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I think there's only one person reading these (and one person who has promised to do so later) but since I've started, I can't really stop!

Today's panels are brought to you by CIRCLES and SOAP.

Panel 1: I have NO idea why they have dinner in a tent by a mine. It is never explained.
Panel 2: Yes, they're mostly eating circles. I got lazy. (My hand hurts, presumably from knitting.)
Panel 3: I condensed things so you'll have to imagine she looked in the chest of drawers. THERE WAS NO SOAP.
Panel 4: The bows should be blue. No, I'm not making this shit up.
Panel 5: Sorry for so many words, but really, I didn't much care to continue to draw naked stick figures (??) in a hot spring.

Today's panels are brought to you by CIRCLES and SOAP )
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I listened to quite a chunk of the book today (or maybe it just felt like an agonizingly large amount) but waited several hours before I actually drew the strip. This method tends to make for shorter strips, with more of the book condensed. I don't know which method is "better", but c'est la vie.

I'll probably be driving some tomorrow, too. :)

Notes: Yes, Kady really does compare Legend to Disneyworld. Honestly, though, it reminds me more of the creepy communist planet in A Wrinkle in Time. Also, I cut out a huge part of the chapter where she's wandering around asking everyone to give her a job and the hotel people say women can't be in their kitchen, and the mine people say that she's so pretty she'll incite a riot.

As for Cole, yes he's that much of a jackass-- actually he's MORE than I managed to get into this strip. He's our hero? Dude, he's nauseating. He's all, "I've never left a woman in my care to fend for herself before! Let's meet tomorrow so I can be sure you're okay!" And then the next day he's all, "Oh, good, you're alive. Ima go sing now." And yeah, it's pretty clear that part of it is a ploy, but on the other hand, he's literally making the heroine beg just because she had the temerity to claim she can fend for herself (in the 20th century.)

Sorry for reusing the background in the last three panels, but it's late, and... yeah, it's late. That's all I got.

The "spray can" on Kady's dress is just supposed to be dirt. When asking for a job at the newspaper (?!) she got interrogated about her involvement with a bank robbing gang (!?) and in her haste to escape tore her dress, then at the mines she got dirt all over them, or something. But the "spray can" in the Palace Hotel windows is lace curtains. Just so we're all clear. :)

Dear Jude Deveraux, Asking for help is not the same thing as asking to be taken care of. no love, Eilonwy )

I enjoyed drawing Kady's hair after she looks at herself in a mirror in the schoolroom (Why does the schoolroom have a mirror? I do not know.) and she discovers how awful she looks. Heh.

OH! And Kady has apparently lost several inches off her waist in the day it's been since Cole cooked her a rabbit, and now she wants to write a diet book about time travel. No, I'm not kidding.
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Slightly less than normal because I intentionally didn't listen to any of it on the way to school-- I wanted slightly less to draw because I knew today would be a long day. On the other hand, I'm starting to take the bus as of tomorrow, so I honestly don't know when we'll have more Legend Stick Figures...

Today the tapes are really lucky, though, that they are, in fact, not a book that can be thrown across the room.

SFT presents... )

Today's, while short, is so !#@$%@!#$ annoying and offensive, from it implied threat of rape by our hero to our heroine's inability to defend women working when faced with the question of 'who takes care of the kids'?

Also, the horse seems to be walking in a vacuum in the final panel. This would be because I'm lazy and totally got distracted and so forgot about that whole backgrounds thing. Oops. And yes, the thought-bubble in panel three is supposed to be from the horse. That part may not be original to the book...
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The dialogue in panels four and the last bit of five are directly from the book. After hearing them, I recorded them into my iphone so that i'd remember 'til I could get to my computer and stick figure them. There's less detail than some previous strips, though, because I listened to these at about 8:30am, and am only now, at 3pm, drawing them. What this means is perhaps less amusing details, but a more distilled version of the story, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. I just hope I don't forget anything "important."

stick figure legend )

Yes, that's really where I left off. :)

I couldn't work it into the panels, but you should know that "Legend" is the name of the nearest town. And also, the reason people wanted to hang our Hero is because he has lots of cattle. Oh, and he Such a Good Church-Goer that he got a dagger as a present for going EVERY Sunday for a full year-- even including the time he went with CHICKENPOX and he gave it to all the Sunday School Kids. I... think God might have preferred it if he'd stayed home that day...
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Bwahaha. This was fun to draw.

Notes: Apparently "Katie" is "Kady" -- as in Elizabeth Kady Long. (Elizabeth Cady Stanton would have been more interesting.) So I spelled her name wrong in earlier comics. I am obviously not going to go back and fix it, sorry.

Also, I'm attempting to narrow the images so that they're more easily viewed in LJ.

Two more sets of panels this-a-way )
I did my best to represent the dress precisely as described in the book. Yes, it really is that hideous. Yes, the phrase "woven from a whisper" really does get applied to the veil (as does "woven from light and air").

But after the anatomy of the horrible dress, I'm not going to redraw it unless it becomes necessary. The joy of Stick Figure Theatre is its simplicity, I feel, and also its stick figureness, so once Kady puts it on, we're back to our usual triangles. (And also the "spray can" Paint technique to represent lace. Hee.
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Stick Figure Theatre Presents... Jude Deveraux's Legend

This time there are two sets of images because I couldn't fit all I wanted to fit into one. Oh boy!

Also, before you ask, the horse is cranky because Katie is question his/her sexual identity which is none of her business, thankyouverymuch.

Also, the "plot device" is a copper mold of some sort shaped like a rose-- I'm pretty sure we'll never see it again-- Katie just had to get into the antique store to buy the box.

Also also, there's no meaning behind why Debbie doesn't have arms in the first panel of line three-- I just forgot them. Oops.

Cut again because they're wide (and shrinking them would make the font even harder to read.)

This way! )
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I have NO idea why I thought this was a good idea, but ... I did. I have decided that (time permitting) I shall create Stick Figure Theatre Recaps of whatever I listened to of this book in the car each day. I don't drive much, so they'll be brief. I'm quite rusty in creating my .bmp stick figures (it's been a long time since my Geoffrey Blake Stick Figure Hey Day (Hey, [livejournal.com profile] blergeatkitty, do those pages still exist?)

Also, I'm no Hyperbole and a Half, sorry to disappoint...

Without further ado, part one (of probably A BILLION) of Legend...

Behind a cut 'cause it got wide )
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Okay, so I'm two weeks too late for this to be a particularly timely review, but c'est la vie-- no one pays me to see movies after all. :) This afternoon (well, evening, 'cause inexplicably the advertised 3:55showing was non-existent, so I came home and read until the 6:05) I took myself to see Jonah Hex. There were 5 other people in the theatre with me, which felt odd.

I kind of wish I hadn't read any reviews because I went in expecting a bad movie, which is rarely a good start. And mind you, the reviews were mostly right. But I guess the reason I'm still commenting is because it could have been a good movie-- it really could have.

Quick Recap: Jonah Hex )

Got it? Good.

Here's what went wrong, in my EVER so humble opinion )

*It's a pretty amazing horse. I mean, not only does it look far more delicate than I would have chosen for a fairly big guy like Hex/Brolin PLUS his hyooge weaponry (no, not a euphamism), but those guns going off would definitely have deafened that poor horse, and yet later he answers Hex's whistle.

**I couldn't fit it in elsewhere (due to the fact that I rarely revise LJ entries-- sorry!) but the whole confederate thing leads to the most uncomfortable moment in the film. Hex goes to see a gunsmith, who he calls Smith. The actor (Lance Reddick) seemed to be the only one who was having any fun with this film, in his 2minutes. He was all, "You get uglier every time I see you! No, don't smile, you'll break all the mirrors!" Smith, however, is black, and this leads to the apology moment-- he says to Hex "I know you fought for the secession because you don't like having someone telling you what to do," and that he didn't do it for slavery. Other, smarter, people have already written about this scene, but since I can't find the review I'm thinking of, give it some thought. Yes, there were a lot of reasons people fought for the South, but if you fought for one you were fighting for all of them, and that sure as hell included slavery. And to have a black character tell this killer who still wears the confederate uniform that, well, he's surely different? That's ... yeah.

***This moment felt very third season Supernatural to me, a point that was enforced later when Hex is almost-dead and his eyes glowed all Yellow Eyed Demony. Also, did I mention that Dead Jeb is played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan?
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(Read: Supernatural stuff.)

1. Yarn!Chesters. The newest one is alllllmost done. But I broke the accessory I made for her and need to make a new one. Also, i'm not entirely sure I like her hair. And she needs eyes. I plan on trying to finish her tomorrow, though.

2. Speaking of Yarn!Chester accessories, I have made, with no particular skill or talent, the following items out of sculpey:
1. The colt that can kill anything except when it usually can't
2. Ruby's knife that can kill anything except when it usually can't
3. A large random knife/sword thing (like the ones for killing vampires in season 1), which the Yarn!chesters can actually hold on their own
4. a cannister of salt
5. a cannister of gasoline
6. many candles
7. a sawed off shotgun
8. a random handgun (with a pearl grip, to mimic Dean's.)
9. a shovel
10. a stake (for killing demigods)
11. several metal stakes for pinning zombies back into grave beds

When I photograph the newest Yarn!chester (tomorrow?) you can see these weird items, too.

3. I have a new Yarn!chester mini-project. I shan't say more than that, however, 'til I find out if it works. If it does, I'll be very happy because I want to be able to give something Yarn!chester-ish away as gifts, but the full size ones are too time consuming.

4. I have, in my hot little hands, Keith R. A. DeCandido's newest Supernatural tie-in novel: Heart of the Dragon. You know what this means, right? Yes! Time for a new WTF?! book review! Wheeee!!!

I plan on doing my utmost to go into this one with an open mind and no opinion. I have read no one else's reviews and while Mr DeCandido comes across as a prick on LJ (sorry, but he does), it has been a long time since his previous Supernatural novel, so I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt in that he'll have improved.

(Also, in the next two months, two new novels are coming out, by authors I've never heard of. I'll be getting/reviewing those, too, in due course.)

ALSO, it's Spring Break. So while I must GRADE GRADE GRADE, and plan for England, and research Oberammergau, and write my dissertation, it does mean there's a wee bit of time for accomplishing the above.

Not tonight, though, for I am going out to dinner with [livejournal.com profile] aussie_nyc and [livejournal.com profile] kizlj. Wheeee!
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I'm still trying to catch the feral kitten. Whee. I really need to get in gear and raise more money (sigh) and call The Volunteer and make appointments to get a bunch of the colony trapped and TNRed. There's a few that I didn't catch before, and therefore a few new ones. And of course there's Tigger-- the friendly cat who might be a stray or might be theoretically owned but is definitely not neutered and is therefore going with the next batch. He'd make a great pet-- he's very friendly and comes right up to me to get love. He had a flea collar on him for a short time last year, but no identification collar. And he's always around my building. And he has ginormous [censored] and so he needs to see a vet to get that taken care of.

I discovered that you can move your database o' books from LibraryThing to Good Reads. Mind you, I like Library Thing just fine-- but mainly I chose it because at the time it was the only place that let you scan in your books instead of typing them all. I've only moved books over to Good Reads because so many of my LJ and FB friends are there, and because FB has connections. So, 800+ books later, I've got databases at both. Of course, there are at least 50 some books that need to be added since I last updated the list. Not to mention that I didn't include my graphic novels (or romances, for that matter... a dirty little secret, those) the first time around. But I've gotten a lot of research books (for the comps) and a significant number of regular fiction since then, so I ought to, someday, add those.

Also, the best part about taking the bus is that it gives me more time to read. Leaving the house is easier when I know that it means I'll get to read for a bit. :)

In the Brief Eternal SUCKINESS
Amazon suggested a book called In the Brief Eternal Silence for me because I adore the Sebastian St. Cyr books. This book looked vaguely interesting (Victorian England, romance, intrigue, anti-hero, etc.) but what sealed the deal for me to buy it was that it had five five-star reviews.

But this book is AWFUL. It's boring, it's contrived, it's repetitive, and it's predictable. I read the first 300 pages, and then the last 40 ONLY because I wanted to have read enough to write my own review in the desperate hopes that no one else would be taken in by the LIES of the other five reviews. I was willing to overlook the fact that it was from a Christian publisher (even though there was NOTHING to suggest that on the webpage or synopsis)-- in fact, in the 2/3rds of the book I read there really wasn't much to suggest it had a Christian agenda (although I suspect I may have missed the hero's conversion in the pages I didn't read). There's probably a decent-ish book in there, but it DESPERATELY needed a ruthless editor and several more rewrites.

I now strongly believe that the five reviews it has are from friends/family of the writer (although I have no proof of this other than the fact that none of the reviewers have ever reviewed another book on Amazon. Well, that and their excessive praise for a fourth-rate piece of amateur writing. Oh, and the fact that one of the author's is published by this author's company. Nepotism ftw!)

My vitriolic review of the book appeared on Amazon only today and it already has received a "0 out of 1 people find the following review helpful." I kind of think that the author herself might be monitoring the Amazon page. Granted, I could be paranoid here-- but this isn't exactly a book that is flying off the shelves and therefore has a page likely to receive a lot of hits. The biggest clue that gives me this suspicion is the author's acknowledgments in the book itself, some of which I will now share:

I wish I had a long list of people that helped me in my endeavor, but I really don't. ... My greatest acknowledgment goes to Christ. He was there when that long list of people wasn't.

Frankly, this reads as a bitter woman (despite the prayer she then follows that statement with.)

If you'd like to see the book's page (and my review) it's here. Feel free to say that my review was helpful. :D (Mine would be the one that gave it 1 star as opposed to the ones who all gave it 5 stars.)

(I've just discovered-- and man I wish I'd known this before, as I would not have bought the book-- that she was unable to find a publisher for this (or her other manuscripts, gee, I wonder why) so she started her own publishing company. GAH. I have found her blog just now. She seems like a nice enough person. She's just a TERRIBLE writer. It horrifies me that she apparently gives writer's workshops. [Those who can't do, teach?] Oh good grief, her publisher includes a "sequel to Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice which is apparently a "religious romance." Really?!)

Apparently I now have a vendetta, and am looking up reviews of her book. One which adores said book declares, "these characters illicit an emotional response from the reader in diverse ways as they play their parts in this grand drama of vengeance" (Long and Short Reviews). "Illicit a... response," huh? Well, good to know that the reviewer is as good a writer as the, well, writer. Also, " He walks with the dead as he mingles with meanest of society while seeking VENGEANCE" (Long and Short Reviews.) Really? First, of all, VENGEANCE? Is that necessary? Secondly, if he really "walked with the dead" that'd be a better book.

Why am I spending so much time sharing all of this? Because I'm irritated at how this book is presented when in actuality it's awful. Grr! I so wish I had not spent money on it! And from now on, when I consider a new author (one not recommended by a friend) I'm going to look into them first.

Why didn't I do a book review of it if it was so bad? Because it wasn't entertainingly bad (unlike The Bounty Hunter's Bride and the romance that was sublimated into attention for the freakin' cow.) Trust me, I spared you by not talking about this terrible book 'til now.

On the bright side, I followed [livejournal.com profile] eiluned's recommendation for Soulless from over on her website The Discriminating Fangir, and so far it is excellent. I shan't try to describe it, since you can read her review of it here. And also, I haven't finished it yet. :) But it's proving a very nice antidote to the above mentioned SUCKITUDE.

I'm actually making progress on my Not-a-NaNo. :) That's all I shall say. Well, that and reading the The Brief Tedious Dreck actually pointed out some mistakes for me to avoid. So. Yay.

Other News
I fixed my vacuum cleaner. Woot. :) It wasn't complicated, but neither was it easy to get the stoopid belt in the proper place.

I told my mom I might need an eye appointment because I might be having some trouble reading, and she laughed at me. (She's had bifocals since she was about my age.) Grr.

My parents are coming to visit at Thanksgiving-- yay!

I can't get the Mystery Smell out of my flat-- boo.

I have (relatively minor) crushes on several people, none of whom have shown any interest in me. Boo. But also yay, since I haven't time for that anyway!

I'm going to stop this entry now. But remember to go vote for my review as helpful! >:-D Hehheh.
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Well, what can one say about Bone Key overall?

Well? What *can* one? )

If Nevermore was an F and Witch's Canyon was a B, then I guess I'd give Bone Key a C for being innocuous.

The Chapters Reviewed, Recapped and Remarked upon:

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapter 11
Chapter 12
Chapter 13
Chapter 14
Chapter 15
Chapter 16
Chapter 17
Chapter 18
Chapter 19
Chapter 20
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The final chapter of DeCandido's second Supernatural novel.

Chapter 19 )

I'll post a wrap-up and links to the individual chapter reviews later on today (Tuesday.) Now though, bedtime. :D
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There's a lot of screaming. And references to screaming. And more screaming. Oh wait, that last is just me in response to this chapter.

There's also dancing and depression and introspection. Enjoy.

Chapter 19 )

Join me Tuesday for the exciting (?) conclusion to Bone Key. Come on, y'know you waaaannnnaaa!
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I'm likely to be awake early enough to post this tomorrow at the usual time, but since I canceled class tomorrow and don't need to be, I figure I might as well post this now, just in case.

Read on for more screaming.

(For the curious, there are 20 chapters total, so we're getting there. In plenty of time for the release of Heart of the Dragon, arriving in February. Yay?)

Chapter 17 )
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In which Mr DeCandido rides the fanon, Dean flips out and Bobby explains the plan-- which is good because I totally didn't understand it the first time around.

Chapter 16 )
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This chapter is really short. Even shorter when you're snarky like me and cut the bits that we've already heard multiple times in other chapters...

Chapter 15 )
eilonwy2017: (Book review)
In which the book ups the ante, I go on several tangents, Dean acts out of character, and I use the phrase "blah blah blah vengeance-cakes".

Chapter 14 )
eilonwy2017: (Book review)
Surely you're waiting with bated breath for chapter 13, given the cliffhanger that 12 left us on...

Chapter 13 )
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I am not setting an alarm clock tomorrow. Well, not for the morning anyway. :) So I'm posting chapter twelve now even though technically it's still Friday (my time). Better early than late, right?

In which the book (probably totally accidentally) touches on *two* aspects of what I study. Weird to think that this book will now probably be touched on in the article I'm co-authoring.

Chapter Twelve )

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