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After yesterday's post of woe, I thought I'd best check in and let you know that I'm still alive-- or mostly so. I do have a rather nasty headache. I ate and drank caffeine and took advil, but it's getting worse instead of better. ::Frowny face::

This afternoon was kind of exciting, though. I met with a bunch of medievalists (they were okay with this renaissance, um, ist crashing their party, so to speak) to start a production of The Second Shepherds' Play. I am playing Gill!! Doooood. I get to come up with the brilliant plan of disguising a stolen sheep as a baby. But man, oh man, I'd forgotten how badly I have to squash my introvert tendencies in a rehearsal, especially with people I don't know. :( Still, I think it went okay overall. Next rehearsal is in two weeks, by which time I should hav ea better handle on my lines. (I hope to have it partially memorized by then. Today I was looking at the script for the first time in a year.) The play doesn't go up 'til April 1st (yes yes), so there's plenty of time. We have a handle on most things -- ideas for props, costumes, etc. My spinning wheel is going to be involved (hee!) The biggest questions right now is about a door (for Mak and Gill's cottage since there's a lot of stage business with it; but we're performing outdoors on a stage that can't really have any set) and a sheep. The sheep is pretty damn vital, so that's a bit worrisome. If only we needed a goat-- I have a goat marionette (from my production of As You Like It). One of the actors (he's playing the 3rd Shepherd) assured us that if worst came to worst we can get a blow up sheep, they're called "I love Ewes." I...am far too afraid to Google that and find out if it's as bad as I think.

I was going to do laundry tonight, but alas, the apartment's main office is closed, which means I can't put money on my laundry card. But I shall do that tomorrow and launder in the evening so that I am not naked for the Blackfriars Conference. I'm trying to organize Pyramus & Thisbe now, as well as work on my lecture A Midsummer Night's Dream, which I give upon returning from the conference. I also should try to get through all 21 101 papers tonight... we'll see if that can happen. I might not *sleep*, but hey, I can sleep on the plane, right? :)

Speaking of the conference and clothing-- yesterday Flurije and I went shopping so that I could find shoes. I looked in lots of stores, but only found shoes in the one that's usually been good to me (some random store called "Shoe Warehouse" or something like that.) Two years ago, for the conference in CA I bought brown maryjanes there-- they had a discreet pattern along the edge and a kitten heel. I loved those shoes. Two weeks ago I broke them-- the cap came off of one of the heels. This would be why I really needed shoes for the conference-- nice brown ones. (Here it was no hurry-- I won't need to change out of sandals for at least another month, but VA is another story.) So, brown shoes. And I thought it would be good to get some nicer black shoes, too, since sketchers are not exactly professional, no matter how cute they are.

Miraculously, they had the same pair of brown shoes at the shoe place, and a pair in my size! Dood. It's been two years. Granted, they're no longer on the center aisle and on display (but rater in the sale section in the back, which doesn't say much for my sense of style, but whatevs, they make me happy.) Flurry also found me a pair of very pointy, very short heeled, black shoes. I was prepared to spend $60 on the two pairs-- I wasn't thrilled with the price, but it wasn't bad, and I'm up against a deadline and I was being reunited with my beloved brown shoes. BUT, they were on sale!! I got BOTH pairs for a total of $34. I was very happy. :) Flurry and I also had dinner at the Mexican place at the restaurant, which included large margaritas, and was quite fun.

After today's rehearsal I was supposed to meet Flurry to get work done at the coffee shop, but Flurry canceled due to illness. In retrospect, that's probably good (not the illness part! the canceling part) because I can multitask better here. Unfortunately, I'm also a lot more distractable here. I stopped at Whole Foods to go to their salad bar (I've been craving vegetables, go figure) and now I am home. Whee.

I think I'm going to force this casting of P&T to work, then take a short nap (probably falling asleep over Morte D'Arthur, to be honest) in the hopes that this will get rid of the headache.
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Growing up my parents both worked full time (once I was in school-- I vaguely remember my mom being home but working nights when I was in kindergarten, but I could be wrong.) At some points they worked more than full time-- my mom went to night school for 12 years in order to get her bachelor's. I say this not to be all "woe is me" because I don't feel that way at all-- evenings and weekends were family time and my parents were far more involved than many of my friends' parents. My point, however, is that I did spend a great deal of time in day care. This was, for me, a good thing-- I have no siblings and I lived in a rural enough neighborhood that the few houses around us weren't enough to have any kids either. So I went to a relatively large day care from about first grade through third. That day care then changed its regulations so that I was suddenly too old for it, so I went to a very small one just down the street instead.

This second one was run out of a woman's home. At the height of her babysitting/day care career (at least in so far as I was involved) she had a grand total of 7 children. When I started, there were 2 besides myself (a sibling pair with a younger boy who has set the bar for brattiness in my life. Seriously, I still judge people's obnoxiousness against this kid.) Because it was run out of her home the toys and things were bought from yard sales and thrift stores rather than donated/purchased through various educational toy companies. This meant that in the summertime, when the kids were all at the daycare all day (instead of in school), we'd occasionally go to yard sales, sometimes after spending the afternoon at the pool or whatever. Since most yard sales are on Saturdays, this couldn't have been too often, but I recall it happening. Once in a while the woman who cared for us would give us a few cents and let us buy something for ourselves, but mostly we were there to look for stuff for the day care in general.

I remember the day we bought He-Man's Castle Greyskull was a very Big Day.

But we weren't immediatley allowed to play with what was purchased. I recall this seeming very unfair at the time.

She wanted to clean it. Us kids thought the toys were plenty clean enough.

Now? Now I understand.

I just opened up the plastic bag o' plastic stuff which I purchased for 98cents at the thrift store last week.


I have soaked the toys in hot water, with bleach in. I have scrubbed at them with an old toothbrush. I have seen dirt that scares me-- is it mud? dirt? mold? poo?? I have scrubbed and soaked some more. The toys are soaking still.

Good thing I didn't have any immediate plans for these things.

I think I shall thrift again on Thursday. There are two Goodwills down on Guadalupe, the next major east/west street below where I live. I might, however, bring gloves to wear even as I shop.
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I'm all pouty because my trip is over. I'm sitting in the LVI airport, and have found an outlet for my computer in my terminal, so that's good. (There's a whole area set up for laptops, but it's halfway down the terminal. Mind you, the terminal consists entirely of 10 gates, so it's not like I'd be far, but I prefer to be really close to the gates to be aware of any updates. Which in retrospect is dumb because gates 10, 11 and 12 share one desk, which I am now behind. Drat. Oh well. I'm comfy now, and connected to both interwebz and 'lectricity, so I shan't be moving. ) But I am sad because my mom was sad all day (Because of my leaving town) so between that, and being very tired (from travel and such) and the knowledge that tomorrow begins a whole new (and busy) routine, I'm feeling kind of down.

Mind you, the Lehigh Valley Zoo was pretty awesome. It is small (although the game preserve in which it sits is large), and we covered pretty much everything in under 2 hours, but was awesome. In particular, for $1 you could get a little cup of nectar and go into a lorikeet area and feed them. I got to feed a bunch of them, and one of them stole the cup away and flung it about before i could retrieve it. I then had to wash a bunch of nectar off of me, but that was fine. They were very cute. Apparently the time my parents went, my dad even had one land on him to take nectar from the cup. (This time there were quite a number of small screechy children and the lorikeets not flying about were staying safely out of the range of the smallest people-puppies.) I also bought feed to give treats to some very round sheep, and some BABY GOATS. I love goats, so cute! You could go into the enclosure to brush them (I did not-- I figured that I was a bit old for this) or stay outside and feed them; I did the latter. The mama-goat kept butting in on the babies to demand food, so of course I fed her too. But the babies were so cute with their tiny little muzzles!!

Also, I took many pictures of the zoo's brand new (African) penguins. And of their river otters (they're next to newest exhibit.) The otters were so cute. they have three, and they were wrestling and playing. I took video, which I'll post eventually along with pictures.

So where was I in describing my week (backwards)? I skimmed through Friday evening, but I feel there was something on Friday which I have now forgotten. Poo. Thursday was... um... well, I remember going to my (paternal)grandparents' house to do yardwork and look around at my the paint job my parents have been doing. I wasn't really dressed for yardwork, but I raked a lot nonetheless. Also, the visit rekindled my desire to live in the upstairs portion of the house and rent out the bottom. Whether this will ever happen, I do not know.

Also, I was suckered by the neighbor. Apparently my grandparents and their neighbors, who had always been friends as far as I knew, had a falling out before my grandparents moved to assisted living. The woman (we'll call her "C") hates spruce trees. This seems like an awfully specific thing to hate, but whatever. My mom says she remembers C, who had a terribly bad back, going out late at night and putting salt around all the spruce trees in her own backyard so they'd die and her husband would get rid of them. Somehow they eventually convinced my grandparents to get rid of their spruce tree as well (I think there was something slightly more nefarious, something about bringing people in to look at it, even though it wasn't theirs and such.) Anyway, my grandmother is the Queen of Holding a Grudge, and she never forgave C or her husband. (Evidently C sent flowers, but my grandmother refused them, heh.) It's a shame since apparently they were quite close because both my grandmother and C kept late hours and would send notes between their houses and such. But whatever.

Anyway, the neighbor has 3 greyhounds. Not knowing about the falling out between my family and theirs, and certainly not having guessed that my parents had not spoken to the neighbors in all the times that they'd been working at my grandparents' house, I went over to say hi to the puppies. I am a sucker. Out comes the husband (I can't remember his real name, but we'll call him "B".) "Are you [Eilonwy]?!" he asked, doing the whole "My how time flies" schtick. I said yes, and he came over to talk. I wanted to know about his dogs, but he immediately asked if my parents had decided what to do with my grandparents' house yet. I said that they weren't sure yet, but they were thinking about buying it and renting it out (which they are thinking about doing, but they haven't decided.) He made some (very) small talk then excused himself. I thought it was a bit odd but nice that he wanted to chat and went back to my parents who immediately wanted to know what I'd said about the question B had asked. They had realized, as I went to pet the puppies, that no one had told me about the feud. Sigh. So I gave away more information than I ought to have, but not too much I guess. What pisses me off is that B didn't even so much as ask after my grandparents. Grrrr.

Then we went to my maternal grandparents' house but they were not home, which is odd. We found out on Friday, though, that this was because they were visiting my cousin Sie who had ended up in the hospital the night before, having been hit in the head with a baseball. (She plays softball, but had stayed after her own game to watch the boys' game.) Until Friday they thought she'd broken her collarbone and her neck, as well as having a hell of a concussion. By Friday afternoon, thankfully, they'd decided that she just had a concussion (and she came home on Saturday.) On Wednesday she had memory loss (she knew she had a sister, but not her sister's name and didn't recognize her picture) that continued through Thursday (she didn't recognize my grandmother) and by Saturday she still had not regained her peripheral vision. Scary. But she'll be wearing a collar for 2 weeks then seeing a specialist to be looked at again and hopefully will be okay after that. ::fingers crossed::)

Thursday evening my parents dropped me off at the Japanese steak house to meet with [livejournal.com profile] moobie for sooooooshi. I didn't eat that much because I'd had pizza with my parents in Wport (so much food this trip!) but I enjoyed it greatly. More importantly, the company rocked, of course. Moob and I caught up a bit then went to my house where we watched "The Devil and Peter Tork". Twice. (The second time with commentary) while I took notes for the article I'm (hopefully) writing with Heather. Then we played several games of pool (Moobie is unfairly trained, however, due to several boyfriends who played pool.) Moob left around midnight. Fortunately she did not have to work the next day, but I knew I had to be awake(ish) for visiting my grandparents.

Wednesday was the canal. My parents and I got to Easton just in time to see the 1pm boat pull away from the dock, but in retrospect that worked out okay as it was full of small people puppies. So we walked around the wee technology exhibits for a while (lots of information on Bethelehem Steel and the Dixie factory) as well as looking around outside. The boat ride itself was awesome. We saw how the mules got hitched up, how they start the boat, how they turn it around and such. We didn't go through a lock, but we did float (sail? get pulled?) as far as the Glen-something lock and saw its lockhouse before turning around. We also got a thorough history of the canal and its workings, so when we didn't make it to the canal museum, that was okay. Also, while we were on the water, the Sojourners (canoe and kayakers who start in Mauk Chunk/Jim Thorpe and boat/camp their way to Easton over 5 days) pull in, and the (local) news was there and such. Also, the captain of our boat was very attractive. Alas, a canal boat's captain is in the *rear*. Poo. Had a nice chat, though, with the interpreter (not the captain) after the ride, too. (Asked about how this area's canal bit is treated differently than Walnutport's, for example. W'port is also a canal town, you see.)

After the canal, we drove up to the Crossings, a series of outlet stores, because my mom had broken her Bass sandals and wanted new ones. It was a bit silly going that far, but the price was right. She got two pairs, I got one, and dad got shoes, too, which he'd been seeking (nonchalantly) for months, evidently. I also got a floofy skirt at the Coldwater Creek outlet.

Then it was back down the road to Bethlehem Steel, which is now the Sands casino, to meet up with Deebs for dinner. I played slots for the first time-- $.02 ones. I won $30 from playing (my dad's) $5, so that's cool. It goes towards Vancouver. I also lost a second $5, so that sucked, but at least it wasn't much. Sis Steph won $44 on a $5 (she was up to $55, but went down again.) We had dinner in the St James' Gate pub. Unfortunately, the service sucked and the food, while good, wasn't good enough to make up for the sucky service. Grrr. When we came home that night it was pouring down buckets and storming, so I just went to bed.

There, now you have the whole PA experience and we are all caught up. The flight before mine has arrived and landed, so we'll probably start boarding before too long, so I shall post this and turn off le laptop. Also, all this typing, while tiring out my hands, has made me feel a wee bit better. And I plan on sleeping on the plane. I probably shan't post tonight, but I'm sure I'll be back into the regular posting routine (and I'll start with the Bone Key reviews) quite soon.

Don't break the interwebz 'til I gets back. Also, please think happy Keep The Plane in the Air thoughts for me. :)
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... I'm not sure who won (other than: not my knees.)

I’m not sure when I left home, but it was hoooouuuurs ago. I live approximately 2 minutes from a large outlet mall, so there wasn’t any time spent in transit (‘til later errands, and even then no so much.) I lapped the whole mall, looking into just about every age-appropriate (so, y’know, not like OshKosh) clothing and shoe store for jeans and sandals. JEANS AND SANDALS, people, that’s all I wanted!

Was I successful? Welllll, I dunno. I ended up buying the *exact* same pair of jeans from Old Navy that I bought last time (the ones the kittens destroyed.) This is annoying because, well, the kittens destroyed the first pair pretty easily so I’m not sure how well they’ll hold up even sans kitten. And secondly, I’m between sizes. The smaller size is much too small but the larger size is significantly too big. ARG. And yet, they still fit better than all the other jeans I tried on in that !@#$!@#$ mall.

And sandals! I know I’m picky about sandals, but it’s not like I’m looking for bells and whistles! (I should, however, point out that literal bells and whistles might still be less tacky than some of the sandals I saw today.) What I’m looking for in a sandal: no flip flops (there must be a strap ‘round the back); no divider between the toes; flats (because I’m looking for day-to-day shoes right now) and in brown or black (as I’m looking for a pair of each.) Why was this so hard??!? The only ones I found that were exactly what I was looking for didn’t have my size in black (only in “mushroom” which was an ugly tan, and white, which... no.) In the end I found a pair of black ones that are identical to the ones I had in high school from Bass. Thankfully they were on sale for $25 and I know that they’ll last me a long time. They’re not perfect (I’d have preferred thicker strap and black soles to go with the black uppers) but they’re comfortable and they’re classic (dress up or down) and they were the right price. Hopefully now that I’ve found one pair it’ll be easier to find other pairs (eventually) that I like, too.

But come on people, this is Arizona, the desert portion!! Why was it easier to find not-hideous snow boots today (in Burlington Coat Factory AND the JCPenney outlet, in case you’re curious) than it was to find not-hideous sandals?!

I also ended up buying a tank top (green patterened) and a sun dress (pale green, jersey fabric) both 50% off at the Gap. I really wanted this electric blue skirt, too, which I could have worn all summer and most of the Fall, but it wasn’t on sale.

To recap: jeans, sandals, tank top, sun dress all for less than $100. Woot!

However, by the time I bought the sandals (last clothing purchase) my knees were in agony. Seriously, I don’t know what happened as it was mostly my right knee and it’s the left one that has always (since falling off of a horse and spraining it in college-- the knee, not the horse) given me trouble. By the end, I wasn’t sure how much further I could walk. (Fortunately, sitting down to try on the sandals one last time before buying them eased the pain enough for me to get to my car. Also, by the time I left the mall I was chatting on the phone with [livejournal.com profile] pyrite and that helps, ‘cause she’s awesome like that.

Oh! at the Sears Outlet there was a sign that informed me that “Laundry On sale!” Which, you know, that’s nice, but I have enough laundry to do without buying someone else’s, thanks.

I did stop in the Borders Outlet and splurged on the newest Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. When I finish it, I’ll give it to my dad to read, too, so I feel like it’s a gift, a shared experience and a read all in one. (He tore through the entire Pendergast series in about a month. My mom was so pissed that he was reading instead of doing stuff around the house.)

After my chat with Pyrite, I went to Heather’s house to feed her gecko. Said gecko only wanted one mealworm, even though she generally eats two and hadn’t had food since at least Friday. Poo. But at least she ate. And she looks fine, and seemed comfortable letting me hold her just a little. And Heather and Dan are so awesome-- as a thank you gift, they bought me a bottle of wine (Reisling) in a blue bottle shaped like a cat! I had admired the cat bottle wines while at the Giant Liquor Plaza of Doom with Heather when I was seeking Plum Wine a few weeks ago. Aren’t they so sweet? I’m perfectly happy to take care of their gecko (and am honored that they entrusted her care to me), they so didn’t need to give m a gift yet too.

I had to stop for cat litter on the way home and made the mistake of doing so at CVS because I needed some toiletry style odds and ends (partly in general, but also needed them now because of leaving for the trip so soon. I rather suspect that everything I haven’t already run out of, I would run out of during the trip otherwise.) Unfortunately, while I needed just about everything I bought, I did spend rather more than I would have liked. Oops. (I probably didn’t *need* the footcare stuff I bought, but I’ll be wearing sandals all summer now!)

Anyway, now I am home. I am exhausted. Normally I chat with my parents on Sundays, but we’re going to have our phone call tomorrow instead. Tonight, some feet pampering, and “In Plain Sight” (if it’s on; I think it is) and maybe some Puzzle Pirates. Tomorrow, laundry, and many phone calls (le sigh).

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