back in about a week. (It takes me anywhere between 2 days and 2 weeks to make one Yarn!Chester, depending entirely on how much down-time I have, and whether I end up with joint pain from crocheting-- I am way too young for joint pain, dammit. In the current case, it'll depend a lot on how good or bad my students' papers are. Bad papers require a lot more work from the instructor in commenting/grading.) When we return (and by "we" I guess I mean me and the 6inch tall yarn creatures... oh lord, what has my life come to?) it will be with a few new props (thank you thrift store) and potentially with some preliminary weaponry as A. seems to think we can do it. (I dunno... I'm still counting on [livejournal.com profile] spade and/or [livejournal.com profile] oddharmonic but we shall see.

I might end up posting some further odds and ends before we get back to the scenes, too, depending on how long it takes to make this batch of ami!Sam and ami!Dean. Over the weekend, I will also be posting a Master List of Yarn!Chester Scenes thus far, with links to each entry, etc. (I'll probably submit it to one of the SPN fan art communities as well. Cause I am a dork.)

The Usual Stuff: Yesterday's homage, as correctly guessed first by [livejournal.com profile] sinnerforhire (welcome back to the Yarn!Chester Scenes, by the way), was, in fact, to "Houses of the Holy," and the following quote:

Sam: Dean, there's ten times as much lore about angles as there is about anything else we've ever hunted.
Dean: You know what, there's a ton of lore on unicorns too. In fact I hear that they ride on silver moon beams, and that they shoot rainbows out of their ass!
Sam: Wait, there's no such thing as unicorns?

Hee. :) I'm pretty sure the first shot was [livejournal.com profile] spade's idea-- we found that creepy looking unicorn while in the same toy store that yielded the "No Exit" cement truck pic, and the hamburger playset. Oh, and the hanged-guy bathroom. It was a good store. The second shot was taken on a whim when I was really hurriedly taking the tea-party and suicidal bear pictures as I rushed to pack and go to the zoo before getting on a plane. (Ahh, the glamorous life of ... me.)

Anyway, I'm quite pleased with the challenge I bring you today. You get two pictures. The first is a scene recreation. The second is an homage, which I'm going to place under the cut because both together make it really easy, and you might like a little bit of a challenge? (Hey, [livejournal.com profile] rubrchick, this challenge is for you.)

Homage Picture Here )

As per usual, I'll tell you a bit about taking these pictures when I reveal the episode (and post the Yarn!Chester Episode!!) on Monday.
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::poke, poke:: This thing on??

Yesterday's scene was meant to be an homage to "Lazarus Rising," and Dean crawling out of his grave, even though, of course, in the real show he didn't so much have a headstone.

Today I give you two versions of the same homage...


Guesses? It's a challenge...

(In other Yarn!Chester news, the newest set of Sam and Dean has been begun. Granted, by begun I mean ami!Dean has a head and arms (but not yet the roll-up sleeves), but still, it's a start, right?)
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So, no one responded to yesterday's Yarn!Chester challenge, perhaps because we see Dean eat so often? The scene I was thinking of when creating this:

(note that there's even bacon on that burger. BACON, people. [livejournal.com profile] spade pointed out that the burger was lacking in the bacon department, so I crocheted little pieces of bacon. Mind you, I didn't have a table, but details, details. (I used a folded piece of paper. I am creative like that. I have done props work in the past, after all, for theatres on less than a shoe-string budget.) )

was from "The Monster at the End of This Book", here:

Today's challenge is sort of a mix between an homage and a scene... you'll understand, I think, when you see it:

I suspect there very well may be a better scene recreation of that coming up at some point, when the next ami!Dean is done being made. We shall see. :D

There'll be an homage tomorrow and a scene on Friday. After that we'll start again just as fast as my fingers can crochet (which is to say, when I've got a new Sam and Dean, as the star of these scenes will no longer be with me after tomorrow. Wheee.) So wish me luck and healthy hands! And free time! Heh.
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Yesterday's homage was, as both [livejournal.com profile] a_starfish and [livejournal.com profile] caffienekitty correctly noted (the latter cracking me up in the comments), to season four's "It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester." Since it was an homage, there is no comparison still to go with it. Instead, I share with you a brief story and another picture before moving on to today's Scene.

[livejournal.com profile] spade and I spotted the pumpkin-- I think it was her idea-- and set up the photo. We did not have permission to shoot pictures in this store, so we were doing all of this quietly and quickly, although on every floor except the main one it was pretty empty (although not entirely.) I take the picture and Spade picks up ami!Sam, and I turn and something catches my eye. In the middle of our conversation about "...Great Pumpkin," I end up exclaiming, so that I ended up saying something along the lines of, "Hee, that'll be a great picture, a pumpkin and Sammy, it's --- PIE!"

If you've seen Up and are thinking of the way the dogs pay attention to squirrels? It was a lot like that.

It eventually led to this picture:

What's worse is that upon closer inspection, Spade and I are fairly sure that was once an actual pie that has been shellacked. Ewww. For the record, no, I have no idea what any of that stuff behind ami!Dean is. It's a haggle shop, full of tons of weird stuff, including potentially the world's creepiest baby doll. Even Sam and Dean look nervous in that picture.

ANYWAY. I digress.

Today's Yarn!Chester Challenge coming up riiiiiiiight now.

OH! Also, I miscounted yesterday. I do, in fact, have enough yarn!Chester scenes to get us through the week. I was going to stop at Goodwill yesterday to see if I could find any accessories to spark my fancy, but alas, my car started having trouble so I didn't get there. I have a few ideas for a handful of more pictures, but alas again, I just realized that I won't actually have a Sam and Dean in a few days, once I send these two (and the second versions of Bobby and Castiel) off to their new home. So Guess that Yarn!Chester scene will need to go on a brief (I hope) hiatus 'til I make a new Sam and Dean. Just a heads up.

Anyway, we have a few days left, so enjoy. :D
eilonwy2017: (Yarn!Chester Callie)
When last we visited the Yarn!Chesters, on Friday, they were, as guessed, recreating scenes from "Wishful Thinking".

Comparisons & Explanations )

So. Today's Yarn!Chester scene is definitely an homage. Oh, the Jolly Roger Haggle Shop, you brought [livejournal.com profile] spade and I so much to work with....

I do, however, have bad news, guys. Barring a sudden burst of inspiration, Wednesday will be the last Guess That Yarn!Chester Scene for a while. ('Til I either a) make more Yarn!Chesters, b) find/make more props, or c) have a burst of inspiration.)

If you have ideas for Yarn!Chester scenes, I'd love to hear them. You can fill out the poll below, and no one will see your ideas but me, so that if I can create said scene it'll still be a challenge for others.

[Poll #1432377]

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