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So, if you didn't know this already, I'm an English professor, and more than that, I'm an English professor in an area where education is not really valued and where students are underprepared and I teach at an open enrollment school. So, while I DO get to spend at least one course per semester (and usually two) teaching literature, I also have to spend two courses per semester teaching composition.

(This is particularly ironic since I never even took a composition course. I petitioned my way out of them at my own undergraduate college.)

At any rate, summer enrollment is very low, for lots of reasons (many of them having to do with financial aid, and the lack thereof.) So I have only 5 students signed up for my online summer composition class. And yet I have spent more time dealing with one of these students in the past two days than I have with entire classes in past semesters.

My only main point here is that writing IS important even if all you'll ever do is send an email. Because of the the dozen emails I've received from this student, I've had to puzzle through all of them and even sent two of them back, writing, "I don't know what you're trying to say here." And this student's most recent email was not even a full sentence informing me "I have the assignment done at 5." All right, but what? Does the student mean s/he will have the assignment done at 5? Does it mean that the student already has it done, and posted it yesterday or this morning at 5? And what assignment is this student talking about, since this was in response to an email about two different assignments?


All I'm saying is, if someone tells you they don't write, or don't need to know how to write, point out how this sort of thing looks in any kind of business world. I'm not expecting everyone to be able to produce Shakespeare (and Shakespeare produced some questionable stuff at times, too...) but as casual a form as email has become, you still have to be able to convey ideas, right? Surely?

Call me a snob, but I want a communications major -- and frankly ALL MAJORS -- to be able to communicate.
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(Note: I copied/pasted some of this from writing it elsewhere, and now whatever I do I cannot make the middle paragraphs have spaces between them or they have too much space. Apologies for the awkward reading situation.)

Student evaluations always make me nervous. I genuinely want feedback so that I can continually improve my classes, but on the other hand, no one likes to be told what they suck at. Then, too, as useful as evals can be, it's been proven that women consistently do poorer on evaluations than men (because of gender bias) and that students giving good feedback on a course does not correlate with their actually having learned from the course, which, frankly, is more important than whether they had 'fun'.

I've been, honestly, dreading my feedback from the fall semester because ... well, after November 9th I kind of checked out. I don't remember much between November 9th and Thanksgiving. (I know I drove to MD to get Mia and Jessie. And that [livejournal.com profile] pyrite came to my house the weekend after so that I wasn't alone. I only vaguely recall Thanksgiving. Things are kind of a blur between Thanksgiving and Christmas, other than driving to TN to give Jasper and Jaimie to [livejournal.com profile] pyrite and driving to PA to go to the memorial for [livejournal.com profile] tamnonlinear. I missed a lot of classes between Tam's death and Thanksgiving, and while there weren't many between Thanksgiving and break, what there were I was not all there for, let's say, even though I was in the classroom.

So yeah: dread. More dread than I've felt aobut evaluations since I was a graduate student just learning to teach. So let's look at them together, shall we?

From my students in First Year Studies, I've learned that my weak points include having a "slight display of personal belief in teaching" (which is code, I'm pretty sure, for being too liberal.) And I'm timid and unconfident (I get one of these most semesters) but also harsh (which seems a bit contradictory.) I think unconfident might be code for "young and female."

From my composition two students, I've also learned that I have a very hard time taking criticism seriously when it's grammatically poor. One comment I received was "papers need to be wrote differently." I have no idea what that means...

Someone in comp 1 really hated me. (We get to see minimum and maximum ratings as well as median). "Sense of humor and proportion: 0" I was once told while still in undergraduate, by a professor for whom I TA'd, that some students just wouldn't understand my dry sense of humor. He was right. It's commented on at least once a semester, too, in these evaluations. But I think this is the first zero I've gotten for it.

I do appreciate that while some comments say I'm disorganized, others say I'm very organized. Some say I'm extremely helpful and others say I'm terrible at being helpful and need "major work." (Ouch.) I'm not an organized person, but I work very hard at being clear in my expectations to my students. I know I dropped the ball a bit this semester, but I don't think it's too defensive on my part to say "holy crap, kid, the due dates are on the syllabus."

One comment from comp 1 was that my strength is being very excellent at English (well, given the degrees I just hung up in my office today were all earned....good to know.) But the same student used three exclamation points to inform me that my weakness is that I'm "extremely biased." I think that, too, is code for "liberal." In introductory classes, I'm careful to be neutral, so this is a little upsetting, actually. But since the student did not learn enough in this class to understand that audience is someone other than him/herself, and thus some context would have been good to explain biased in what way(s), to/for what, my biggest concern here is that I was unsuccessful in teaching audience, not my perceived biases.

Let's move on to the upper level class I taught: Brit Lit. Oh, hey, those were all good (except for having had them do a 10 page paper. Poor kidlings.) Thank goodness I saved that one for last.

Conclusions: Honestly, overall the evaluations were fine. There was only one mention of my personal life having affected my teaching (I expected more.) The negatives were mainly outliers. The median numbers were fine. (I take solace in the solid 10s across the board for Brit Lit.) The negatives didn't seem to have anything in common other than my apparent bias (OMG A LIBERAL IN EASTERN KENTUCKY, BURN IT!) and that I talk too fast (I'm a Yankee in the south. I'm not shocked).

Verdict: I'll survive these. (I'm not up for promotion for another 2 years, but it all matters. And these get looked at every year with my division chair. And I've been making noise with the provost about how contracts are awarded here and that I ought to be looked at for an improved one now already, not next year, and that if I don't get it this year, then I'll need to be job hunting next year because if I don't get an improved contract next year I also won't get any contract next year, because you're only allowed to have 4 years of the kind of contract I currently have. So.
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about The Canterbury Tales:
"Some stories are more comedic and others extremely tragic. This is the effect that Chaucer is going for because such is the inevitability of Chaucer's times. Some days are great, but the prospect of what was on the horizon loomed over the current, temporary joy."

Um. Huh?

Oooh, and this one, (different paper but also about The Canterbury Tales):
"The narrator saw the Parson in an un-sarcastically holy pecan in the middle of the chaos in the church as he showed by stating..."

It's rare that I can't decipher what a student meant, but this is one of those times. I mean, she might have meant "as an un-sarcastically holy beacon but that's a stretch anyway. But this is the same student who said "in the mists of the Church's decline" when she meant "in the midst".

I now interrupt this discussion of stupid things written in student papers to tell you a story about this evening. It occurred as I was grading, so it is relevant. Flurry and I went to an Italian place to grade and eat dinner. This Italian place is also a bar. And, apparently, on Friday nights? Karoake. So we graded while a small handful of drunken people sang really really badly. (As this was my first karoake experience, I asked Flurry if it is possible to sing karoake well, and she assured me it is not.) Despite this, I actually managed to get a few papers graded. But eventually it grew to be too much, so we headed to the bar to pay for our meals. This meant mingling amongst the drunken singers. One guy, probably in his mid40s, asked me if I had heard him sing. Of course I had, but I just sort of shrugged 'cause there's no way I could remember which one he'd sung (and I wasn't going to say he'd done it well since he clearly hadn't.) He said he had sung it to me because I was looking at him. (He was facing the screen, which is the opposite of where we were sitting, but whatever.) I said I had been grading papers. He asked if I'm a teacher, and I said yes (all the while giving him as little attention as possible, 'cause I just wanted to pay and leave.) He asked what grade, I said college. This, as per usual, lead to the discussion of how young I look. He thought I was 21. I laughed and said add 10 years. He couldn't believe that I was 30, and then asked how I keep my innocence.

Hee. I shrugged, not knowing how to answer other than, "Just lucky." He went on to suggest I stay so that he could sing to me again, and that maybe our paths would cross again.

Mainly I was amused by the "How do you keep your innocence?" question. I mean, leaving aside the word choice, it's still a bizarre question. Flurry suggested I should have answered that I apply a paste every morning. Later I realized I should have answered that I sleep in ForeverWare (any Eerie Indiana fans reading this?) or that I drink the blood of virgins (or failing students.)

Amusing as it was, the whole thing made me really uncomfortable. I hate to be rude, but I also don't want to say anything that could be construed as flirting because I don't want to get into a situation that's difficult to extricate myself from. It's happened too often (in Ireland, for example.) I never know what to say in these situations. yuck.

Anyway, home now. I shan't return to grading 'til tomorrow, most likely, so I'll post this and post more quotes later, should I come across any.
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and, in fact, miserable.

What I desperately need is three months (ie: 'til mid January) to do nothing but teach (and not that, if I could help it) and read for comps.

Current Stress:

221 LECTURE: Tomorrow I must lecture on A Midsummer Night's Dream. While on one hand, that's a piece of cake (better that than just about any other play, and I can talk about staging for half the class) it's still a lot of work to prep the lecture and the power point and to then be ready to stand in front of an entire lecture and my prof.

221 PYRAMUS & THISBE: I am currently leading about 15 undergraduates in a "production" of Pyramus and Thisbe. It goes up on Wednesday in class (a week from tomorrow), so on one hand it's short-term stress, on the other, though, it's additional time and effort.

PFF: This class has been fairly useless and it requires a great deal of effort-- not to mention twice monthly THREE HOUR seminars on Friday afternoons, plus other workshops and such. I am very close to withdrawing from it, but it may well be too late in the semester. (Just looked-- I have 'til Nov 8th to withdraw... I will make that decision very soon. I promised myself I'd stick out this year but... why? I shouldn't make this decision while I'm this upset, though.)

SLEEP APNEA: This one is a multi-part cause of stress. First, the apnea itself which causes me to be tired all the time. I know most people are sleepy in the mornings, for example, but I could barely keep my eyes open during the Blackfriars Conference, and these were all papers I was interested in. Imagine how you feel after catching perhaps only 2 hours of sleep-- that's how I feel every day.

Add to that the fact that the people who are processing my prescription (for the machine) are incredibly incompetent (I spoke with them today.)

And the fact that my insurance company has denied my claim.. I now get to spend $1000 for a machine which may or may not help me to actually feel better. Turns out I can spend $225 on a humidifier (gotta buy that regardless, evidently) and "only" $105/month in a rent-to-own scheme (which is how I'll go because I am not convinced that this is going to entirely work. Judging from the nightmares I had when I used the !#@$ machine in the sleep lab, I may not be able to keep the damn thing on when there's not a tech to come rushing in and admonish me.)

I will be emailing/calling the health insurance for a clarification of their denial, of course. My mom said it could just be something like messed up paperwork. I, however, am a cynic, and am fairly certain it's because my apnea is only "moderate" meaning I am unlikely to die in my sleep because of it. This would be more reassuring if it weren't for the fact that I'm likely to die while falling asleep in my car or something equally stoopid, and still caused by the sleep apnea. Even more likely is the fact that I am not exactly functioning very well, and so I honestly don't know that it's at all possible for me to continue this career. Melodramatic? Perhaps. But honestly true. I don't know that I'll be able to write the diss at this point (or pass the comps) let alone struggle for tenure! This is BULLSHIT. My body is defective and I can't afford to get help. And I can't say that anyone really understands, either, which is equally frustrating.

COMPS: Most people get 6months to a year to prep for comps. I get 3months, while I try to do everything mentioned above and below as well.

VACUUM: Is broken. Gots to fix.

CATS: Still a bit worried about Jackjack's spot (on his tummy) but it actually looks less bad than it did before (it hasn't shrunk, but less of it is scabby.) Callie's feline acne seems to be clearing up even though I can't get her to let me clean it with anything. (I did, however, take away the plastic bowls.) So that's good stuff. But then there are the ferals... There's a kitten I need to catch (and doing so, and taking care of him will probably run about $200 in vet bills-- shots, neutering/spaying, check-up, food, medicine) and at least 5 adults I should try to catch and get TNRed (Pigpen, as before, Tigger, the gray tabby who's friendly, a new Tuxie, and the new gray-ish cat with the white tip to his tail, and a couple of moo-cows I never caught.) I need to raise $300 before I can contemplate these endeavors, though. I considered another raffle (the last was very successful) but then remembered that those are, actually, technically, illegal.

GIRL-PLUMBING: Probably as a result of stress, I've been having some, relatively minor but very very very irritating, issues. I shan't say more here, 'cause I don't want to lose readers.

STUDENTS: The problem? I has them. No, most of them are great, but how can I focus on studying when I have teaching and vice versa? And some of my students are ... difficult. Apparently the 17% student saw the prof today and he cannot recall the name of the book we are currently reading. She directed him to talk to some other people here at the university, but he's evidently resisting the idea that he might have memory trouble. He is, however, the extreme version of many students here, frankly. (One student went to the prof to complain that she'd gotten a D on the exam. She said she'd googled all the answers and studied for 3 days, so how could she have done so poorly?!)

MONEY: I'm not, like, unable to pay my bills on a regular basis (thank goodness), with the exception of the unexpected things, like this sleep apnea equipment. But I need to get to the Globe this May, as part of my dissertation work, and I don't have $3500 to do it. (Plus food costs.) I have no ideas. I'm all out.

CONFERENCE: Honestly, I'm still frustrated by the conference even though it has now been over for several days. I spent a lot of money and a lot of time to attend and it was ... not great. Good parts? Absolutely. Awful parts? Yes. And the worst was my own "roundtable." I honestly think I'd have gotten more out of just flying out to VA and hanging with [livejournal.com profile] spade and peeps from C'ville.

Cut for Probable Insensitivity )

So now I'm going to do some German homework in an attempt to play catch up in that class (I'm behind by a week's worth of work AND I have to make up a quiz). Then hopefully I'll still have some time to work on the power point for tomorrow's lecture before German class. I don't think I'll go home right after class, though, 'cause I still have 101 stuff that needs doing and such. Sigh.


Oct. 8th, 2009 05:56 pm
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As it is just about 9pm on the East Coast, the potential for spoileriness of SPN just got exponentially higher, so I am signing offline 'til I get back from Flurije's house and having watched SPN.

But I wanted to add the best (worst?) title I've ever come across in student papers (in my admittedly short teaching career).

Alliance of Alien's

Yes. It's about Beowulf (at least I assume.) No, I don't think there are any actual aliens in the paper (more's the pity.) If it does turn out to have aything interesting in it, I'll be sure to report back.


Oct. 8th, 2009 05:45 pm
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So I'm still grading these ENG221* papers. The assignment was to compare and/or contrast one aspect of Beowulf to one aspect of either "The Dream of the Rood" or "The Wanderer."

A lot of students have chosen to write about heroism, or glory, or something similar which gives an opinion on Beowulf as a character. They seem to fall ardently into one of two camps. They either think Beowulf is the greatest hero who ever heroically performed heroic deeds, or they think he's a jackass braggart.

And you know, fair enough, I suppose.

Also, the professor requires that students print out and sign and hand in a composition checklist with every paper. This includes such things as the proper use of its/it's, then/than and correctly spelling characters' names. So why is it that so many students are still getting these things wrong? (And losing 5% of their grade for each kind of offense.) Geez. Fewer than if it weren't required, though, I will admit that.

Some lines for your amusement:

"Scattered profusely throughout Beowulf and dropped like a random sac [sic] of fruit in the final part of "The Wanderer," Christianity sticks out like a sore thumb."
sack of fruit? Really?

"But unlike Beowulf, the rood was forcefully converted into a religious entity, and became one with Christ during the crucifixion, instead of dying a pagan without achieving any of its life goals."
Um. It was a tree. What life goals did it have, precisely? To become a plank in a mead hall? To sail the seas as part of a boat?

Oooh, I learned a new word. See if you can spot it:
"The Rood tells the dreamer his recollection of the crucification and how it affected him."
Huh. Weirdly, Semagic doesn't think it's wrong... So I went to the big guns, and OED agrees with me on the non-existence of the word "crucification."

Title of a student paper: Beowulf's Jeweled Rood.
Is it just me or does that sound vaguely dirty??

Another title: Death as the Main Cause
...of? coffin sales? funerals?

Current paper (the one with the above title) is only 2.5 pages long (supposed to be 3 full) and that's with TRIPLE spacing. Geez. I'm not going to notice? REALLY?!

"The end all, be all, common event that will never fail is death so of course death is written into both Beowulf and "The Dream of the Rood."
Well, of course. So let's write it into everything else, too! MUST HAVE DEATH IN EVERY WORK OF LITERATURE. Wheeee!

Also, who the hell is teaching high school students that they should be ending their paragraphs with what is, essentially, an entirely new thought that actually is the opening to the next paragraph? I see it all the time and it drives me freakin' nuts. It's like, Yes, I see the transition you're making, but you're DOING IT WRONG. Don't end a paragraph on character with a sentence on theme just because your next paragraph is on them. JUST START THE NEXT PARAGRAPH WITH IT. Geez.

(Also, dear high school teachers? Stop convincing kids that "theme" is the End-All, Be-All of literary analysis. 'Cause it so isn't. And I so remember being taught that by Mrs. Glassman, terrifying woman that she was.)

I still have 14 to go (oh gods) but I think I'll post this now... you might get more later. Whee. Brain will be friiiiied.

*Clearer this time? :) I "only" have 36 (total) papers to grade, not 221. Thank god.
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I have three Supernatural related goals for before September 10th and the start of the new season.

1. Finish watching season 4 with [livejournal.com profile] flurije. We may not succeed, having really only two days in which to do this, but we'll get as close as possible. We watched episodes 1 and 2 (after finishing season 3) last night.

2. Finish ami!Mary. I know I said she was finished ages ago, but she was gargantuan. So I took off her legs and repositioned them. I took off her arms and made them smaller (and put them back on.) And I took off her head and made her a new one (it was the main problem). I also spun new hair for her, much thinner this time. It took me like 3 hours last night to put it all on (and this time I made a hair-colored cap, which made the scalp-showing problem easier.) All that's left is to give her eyes and to curl/cut/style the hair. (It's wool (and bamboo) so it should be sort of curlable. Also, I have starch.)

3. Finish this !@#$!@#$ meta on magic use in the first four seasons. I've been working on it forever. I have just started season 3. Sigh. But I want to finish it before season 5 comes along and changes things, heh!

I'm likely to actually accomplish #2. :)
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Woot. I am, I think, up to date on comments I needed and wanted to post or reply to. Hurrah!

I ran into my adviser and one of my professors in the coffee shop this morning. On one hand it was great to see them, but on the other it was very stressful to think about how much work I've NOT done this summer. But I briefly mentioned the "seeing many doctors" thing, and trying to get healthy, of which my adviser approved (she saw me in a bad spot this Spring.) The three of us talked classes and travel and theatre. Unfortunately, this meant I didn' t have the time I usually take in the mornings to prep (again) for class.

But class worked out, too. I had already planned on letting them go early (to, hopefully, draft papers.) The problem with a composition class, in my opinion, is that *so* much of the important work of composition is, well, composing, which is to say, just sitting down and bloody well writing something. And while that can happen in the classroom, some students (like myself) aren't very good at it doing it in the classroom. (Although one of my students pointed out that he likes writing in the classroom because if he goes back to his dorm he'll just play with his XBox. I said that I understood, and that finding a space to work is very important. I, for example, work in coffee shops.)

I like my students, generally. There are 16 of them total. Two of them are very, very quiet, and rather poor writers, and so I'm having no luck reaching them. I'm trying, though. One of them is a football player with a major in business and he writes amazingly. Fuck, what a waste. I mean, not that he's a football player, but that he'll be a business major. He has a talent with words that should be nurtured. (He also wrote a free write on My Bloody Valentine and his second paper is going to be on Friday the Thirteenth, which amuses me for reasons I cannot explain to him.)

About 2/3rds of my class are athletes, mostly football and basketball. This has actually been really good for me because in a school like ASU, sports are really important. But... I know nothing about them and have no interest. AND many of the student athletes I've had in my classes before didn't do the work and had a hyooge sense of entitlement, which these students don't have. I don't know if this latter is because they're brand new (this is the first class for most of them) or if because I just have a better batch of students or what.

I handed back their graded first papers today. It'll be interesting to see how the dynamic in the classroom shifts now. (It *always* shifts after the first major grade.)

After class I ran into my professor again, which was good because I had scheduled a meeting with her for Tuesday (to talk about student evals for the class I TAed for her) which it turned out I couldn't make (and emotionally is better to have later in the week when there's the chance of having gotten some of my own work done, too.)

I came home, ate lunch, played a spot of Puzzle Pirates. Then I crashed, as I so often do after teaching. I've had a lovely nap and have now caught up on LJ, as I said above. Whee.

I know it's a Friday evening and very few people are online, but I have a Life By Committee question for you all...

Tomorrow is Winter in July at the Phoenix Zoo (where I am a member, but have not gone since becoming one-- oops.) It sounds like much fun (see info here.) It would, however, require getting up very early. Tomorrow I also *must* visit A.'s cats (this is a sizeable time commitment as it takes 40 minutes to get there, 40minutes to get back, and I should, y'know, spend some time with them.) AND, in the evening I have agreed to hang out with H. and D. and see their new house and have dinner out with them. That wouldn't happen 'til about 7:30 (they like to eat late). Given that I will NEED a nap in there somewhere, knowing my body's current style of (not)working, should I really try to do all of that??

Aminals. in Snow. Only chance to see 'til next Winter in July, next year.

Other information: I would be going alone to the zoo because I don't know anyone who's interested.

Also, I should clean my house and do laundry and unpack from the trip. And I cannot do any of those things on Sunday since that is when I *must* comment on student drafts (as I'll only be *getting* the student drafts at 5 tomorrow via email.)

Of course, I should be reading Coriolanus (for Tuesday) and working on my dissertation materials. (Oh the guilt.)

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After so many weird and somewhat-negative days (I'm looking at you, Last Thursday, with your Neurologist Appointment, Bad Student Evals, and Vet Appointment. Oh yes. You.) today was a Really Good Day in many ways.

First, class was fine. There was a bit of a downside when I just could not get my students to understand that standards of beauty change, that Miss America 2009 would have lost the Miss America 1921 pageant. (They were going on about inner beauty when they saw the 1921 photos and couldn't grasp the idea that that woman was the winner not because of inner beauty (which she may have had, I dunno) but because she embodied the ideals of the time. It didn't help that seeing 2009 in a bikini seemed to render many of the guys in the class incapable of coherent speech. I hadn't thought about that as a side effect because frankly *I* don't think Miss 2009 is all that attractive. I think she's kind of scary looking and very fake looking. She, too, may have inner beauty (I do not know) but I personally don't find her outer beauty appealing. I digress.

But in general, class went fine. Also, people responded to both today's Yarn!Chester post and Bone Key chapter recap/review, which always makes me happy. Hurrah!

Oh, and before class I made my daily stop at the coffee shop. I wasn't too sure about the flavor of iced tea they were offering, so I asked for a sample. I expected a sip, y'know? But they kindly gave me a whole cup (and thankfully it was good, so I bought a full sized glass.) The owner called me one of his favorite customers. We chatted about the weather (it's really friggin' hot just now here in AZ) and he good-naturedly called me one of those girls because I carry a parasol. (I burn really easily and I have a longish walk from car to office...) They were very nice.

Then later I had a lovely nap, shared partly with my Jackjack, once he stopped walking on my head. I was dozing off when I heard a knock on my door. It was the UPS guy with a (mostly-surprise) present from [livejournal.com profile] nyankoframe!! Dooood. I don't know what I did to deserve random pressies, but I certainly appreciate them. I now have several books I wanted (from my Wish List, you see.) ::happy dance::!! Thank you [livejournal.com profile] nyankoframe!!! My giftie includes John Winchester's Journal (which is one of those *perfect* gifts because I really wanted it but couldn't see buying it for myself), The Devil in the White City, which fits squarely into my historical niche of turn of the 19th century, and The Happy Soul Industry, which just looks fab. I can't remember where I heard about this one (perhaps the webcomic I read about Libraries, which often has book-related advertisements up top.) ::happy dance:: !!

THEN out of the blue I got an Etsy Convo asking me if a skein of yarn which had been listed in my shop (but currently wasn't, as I hadn't bothered to renew both skeins) was available. I said yes, and would gladly renew it and sell it to this Etsian. Not only did she want the matching skeins, but two more skeins besides!! ::happy dance::!!! I looooove when people like my yarn, of course. And this was my biggest sale EVER on Etsy. (In fact, there's only one little lonely skein of yarn left on my Etsy page. Oh noes! Quick, someone buy it! Heh.)

I have written another chapter's review of Bone Key and am likely to do another yet tonight (I like having a buffer of chapters. Plus, I've only been posting one a day, but since every-other-chapter is an Original Character chapter, and therefore less interesting to the readers of my reviews, I'd like to post two chapters a day.)

I have to do a significant amount of work for tomorrow's class (about which I'll post separately, actually, because I'm going to solicit ideas), but I think I'm also going to spin. For the first time in months. I've been wanting to anyway, but kept putting it off because I felt like I should finish This or That first. And because the last spinning project I was working on was leaving me uninspired. But.

Hm. Well, even now I feel like I should work on ami!Bobby rather than spinning. But I will work on one or the other. While watching the first disc of Slings and Arrows, which I have never seen. Or continuing on with season 4 of Supernatural. We shall see... One or the other. :) I shall also wind up the sold yarn. And take pictures of the yarn which will be raffled (raffled? auctioned? I don't recall) for [livejournal.com profile] shadesong's Blogathon. WHeeee.

A good day.

Now I'm going to put on a bra ('cause this dress demands it for decency's sake) and go get my mail. I should eat dinner, too. When I get back I'll do that and write about/work on tomorrow's class activities. No puzzling tonight, I think (A. is packing and leaving for Jamaica tomorrow (!!) and I haven't heard anything from [livejournal.com profile] flurije) so it's just me and my crafts. Happy sigh.

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