SPN 5.19

Apr. 22nd, 2010 08:56 pm
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(It is 19, right? Uncertain.)

It is, however, the last one I'll get to see this season over at Beatrice's Flurry's house. Sadness.

T minus 10 minutes. :) Flurry is watching Project Runway instead of Vampire Diaries this week. DAMMIT I forgot my camera.

Holy carp, Flurry just threw Beatrice at me. Flurry says Beatrice deserved it.

ami!Sam, ami!Dean and ami!Cas are all lined up on the futon.

Episode! )
I haz salad.

Hammer of the Gods )

WHAT THE FUCK?! Flurry's cable just went out. I have missed the last five minutes of the episode. I'll see it tomorrow.

Flurry is freaking out because there's now no way to watch Project Runway so I guess we're going to my house even htough it's horrifyingly messy. So, chow everyone. I hope your last 5 minutes were fantastic.
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Let's see... where was I? (I've bolded key phrases in case you want to skim. I know I'm too verbose.)

Oh yes, Thursday's Glasses Debacle, for starters. Remember how surprised I was at how quickly my glasses arrived? Well I did, indeed, rush over ot Mesa to pick up my glasses. Unfortunately, the helpful lady wasn't there, but I didn't really expect her to be (she had said she tends to work at a different branch.) So a guy who looks a bit like the son from Married with Children sits me down at the front desk. Directly in front of me there is a large sign assuring customers that every pair of glasses goes through 14 different quality checks. The sales-guy pulls out my glasses and tries them on me. As expected, they look crooked (because I have a crooked face. Bleh.) So he adjusts them and adjusts them some more. Then he adjusts them so that they're sooper tight and I'm trying to decide if I want him to unadjust them somewhat, as he's working on adjust my sunglasses, when I realize that the smudge on the left lens really isn't coming off. Sales-guy hands me a bottle of cleaner to use, which is nice, but hey, lookit that, it's not a smudge at all. No indeed, my glasses, despite the 14 quality checks, has a spider-web of lines through the left lens. Clearly this is a problem with the coating on them, and just as clearly this is going to require a new lens.

Le sigh. Still, several good things happened. First, there's enough time to get new ones because I went right when I got the phone call. (My glasses should be done aaaany day now, 'cause they were put at the top of the list, since they were flawed, and are being overnighted to the store.) Second, I really like the frames, even though they're rather plain. They've very similar in shape to the ones I have, but are slightly wider. This does mean a bit more curve to the lenses, which is a shame, but it's more flattering to my face. Also, my sunglasses are fine-- except for a strange tendency for shiny things to look a bit odd when the sun hits them. Car windshields (not from the inside of the car, thankfully) look as if I were looking at them through red/blue 3-d lenses. OH! And when I wear them, the driver's side window of my car, from the inside, has polka dots. It's *very* weird.

In other news, I have continued my almost-daily workouts. I only managed a half hour on Friday and Saturday, because I had scheduled stuff, but I did an hour today. It seems weird to me that if I do an hour on the elliptical or the cycle or the treadmill, that's 3 Weight Watchers Activity Points. But if I do a half hour on the elliptical AND a half hour on something else, that's 4 points (2 points each.) ... Sure.

Today I did the first 30minutes on the treadmill at a 4% incline and I tried to do a minute of jogging (at 5.0) every 3minutes (so 2 minutes walking, 1 minute jogging.) After I got a side sticker (and a flashback to being an unathletic child, thankyouverymuch), I toned it down to every 4minutes (3minutes walking, 1 minute jogging.) This worked only for another two cycles before I felt lightheaded and like I was going to vomit. It takes a lot of effort to jog this one-hundred-and-too-much pound frame, I guess. :( So I did the last 15 minutes at a 5% incline, walking at 4.0 (instead of the 3.7 I was doing earlier.) So, yeah, that kinda sucked.

The 30minutes on the elliptical, while a bit tough since I was already tired, did feel rather easy by comparison. I was using the elliptical with hand thingies, so could only adjust difficulty, not the, um, other, adjusty thingie... The "weight loss" program is 4minutes of level 8 and 4minutes of level 1. I bumped it up to level 2 instead.

So hey. Tomorrow I'll weigh myself. However, despite working out more this week than ever before in my life (and just as importantly, more regularly), I'm not sure if I'll have lost weight this week. I was dipping into my weekly points more this week than usual, and then on Thursday, Flurije gave me a piece of carrot cake. And while the points I assigned to it were based on guesswork, it was not a good idea. Despite pizza on Friday, food at Flurry's yesterday, and a cast party today, though, I think I behaved relatively well-ish the rest of the week. So we'll see.

This new exercise regime is now approximately 6weeks old. I don't feel different at all, other than guilty when I don't work out. And I do NOT have any extra energy. In fact, even though it's only 9:30, I fully intend t go to bed after I finish this (long) LJ entry and figure out what I'm teaching tomorrow. And that's after not getting up 'til 11 this morning. Pathetic.

Someday, a CPAP machine... maybe... (Speaking of which, did I mention that insurance turned me down again? I'm going to the doctor again on Tuesday to see if we can do something else about it. Not holding my breath, though.)

Oh yes, I mentioned that today I was at the cast party for the Second Shepherd's Play. The best part, frankly, was that I picked up A., who was the Angel in the play, and that meant I got to meet her cat, Ronan. I don't really approve, frankly, of going to breeders, especially backyard breeders, to get a pet, but Ronan, who is an American Shorthair, is really freakin' cute and sweet.

The "party" was at the annoying professor's house, and some of it was really awkward. Fortunately, they have a beagle named Rabbi Otto, and that helped immensely. (Pets are good for many things. Like distraction at awkward events.)

The topic of conversation came back to the Icelandic Volcano several times because the Other (not-annoying) Professor was supposed to travel to England on Tuesday, and because, of course, I'm supposed to go to England in less than 2 weeks. Eep. I'm quite nervous about the situation, frankly. I really wanna gooooo. I think we should all leave offerings to the god Vulcan so that the volcano quietens, at least 'til June.

In other news, my house is a DISASTER. I have MANY papers to grade. My vacuum is still broken. And I have so much I WANT to do (put the last touch on the newest ami, do my wee mini-project, photograph my spn_tarot card, etc.) but no time. :P And I got accidentally a little bit spoiled for the season finale of SPN, which is a bit annoying. I'm not a spoilerphobe, but for the second half of this season I haven't been actively seeking spoilers out, either, and have been enjoying show more because of it. (Someday I'll write about my opinion on spoilers, and on why I think season 5 has been better without spoilers, but not tonight.) No comment on said spoiler (for the sake of spoilerphobes, but I'm cranky about having been spoiled.
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I have no idea how this episode will turn out, but having just rewatched 5.17 I figure I should start with a preemptive "DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMMMNNNNNNNNNNNN YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUU KRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIPKEEEEEEEEEEEEE."

It's T-minus three minutes. Not quite enough time to write a post about my experiences at the glasses place today (sigh) but long enough to suffer through the teen-age angst of nearly-thirty year olds on Vampire Diaries. And for Flurry to watch WoW clips/songs on WoW... So strangely animated characters are singing "work. work work work" to my left and sulky vampiric peeps are drinking blood and brooding.

episode! )

I saw today that someone had posted a meta about reds and blues this season, and another about greens. I haven't had a chance to read them yet, but am looking forward to it. This episode is very green heavy, too. Makes me think of season four's green room.

And Beatrice just came barreling down the stairs and across the living room. Okay. Aaaand three seconds later it was back across the living room and up the stairs. She's in quite the mood.

There will likely be less commentary in the next section 'cause I'm hungry and I wanna eat my pita.

Point of No Return )

Beatrice managed to steal all the pieces of my mini-yarnchester and scatter them about the room. It was like a yarn massacre!

That was a yummy sammich.

I missed a huge chunk of the episode 'cause of that sammich, though. On the bright side, I'm pretty sure I can get Flurry to reenact the episode with the yarn!chesters. At the moment, however, she is balancing all three of them on top of each other, a "Totem o' Winchester. And Castiel." According to Flurry. I will try to get a picture of this later, too.

[NOTE: I did get a picture of the totem, and will post it later or tomorrow. Flurry, however, has refused to reenact her brilliance.]

Elsewhere )

Flurry: RARRRR!
Me: There's a few more minutes.
Flurry: STILL.

Me: Y'know, I missed a huge chunk of the episode 'cause of my sammich. You'll have to reenact for me.
Flurry: No.
Me: Please?
Flurry: No. Only once.
Me: ::using ami!Sam:: Pleeeeeease?
Flurry: ::using ami!Dean:: No. Cut your hair.

I'm pouting. Seriously, it was hilarious. :(
pouty-pout pout.

End of the episode )

Sorry guys. I tried really hard but Flurry refused to reenact the Yarn!chester stuff. I'm really quite upset about this, in fact. Sorry to disappoint. :( She won't even tell me why she won't reenact it. :(
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Uh, hullo headache. You were so not invited to this particular viewing of Supernatural. Grr.

99 Problems )

Commercial! Must. Find. Food.

Ack! Can't type and eat pbj!!

More )

The gilette commercial that has people getting their sweat back? Is really kinda gross.

SPN not as gross as people sweating backwards )

All together now for the usual post-Supernatural cry:

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Please note that I'm typing this on my new wee tiny laptop, which means there will probably be typos. (I have wee hands but not that wee.)

5.16 )

Flurry gots a headache and so didn't come over. :( This means there are no Yarn!Chester shenanigans to report. Sad.

Smallville commercial -- wasn't the premise of Smallville about Superman as a teenager? And hasn't it been on for yeeeeeeeears? Isn't he now not so much a teenager?

More )

I require snacks.

More moremore )

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Okay, so I can't actually recall what number tonight's episode is, and I'm not online to find out.

But yaaay! Hellatus is over!!

If anyone is curious, it takes 2.5 listens of "Carry on My Wayward Son" to get from my house to Flurry's. (You can get through "winds of fortune" as you park, but you could get further if you started the song before hitting the main street, since it takes a minute or two to get from my parking spot to the street.)

I almost arrived at Flurry's house sans ami!Castiel, which would not have pleased Flurry. Evidently my cats had knocked him from his orange flowery chair onto the floor. So much for the flights of angels.

Turns out Beatrice (Flurry's cat) is a Castiel girl. When I knock on the door at Flurry's house i routinely tap on the glass bit at the bottom of her door to see if I can't get Beatrice intrigued. She usually isn't. Today I tapped the glass with Castiel and she was patting and pawing at the door to get to him. hee.

Why do I have the time to type all this? 'Cause apparently Flurry's in the shower. She didn't answer the door or her phone, so I let myself in. That's what happens when you give a friend a key so that they can take care of your cat. :D I've totally made myself at home on her couch. I've taken the place I usually sit in, but this appears to be doubly-good as the couch (futon, actually) does not have its cover on and there's a giant wet splotch on the other side. Nearby sits a bottle of Gatorade that I suspect is the culprit... (Turns out no, it's old furniture polish.)

TEN MINUTES 'TIL SHOW!! (Yeah, yeah, I know East Coast, you've already seen the show and had time to digest. But we're 3hours behind you at this point. Which, for the purposes of watching "Project Runway" is a good thing (now it's on at 10 instead of 11).

What's sad is that I'm not nearly as obsessed with Show as I was this time a year ago. Could you imagine my commentary were it then!? :)

Flurry is ordering Greek food so the sound is off. I think I prefer to watch VD this way. Holy carp, there's a black dude! it's a very white town, with the exception of the witch...


Here there be RANDOM commentary which equals SPOILERS )

So, no insight, no clever thoughts, just... yeah, that.
I have to grade more now. :P
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Regarding the most recent news about the Show in general.

(I don't know if Spoiler-phobes will consider that news to be spoilery, so I'm putting everything behind the cut. Because I am a nice person. :D And I know of at least one other thing in here that really stringent spoilerphobes might also consider a spoiler. But it's all general stuff and stuff that's been said months ago by the showrunners, with the exception of the news that just broke, which is what I'm responding to. Got that? You can now make an informed decision about whether or not to click below.)

Thoughts on the News )

In other news, I'd say I'm about half done with the newest Yarn!chester, and I've made my decision about the next one. :)
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PLEASE NOTE. This is a jumble of thoughts/observations made a bit after the fact. I didn't have my computer with me at [livejournal.com profile] flurije's house, and I still have papers to grade tonight, so I don't have the time or brain power to make anything smooth and pretty. Last week I got into a bit of an argument with another SPN-fan about a very minor comment I made (that Anna should have gone back earlier in time, before 1978, so that Mary couldn't be pregnant) and it was a totally unimportant, throwaway observation, and I think the confusion may have come about because of my just throw-it-out-there style of commentary. This week's is bound to be even more haphazard, yet even less detailed. Fair warning. :)

My Bloody Valentine )

Not a spoiler or related to tonight's episode, just funny. Flurry picked up Yarn!Castiel (as I always bring Sam, Dean and Castiel with me, or I get in trouble with Flurry) and started swinging him about and singing, somewhat hight pitched, "Swiiiiing looooooow, Sweeeeet Chaaaaariot..." Well, *I* thought it was funny. Mind you, that was partly because last week when going to the Dreaded TA Meeting, Flurry, [livejournal.com profile] wild_donkey_man and MM sang it (and other spirituals) as a protest to having to go to said meeting. Also, WDM brought his fingerpuppet of Walter Benjamin with him, and he also sang. (I made a hat for Walter Benjamin out of an index card. It was the most productive part of the entire meeting.)

I love comments, as well you know. But I can't guarantee just now when I'll get around to responding. My life is booked up from now 'til sometime on Saturday... I haven't even decided if I'm taking my laptop to campus tomorrow 'cause I have reading I have to do before 3pm, and if I take my laptop I probably won't so much do the reading...
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No during-episode commentary tonight 'cause I'm trying to teach myself to spin using the long draw. (I'm very much a short draw spinner). But observations )

Going back to my lumpy yarn now. (I didn't say I was successfully learning to spin long draw.)

Final thought:
Read more... )

SPN 5.12

Jan. 28th, 2010 09:00 pm
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Random Thoughts of Randomness
spoilers )

In other news, Flurry is trying to put a hat on Jackjack, and I want my Chinese food to show up.

Perhaps Thinky Thoughts later, but now I'm going to watch a show about gymnasts until it's time for Project Runway. :)

SPN 5.10

Nov. 19th, 2009 09:19 pm
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FREAKIN' HEART ATTACK. Got to Flurije's house and she informed me that SPN isn't on, that instead some kind of weird World of Magic Awards Show. I had a heart attack... until I told Flurry to turn the channel down three stations. >.<

So, on VD, the Good Vampire is wandering around shirtless, in a post-coital glow, but Elayna has run off all upset because she found the picture of Katherine, and now she has slammed her car into some stranger on the road (and destroyed her car not the stranger.) While this all sucks for her, I'm sure, all I have to say is at least her boyfriend didn't lose his soul.

Now then. Well, Then Now.

Abandon All Hope )

Beatrice is trying to climb into my backpack. I'm really not sure why-- I assume she likes the smell of the handspun that's in there (mmm, sheep) but otherwise it's just Shakespeare books and romance novels.

Talk about stupid ideas )

Beatrice is now half in and half out of my bag. Aaaand now Flurije is chasing Beatrice around with her tutu (Beatrice's, not Flurry's.) And now Beatrice is back to sniffing my bag.

I've decided that my review of the Harlequin Romance Constantine's Defiant Mistress will be in the form of Stick Figure Theatre.

Warning, next bit contains cursing.

'Nice and Spooky )

My Reactions )
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VD: In which Rob Low-Rent's (which is to say Damon's) plan goes awry thanks to Bonnie's possession by someone named Emily, Stephan walks away (are you going to just walk away? don't walk away!) and then there is epic man pain.

NOW: The fourth wall gets broken, shattered, destroyed, and murdered.
The Real Ghostbusters )

Callie is cuddling with ami!Sam and I am waiting for Greek food delivery and drinking plum wine. Mmmmmm, plum wine. Flurry is playing WoW. She appears to be trying to beat up a pair of twin robots, but what do I know? Fud fud fud, I want fuds.

It's only 35 after... )

Where are my fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuds?

Callie is asleep, ami!Sam is beside her. It's very cute.

I've noticed that there is already wank online about this episode and claims of jumping the shark. I'll hold my opinion for another 15 minutes.

My cable is now freezing. Fortunately it's a commercial, but it better fix itself before SPN returns.

Hey Melrose Place, you can't fire Ruby version 1.0!

15 more minutes and I am just slightly tipsy )

Smallville Commercia: The blur has an imposter?
Flurry & Eilonwy: THE BLUR?!?!

Fuds have arrived and Jack (my cat) is trying to steal Flurry's.

So, y'know, thanks. )

So. There you go. I'ma go eat my fries and drink my wine now.
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Post Recap Thoughts )

SPN 5.08

Nov. 5th, 2009 08:59 pm
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Man, VD is interminable. Is it 8pm yet? Blah blah blah. I have to kill him. He follows me. You were right to leave me. Blah blah.

wait, I have to kill him, now I'll spare him? Bah.

Changing Channels )

Blah blah blah Ninja. Blah blah blah Olive Garden. 7-Up. Blah. Target. Gossip Girl, blah blah, 2.5Men. Ariba Mexican Grill. Blah. blah. have I mentioned blah? Toyota. Cox. Gods, are these commercials ever going to end? That 70s Show.

Ooo! Baby Beatrice is a Castiel!Girl! (She was sniffing ami!Castiel) First kitty who didn't go for ami!Sam.

Change the Channel )

Avatar: Furries meet mechs? And gunships. A sci-fi movie for every hardcover nerd?

(As opposed to the other Avatar movie that is total Race Fail?)

Change again )

Aaaand, that's the end of this recap. I'm going to watch the "stay tuned," but I shall not share them. Spoiler Phobes may thank me. :)

I'll actually comment on this episode at ... some other time.
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Naturally, [livejournal.com profile] flurije and I did a snarky howl along with Elena of VD.

THEN: Woot.

Now: I HAVE SANGRIA. And I am not afraid to use it.

I Believe the Children are Our Future )

I might have actual thinky-thoughts later, but maybe not. What I do have now, however, is a bunch of reading to do before tomorrow (and before Project Runway, preferably.)
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No spoilers past tonight's episode. No spoilers for the "Soon."

Not a lot of time to post (still got 12 papers to grade, though fortunately only 6 of each 101 and 221, so I won't go too crazy and should make it to bed before it's tooooo late at night.)

I took neither laptop nor yarn!chesters with me to [livejournal.com profile] flurije's tonight, so you're getting ordinary responses without yarny antics. However, the pout I got from Flurry upon realizing that I was sans yarn!chester assured me never, ever to not bring them again. So you can expect antics next week.

Was that Ghandi?! )
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The End )

ami!Deans 1 and 2 and Castiel are now on a vaguely suggestive heap on the couch (because Flurije is refilling the wine glasses.)

(I'm considering being slightly less spoiler-phillic because anticipating *not* enjoying an episode is actually working well for me. This seriously goes against my fervent beliefs, however, of what makes good entertainment. Must ponder.)

More! )

Re-enacting (or pre-enacting, in this case) scenes with the amigurumi is the bestest way to pass commercial time ever!

Latisse? Really? People have spent time and money on research for growing eyelashes?! (Less than a millimeter, for that matter, according to Flurry). Couldn't have spent that research funding on things that are actually important or anything, right??? (Most of this was Flurry's commentary, but she is not at all wrong.)

More more more! )

So. Tired.

Sep. 25th, 2009 12:55 am
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I'm freakin' exhausted-- far too tired to write any kind of proper episode reaction for "Free To Be You and Me." So, instead, you get a few thoughts (behind the cut). (Also, a few thoughts on yesterday's Criminal Minds.) It's all you'll get, though, because I won't be back in front of my computer with any kind of free time 'til tomorrow evening, after I've gone through a full day o' classes and PFF and then will need a nap. Alas, this means I shall have nothing substantiative to say. :(

I will say, without a cut, that [livejournal.com profile] flurije and I watched VD, Supernatural and Project Runway, and found all three to be somewhat predictable. That's not necessarily bad (well, it is with VD), but it did mean that a half-dozen times I accurately predicted what people were about to say. Which was kinda fun.

However, to make up for that, you also get ami!Meg, who I finished tonight during Project Runway. That'll be in the next entry, because I link to the amigurumi entries from other places. And also, spoilers for tonight's episode in a fan-craft post would be rude.

And, also? So many thank yous for the congratulations on my previous entry. :D I appreciate it muchly. :)

Criminal Minds 5.01 )

Supernatural 5.03 )

Now, though, time to get the pictures of ami!Meg off of my memory card and into a post.
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So, yeah, I know what I said in an earlier post, that I'd not be watching the episode tonight. I kind of wish I hadn't-- I feel bad for not being out with [livejournal.com profile] wild_donkey_man, but they weren't even going to get to the restaurant 'til 8pm, which is just too late for me (especially since they went into Phoenix proper) on a Thursday night-- I teach two classes tomorrow morning and Renaissance Colloquium meets at 3, which means my day isn't over 'til 5 or later. So I stayed home to finish rereading The Knight of the Burning Pestle and plan for my classes.

But since I did, I also, naturally, watched Supernatural.

Regardless, I imagine I'll rewatch it tomorrow already-- the CW sound was so distorted. It seriously sounded like everyone was speaking from a very tiled bathroom. (I caught the last 10 minutes of VD, unfortunately, and it was the same way.) The sound distortion made everything weird, including my reception of the visuals. (Seriously, I hope it's just me, but Dean's head, in the close ups in the hospital room, looked really weird.) Naturally, all the other tv channels were fine (although when I was fiddling about with the channels, I did land on CSPAN for a moment-- regardless, I'm pretty sure that Dennis Kucinich always looks that weird. I digress.)

No spoilers beyond tonight's episode, and no talk of next week's preview. (Yes, I watched it, but I haven't anything to say about it anyway.)

In order of things as they come to me. And written before I go looking at anyone else's reviews/comments/etc.

Good God, Y'All )

I'll have more to say, probably, after reading other people's comments but I'll make another post if I do.

Now I'll go read some of those other comments. :)
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Before I give my comments, let me just update you on the amigurumis... I finished everything about ami!YED except for his eyes-- yes, the most important part. I would have finished that, too, but alas... the beads are too big. They made him look like an Irken Invader. (And 10 points to whoever gets that reference, because I wouldn't think that the crossover between those fandoms was all that high...) So. No ami!YED until I find or think up a suitable substitute. :(

Also, my YED has gray hair. Upon seeing him, [livejournal.com profile] flurij asked why. I pointed out that while the YED has brown hair in "In My Time of Dying," it's quite gray in "All Hell Breaks Loose" 1 and 2 (not to mention shorter.) But it weirds me out, too.

Current possible plans for YED eyes: 1. Sculpey (using Flurry's oven as mine is broken.) 2. painting the black beads I use for everyone else's eyes (although I'm not sure how well whatever paints I have will work on plastic.) 3. Waiting until I find better beads.

Now then. My thoughts, jumbled and quick as they are, on 5.01. (If I don't do it now, I won't.) Spoiler free for anything *beyond* 5.01. Obviously full of spoilers *for* 5.01!

5.01 )

I think that's all. Time to skim my friend's page and see what everyone else has to say, and then head for the land of slumber because tomorrow is the Day From Hell.

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