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I'm still thinking about 6.01, as you can tell. And I'm not sure that I have anything new to say, but I also feel like I have to. I was stunned by the amount of negativity that I saw out and about on ze webs today, that the episode was bad, that Dean and Sam were out of character, etc. (THIS IS NOT AIMED AT ANY ONE INDIVIDUAL, or even any two or three, but a response to the general feel I got when reading commentaries, and even more so-- comments on commentaries.)

I mean, I'm not going to sit here and say that it was the best episode ever (although I'd be hard pressed to tell you what the "best episode ever" was anyway) but I thought it did what it needed to do.

Spoilers through 6.01 but not beyond )

I don't plan on posting this beyond this here journal (It's not as structured as I like the meta I write to be), but I'm un-friends-locking it, just in case.

Hey, this is the first time I've used this icon or the "thinky-thoughts" tag in a loooooong time. See? I'm already pleased with season 6.
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Not written during the show, for once, but immediately after. (Flurry was supposed to come over, but didn't. Fair enough, as she was supposed to come over last night for Project Runway, but I had a migraine so asked her not to.)

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My expectations, thoughts, guesses,desires, etc. on SPN season 6, including the spoilers I've picked up and hints I've gleaned. This is FAR LESS comprehensive than it could be-- I don't seek out spoilers but I don't avoid them, either. And also, y'know, went to a con and so picked up a few minor ones. (I'm pretty sure that Misha Collins instructs all the other actors on how to avoid giving things away, frankly.)

This is basically the spoilery version of the previous post.


So for those who enjoy a spoiler or two, those above are my few thoughts on season 6.

Is it Friday yet? :D
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And by that I mean, what sorts of things have been left dangling from previous seasons that I'd like to be taken care of, brought up again, etc. in season 6?

In no particular order, other than as they come to mind:

-Dean's amulet (as dropped in the trash can in 5.16)

-Raphael-- is he angry about, y'know, being left in a (burning) ring of fire? What's he been up to, assuming not just standing in said ring of fire? (I hope we see him again-- the actor who plays him was awesome at VanCon.)

-Meg-- speaking of burning rings of fire, what happened to her after Castiel used her as a bridge?

-Castiel-- what's he been up to with Heaven all amock?

-Bobby-- yeah, that whole soul-selling thing, how's that working out for him?

-Crowley-- you plan on giving that soul back, eh? Riiiight. Any time now, I assume?

-Sam-- So, you've been to Hell and apparently come back, what are you going to do now?

-Sam-- About that leaving Hell thing-- are you 100% pure Sammy? You seemed to have made that streetlight flicker and die... but I actually tend to do that, too. (As does my mom.)

-Sam-- And how exactly did you get out?

-Hell-- So, Lucifer (I'm guessing) out of commission, and Lilith, of course, has been since 4.22, and the YED has been since 2.22, so what kind of bureaucratic changes have been happening down there of late?

-Jesse-- The antichrist still just hangin' down-under?

-Bela-- Yes, really. Mind you, I have no expectations (and would be shocked) of seeing her again, but I'd like to, particularly since, yeah, she went to Hell and all on a Crossroads Deal, but that still seemed a bit unfinished to me, especially when she was brought up again in 5.09 as having potentially been Crowley's lover...

-Chuck-- Okay, again I don't actually expect this one to be answered but dude, what the hell was with that final scene of 5.22 and I really didn't like it. Also, I totally adore Rob Benedict since VanCon (liked him and Chuck before, love him now) and want to see more of him, although I don't think it'll happen.

What do you hope to see in season 6? I'm sure I've forgotten things and may add to this post as I think of them.

(Please no spoilers in the comments to this post-- I'll make a separate post for that (with an LJ-Cut)).
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8:30am Breakfast with Jensen and Jared

Of course, it’s not really breakfast with the Js, it’s breakfast at which the actors appear on a stage for a while. This is not to say that I was disappointed because I wasn’t—it’s not like the Js could sit at the same table as 100 gold ticket holders. The only disappointment was timing. The doors opened at 8:30, and since it was buffet, the tables (to which people were assigned) were let up to get their cereal and fruit and bagels, a few at a time so that there were no congestions. Again, understandable. But the Js showed up while we were getting our food, which meant we had to sit down quickly and stay there—meaning I didn’t get breakfast. (I need something bread-like in the morning to go with my caffeine so that I can take my medicine.)

That said, the Js were awesome. Jared told a story about going to Cirque du Soleil, and mimed a magician who stole his brother-in-law’s tie. Then there was some discussion of his going to the Olympics and seeing figure skating—at which point Jensen informed him he was talking way too much about figure skating, and conversation turned to hockey. (Jensen pointed out that how as an American he was, of course, hoping for an American win, but then he realized what a miserable week at work they’d then have, what with the Canadian crew.)

The best part for me was the announcement that both actors had extended their originally six-year contracts into a seventh. HUZZAH! While this does not mean that there will be a seventh season, it does mean that there’s a possibility. (As weird as station execs might be, no one, not even Dawn Ostroff, could be sane and think that there’s a Supernatural without both Jensen and Jared.) So, fingers crossed. Of course, it’s weird to think about a season 7 when the premiere of season six hasn’t even aired.

Jensen spoke a bit about his directing debut. It’s the fourth episode to air, but the first they filmed, so that he could do the pre-production work. (It did mean he couldn’t do the post-production.) ”SPOILERS” )

There was talk of pranks, of course, and Jared told his side of the Misha Collins phone story. HE says that Misha filmed for a few hours and left his new iPhone 4 on set, so Jared used it to text himself, one letter at a time, “I should not leave my phone on set,” etc. He chose his own phone to text to because, well, he needed the texts to go somewhere in order to cost Misha money. But then he remembered that receiving texts also costs money, so he had his own bill to contend with. He then decided he had to call China with Misha’s phone, so he ran around set asking people if they knew any Chinese phone numbers, and then just started punching numbers in until he, apparently, reached Thailand. He spoke as slowly as he could so that whoever he’d reached he’d stay on with as long as possible in order to cost Misha money.

It sounds like Misha gives as good as he gets, of course. Apparently Jared got a call at 2:30am one night, Misha asking, “Are you on set?” Jared was all, Yeah, of course, and was worried, thinking maybe Misha needed help, maybe his wife had gone into labor. (I don’t tend to pay much attention to the actors’ real lives, but I have to admit I had no idea that Vikki (Vicky? How does she spell it?) was pregnant, let alone 8months so.) Misha’s answer was that he just wanted Jared to know that his work (Jared’s) was paying for his kayak vacation. (Misha gets paid whether he’s in an episode or not.)

Jensen pointed out that maybe they shouldn’t pull pranks on Misha any more since he’s going to be a father. (Dude, can you imagine Misha as your DAD?) Then they both agreed that no, that’s not necessary as long as they don’t involve the kid. Jensen even went so far as to say, “Who knows if it’s even his kid?” Aaaand that was a bit much, everyone seemed to realize at the same moment. (Given the rumors about Misha’s marriage, and the research that Vicky apparently does, it might have been too close to the truth?) Jensen was all, Oh crap, was that my outside voice? Jared broke the ACK moment by saying they weren’t sure it was her kid, either. (Jared did suggest a prank where it looks like they’re holding the baby, but aren’t really, and then drop it.)

Once the Js left the stage (to immediately do photo ops), the gold ticket holders cleared out too. (Besides which, while the Js were talking, the staff took away all the food.) We dashed downstairs to get in line (seats, really, but still) for our Jensen photo op.

9:45am Solo Photo Ops with Jensen
Unlike all the other actors, the Js didn’t let more than 2 people in a photo. (I’m not complaining—I’d obviously have loved it if all four of us could have been in the photo, but I completely understand the necessity for stringent rules with the most popular actors, especially given the, uh, antics at other cons.) Opal and DI waited in line with us, then took our stuff so that Spade and I could go into the room unencumbered. I took ami!Sam and ami!Dean, but was too scared to ask Jensen to hold Dean (and later there were announcements about no props—but that was after this decision anyway), so held him myself.

As with the previous days, I was of two minds about the whole experience. On one hand, these are famous people, talented and, it goes without saying, gorgeous. On the other hand, they’re just people… And it didn’t help that I’d gotten the impression that Jensen really doesn’t like cons. (Again, given what’s happened in the past, can you blame him??) But he was very nice during our 2.3 seconds in the photo frame with him. And he asked about our shirts—the ones that Spade had designed—and seemed intrigued by them. He also shook Spade’s hand as we left the photo-area.

As we left that photo-op, Cliff Kosterman asked about the shirts, too. Spade had gotten three extras made—one for Jared, one for Jensen and one for Misha—and had put them with the gifts, but hadn’t left any note or anything. I don’t know when/if the actors got the shirts (or how they felt about them) but Cliff had definitely seen the gift ones. This amuses me, and ought to please Spade. :)

Then it was back to the main room to wait for the…

10:30am Duo Photo Op with Jensen/Jared
We waited again for a while in the main room. Again, only 2 of us could get our photo done. Spade and I agreed who we’d stand next to (me: Jared; her: Jensen. It was not a difficult choice.) Something funny had happened with the person before us (it may have been the woman who hugged Jensen, positioning herself away from Jared, who stood there hands out, all, “wha?”) so there wasn’t much attention on us for the photo. We took the picture, we thanked them. (EVERYONE talks about how tall Jared is. I’m 5’3”—I’m used to men being taller than I am, and I dated a guy who was 6’4”. That said, when I turned to thank Jared, I realized even when looking up, I was looking at his chest. I don’t mind looking at his chest, but then had to look more up, of course, to properly thank him.)

As Spade and I were walking out, a staff member chased us down—evidently someone had blinked and we had to get our photo redone. We were put back in line at the front (I apologized to the person we cut in front of, but she was fine.) Spade joked around with the harried woman in charge (she sighed when she realized we had to go again.) We repositioned ourselves, as I apologized to Jensen and Jared, “Sorry! One of us blinked!” Jared said “no problem,” and Jensen said, “I blame Jared.” This made Spade and I smile again, and the photo was over.

Aaaand, back into line in the main room.

11:15am Photo Op with Jared
As with the Jensen, I carried the Yarn!chesters into the photo op, and again did not draw attention to them. Jared, however, did recognize Spade and I, “Oh, it’s the blinkers!” hee. :D (Our shirts made us really easy to recognize, of course, but still.) We promised to try not to blink and apparently it went fine because no one chased us down for a re-take. We’d flanked Jared for the picture, and as we left Spade was all, “Oh my god his back muscles!” Heh. I don’t know what else to say about this part—he was very nice, the actors have a weird job, he’s gorgeous, and… yeah, nothing surprising. :)

12:30pm Jared and Jensen on stage

There were about five seats in our row (E) that no one had used all weekend. We figured that for sure they’d be used on Sunday for the Js, but no. And we’d checked with one of the staff—as long as they didn’t show up, we could totally use them, so we slid closer to the center, with better views of the guys.

Jared’s microphone didn’t work to his satisfaction, so he stole the one from the stage left. This led to some issues hearing the people on that side at times (and Jensen blaming Jared.)

The only cringe-worthy moment of the con, alas, happened at this point. Some guy asked something (on the not-quite working mic) about fanmade videos about Dean and Castiel. Jensen said something to the effect of, “I’m going to answer that by not answering it, because that’s not what the show’s about.” And on one hand, yeah, okay. And on the other hand, why did this guy ask the question?! And on the third hand (it’s a monster), the show kinda does hint at something pretty fierce between Dean and Castiel. (And that’s coming from *me*, who is totally not a slasher.)

Someone asked the guys what the most awkward moment they’ve ever had with fans and Jared answered that that question, that moment was the most awkward moment ever. Jensen actually said—and this surprised me—that the fans were really awesome. Buuuut then he said that someone had mailed a “spell” (??) which involved “used underwear” to his parents, and generally admonished fandom for it a little. Jared told Jensen he shouldn’t refer to it as used underwear, and this started a whole conversation about underwear…

Jared talked again about the phone-thing. Jensen talked more about directing.

Someone asked about the difference between filming a horror movie and filming a horro tv show. Jared answered that “The horror movies don’t have Jensen in them,” to which Jensen responded, “And they’re called The Christmas Cottage.” BWAH! I turned to Spade and DI and said, “It’s funny ‘cause it’s true.”

Every time someone asked Jensen a specifically Jensen question, Jared pretended to sleep. When it was a question for both of them, he’d ask, “Can Jensen answer?” -- even once when it was a question for Jared, he asked, “Can Jensen answer?”

One question was how much of themselves were in their performances in Supernatural, and during it Jared mis-spoke, saying, “There’s been scenes in our 110 episodes where I’ve been similar to Jared…” And of course the audience laughed at the gaffe, to which Jared responded, “Your laughter hurts!” which came up a couple of times, too.

I wish I’d written this on Sunday night when I originally planned because I’ve forgotten so much of it. Fortunately I’m still quite clear on how awesome the weekend was. :) The guys were fabulous—Jared seemed to really enjoy being there especially.

After the Js on stage, the four of us left to check out of our hotel room, getting back just in time for the next onstage…

1:50pm Brock Kelley (Young Dean Winchester)

This was Brock’s first con and he was clearly very nervous, but also ador(k)able. Fans asked questions about filming and rehearsing, particularly with Jensen and with Colin Ford, and how he got his start in acting. There were sillier questions, too, in which fans learned that if he could have any pet, Brock Kelly would have a T-Rex, and he would ride upon its head. The best part was how certain he sounded about this choice, whereas he was a bit more reticent about just about everything else! But the T-Rex upon whose head he’d ride? Completely certain.

2:30pm Autographs with Jensen and Jared
As with the other autograph sessions, we sat in our seats and waited to be called up into line. (I crocheted until I ran out of the yarn I need for yarn!Gabriel’s outer shirt, then started making notes on how to make the yarn!Impala.) Jensen and Jared don’t personalize their autographs so the lines moved quickly. And Jensen doesn’t say much so that makes it faster, too.

As we neared the signing table, we saw Clif Kosterman with a giant bowl of potato chips, and this amused me for some reason. Spade asked a nearby staff/volunteer if she could take a picture of Cliff, and of course the answer was no, but it actual led to a nice conversation with the volunteer. (Apparently SPN fangirls have nothing on Twi-hards as far as Teh Crazy.) Spade had, just that afternoon, made a sketch for Jared and Jensen to sign, and when Jensen saw it he seemed to take a nice, impressed, long look at it. When he went to sign my poster—which was the one everyone bought, with all the guests on it—he seemed to have trouble figuring out where to sign because Misha Collins, with his “[Eilonwy] <3”before his name had signed across Jensen’s chest/shoulder. So Jensen signed across his own and Jared’s heads. I thanked him for the autograph and he looked up and smiled and that was that. (I had heard that he didn’t even do that—it probably helped that I was in the fifth row and so only 100 or so autographs in, but still.)

I mentioned to Spade, as we crossed the auditorium to join the Jared line, the difficulty that Jensen had had in finding a place to sign. She and DI insisted that I mention this—more specifically the fact that it looked like Misha intentionally made it difficult for Jared and Jensen—to Jared. Uhh, okay… crap.

Jared’s handler showed him where to sign on Spade’s sketch, saying, “You’re to sign here.” Spade pointed out that he could sign anywhere he wanted, to which Jared said, “I’m an actor, I do as I’m told.” Hee.

Then as he signed mine (across his own chest/shoulder), I said the thing about Misha making it as difficult as possible for anyone else to sign, and Jared agreed, saying, “Yeah, that little punk. Don’t worry, we’ll get him back.” Hee! Then DI suggested, “If you can, catch it for the gag reel. Fans would love to see it.” And Jared grinned and said, “Yeah! Good!” as if this were the best idea ever. (And it kind of is, even if it’s highly unlikely.) So that was all really awesome.

4:25pm John Marcynuk (Art Director and Co-Designer)
Marcynuk showed a power point, beginning with a whole bunch of slides from Dark Angel. As much as I’m interested in set design (and I really really am), I didn’t find this part all that interesting because I’ve never seen Dark Angel. Then he moved on to talking about Supernatural and info on various sets and locations that they had decorated. That was much more interesting. (They had to build Heaven’s Green Room – which they call The Beautiful Room—twice. And they used the same set—redecorated—as the Burlesque for the “Cherry Pie” dream scene for Dean! This amuses me.

Then, despite my abject terror, I asked about the Spiky Clock. Yup, sure did. I couched it in terms about general re-used items, and how much of it was convenience and how much was significance, but did specifically mention the spiky clock and “Dream a Little Dream of Me” and “Yellow Fever.” Mr Marcynuk immediately answered, “Convenience,” and that only one painting was ever reused intentionally (after being reused several times unintentionally), and they aren’t trying to embed any deeper meanings. But he also mentioned that he couldn’t remember the spiky clock in question, but that someone else had asked about it, too. During the con, they were filming episode 6.06, so it’ll be interesting to watch the episodes right after that one for the spiky clocks… :D

The End…

And that was that… The only things left were the secondary photo ops with Jared, which was simultaneous to John Marcynuk’s talk, an auction (which there was no way I could afford anything at despite the claim that “many cool items await those that seek bargains,” ha!), and photo ops and autographs with Brock Kelley.

It was really sad for it all to be over. And there wasn’t even a closing ceremony the way there’d been for NADWC. I’d love to go to next year’s (Jared, Jensen and Misha have all already agreed to attend), but I can’t get the money together in time to buy the ticket. Maybe 2012?
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Okay, a few things to preface what promises to be a monster entry. First, I'm using my wee mini laptop, upon which I do not type so well, so there will be typos. (I'll try to correct them when I'm back on my main laptop, back home.) Second, I will not be using LJ-cuts despite the length I'm sure this entry will soon have. Why? Because I will be using cuts for anything that might be the least bit spoilery for season 6. The actors are really adept at avoiding spoilers so I've got nothing major here, but I know I have some serious spoiler-phobes who ocassionally stop by this here LJ, so I'll put anything of that nature behind cuts. :) [I will, however, not be worrying about anything that's already aired in the US-- which is to say everything to the end of season 5.] AND I'm well aware that the pictures here are not great. I have a fabulous little point and click-- which just isn't enough for this kind of situation. I'm including them anyway, and took them anyway, because they're my experience, y'know? There are lots of better pictures out there from this con, though.

ALSO, for more in-depth information about the con, about panels and things, you should really visit all the information found at the round-up on SuperWiki here, as put together by [livejournal.com profile] missyjack. So much web scouring clearly went into that compilation!

Also, since I'm making this a public, fandom entry, bits about my own travel will likely show up in other, friends only entries. Also, also, and, and, I assume for the purposes of this LJ entry that you know what the Yarn!chesters are. 'Cause I had 7 of them with me (8 if you include the second Castiel) and pretty much on display on my bag the whole time, so they come up a bit below.

So, the con!


12:40pm Katherine Boecher (Lilith)

Which is to say, "comely dental hygenist" Lilith. Kathering Boecher was a wonderful guest. I believe she said this was her third con, and she was poised, funny and personable. She answered questions about her preparation for Lilith (she didn't want to imitate any of the previous incarnations, but rather did her own research on Lilith and her baby eating ways) and how she reconciled child!Lilith with adult/sexy!Lilith (she thinks that they're two facets of the same thing.) If she could have played any character on Supernatural other than Lilith, she'd have liked to have played Lucifer himself. She repeated her story (at a con-goer's request) from the NJ con (apparently) about her first meeting Jared on set. Evidently filming the bed scene was the first thing she'd ever done with them, and she had to pat the bed and be seductive, and then run her hand along Jared's leg. She was then afraid that somehow such a firm leg was goign to eat her hand. Also, she wanted more takes. :) If she weren't an actor, she'd want to be a stunt-person, although Jackie Chan (with whom she did a movie), told her not to, that she should do ballet instead, and she was all, "Oh... that's... badass..."

1:20 Supernatural Yes/No Game
Basically this was an elimination trivia game. I didn't play, but was gratified to realize I knew all the easy questions, most of the medium questions and some of the hard ones. I'd have been in any of the rounds a fairly significant portion (unless stage fright had gotten to me.) Twice contestants finagled their way into staying because the questions weren't specific enough.

1:55pm Matt Cohen (Young John Winchester)

To be honest, I'd not been all that interested in this panel originally, but I was happily mistaken. He was charming and sweet and funny (and a bit crazy.) Matt seems to be getting really into the whole convention thing, and thanked the fans a number of times. I will admit, too, that the short sleeved t-shirt-- which he wore because the fans at the Parsippany, NJ con told him he always ought to-- did rather nice things for him... :D He has a rather short hair cut at the moment because he just finished filming a spot on NCIS. He seems like a really interesting guy who takes acting seriously (but not too seriously), and I'll keep an eye out for future work by him. His comments about his work on show for teens called South of Nowhere was really interesting-- apparently he played an exboyfriend who really supported his exgirlfriend when she realizes she's gay, and he's gotten some fan feedback from that about how appreciative teens struggling with sexual identity were.

Between here we left the con for a wihle since the con activities were photos with Matt Cohen-- which none of us bought, private meet and greets with actors-- which none of us could afford, photos with Jason Manns-- which none of us wanted (or bought).*

3:50pm Aldis Hodge (Jake Talley)

Previously I had not understood what the draw for Aldis Hodge was-- at least for non-Leverage fans-- since he'd only been in two episodes and, y'know, stabbed Sammy in the second. But as it turns out, not only is he gorgeous and talented, but he's also really funny. He, too, admits he doesn't quite unerstand the fans-- he expected animosity for the guy who killed Sam!-- but we love him. Because he rocks. He got a few Leverage questions, about which I can tell you nothing since I don't watch the show, and some questions of the "If you could be any character other than Jake on Supernatural..." variety. (I think he said the YED.) There were some questions, too, about Jake's seeming change in motivation. Also, apparently Aldis geeks over watches, which is cool. Oh, and he did voice-over work for Grand Theft Auto and seemed tickled that someone recognized his voice.

4:30pm Richard Speight, Jr. (The Trickster/Gabriel)

I was looking forward to thsi one a lot, and he did not disappoint. This was his first con since his character died on the show, and he got an appropriate, "Awwww," from the audience. As well he should. He seems upbeat about the possibility of his coming back, but only in the vague, "No one on Supernatural is necessarily dead dead," kind of way. He started by hopping off the stage to inquire about who at the con was at one for the first time, and who'd come the farthest. (Australians are pretty much always going to win that one.)

When asked what the first thing he'd do if given the Trickster's powers, he said he'd make Jared Padalacki short for a day. He launched into an adorable pantomime wherein he got things off of a shelf for Jared, and then ruffled his hair. Next he'd make Jensen a New York Jew for a day-- so that for once Richard Speight could be more masculine than him. (I don't entirely approve of the traditional views of masculinity encoded in that statement, but I understand what he means, and it is amusing.) [Guest actors feeling short on the Supernatural set was a running theme.]

Oh! Richard Speight's theory on Trickster/Loki vs. Gabriel is that Gabriel has Loki locked up somewhere so that he could take the role. (And he thinks that Loki must be pissed.) If Gabriel had another chance, Richard Speight says he'd want him to kill Lucifer (because he' really botched that one) and let Loki out.

Speculation )

Richard finds Mark Pellegrino "creepy." He says that Pellegrino is all method, and so he'll glower around on set, but it's disturbing. "There's something illuminating about having breakfast with Satan the morning after he's killed you. It doesn't make it okay, but it does soften the blow." heh.

When asked about the final moments of "Hammer of the Gods," he says, "I thought, damn right, give me porno, if you're going to kill me! Go out with a bang! ... My wife didn't share my enthusiasm."

To sum up, Richard Speight, Jr. was as personable and funny and fantastic as I'd been led to believe. I started (because I had the yarn with me) crocheting a Trickster.

5:40pm Phto Ops with Richard Speight, Jr.
Because he was so awesome, we went and got photo ops tickets for him. We bought two (for the four of us) and he was really awesome and was okay with all four of us in two shots. The first one was us all smiling nicely, the second we said, "let's be silly, what do we do?" and he said, "let's snap, that's a Trickster thing!" so we did, and both pictures turned out well. :D

6:55pm Autographs with Katherine Boecher, Matt Cohen, Aldis Hodge and Richard Speight, Jr.
They had Aldis Hodge on one side of the auditorium, alone, and the other three together, which kind of sucked for Aldis. He was awesome about it, though, even at one point having people in his line shout to prove that his side was having the better time. Going through the line you came to Katherine Boecher first-- while I was standing there, someone asked if this was her first convention and she said no, she'd started with Asylum (this was her third) and that there guests stayed for the whole time, so it was more exhausting. I made some sort of "trial by fire" comment (not sure what), to which she graciously smiled and agreed. Next was Richard Speight, Jr., and I honestly cannot recall what might have been said there/then... I think he might have been talking with Katherine? Catty-corner was Matt Cohen, to whom [livejournal.com profile] spade told that his black t-shirt was doing nice things for him, and he blushed (aw!) and said again that the NJ con-goers said he must always wear black t-shirts to cons. I said something about fashion advice from fans and he said, completely serious, that this was our (fans') weekend, and they're there for us, and sure, he'll wear whatever we want. Then accross to Aldis, who had a very cool watch on, which makes sense given his hobby. He was very nice. I just thanked him, but Spade, who was ahead of me, said she wasn't quite caught up on Leverage but would be soon, and he said that was okay, at least that means she'd watched the first two seasons and wants to keep watching.

Then we went to find dinner and stuff. You'll have to read other reports to hear about the Jason Manns concert, as we didn't go. You'll have heard, I imagine, that someone fainted and was taken to the hospital, and was still there as of this morning at least, which sucks for her, but fortunately she'll recover. This did, however, push back the concert, and therefore the karoake. While waiting for the latter to start, Spade and D_i_ and I got drinks, for which we were berated for not paying by the bartender (although we had in fact paid.)

11:15pm Friday Night Karaoke Party
I'm not big on karaoke, but since the Friday guests were supposed to be there, of course I wanted to at least look in. We arrived in the middle of "Eye of the Tiger" to see Katherine Boecher crawling around on stage. The four actors were totally up on stage the whole time, dancing, singing, miming... it was pretty awesome. Alas, the hotel staff kicked everyone out at 1am, so there weren't that many songs (since the karaoke didn't start at 11:15.) Spade and D_i_ signed up for a song, but didn't get to do it. The four actors (and several con goers, don't get me wrong) doing "Love Shack" was ... amazing.


9:25am Fredric Lehne (Yellow Eyed Demon)

Not quite awwake, we stumbled down to the first panel. Fredric Lehne asked how many of us still had friends up in the rooms sleeping off the karaoke party, and told us to text them and tell them that he (Fredric Lehne) was angry at them. Questions for Fred Lehne ranged from experiences on the SPN set to how he got his break in acting (which involved moving to NYC and auditioning a lot. Also, a sad story about how he got cast in hair, showed up for his first rehearsal and was told that the show was closing, but thanks for showing up anyway.) Apparently he used to consider himself a method actor, but now he mostly goes out there and has fun, like a kid playing. He said that "When kids are playing cowboys and indians they're thinking, 'what's my subtext?'", although he said he does still use some method tricks when things aren't going quite right.

One fan asked what he'd done in Vancouver other than shoot SPN and Fredric Lehne recommended the aquarium in Stanley Park. He then proceeded to demonstrate for us how beluga whales mate. In fact, and I quote him, "If you got nothing to do, I suggest beluga mating."

On working with Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Fredric Lehne said he was very tall, and that teh Supernatural set is a touch place for a short actor. He described the basement hospital scene as "Say something manacing, step forward, say something menacing, step forward, say something menacing, step forward and look up a long ways," and that as he got closer, Jeffrey Dean kept getting taller. He said that in some scenes he was standing on tip-toes, and in others he wanted (had?) apple boxes. This led to an interesting digressiona bout "Gilly Boards," which Gillian Anderson used on The X-Files, and trenches, and ways of shooting to make people look different heights.

Also, one thing he liked about playing the YED was that he "got to ham it up shamelessly without reprecussion, and that's always comforting."


10:20am Rob Benedict (Chuck Shurley)

I was looking forward to this panel, but had no idea it'd be as awesome as it was. Rob Benedict is so awesome, you guys. So cute and awkward. I was so a-flutter after his panel that [livejournal.com profile] spade bought a ticket for us all to get our photo with him.

Somehow the con from "The Real Ghostbusters," came up and Rob Benedict said about the comparison between it and this convention, "It was much smaller and all guys and peopole were dying... this is much better." Which is a relief to know he likes ours better. :) He did agree that getting the girl (ie: Becky) was a nice touch for Chuck. He got a few questions about Alias, and one about being a vampire on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. When asked about the make-up he gave the usual answer about how long it takes to put on and off, but said that the make-up was "Awesome." Also he declared, "To be a vampire every day would be a lot of work... unless you were a real vampire. Then you don't need the make-up."

When asked about the final scenes of "Swan Song" and whether there was a body under the robe on the couch, he said no there wasn't, but he loved that idea, that god had borrowed Chuck's body. And that there'd be a detail only visible to viewers that subtly.

When asked about what he's done in Vancouver when not filming, he talked about taking a run through Stanley Park and taking a shortcut-- which put him in an area where one might generally find male prostitutes. Evidently a member of the crew saw him running out of that area, and asked him about it later. And yeah, the panel ended on that note!

11:05am Photo Ops with Rob Benedict
So... this was the first photo op where I took a yarn!chester-- specifically the Chuck doll, which makes sense. I was all a-giddy and nervous-- giddy because he'd been so amusing and awesome during his panel, and nervous because this would be the first time that an actor would be confronted with one of my yarn creations of his/her character. So the four of us come up to him (he was fine with this) and I asked him, all nervously, "would you hold this for the photo?" and hand him the doll. He was tickled. "This is my robe!" He seemed really taken by the doll. In the picture, he's holding ami!Chuck and pointing at him, which makes me happy. It's a cute picture, and he was very nice.

We didn't go to the second Matt Cohen panel because we were in the photo op. Also, we opted for lunch over Clif Kosterman's panel. We were not one of the "TEN lucky fans" for the Misha Collins meet and greet, either... so next up wasn't 'til 1:10...

1:10pm Fredric Lehne Autographs
Fred Lehne's autographs weren't included in the package we bought (nor were Clif Kosterman's, Brock Kelly's or Demore Barnes's) but I bought a ticket for it anyway because, DUDE, Fredric Lehne! Also, I had ami!YED with me, and ... yeah. So this autograph was up in the vendors area (most were in the main theatre/ballroom) and it was fine waiting in line and all that. Spade and I talked with some other awesome people, including one of the volunteers we'd run into first in an elevator, and who was often stationed by our seats, and with some of the other fans in line. When we got to the front, Fredric Lehne asked if I had sock puppets, and I said, well, they were crocheted characters, including of the YED, and he took the ami!YED and seemed pleased. He was all, "You even got the jacket right!" and sort of half undressed the doll. I pointed out it wasn't easy, because the show is so dark. I said this partly because I'd had a hell of a time figuing out what color hair to give teh ami!YED and I think I went too gray (I was always worried that I had.) It was cool, though-- he showed the ami to the handler next to him and everything. Unfortunately, this autograph session did mean that we missed Samantha Smith's panel. :(

2:25pm Photo Ops with Misha Collins
Because we had two tickets for the four of us, they let us take two pictures of all four of us again. I think we may have scared Misha for several reasons. First, we were all wearing the same shirt-- the Team Free Will shirts that [livejournal.com profile] spade had designed, and second, we came at him somewhat en masse (entirely unintentionaly. We four try/tried very hard to be not scary fans.) Third, I asked him to hold ami!Castiel (which he did-- he put it on his own shoulder), which was awkward for me not only because, HULLO, it's a famous actor to whom I am handing a small, potentially creepy seeming, figure, but also because Misha Collins has referred to these dolls (not mine specifically) as voodoo dolls. And fourth, because he himself had tickled Opal, one of our peeps, at the NJ-con, we decided (without Opal knowing) that the silly picture of us four would be everyone tickling Opal-- which was probably somehwat disturbing for the poor man, too, although he joined right in, and was still holding the doll at the itme. Heh. I thanked him and he seemed oddly reluctant to return the little ami!Castiel-- and even pulled the coats (the new one has a suit jacket as well as a trench coat) up and made him look a bit like he's flying. It was very amusing, as I'm sure you can tell!!

4:05pm Misha Collins (Castiel)

If you're reading all of this, you've probably read other con reports (if not of this con then of others) and you already know that Mr Collins is, and I say this with all the love and respect in the world, utterly insane. He came out with a fruit adn cheese plate from the green room and offered it to the front row, then put it on the stage for anyone to come up and take some. Then he auctioned off a signed, used band-aid to help raise money for the guest who fainted at the Jason Manns concerty (because she needed $500 for train fare home as the doctors said she couldn't fly.) Good cause, disgusting concept. He prefaced the whole auction thing with "I had a bandaid on my finger which I signed and I thought, No one is that disgusting. And then I thought... are they?" He started the auction at a dollar, got up to $50, and then was all, "75 dollars? 75 dollars? please don't bid 75 dollars." When the woman who won came up to claim it, he wouldn't let her touch it with her bare hands. When asked what she was going to do with it, she said she didn't know, and he was "Well, of course you don't, you just got it." When someoen said she might clone him, he shrugged this off and said no, but she'd likely be able to tell what diseases he had, and if so, she should let him know.

Misha Collins really does spend his panels doing his best to confuse people. He even said, "That I enjoy watching people's confusion? True. That's true." (He was doing a true/false thing.) One girl had written her question down because she was so nervous and he told her she couldn't cheat and read it. And when she asked her question several times, he told her it didn't make sense. (It did-- it was about Castiel and how he'd feel if it were true that Chuck was god, and he'd not known it.) She finally gave up and asked him what his favorite scene to film was.

Someone asked about pranks and he told this story about Jared sending him a loooooong text message one letter at time. Misha is apparently with AT&T which costs, in CAnada, according to him, a second mortgage. So he starts getting these messages in the middle of the night (he said it was a happy birthday message), and he was all, "Oh god, how do I make it stop?! Can I turn it off? Flush it downt he toilet??" because each incoming text costs $.50. He was, however, pleased to later realize that each outgoing text costs that, too, so Jared also had to pay because he'd picked up his wrong (non-Canadian) phone.**

Someone asked who of the cast of Supernatural he'd "shag, marry, kill." His first answer was, "well, I've always wanted to fuck myself... you are talking about sex, right, and not the carpet?" The rest of the decision was evidently difficult, what with having to decide who you'd want to grow old with, and who'd be around longer. (Big guys, according to Misha, die faster, so Jared was out.) Choosing was apparently difficult, and, as I jotted down in my notebook, at 4:22, Misha Collins informed fandom that both Ackles and Padalacki are good in bed. Oh yes, he did. Also, he decided he'd marry Jensen and kill Jared, and yes, the Js were informed of this the next day.

At some point Misha realized that his overshirt was on inside out-- and that he'd been wearing it this way for hours. He berated us for not telling him, and in fact for all of us getting our pictures with him, standing beside him and not telling him. So he took off the inside-out shirt. Someone in the audience promptly yelled that the next shirt (and he was wearing at least two more) was inside out, and he started to take that one off too, but only for a second, and was all, "Wait a minute!" It was adorable, of course. Then he managed to spill his water on himself (he sat down on it and the cap wasn't tight). "This is like those dreams you have when you're eight. I'm going to be ina school assembly adn standon stage and my clothes will be inside out adn I'll look like I pissed my pants!"

Then there was some talk of what to do in Vancouver, which included getting on a ferry (which of course sounds like "Fairy" particularly in the context of whatever it was that Misha was previously talking about) and riding it as far as you can...

5:05pm Demore Barnes (Raphael/Donnie Finnerman)
I'll admit that I wasn't paricularly enthused about this panel-- but I ought to have learned from previous ones! Demore Barnes was awesome. He showed up and immediately informed us that he was a virgin-- a con virgin. He was sweet and funny and nervous, but had also clearly gotten coaching from Misha before hand. He did a great job, and I now plan on seeking out his other work (and hoping that Raphael returns to SPN!) I did not, however, jot down any notes, and I'm tired and can't think of anything specific he said (but he did dance for us!!) He told us he'd gotten the part because he actually has wings, and he took a fan backstage to "see his wings." There was much rumpling of curtains.

5:40pm Russ Hamilton, location manager
I'd love to get to go on the location tours (or explore Vancouver with a local) but did not get to. Alas, this panel ought to have been quite interesting (and there was some good stuff) but I think I was getting tiiiired and hungry by this point, so I can't really tell you much about it...

6:30pm Autographs by Samantha Smith, Misha Collins and Rob Benedict
Samantha Smith was nice, but she was distracted by the person next to her***. Rob Benedict was awesome-- he took a hold of ami!Chuck again and played wit the robe. He told me it's *just* like the one he actually wore, and that it even felt like the same material. I was very happy. :D He personalized my autograph and put a little heart. :D Since [livejournal.com profile] spade was ahead of me, and she was getting a sketch signed, talk with Misha was about that. He seemed reallyimpressed with the image (it was *very* cool, especially since she'd done it spur of the moment!!) Opal (who had been tickled) got her own back at this point, though, and told him that Spade had traced it. Heh. Misha nodded fake- seriously and said it was great work, and he personally knows how hard tracing is. I thanked him for allowing yarn!Castiel into the picture earlier and Misha said it was his pleasure he was glad that he (yarn!Castiel) could make it. He signed my poster with a heart, too, and personalized it, and instead of signing over his picture pretty much signed through Jensen and Jared's chests. (This'll be important later...) Oh! And D_i_ told him about how the day before his banner had auctioned for $535, while the Js' banners only went for $300. He was all, "Ha! As well it should be! But theirs shouldn't evne get $300!" And he thanked D_i_ for telling him. :D

Demore Barnes was also signing, and I'd have liked to have gotten his autograph, but I'm sooo broooke.

Then we ate dinner and got changed for the dessert party.

10:15 Saturday Night Creation Supernatural Dessert Party
Overdressed, but knowing we would be, we got to the party a few minutes late and just as Demore Barnes and Matt Cohen showed up. We sat at an empty table, and were joined by two other fans ([livejournal.com profile] fayemeadows and [livejournal.com profile] rhythmsextion), both of whom were very awesome. Also, I got a cosmopolitan. The actors all came around (with handlers) for a few seconds each (okay, it was probably 3minutes?) which was, actually, really awesome. Demore Barnes was first, and for some reason I'm blanking on what we talked about (presumably because he was first). Although either Spade or D_i_ asked him if he was enjoying his con deflowerment. (He said yes, and that he was on his last two petals. D_i_ offered to take care of that, and Demore said they'd have to go back behind the curtains. Spade suggested under the table, but apparently Demore is not that flexible! SPOILER? )

There was a long time before Matt Cohen, having started on the opposite side of the room, got to us. He was incredibly sweet-- you could tell he honestly loves talking to fans! He asked about the dolls-- I had yarn!Mary and yarn!Chuck with me-- and picked up Yarn!chuck. Spade told him that I'd made them, and when I poo-pooed my "skills," both she and Matt Cohen wouldn't let me!! :D He was exhausted from doign two days (he'd sat down with a sandwich and Gremlins on tv, and fallen asleep after one bite). He said that's why he was doing cons, so he could get the feedback. I'd wanted to ask him then about theatre work-- where an actor gets immediate feedback!-- and whether he'd done any, or if not, had thought about it-- but his handler came along and tapped on his shoulder. Matt said he had to move on to the "next speed date." We told him to get some rest (he apparently had a 5am flight) adn some food!

Poor Samantha Smith and Rob Benedict finally got to arrive-- coming straight from the autographs that haed started at 6:30. They came around to the tables as a pair, in the interst of time. But this actually worked out for me because it was clear that Rob Benedict had told Samantha Smith about the yarn!chesters, and since I'd had yarn!Chuck and yarn!Mary with me, she got to see her analog. :) She seemed charmed (and not creeped out, thankfully.) Then there was talk about Samantha Smith's hair (it's adorable and short. When she cut it, the SPN make-up people took it and made a wig out of it for when she plays Mary.) Rob asked Samantha if she was still alive on SPN and everyone at the table, including Samantha! was all, "She died in the pilot!" And she had to explain that when she comes back she's a ghost, a hallucination, etc.

Exhausted, after Rob and Samantha had to move to their next table, we left adn headed for bed.

And speaking of bedtime, I think it is again. So I'll get to Sunday (Jensen and Jared day) sometime soon-- maybe tomorrow at the airport. And when I'm back at my usual computer, I'll see if I can't do something better with these-- and all of my-- photos.

*I'm certain that Jason Manns is a talented musician and a nice guy. We just didn't have any interest, either here or for his concert. It's not my kind of music... I really ought to give it/him a more fair listen, but I don't particularly enjoy concert-settings for a first listen anyway.
**If this story amuses you, be sure to read about Breakfast on Sunday at which point Jared tells his version of it.
***The actors signed for so freakin' long on Saturday (and we were at the beginning of it) that I don't blame her at all. And we got a few seconds with her at the dessert party.
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I hadn't so much planned on crocheting Becky as had the idea come upon me. I wanted to do one of the as-yet unclaimed tarot cards for the SPN Tarot/Winchester Arcana, and Becky was one of the options. (They wonderful mods over there are still looking for a few artists, in case you're interested. Also, if none of the unclaimed cards tickle your fancy, they also accept alternates. I just didn't feel like doing an alternate.) But once I thought about crocheting Becky, I started to love the idea because of her outfit in the episode "The Real Ghostbusters" (5.09).

This is her outfit:

Sorry for the blur-- it's a much wider shot (with other characters in), but the only one I could find wherein you could see her whole... special... outfit.

But dude, kneesocks! Three shades of brown! A sweater vest? How could I not try to recreate this?!

So, ami!Becky:

(I liked the idea of photographing her on that mat-- something I normally use for blocking my knitting, if you're wondering-- because Becky is very much the center of Becky's world. )

More pictures of yarn!Becky and other Yarny SPN Goodness )

Totally unrelated, here, have a Guess That Episode! (It's an homage. And there are actually two acceptable answers. Winners win two free internets. Note: Internets have monetary value.)

If you would like to see any of the above pictures bigger/in more detail, I have, of course, uploaded them to the Yarn!chester Flickr Set. (Which has grown huge.)

Speaking of Flickr, I find looking at my stats to be very amusing, and I don't know why. Mostly what gets randomly hit on days when I haven't posted anything in the vein of this LJ entry are pictures of cats. "Calico cat" gets looked up a lot on Google Images evidently. Equally amusing to me is that "medieval undergarments" on Yahoo evidently pulls up this picture from the Let's Travel in England book. It does not, however, actually include any medieval undergarments, so this confuses me.

But one picture consistently gets pulled up from my Flickr set, and it is, in fact, a Yarn!chester image. Evidently, there are a lot of people using Google Images to look up "Castiel Coat Detail". Okay... not sure why, but sure. I suspect most of them are disappointed, or at least bemused, when they get this picture. Heh. But apparently they click anyway, or it wouldn't be counted on Flickr... Weeeeeird.
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I finished the most recent yarn!chester yesterday. I'm quite pleased with this one-- which is good, since I didn't feel so keen about ami!Pamela. I'm too lazy to take proper pictures of her tonight, I'm afraid, but you can have a sneak preview:

Guess that character!

There'll be better pictures. Oh hey, you can see Callie in the bottom right of that photo, hee. Anyway, she looks even better when I haven't just heaved her up and snapped a shot. (The doll, not the cat. Although I suppose the same could be said of Callie...)

In other, similar, news, I had not realized that Zachariah wore a pinstripe suit. If I had, I might have been less keen on making a yarn version of him. So far he has a head, torso, one leg (but two feet), and two arms. This means he still needs a second leg and his suit coat. Then the whole suit needs to be embroidered with wee stripes. Sigh. He'll also need a tie, and of course his hair.

After that? I's got some ideas, but you'll just have to wait and see. :)

Oh! Speaking of yarn!chesters, if you haven't already, check out the Yarn!Chester Set on Flickr because between [livejournal.com profile] spade, [livejournal.com profile] maiafire, [livejournal.com profile] miki_moo and myself, we got some pretty interesting shots of them out and about in Brighton and London. Also included are pictures of the Mini Yarn!chesters that I made for Maia:

This is one of my favorites, and totally came from the twisted mind of [livejournal.com profile] spade... Name that Yarn!Chester Scene:

And last, I know I linked to it before I left for England, but here he is again, with the awesome border by [livejournal.com profile] bt_kady, my first entry for the Winchester Tarot:

I'm working on another card now, too-- the Three of Wands, though I haven't figured out yet what the vignette will be. Meeple.

Okay, I'm done now. And so is my iced tea (brewing), so I'm going to go work on Zachariah some more.

SPN 5.19

Apr. 22nd, 2010 08:56 pm
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(It is 19, right? Uncertain.)

It is, however, the last one I'll get to see this season over at Beatrice's Flurry's house. Sadness.

T minus 10 minutes. :) Flurry is watching Project Runway instead of Vampire Diaries this week. DAMMIT I forgot my camera.

Holy carp, Flurry just threw Beatrice at me. Flurry says Beatrice deserved it.

ami!Sam, ami!Dean and ami!Cas are all lined up on the futon.

Episode! )
I haz salad.

Hammer of the Gods )

WHAT THE FUCK?! Flurry's cable just went out. I have missed the last five minutes of the episode. I'll see it tomorrow.

Flurry is freaking out because there's now no way to watch Project Runway so I guess we're going to my house even htough it's horrifyingly messy. So, chow everyone. I hope your last 5 minutes were fantastic.
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The professor for whom I teach is currently lecturing the undergrads about generic conventions. He has just made a reference to The Suite Life of Zac and Cody. This was very odd in and of itself as he seemed so uncomfortable doing it.

My mind, however, next went to season 4 of Supernatural and Dean referencing the Suite Life of Zac and Cas.

Is it Thursday yet??

(I am going to be, well, Iceland-willing, flying over the Atlantic ocean for next Thursday's episode. Curses!)
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Let's see... where was I? (I've bolded key phrases in case you want to skim. I know I'm too verbose.)

Oh yes, Thursday's Glasses Debacle, for starters. Remember how surprised I was at how quickly my glasses arrived? Well I did, indeed, rush over ot Mesa to pick up my glasses. Unfortunately, the helpful lady wasn't there, but I didn't really expect her to be (she had said she tends to work at a different branch.) So a guy who looks a bit like the son from Married with Children sits me down at the front desk. Directly in front of me there is a large sign assuring customers that every pair of glasses goes through 14 different quality checks. The sales-guy pulls out my glasses and tries them on me. As expected, they look crooked (because I have a crooked face. Bleh.) So he adjusts them and adjusts them some more. Then he adjusts them so that they're sooper tight and I'm trying to decide if I want him to unadjust them somewhat, as he's working on adjust my sunglasses, when I realize that the smudge on the left lens really isn't coming off. Sales-guy hands me a bottle of cleaner to use, which is nice, but hey, lookit that, it's not a smudge at all. No indeed, my glasses, despite the 14 quality checks, has a spider-web of lines through the left lens. Clearly this is a problem with the coating on them, and just as clearly this is going to require a new lens.

Le sigh. Still, several good things happened. First, there's enough time to get new ones because I went right when I got the phone call. (My glasses should be done aaaany day now, 'cause they were put at the top of the list, since they were flawed, and are being overnighted to the store.) Second, I really like the frames, even though they're rather plain. They've very similar in shape to the ones I have, but are slightly wider. This does mean a bit more curve to the lenses, which is a shame, but it's more flattering to my face. Also, my sunglasses are fine-- except for a strange tendency for shiny things to look a bit odd when the sun hits them. Car windshields (not from the inside of the car, thankfully) look as if I were looking at them through red/blue 3-d lenses. OH! And when I wear them, the driver's side window of my car, from the inside, has polka dots. It's *very* weird.

In other news, I have continued my almost-daily workouts. I only managed a half hour on Friday and Saturday, because I had scheduled stuff, but I did an hour today. It seems weird to me that if I do an hour on the elliptical or the cycle or the treadmill, that's 3 Weight Watchers Activity Points. But if I do a half hour on the elliptical AND a half hour on something else, that's 4 points (2 points each.) ... Sure.

Today I did the first 30minutes on the treadmill at a 4% incline and I tried to do a minute of jogging (at 5.0) every 3minutes (so 2 minutes walking, 1 minute jogging.) After I got a side sticker (and a flashback to being an unathletic child, thankyouverymuch), I toned it down to every 4minutes (3minutes walking, 1 minute jogging.) This worked only for another two cycles before I felt lightheaded and like I was going to vomit. It takes a lot of effort to jog this one-hundred-and-too-much pound frame, I guess. :( So I did the last 15 minutes at a 5% incline, walking at 4.0 (instead of the 3.7 I was doing earlier.) So, yeah, that kinda sucked.

The 30minutes on the elliptical, while a bit tough since I was already tired, did feel rather easy by comparison. I was using the elliptical with hand thingies, so could only adjust difficulty, not the, um, other, adjusty thingie... The "weight loss" program is 4minutes of level 8 and 4minutes of level 1. I bumped it up to level 2 instead.

So hey. Tomorrow I'll weigh myself. However, despite working out more this week than ever before in my life (and just as importantly, more regularly), I'm not sure if I'll have lost weight this week. I was dipping into my weekly points more this week than usual, and then on Thursday, Flurije gave me a piece of carrot cake. And while the points I assigned to it were based on guesswork, it was not a good idea. Despite pizza on Friday, food at Flurry's yesterday, and a cast party today, though, I think I behaved relatively well-ish the rest of the week. So we'll see.

This new exercise regime is now approximately 6weeks old. I don't feel different at all, other than guilty when I don't work out. And I do NOT have any extra energy. In fact, even though it's only 9:30, I fully intend t go to bed after I finish this (long) LJ entry and figure out what I'm teaching tomorrow. And that's after not getting up 'til 11 this morning. Pathetic.

Someday, a CPAP machine... maybe... (Speaking of which, did I mention that insurance turned me down again? I'm going to the doctor again on Tuesday to see if we can do something else about it. Not holding my breath, though.)

Oh yes, I mentioned that today I was at the cast party for the Second Shepherd's Play. The best part, frankly, was that I picked up A., who was the Angel in the play, and that meant I got to meet her cat, Ronan. I don't really approve, frankly, of going to breeders, especially backyard breeders, to get a pet, but Ronan, who is an American Shorthair, is really freakin' cute and sweet.

The "party" was at the annoying professor's house, and some of it was really awkward. Fortunately, they have a beagle named Rabbi Otto, and that helped immensely. (Pets are good for many things. Like distraction at awkward events.)

The topic of conversation came back to the Icelandic Volcano several times because the Other (not-annoying) Professor was supposed to travel to England on Tuesday, and because, of course, I'm supposed to go to England in less than 2 weeks. Eep. I'm quite nervous about the situation, frankly. I really wanna gooooo. I think we should all leave offerings to the god Vulcan so that the volcano quietens, at least 'til June.

In other news, my house is a DISASTER. I have MANY papers to grade. My vacuum is still broken. And I have so much I WANT to do (put the last touch on the newest ami, do my wee mini-project, photograph my spn_tarot card, etc.) but no time. :P And I got accidentally a little bit spoiled for the season finale of SPN, which is a bit annoying. I'm not a spoilerphobe, but for the second half of this season I haven't been actively seeking spoilers out, either, and have been enjoying show more because of it. (Someday I'll write about my opinion on spoilers, and on why I think season 5 has been better without spoilers, but not tonight.) No comment on said spoiler (for the sake of spoilerphobes, but I'm cranky about having been spoiled.
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I have no idea how this episode will turn out, but having just rewatched 5.17 I figure I should start with a preemptive "DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMMMNNNNNNNNNNNN YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUU KRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIPKEEEEEEEEEEEEE."

It's T-minus three minutes. Not quite enough time to write a post about my experiences at the glasses place today (sigh) but long enough to suffer through the teen-age angst of nearly-thirty year olds on Vampire Diaries. And for Flurry to watch WoW clips/songs on WoW... So strangely animated characters are singing "work. work work work" to my left and sulky vampiric peeps are drinking blood and brooding.

episode! )

I saw today that someone had posted a meta about reds and blues this season, and another about greens. I haven't had a chance to read them yet, but am looking forward to it. This episode is very green heavy, too. Makes me think of season four's green room.

And Beatrice just came barreling down the stairs and across the living room. Okay. Aaaand three seconds later it was back across the living room and up the stairs. She's in quite the mood.

There will likely be less commentary in the next section 'cause I'm hungry and I wanna eat my pita.

Point of No Return )

Beatrice managed to steal all the pieces of my mini-yarnchester and scatter them about the room. It was like a yarn massacre!

That was a yummy sammich.

I missed a huge chunk of the episode 'cause of that sammich, though. On the bright side, I'm pretty sure I can get Flurry to reenact the episode with the yarn!chesters. At the moment, however, she is balancing all three of them on top of each other, a "Totem o' Winchester. And Castiel." According to Flurry. I will try to get a picture of this later, too.

[NOTE: I did get a picture of the totem, and will post it later or tomorrow. Flurry, however, has refused to reenact her brilliance.]

Elsewhere )

Flurry: RARRRR!
Me: There's a few more minutes.
Flurry: STILL.

Me: Y'know, I missed a huge chunk of the episode 'cause of my sammich. You'll have to reenact for me.
Flurry: No.
Me: Please?
Flurry: No. Only once.
Me: ::using ami!Sam:: Pleeeeeease?
Flurry: ::using ami!Dean:: No. Cut your hair.

I'm pouting. Seriously, it was hilarious. :(
pouty-pout pout.

End of the episode )

Sorry guys. I tried really hard but Flurry refused to reenact the Yarn!chester stuff. I'm really quite upset about this, in fact. Sorry to disappoint. :( She won't even tell me why she won't reenact it. :(
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Uh, hullo headache. You were so not invited to this particular viewing of Supernatural. Grr.

99 Problems )

Commercial! Must. Find. Food.

Ack! Can't type and eat pbj!!

More )

The gilette commercial that has people getting their sweat back? Is really kinda gross.

SPN not as gross as people sweating backwards )

All together now for the usual post-Supernatural cry:

eilonwy2017: (Dean approves)
(so far.)

Today I did not get much work done. But what I did accomplish was important, too!

I talked with [livejournal.com profile] pyrite for almost two hours. (!!) I spoke with [livejournal.com profile] spade for almost an hour (prep for England! And squeeing about SPN, of course.) I texted with [livejournal.com profile] moobie lots (about FB, old acquaintances and books.)

Also, I worked out! An hour on the elliptical (30min on interval and 28min on weight loss since that's the only setting for that, and another 5 just whatevs.) During this I watched Cash Cab and read January's Smithsonian and this week's EW.

(Oh! Also! I lost 2pounds this week, even despite the traveling to PA and totally not counting WW points while there, and only working out the two truncated times (the first being when I killed the treadmill and the second when I only worked for 22minutes because I just so wasn't feeling it.) Yay!)

[Also, also, I paced while on the phone. I feel like that should totally count for activity points, but I shan't actually claim them. Heh. It's just what I do when I'm on the phone.]

ALSO! There was mail! I wasn't expecting mail today. Woo. I have received my Census (I thought they forgot me!) I also got a package from Pyrite (I haven't opened it yet) and a wee package I was expecting so I can make my card for [livejournal.com profile] spn_tarot. Heh heh. ::rubs hands together in glee::

Now I am going to go shower so that I am clean and not sweaty-gross-ew for tonight's SPN episode, which, alas, I am watching sans [livejournal.com profile] flurije because she is hosting teenaged WoW players at her house for their spring break (no, I don't know why).

Then I will spend time prepping for tomorrow and accomplishing a few small things that just Need to Get Done (you know the type). Then Project Runway and Models of the Runway (shut up), followed by Bedtime.

Sadly, this all means I did not get to reread the play I needed to reread for tomorrow afternoon. I might manage it between class and colloquium, though. Cross your fingers for me. :D
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Please note that I'm typing this on my new wee tiny laptop, which means there will probably be typos. (I have wee hands but not that wee.)

5.16 )

Flurry gots a headache and so didn't come over. :( This means there are no Yarn!Chester shenanigans to report. Sad.

Smallville commercial -- wasn't the premise of Smallville about Superman as a teenager? And hasn't it been on for yeeeeeeeears? Isn't he now not so much a teenager?

More )

I require snacks.

More moremore )

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Okay, so I can't actually recall what number tonight's episode is, and I'm not online to find out.

But yaaay! Hellatus is over!!

If anyone is curious, it takes 2.5 listens of "Carry on My Wayward Son" to get from my house to Flurry's. (You can get through "winds of fortune" as you park, but you could get further if you started the song before hitting the main street, since it takes a minute or two to get from my parking spot to the street.)

I almost arrived at Flurry's house sans ami!Castiel, which would not have pleased Flurry. Evidently my cats had knocked him from his orange flowery chair onto the floor. So much for the flights of angels.

Turns out Beatrice (Flurry's cat) is a Castiel girl. When I knock on the door at Flurry's house i routinely tap on the glass bit at the bottom of her door to see if I can't get Beatrice intrigued. She usually isn't. Today I tapped the glass with Castiel and she was patting and pawing at the door to get to him. hee.

Why do I have the time to type all this? 'Cause apparently Flurry's in the shower. She didn't answer the door or her phone, so I let myself in. That's what happens when you give a friend a key so that they can take care of your cat. :D I've totally made myself at home on her couch. I've taken the place I usually sit in, but this appears to be doubly-good as the couch (futon, actually) does not have its cover on and there's a giant wet splotch on the other side. Nearby sits a bottle of Gatorade that I suspect is the culprit... (Turns out no, it's old furniture polish.)

TEN MINUTES 'TIL SHOW!! (Yeah, yeah, I know East Coast, you've already seen the show and had time to digest. But we're 3hours behind you at this point. Which, for the purposes of watching "Project Runway" is a good thing (now it's on at 10 instead of 11).

What's sad is that I'm not nearly as obsessed with Show as I was this time a year ago. Could you imagine my commentary were it then!? :)

Flurry is ordering Greek food so the sound is off. I think I prefer to watch VD this way. Holy carp, there's a black dude! it's a very white town, with the exception of the witch...


Here there be RANDOM commentary which equals SPOILERS )

So, no insight, no clever thoughts, just... yeah, that.
I have to grade more now. :P
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(Read: Supernatural stuff.)

1. Yarn!Chesters. The newest one is alllllmost done. But I broke the accessory I made for her and need to make a new one. Also, i'm not entirely sure I like her hair. And she needs eyes. I plan on trying to finish her tomorrow, though.

2. Speaking of Yarn!Chester accessories, I have made, with no particular skill or talent, the following items out of sculpey:
1. The colt that can kill anything except when it usually can't
2. Ruby's knife that can kill anything except when it usually can't
3. A large random knife/sword thing (like the ones for killing vampires in season 1), which the Yarn!chesters can actually hold on their own
4. a cannister of salt
5. a cannister of gasoline
6. many candles
7. a sawed off shotgun
8. a random handgun (with a pearl grip, to mimic Dean's.)
9. a shovel
10. a stake (for killing demigods)
11. several metal stakes for pinning zombies back into grave beds

When I photograph the newest Yarn!chester (tomorrow?) you can see these weird items, too.

3. I have a new Yarn!chester mini-project. I shan't say more than that, however, 'til I find out if it works. If it does, I'll be very happy because I want to be able to give something Yarn!chester-ish away as gifts, but the full size ones are too time consuming.

4. I have, in my hot little hands, Keith R. A. DeCandido's newest Supernatural tie-in novel: Heart of the Dragon. You know what this means, right? Yes! Time for a new WTF?! book review! Wheeee!!!

I plan on doing my utmost to go into this one with an open mind and no opinion. I have read no one else's reviews and while Mr DeCandido comes across as a prick on LJ (sorry, but he does), it has been a long time since his previous Supernatural novel, so I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt in that he'll have improved.

(Also, in the next two months, two new novels are coming out, by authors I've never heard of. I'll be getting/reviewing those, too, in due course.)

ALSO, it's Spring Break. So while I must GRADE GRADE GRADE, and plan for England, and research Oberammergau, and write my dissertation, it does mean there's a wee bit of time for accomplishing the above.

Not tonight, though, for I am going out to dinner with [livejournal.com profile] aussie_nyc and [livejournal.com profile] kizlj. Wheeee!
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This is a follow up to yesterday's post about the Big Supernatural News that Everyone Probably Knows By Now, as well as the follow up news that was posted on TV Guide here which has the fandom somewhat up in arms and declaring their allegiance or lack thereof.

More Thoughts )

Anyway, that's my take and my stance. Not that anyone's reading these anyway. :D And it's mostly a reiteration of what others have said, methinks.
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Regarding the most recent news about the Show in general.

(I don't know if Spoiler-phobes will consider that news to be spoilery, so I'm putting everything behind the cut. Because I am a nice person. :D And I know of at least one other thing in here that really stringent spoilerphobes might also consider a spoiler. But it's all general stuff and stuff that's been said months ago by the showrunners, with the exception of the news that just broke, which is what I'm responding to. Got that? You can now make an informed decision about whether or not to click below.)

Thoughts on the News )

In other news, I'd say I'm about half done with the newest Yarn!chester, and I've made my decision about the next one. :)
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I just got an idea for a Yarn!Chester postcard to send to the SPN offices involving the spikey clocks. Hee.

(Also, I have ideas for 2 more Guess that Yarn!Chester Scenes, but who knows when I'll have time to do them... Alas, the vagaries of a chronically fatigued phd candidate.)

When I finish rewatching Slings & Arrows I think I will start rewatching Supernatural, but starting at season 4. I've seen that one the least, and it obviously has the most bearing on the current season. If I get through 4 pretty quickly (and I imagine I will) I might even rewatch season 5. (The problem with 5 is that while it has its moments it isn't overall the greatest. [Mind you, I have issues with season 4, too. 2 is actually my favorite.] And I have to watch it on my computer.)

In case you hadn't figured it out (and if you care at all, then I bet you have), now that I have (mostly) finished ami!Flagg for [livejournal.com profile] blergeatkitty's donation to Help_Haiti, I'm working on a Yarn!Chester Liliith, the child version (in a version off the dress you see her in in "Yellow Fever," even though she's a hallucination in that episode.) I'm looking forward to making the foofy skirt.

After I finish her, I'm not sure yet who I'll move on to next.
NOTE: THE FOLLOWING CONTAINS A SEASON 5 SPOILER (but not a recent one-- it aired months ago). Just thought I should give non-US people a heads up (although I imagine you're all watching online!) You're safe again after the long vertical list.

The characters I have made*: Sam (3 times), Dean (3 times), Castiel (twice) , Bobby (twice), John (the grown up Jeffrey Dean Morgan version), Mary (in a nightgown about to be burnt on the ceiling version), the YED, Henrickson, Meg (season 1 version), Ellen, Jo, Ash (aww, my first mullet), and Chuck (and that @#$!@# bathrobe of doom.) I may have taken my own hellatus in there to study for comps, but I have been busy. :)

Off the top of my head, the characters who I have not yet made but who are in the running** are as follows (although I'm sure I'll forget some, in which case you should comment.)

-Meg (season 4)
-John (young)
-Mary (young)
-Lilith (dental hygenist)
-Ruby (blond season 3)
-Ruby (brunette season 4)
-Ed Zeddmore
-Harry Spengler

You can probably notice that this is not a poll. I could make a poll, but I am a) too lazy and b) not ready to make a decision about this anyway. I am, however, interested if anyone has any thoughts on which one(s) I should make and why. :)

I feel that I'd have to create Ed and Harry as a pair, likewise the two Rubies, and young John/young Mary, and Andy/Ava. Everyone else I could do singularly. I think visually Pamela, Anna and Tessa would be fun. Zachariah and Uriel would pretty much be guys in suits, though. I still don't have a feel for how I'd make Lucifer.

(Of course, I sort of plan on making 6 small sheep for my Second Shepherd's Play castmembers, by April 1st, so it may take a while...)

I have got to get to bed. Tomorrow starts way early and goes a long, long time.

G'night all. :)

*I originally had "done" here instead of "made", but then when I typed "Sam (3 times)" after the colon I felt it sounded too dirty. Not to mention, y'know, like I'm crazy, what with the Winchesters being all fictional.

**Criteria for being included on this list is that the character has been in more than one episode. That's pretty much the only criteria, in fact.

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