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'Tis the season of playoff hockey. Sadly, my beloved Arizona Coyotes had a truly magnificently terrible year, placing second worst in the entire league (just above the Buffalo Sabres) so I do not get the joy that is following my own team through the post season.

Fortunately, the Canucks and the Predators, two out of my four favorite teams, did make it at least into the first round.

And doesn't Marlowe look delighted by that fact? (I also had him wearing a Canucks bandana on Wednesday. He didn't care about that. Mostly he looks grumpy here because a) he has a slightly grumpy resting face and b) if I have my phone in his face, he's not getting pets. He actually spent almost all of yesterday asleep on that chair with those two plushies.)

Yes, Swoops the bat still exists and yes, he still has a Predators jersey (although he's wearing it over his Coyotes jersey, which is hand embroidered. He's actually been photographed with 5 Coyotes players-- well, 2 are former now-- because he's that awesome. Actually, mostly because I'm a big enough dork that when I still lived in phoenix and could get to practices, I sometimes asked-- got Flurry to ask-- players to post with him and they were all nice enough to say yes.)

I digress. Actually, I don't have much to say except that it's playoff time and I'm rooting Canucks. Go Canucks, go! I found a way to get all the playoff games streamed through my roku (huzzah!) which is Most Excellent as I do not have cable and while I do have Game Center, they do not play nationally televised games, and all playoff games are  (more or less) nationally televised.

I have to admit, though, it's actually been hard to watch hockey this season. Not (just) because the Coyotes were so mind-bogglingly bad, but because I so desperately miss playing and that's just not an option here unless I want to drive two hours each way to get to a rink. Which would be fine once in a while, but the only way to be halfway decent, and the only way for me to enjoy myself on the ice, is to do it regularly which ... I just can't see myself doing. Four hours drive in a day to play maybe 60 minutes of hockey? With strangers?!?!?!?!

Other than my friends/family, hockey is absolutely 100% the thing I miss most, living out here in the rural wilds. But perhaps that's another post-- the adventures I've had this year in homeowning in rural Appalachia...
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8:30am Breakfast with Jensen and Jared

Of course, it’s not really breakfast with the Js, it’s breakfast at which the actors appear on a stage for a while. This is not to say that I was disappointed because I wasn’t—it’s not like the Js could sit at the same table as 100 gold ticket holders. The only disappointment was timing. The doors opened at 8:30, and since it was buffet, the tables (to which people were assigned) were let up to get their cereal and fruit and bagels, a few at a time so that there were no congestions. Again, understandable. But the Js showed up while we were getting our food, which meant we had to sit down quickly and stay there—meaning I didn’t get breakfast. (I need something bread-like in the morning to go with my caffeine so that I can take my medicine.)

That said, the Js were awesome. Jared told a story about going to Cirque du Soleil, and mimed a magician who stole his brother-in-law’s tie. Then there was some discussion of his going to the Olympics and seeing figure skating—at which point Jensen informed him he was talking way too much about figure skating, and conversation turned to hockey. (Jensen pointed out that how as an American he was, of course, hoping for an American win, but then he realized what a miserable week at work they’d then have, what with the Canadian crew.)

The best part for me was the announcement that both actors had extended their originally six-year contracts into a seventh. HUZZAH! While this does not mean that there will be a seventh season, it does mean that there’s a possibility. (As weird as station execs might be, no one, not even Dawn Ostroff, could be sane and think that there’s a Supernatural without both Jensen and Jared.) So, fingers crossed. Of course, it’s weird to think about a season 7 when the premiere of season six hasn’t even aired.

Jensen spoke a bit about his directing debut. It’s the fourth episode to air, but the first they filmed, so that he could do the pre-production work. (It did mean he couldn’t do the post-production.) ”SPOILERS” )

There was talk of pranks, of course, and Jared told his side of the Misha Collins phone story. HE says that Misha filmed for a few hours and left his new iPhone 4 on set, so Jared used it to text himself, one letter at a time, “I should not leave my phone on set,” etc. He chose his own phone to text to because, well, he needed the texts to go somewhere in order to cost Misha money. But then he remembered that receiving texts also costs money, so he had his own bill to contend with. He then decided he had to call China with Misha’s phone, so he ran around set asking people if they knew any Chinese phone numbers, and then just started punching numbers in until he, apparently, reached Thailand. He spoke as slowly as he could so that whoever he’d reached he’d stay on with as long as possible in order to cost Misha money.

It sounds like Misha gives as good as he gets, of course. Apparently Jared got a call at 2:30am one night, Misha asking, “Are you on set?” Jared was all, Yeah, of course, and was worried, thinking maybe Misha needed help, maybe his wife had gone into labor. (I don’t tend to pay much attention to the actors’ real lives, but I have to admit I had no idea that Vikki (Vicky? How does she spell it?) was pregnant, let alone 8months so.) Misha’s answer was that he just wanted Jared to know that his work (Jared’s) was paying for his kayak vacation. (Misha gets paid whether he’s in an episode or not.)

Jensen pointed out that maybe they shouldn’t pull pranks on Misha any more since he’s going to be a father. (Dude, can you imagine Misha as your DAD?) Then they both agreed that no, that’s not necessary as long as they don’t involve the kid. Jensen even went so far as to say, “Who knows if it’s even his kid?” Aaaand that was a bit much, everyone seemed to realize at the same moment. (Given the rumors about Misha’s marriage, and the research that Vicky apparently does, it might have been too close to the truth?) Jensen was all, Oh crap, was that my outside voice? Jared broke the ACK moment by saying they weren’t sure it was her kid, either. (Jared did suggest a prank where it looks like they’re holding the baby, but aren’t really, and then drop it.)

Once the Js left the stage (to immediately do photo ops), the gold ticket holders cleared out too. (Besides which, while the Js were talking, the staff took away all the food.) We dashed downstairs to get in line (seats, really, but still) for our Jensen photo op.

9:45am Solo Photo Ops with Jensen
Unlike all the other actors, the Js didn’t let more than 2 people in a photo. (I’m not complaining—I’d obviously have loved it if all four of us could have been in the photo, but I completely understand the necessity for stringent rules with the most popular actors, especially given the, uh, antics at other cons.) Opal and DI waited in line with us, then took our stuff so that Spade and I could go into the room unencumbered. I took ami!Sam and ami!Dean, but was too scared to ask Jensen to hold Dean (and later there were announcements about no props—but that was after this decision anyway), so held him myself.

As with the previous days, I was of two minds about the whole experience. On one hand, these are famous people, talented and, it goes without saying, gorgeous. On the other hand, they’re just people… And it didn’t help that I’d gotten the impression that Jensen really doesn’t like cons. (Again, given what’s happened in the past, can you blame him??) But he was very nice during our 2.3 seconds in the photo frame with him. And he asked about our shirts—the ones that Spade had designed—and seemed intrigued by them. He also shook Spade’s hand as we left the photo-area.

As we left that photo-op, Cliff Kosterman asked about the shirts, too. Spade had gotten three extras made—one for Jared, one for Jensen and one for Misha—and had put them with the gifts, but hadn’t left any note or anything. I don’t know when/if the actors got the shirts (or how they felt about them) but Cliff had definitely seen the gift ones. This amuses me, and ought to please Spade. :)

Then it was back to the main room to wait for the…

10:30am Duo Photo Op with Jensen/Jared
We waited again for a while in the main room. Again, only 2 of us could get our photo done. Spade and I agreed who we’d stand next to (me: Jared; her: Jensen. It was not a difficult choice.) Something funny had happened with the person before us (it may have been the woman who hugged Jensen, positioning herself away from Jared, who stood there hands out, all, “wha?”) so there wasn’t much attention on us for the photo. We took the picture, we thanked them. (EVERYONE talks about how tall Jared is. I’m 5’3”—I’m used to men being taller than I am, and I dated a guy who was 6’4”. That said, when I turned to thank Jared, I realized even when looking up, I was looking at his chest. I don’t mind looking at his chest, but then had to look more up, of course, to properly thank him.)

As Spade and I were walking out, a staff member chased us down—evidently someone had blinked and we had to get our photo redone. We were put back in line at the front (I apologized to the person we cut in front of, but she was fine.) Spade joked around with the harried woman in charge (she sighed when she realized we had to go again.) We repositioned ourselves, as I apologized to Jensen and Jared, “Sorry! One of us blinked!” Jared said “no problem,” and Jensen said, “I blame Jared.” This made Spade and I smile again, and the photo was over.

Aaaand, back into line in the main room.

11:15am Photo Op with Jared
As with the Jensen, I carried the Yarn!chesters into the photo op, and again did not draw attention to them. Jared, however, did recognize Spade and I, “Oh, it’s the blinkers!” hee. :D (Our shirts made us really easy to recognize, of course, but still.) We promised to try not to blink and apparently it went fine because no one chased us down for a re-take. We’d flanked Jared for the picture, and as we left Spade was all, “Oh my god his back muscles!” Heh. I don’t know what else to say about this part—he was very nice, the actors have a weird job, he’s gorgeous, and… yeah, nothing surprising. :)

12:30pm Jared and Jensen on stage

There were about five seats in our row (E) that no one had used all weekend. We figured that for sure they’d be used on Sunday for the Js, but no. And we’d checked with one of the staff—as long as they didn’t show up, we could totally use them, so we slid closer to the center, with better views of the guys.

Jared’s microphone didn’t work to his satisfaction, so he stole the one from the stage left. This led to some issues hearing the people on that side at times (and Jensen blaming Jared.)

The only cringe-worthy moment of the con, alas, happened at this point. Some guy asked something (on the not-quite working mic) about fanmade videos about Dean and Castiel. Jensen said something to the effect of, “I’m going to answer that by not answering it, because that’s not what the show’s about.” And on one hand, yeah, okay. And on the other hand, why did this guy ask the question?! And on the third hand (it’s a monster), the show kinda does hint at something pretty fierce between Dean and Castiel. (And that’s coming from *me*, who is totally not a slasher.)

Someone asked the guys what the most awkward moment they’ve ever had with fans and Jared answered that that question, that moment was the most awkward moment ever. Jensen actually said—and this surprised me—that the fans were really awesome. Buuuut then he said that someone had mailed a “spell” (??) which involved “used underwear” to his parents, and generally admonished fandom for it a little. Jared told Jensen he shouldn’t refer to it as used underwear, and this started a whole conversation about underwear…

Jared talked again about the phone-thing. Jensen talked more about directing.

Someone asked about the difference between filming a horror movie and filming a horro tv show. Jared answered that “The horror movies don’t have Jensen in them,” to which Jensen responded, “And they’re called The Christmas Cottage.” BWAH! I turned to Spade and DI and said, “It’s funny ‘cause it’s true.”

Every time someone asked Jensen a specifically Jensen question, Jared pretended to sleep. When it was a question for both of them, he’d ask, “Can Jensen answer?” -- even once when it was a question for Jared, he asked, “Can Jensen answer?”

One question was how much of themselves were in their performances in Supernatural, and during it Jared mis-spoke, saying, “There’s been scenes in our 110 episodes where I’ve been similar to Jared…” And of course the audience laughed at the gaffe, to which Jared responded, “Your laughter hurts!” which came up a couple of times, too.

I wish I’d written this on Sunday night when I originally planned because I’ve forgotten so much of it. Fortunately I’m still quite clear on how awesome the weekend was. :) The guys were fabulous—Jared seemed to really enjoy being there especially.

After the Js on stage, the four of us left to check out of our hotel room, getting back just in time for the next onstage…

1:50pm Brock Kelley (Young Dean Winchester)

This was Brock’s first con and he was clearly very nervous, but also ador(k)able. Fans asked questions about filming and rehearsing, particularly with Jensen and with Colin Ford, and how he got his start in acting. There were sillier questions, too, in which fans learned that if he could have any pet, Brock Kelly would have a T-Rex, and he would ride upon its head. The best part was how certain he sounded about this choice, whereas he was a bit more reticent about just about everything else! But the T-Rex upon whose head he’d ride? Completely certain.

2:30pm Autographs with Jensen and Jared
As with the other autograph sessions, we sat in our seats and waited to be called up into line. (I crocheted until I ran out of the yarn I need for yarn!Gabriel’s outer shirt, then started making notes on how to make the yarn!Impala.) Jensen and Jared don’t personalize their autographs so the lines moved quickly. And Jensen doesn’t say much so that makes it faster, too.

As we neared the signing table, we saw Clif Kosterman with a giant bowl of potato chips, and this amused me for some reason. Spade asked a nearby staff/volunteer if she could take a picture of Cliff, and of course the answer was no, but it actual led to a nice conversation with the volunteer. (Apparently SPN fangirls have nothing on Twi-hards as far as Teh Crazy.) Spade had, just that afternoon, made a sketch for Jared and Jensen to sign, and when Jensen saw it he seemed to take a nice, impressed, long look at it. When he went to sign my poster—which was the one everyone bought, with all the guests on it—he seemed to have trouble figuring out where to sign because Misha Collins, with his “[Eilonwy] <3”before his name had signed across Jensen’s chest/shoulder. So Jensen signed across his own and Jared’s heads. I thanked him for the autograph and he looked up and smiled and that was that. (I had heard that he didn’t even do that—it probably helped that I was in the fifth row and so only 100 or so autographs in, but still.)

I mentioned to Spade, as we crossed the auditorium to join the Jared line, the difficulty that Jensen had had in finding a place to sign. She and DI insisted that I mention this—more specifically the fact that it looked like Misha intentionally made it difficult for Jared and Jensen—to Jared. Uhh, okay… crap.

Jared’s handler showed him where to sign on Spade’s sketch, saying, “You’re to sign here.” Spade pointed out that he could sign anywhere he wanted, to which Jared said, “I’m an actor, I do as I’m told.” Hee.

Then as he signed mine (across his own chest/shoulder), I said the thing about Misha making it as difficult as possible for anyone else to sign, and Jared agreed, saying, “Yeah, that little punk. Don’t worry, we’ll get him back.” Hee! Then DI suggested, “If you can, catch it for the gag reel. Fans would love to see it.” And Jared grinned and said, “Yeah! Good!” as if this were the best idea ever. (And it kind of is, even if it’s highly unlikely.) So that was all really awesome.

4:25pm John Marcynuk (Art Director and Co-Designer)
Marcynuk showed a power point, beginning with a whole bunch of slides from Dark Angel. As much as I’m interested in set design (and I really really am), I didn’t find this part all that interesting because I’ve never seen Dark Angel. Then he moved on to talking about Supernatural and info on various sets and locations that they had decorated. That was much more interesting. (They had to build Heaven’s Green Room – which they call The Beautiful Room—twice. And they used the same set—redecorated—as the Burlesque for the “Cherry Pie” dream scene for Dean! This amuses me.

Then, despite my abject terror, I asked about the Spiky Clock. Yup, sure did. I couched it in terms about general re-used items, and how much of it was convenience and how much was significance, but did specifically mention the spiky clock and “Dream a Little Dream of Me” and “Yellow Fever.” Mr Marcynuk immediately answered, “Convenience,” and that only one painting was ever reused intentionally (after being reused several times unintentionally), and they aren’t trying to embed any deeper meanings. But he also mentioned that he couldn’t remember the spiky clock in question, but that someone else had asked about it, too. During the con, they were filming episode 6.06, so it’ll be interesting to watch the episodes right after that one for the spiky clocks… :D

The End…

And that was that… The only things left were the secondary photo ops with Jared, which was simultaneous to John Marcynuk’s talk, an auction (which there was no way I could afford anything at despite the claim that “many cool items await those that seek bargains,” ha!), and photo ops and autographs with Brock Kelley.

It was really sad for it all to be over. And there wasn’t even a closing ceremony the way there’d been for NADWC. I’d love to go to next year’s (Jared, Jensen and Misha have all already agreed to attend), but I can’t get the money together in time to buy the ticket. Maybe 2012?
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If you're here because you're interested in the Yarn!chesters (ie: the yarn versions of the Supernatural characters) you can click the tag "Yarn!chesters" to see all sorts of things (see below) or you can go to their flickr set.

New pictures from Vancouver will be posted soon.

(Also? EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! Rob Benedict held ami!Chuck for a photo op!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He was all, "That's my robe!")
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I hadn't so much planned on crocheting Becky as had the idea come upon me. I wanted to do one of the as-yet unclaimed tarot cards for the SPN Tarot/Winchester Arcana, and Becky was one of the options. (They wonderful mods over there are still looking for a few artists, in case you're interested. Also, if none of the unclaimed cards tickle your fancy, they also accept alternates. I just didn't feel like doing an alternate.) But once I thought about crocheting Becky, I started to love the idea because of her outfit in the episode "The Real Ghostbusters" (5.09).

This is her outfit:

Sorry for the blur-- it's a much wider shot (with other characters in), but the only one I could find wherein you could see her whole... special... outfit.

But dude, kneesocks! Three shades of brown! A sweater vest? How could I not try to recreate this?!

So, ami!Becky:

(I liked the idea of photographing her on that mat-- something I normally use for blocking my knitting, if you're wondering-- because Becky is very much the center of Becky's world. )

More pictures of yarn!Becky and other Yarny SPN Goodness )

Totally unrelated, here, have a Guess That Episode! (It's an homage. And there are actually two acceptable answers. Winners win two free internets. Note: Internets have monetary value.)

If you would like to see any of the above pictures bigger/in more detail, I have, of course, uploaded them to the Yarn!chester Flickr Set. (Which has grown huge.)

Speaking of Flickr, I find looking at my stats to be very amusing, and I don't know why. Mostly what gets randomly hit on days when I haven't posted anything in the vein of this LJ entry are pictures of cats. "Calico cat" gets looked up a lot on Google Images evidently. Equally amusing to me is that "medieval undergarments" on Yahoo evidently pulls up this picture from the Let's Travel in England book. It does not, however, actually include any medieval undergarments, so this confuses me.

But one picture consistently gets pulled up from my Flickr set, and it is, in fact, a Yarn!chester image. Evidently, there are a lot of people using Google Images to look up "Castiel Coat Detail". Okay... not sure why, but sure. I suspect most of them are disappointed, or at least bemused, when they get this picture. Heh. But apparently they click anyway, or it wouldn't be counted on Flickr... Weeeeeird.
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I finished the most recent yarn!chester yesterday. I'm quite pleased with this one-- which is good, since I didn't feel so keen about ami!Pamela. I'm too lazy to take proper pictures of her tonight, I'm afraid, but you can have a sneak preview:

Guess that character!

There'll be better pictures. Oh hey, you can see Callie in the bottom right of that photo, hee. Anyway, she looks even better when I haven't just heaved her up and snapped a shot. (The doll, not the cat. Although I suppose the same could be said of Callie...)

In other, similar, news, I had not realized that Zachariah wore a pinstripe suit. If I had, I might have been less keen on making a yarn version of him. So far he has a head, torso, one leg (but two feet), and two arms. This means he still needs a second leg and his suit coat. Then the whole suit needs to be embroidered with wee stripes. Sigh. He'll also need a tie, and of course his hair.

After that? I's got some ideas, but you'll just have to wait and see. :)

Oh! Speaking of yarn!chesters, if you haven't already, check out the Yarn!Chester Set on Flickr because between [livejournal.com profile] spade, [livejournal.com profile] maiafire, [livejournal.com profile] miki_moo and myself, we got some pretty interesting shots of them out and about in Brighton and London. Also included are pictures of the Mini Yarn!chesters that I made for Maia:

This is one of my favorites, and totally came from the twisted mind of [livejournal.com profile] spade... Name that Yarn!Chester Scene:

And last, I know I linked to it before I left for England, but here he is again, with the awesome border by [livejournal.com profile] bt_kady, my first entry for the Winchester Tarot:

I'm working on another card now, too-- the Three of Wands, though I haven't figured out yet what the vignette will be. Meeple.

Okay, I'm done now. And so is my iced tea (brewing), so I'm going to go work on Zachariah some more.
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Firstly, thank you to [livejournal.com profile] blergeatkitty for my random recycling goat. :D

Secondly, i've been updating things like a mad thing what updates things... yeah.

Project-Cat has a new non-update, with pictures! Including Daphne (so heads up [livejournal.com profile] oddharmonic, heh.)

And speaking of pictures, there are new ones over in my Flickr. Provided with no commentary, 'cause I'm in a hurry, you can see lots of pictures of my hike at Lost Dutchman Trail.. Proof that even though it's home to a lot of freakin' idiots, AZ is pretty.

Also, you can see pictures (mainly of animals) from my trip to the AZ Renaissance Faire. Sadly there's none of me in costume, but there is one of my hair. These pictures have commentary.

Also, also, I have posted my art project to [livejournal.com profile] spn_tarot, and you can see it here. Even though it's really different than all the other tarot cards that have been created so far, I'm fairly pleased with how it turned out. And I'm also highly amused. Yes, yes, I amuse myself. I know, it's sort of sad. :) (But, but, toilet plunger! Inherently amusing!)

Um. I think that's it in the updates and links category.

In other news... my grandparents' house officially went on the market today. The sign has been hammered into the front yard. My parents are done with the house. I'm really glad that my parents no longer have that stress, but holycarp, house. For sale. That was my second home growing up. ::sniffle:: I'll probably post links to the house itself once it's online. 'Cause. My mom put it best over on Facebook-- I really hope whoever buys the house loves it as much as we do (or more.) :(

My grandfather doesn't seem to be getting any stronger, but he does seem to be getting a bit more lucid. On Thursday he remembered Sacred Heart-- where he and my grandmother have been living for two years-- for the first time since his fall.

I stlil have TOO MUCH TO DO before bedtime and more deadline-y, before 5am Tuesday morning when I leave for the airport. HolycarpLondon!


Last night I slept on the couch because my bed is full of clean clothes, sorted into piles regarding their likelihood of being packed. At the rate I'm going, I would not be surprised if I slept on the couch again tonight... Mergle.

Tomorrow I teach, then I have office hours (which I can't skip as they're the last of them), then I have to run errands: Bank (for pounds), AAA (for a converter/adaptor, and for traveler's checks, I guess), bookstore (I need a London tourbook), mall (to get my new glasses adjusted-- they're crooked), apartment office (to pay my rent). After that I get to finish cleaning and packing. And make sup to freeze so that I don't waste all the vegetables in my fridge... Yay.
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Finally! A new yarn!chester, ready to be unveiled...


To quote this very character from "Yellow Fever": It's me! Lilith!

I'm fairly pleased with her. I wish she hadn't ended up quite so tall, but she is still the shortest Yarn!chester, ceratinly.

Her eyes are white beads I found at Michael's a while back in preparation for Lilith (and potentially Alistair).

I'm quite pleased with her hair. I didn't do anything radically different than the other long haired Yarn!chesters, but since Lilith's hair is (baby) fine, and hangs straight down, I needed to end up with *less* of it on her. So I used bigger stitches tot hold it in place, except on the crown of her head, meaning less yarn in general, and therefore less poof.

I modeled the dress after the one that the hallucination of Lilith wears in "Yellow Fever", but it's not exact by any mean.

Her shoes are removable. I know this is a weird detail for Lilith, and frankly only happened because I didn't plan ahead. That said, you know what this means, right? Right?

Yeah, it means someday an ami!Sam who can accurately perform everybody's favorite scene from "Bad Day at Black Rock." Mwahahahaha. "I lost my shoe."

Here, a quick ami!Scene:

Baboon! Baboon! Baboon! Ba-boom! Ba-boom! Ba-boom!

There are three more pictures in the Yarn!chester set, in case you wanted to see her with both the Winchesters (here or with Meg and the YED (here.)


Jan. 12th, 2010 12:32 am
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Am about to go to bed (after trying to get more reading done). Today was a pretty good day-- I was at a playreading tonight of Blurt Master Constable, which is actually a better play than one would expect from comments heard. (It really helps to read these things aloud, though.) Also, mmmm, pizza.

Then, tonight, instead of doing reading (BAD ME) I uploaded pictures. The ones here are the non Yarn!Chester ones. These are of alpacas and cats and dogs. (Not all in one photo.) There are several of a chihuahua and a kitten playing. Enjoy!

Have a preview...




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I finished these weeks and weeks ago. And frankly, I'd been *almost* finished with them for months. But life, as they say, got in the way.

(For the record, I have not started any new amis, and will not be doing so until at least after the end of January, due to grad school necessities.)

Anyway, finally, in yarn form, Ellen and Jo Harvelle....

Some more random Yarn!chester stuff behind the cut...


Also, just a reminder to anyone who sends postcards to the SPN Set-- they're about to start filming the 100th episode (!!), and the Postcard Community is looking for a push of cards in celebration. I'm about to create a few via the USPS postcard creator. (The crew must think I'm completely insane-- but then again, I haven't sent any cards since October, it looks like, so it's time!)
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If you read my review of last night's Supernatural, you'll know that at times things got a bit silly, as they are wont to do. (Relieves stress.) I mentioned that Flurije had wrapped ami!Castiel in Baby Beatrice's Tutu.

Some reference pictures.


Beatrice in a Tutu:


ami!Castiel in a Tutu:
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First, I've been meaning to make this image for aaaages. Yes, it's sort of a new Yarn!chester picture. It's my response to season 5 thus far:

Behind the cut for more random pictures.... click! )

For more new pictures of the Feral Colony, head on over to the Flickr photoset.

If you like petting zoo type aminals, you should totally head over to my AZ State Fair photoset.
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Between creating my entries for the BuddyTV contest, and making some new postcards for Vancouver, I uploaded a handful of new pictures (from today's photo shoot) to the Yarn!chester Flickr Set.

Here's one of my faves:

Bedtime for me.


Sep. 25th, 2009 01:16 am
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The 11th character (and 17th (!!) Yarn!chester) I've made...

Not much to say about her because it has gotten very late at night and I am tiiiired. But here she is. She turned out pretty much exactly as I wanted her too.

I used the new (since Ash) method of making legs. her feet are smaller than the other character, by just a stitch or two, but otherwise she's made the same, though with shorter legs and a round or two less in her torso, to make her smaller than Dean.

Her outfit is based on the one Meg wore in "Devil's Trap" Note the details of lace on her shirt, pockets on her jacket, and her multiple necklaces. I want to make a belt buckle for her yet, too, but we'll see.

I feel like her hair looks better in person than it does in the photo. I may need to take a second look at her tomorrow. I think the sleepiness is clouding my judgement. :)

Also, fill out this poll, please, as per usual:

[Poll #1462318]

I actually do have a preference or two at the moment which may, in the end, swing the vote, but we shall see. :)
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And my cat. Well, she hopped up on my couch while I was photographing, and she's so very cute (in my opinion) and was in the kind of mood where you could put stuff on her and photograph it, so... yeah. As you can see, here ami!Sam and ami!Dean climb Mount Callie:

(She doesn't care because she's busy sucking on her tail. It's something she pretty much only does when she's curled up next to me and happy-- but she does it pretty often and has done it since she was a kitten. It's a adorable. I often fall asleep to the sound of my cat sucking on her tail. Yes, seriously. I have video of it somewhere, too, should you wish for further proof.)

Anyway! New Yarn!chesters! click for YED, Ash & Henricksen )

I'm currently working on Meg, in her outfit from "Devil's Trap", but she only has arms and a head thus far.
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How many Yarn!chester postcards can you find in these pictures?

(The answer is scary. But I'll send a postcard to the first person who gets it right (and wants a postcard)).

(Um, I commented on that post with how many postcards I found, so you have to be on your honor that you'll not look at my answer. And I'm going to take a closer look/count anyways.)

(Sekrit Messuj to [livejournal.com profile] a_starfish, I still plan on sending you one, I promise. I've just been totally made of fail lately.)

Also, I think I recognized at least one postcard from someone else on there. ([livejournal.com profile] caffienekitty, is that yours at the top of the fourth picture?)

Hey, [livejournal.com profile] pentane, your cat is on the wall-- I took a picture of kitty!Dean with ami!Dean, and made it into a postcard, and it's there.

Interestingly (to me at least) some of the postcards I sent were of pictures I'd never got around to posting on LJ. How odd.

I stopped sending cards weeks ago. It suddenly came to me that I was probably coming off as a crazed stalker (which, believe it or not, I'm actually not) rather than someone trying to express her appreciation for the show's crew's work, talent and skill. I might, I dunno, send another in the future since there are new yarn!chester characters. (Mary, for example, hadn't been finished when last I sent a card.)

I'm going to go sew eyes on ami!Henricksen now. (I'd show you all, but as I say, I can't finish his jacket 'til I get more blue yarn, probably on Saturday before a season 4 marathon with Flurry.) I'll also work on Ash, til I run out of, um, other blue yarn. Then I'll try to figure out how to make his !@#$!@#%#$& plaid shirt.

(Oh! and as I just said in a comment to [livejournal.com profile] anteka-- I was just thinking this mornign that I've gotten pretty good at crocheting random things. But I don't think I can crochet a wheelchair, so I may need to find a Barbie one (she had a friend named Stacy in a wheelchair that wouldn't fit inside the elevator of the Barbie condo or something, right?) Hm.)
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Just in time for tonight's SUPERNATURAL SEASON PREMIERE-- HAVE I MENTIONED IT'S SEASON 5 TIME NOW???-- the whole Winchester family in yarn:

Yes, I know that John looks a wee bit small (he kind of is)... and Mary looks a wee bit big (it's her hair). And it's a lousy picture, what with Sam apparently both completely blinded by his own hair and hitting Dean in the face... What can I say? I was in a hurry. In fact, I'm posting this picture from my office and hoping that none of my students show up to office hours.*

Also, I forgot to trim Mary's eyelashes, so in the close-ups they're kind of creepy. I'll fix that tonight when I get home.

Here's a close up/full shot so you can see the details:

I'm fairly proud of her, actually, even though there are, of course, things I would change, and also she took for freakin' ever. I handspun her hair from two shades of wool and some undyed bamboo (which is why there are lighter streaks in it, and those give it a bit of sheen.) Because it's wool, it's a bit mold-able, so I put it in curlers, and when it was dry, I also sprayed it with spray starch. In retrospect, I should have only curled those front bits because curling all of it is part of what makes her head look huge. It took me about 3 hours just to put all the individual hair on her head. :P

Her dress is pretty basic, except that the front of the bodice and the trim on the hem and sleeves were done with a much finer (cotton) crochet thread to mimic lace a little. The pink rose is much bigger than the one on the real costume, of course (at least, proportionally) but after hemming and hawing about whether to make my own smaller one, I remembered that these are silly yarn people who aren't proportional to begin with and went with the store bought one. :)

So, what do you think?

ami!YED is almost done, too. As of last night (after a marathon of 8 season 4 episodes with [livejournal.com profile] flurije), he is actually people shaped, possessing all of his limbs. Also, his coat is almost done, needing only the collar. Tonight I anticipate at least beginning his hair (which will be much easier than Mary's.) Then all that's left is his eyes, and I have fabulous beads for those, which I found while in VA with [livejournal.com profile] spade back in May.

So, who should I do next? I'd been saying I'd make a set of Rubies (season 3 and season 4), but now I find I'm not as excited by that prospect as I originally thought. I very much want to keep making characters, but who would you like to see?

This poll, taken way back when in May, clearly had Mary and the YED as who you all wanted to see next. Runners up were Henricksen (that's tempting) and season 3 Ruby.... Let's see if the hellatus has changed any minds. The only rule for suggesting a character is that it should be someone who was in more than one episode. I feel like I'm forgetting people, so please feel free to vote for "other" and put the character I'd forgotten in comments.

[Poll #1455840]

I should really pretend to be a good little worker type now and ... well, do my German homework, actually.


*As I have not yet handed back any grades, nor are we facing down a deadline, it is highly unlikely that any students will show up. Which I'm kind of counting on, so that I can get a bunch of other work done before the premiere tonight. Wheee.
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Yesterday's Challenge was very easy, I know, but that doesn't change the fact that I was quite pleased with it. :) [livejournal.com profile] seablue_eyes was first to correctly identify it as from "The Monster at the End of this Book".

compare! )

The biggest difference (other than, y'know, yarn instead of Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki) is that in the yarn!chester version ami!Dean is reading a German/English dictionary. What can you do? :)

Now, I know I said that rather than a scene today you'd (finally) get to see ami!Mary.

There has, however, been a change of plans.

I've decided that I hate what I've done and I have to remove her head. Seriously. So you're not going to get to see her today. Instead you get another really easy scene.

Probably no more yarn!chesters 'til Monday.

(Today did not go as planned. And now it's 1am, and tomorrow I have an early morning meeting, and and and... yeah...)

But hey, teeny tiny ouija board. :)
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(Twenty-five? Really? I can't tell if I feel like I've done lots more or lots fewer of these!)

Yesterday's challenge was a bit difficult, as I anticipated. Poor Sammy does get tied up an awful lot, and I didn't give you much to go on. The only real clue was that he was secured with silver tape. [livejournal.com profile] a_starfish correctly identified the scene as from "Bad Day at Black Rock". I'm sure it'd have been easier if I said that Sam was missing a shoe. :D

The tape was actually made from silver ribbon and silver tissue paper. Heh. Click the cut for a comparison.

Comparison! )

Today you get one of my very favoritest scene challenges so far. (I'm ridiculously, absurdly proud of this one.)

(I really need a *table* for my Yarn!chesters. The "table" Sam is sitting at is the same "counter" Bobby had in front of him in the scene from "Sex and Violence." It's actually neither-- when facing the other direction and on its other end, it's a stereo for Barbie-sized dolls.)

TOMORROW (Wednesday), instead of a scene challenge, I will show you ami!Mary. :) She's finished. I'm not ... 100% happy with her, but I'd say I'm solidly 85% happy. Heh.

Thursday you'll get a very easy scene challenge.

Friday... I have no idea what Friday holds. So we'd best hope that Thursday holds some inspiration. :) (I'm also probably watching some SPN with [livejournal.com profile] flurije and A. on Wednesday and that might help.)

Unfortunately, classes start all proper-like on Monday the 24th, so there'll be a new and different schedule of Scene Challenges then.
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Just a heads up-- I'm not sure that I'll have enough challenges for the whole week. :( I'm not very creative. You'd think with so many episodes to choose from I'd have better luck. We'll see. But! On the bright side-- one day this week (tomorrow maybe?) there will be a post introducing ami!Mary instead of a challenge. So that's something. (She's sitting next to me-- well, standing, actually, as she's in the doll stand that I have) with her hair done, although I'm not 100% happy with it, but without eyes or the flower on her dress. Those require sewing and even though it's only a few stitches, it's always the last thing I want to do.)

Aaaanyway. Thursday's Scene was guessed by [livejournal.com profile] caffienekitty, and was, indeed, Sam contemplates a reindeer from "A Very Supernatural Christmas."

This scene:

was modeled after this one:

(Pay no attention to the fact that the yarn!chester version actually includes a moose... heh. His name is Cupcake, and he was a gift from a friend who went to Alaska. I later made that friend an amigurumi cupcake, which he named "Mousse". Heh.)

Friday's scene challenge was Bobby in his kitchen (which, yes, I know, in the show does not include a pink sink but what can you do?) and was first guessed by [livejournal.com profile] a_starfish as from "Sex and Violence."

This scene was the inspiration

was the inspiration for this one:

I decided I didn't want to use a background-- no particular reason why. But it does mean that you can see my spinning wheel behind Bobby's pink sink, as well as two of my many bookshelves. To the left of Bobby's head are, fittingly, seasons 1 and 2 of Supernatural. (Season 3 is in my bag because that's how far [livejournal.com profile] flurije and A. are, and we watch at Flurije's house.)

I know that in the actual episode he has a stove behind him, but I don't have a proper sized stove. And I know he used a regular land-line phone, but the Barbie cell phone is all I have just now.

Moving on! To Today's Challenge!

This one could be difficult. And please ignore the background (I was multi-tasking and not thinking, so you can see a ball of yarn and part of my laptop, and goodness knows what other mess on my desk.) I'm sure someone will get it, but if no one does, I'll offer clues later.

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Well... no one guessed yesterday's challenge. So... no one gets accolades in this space. (I assume it wasn't seen by the usual suspects because I posted it later than usual. So I'm posting today's challenge before I go to bed. It's technically Friday, even on the West Coast.)

So yesterday's challenge is still open, and I shan't show you (yet) the scene I tried to recreate.

But I'm still going to post today's challenge, 'cause that seems only fair.

I chose this one because apparently ami!Bobby is the favorite of the yarn!chesters which I sent to the production offices. :) Heeee.

No, I haven't heard from anyone officially affiliated with Supernatural, but[livejournal.com profile] anteka visited the set this past week and took pictures. (Anteka, as you ought to know, is the genius behind Plastic!Winchester Theatre.) Check out her pictures!! I loooove that the Plastic!Winchesters are hugging the Yarn!chesters. :D

As for ami!Mary, I didn't get to work on her very much, but I did, in a fit of detail-craziness, crochet edging onto her sleeves and hem. (I can't tell if the hem of her nightgown had edging, but it looks from screencaps that her sleeves did. Therefore, I'm guessing.) This was, at least partly, continued procrastination from trying to do her hair.

Also, the yarn I spun for her hair won't work, I think, although some of it will be perfect for ami!Jess. Fortunately, though, I found some dark yellow yarn in my craft closet (of DOOM) which, in combination with the pale yellow, should work, I hope. Also, as I must needs remind myself, it's a freakin' doll made of yarn and therefore does not need to be perfect. :)

There'll be another challenge (and hopefully kudos to whomever figures out this scene and yesterday's) on Monday.

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