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I'm thinking about moving. Frankly, I had planned on staying in this flat from day one (2006) 'til I finished my PhD and moved away to teach in some non-Arizona place. But ever since the new owners and their new management company started putting pressure on "improving" this place, it's become annoying to live here.

(Not, of course, that I didn't have complaints before, but they were always singular. Such as the Great Bathroom Disaster of last year, or Air Conditioning Catastrophe of 2007.)

It's every week, it seems, that we get a notice on our doors saying, "we're going to be coming in." Last time of course it was the two weeks of hot water heater installation. This time it's to clean the air conditioning coils. Not a bad thing, inherently. "Preventative maintenance" and all that-- but they're going to come sometime in the next five days. Really? You can't be any more useful than that? Man, they make cable installation look timely!!

I know that I rent this space from someone else-- I am not the owner. But it is my home. And I do pay rent to make this my space as long as I'm renting it. But that's not how I'm being treated, y'know?

I double checked in the office if the only place the workers have to get to is the vent in the hallway (as per the information on our doors), and they said yes, but I don't trust them because the hot water heater people were fucking everywhere. (Um, please read "fucking" in the previous sentence as an adjective and not as a verb, 'cause, ew.)

I'm home all of today (still sick. Oh okay, I could teach, but I pushed myself yesterday at rehearsal and it was a mistake) and at least most of tomorrow, so I'm hoping they come then. I doubt it, though. If they don't come when I'm here I'll move the cats into the bedroom and hope that the office people are right this time.

I'm getting really scared about May. I'll be gone for a month, and I have arranged a small army of friends to come take care of my cats each day, but now I'm worried that maintenance will need to come in and will let the cats out. But I can't afford to board my cats for a month and that would be unfair to the cats (tiny wee room vs. apartment.)

Then there's the issue of the colony cats. I was brushed off today when I asked if they'd heard anything. (Mind you, the person I spoke with in the office today brushed off everything I inquired about. I honestly felt like I was rude for taking so much of her time so that I could pay my !#@$#@ rent and such. ARG.) At this point I don't mind the status quo too much, but...

See, then there's Mad Mabel. She showed up on my doorstep yesterday and asked me to come speak with her. O-kay. She regaled me with tales of how awful the plumbers were when they were here two weeks ago and how this is harassment, etc. Mind you, I still think she's insane, but she's not entirely wrong. She thinks they're trying to force her out of her apartment. Here's the thing-- what she thinks is harassment is simply unmindfulness and the same thing that's going on to all of us. BUT they are hoping she'll leave-- I've heard office people say so.

She wants me to join her in a legal action. Um. Yeah, no. 'Cause I 100% agree that what they're doing is rude and disrespectful to their renters, but they've done nothing illegal. (Our leases say they can come in with 48hours notice. They give notice. They're just jackasses about it.)

So anyway, she has decided she will no longer feed or water the cats. AND she wants me to not feed/water them in the place we've always fed/watered them (which is by her front door.) She wants me to feed them on the 3rd floor. Which, okay, on one level, hey, easier for me. But it's unfair to the cats. Up on the third floor, they don't have as many options to flee (and they're feral, they flee humans.) AND having them up there is going to make people in this building see them as a bigger problem because they'll be contained in a smaller area (not literally contained, but you know) when feeding, etc. But I don't really see an alternative at the moment, so I moved the water dish upstairs, and fed the kitties up here this morning.

I think I'll have to find some other places to put little piles of dry food out, too, though. In the bushes, etc.

Of course, if (and eventually, regardless, when) I move, what happens to the cats? ARG.

Mind you, I despise moving. I know not many people enjoy it, but I really loathe it. I'm a home-body. I like to stay home. I like to have a home. I like my books and my stuff and ... yeah.

It wouldn't be a bad thing to start getting rid of stuff now, of course. (Well, not this particular instant, but you know what I mean.)

And moving is expensive-- paying people or at least renting a truck. (And if it's just me, and it's August, I'll have to pay someone.)

And the management company that runs this place runs a lot of places, so I'd have to look particularly for some place not them.

Oh boy, a project for June and July.

But maybe things'll get better...
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One room. I asked for ONE FUCKING ROOM to not be invaded-- the bathroom. Where I have put the cats. Because I am leaving for a while.

"Can I get in the bathroom?"

No. No you can't.

"I need to see if the angle valves need changing."


Seriously. I'm still seeing spots. Plumber-dude had used a flashlight under the kitchen sink and still had it on and he was standing and I was sitting and HE BLINDED ME WITH THE DAMN THING. Twice.

I hate this so damned much.

I asked if he could access the bathroom later, when I was home again because it had taken me 30minutes to get the cats *into* the bathroom today (they've getting savvier.) He said fine. "Anything you want." Well, clearly not.

On the bright side, when they do access the bathroom, they are *not* going to enjoy it. Three cats in one tiny space for a while with their litter box? Heh.
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WHAT THE FUCK!? So, remember how we got notes last week about the damn water heaters and washer/dryer hook ups, and when I asked in the office they told me ONE DAY? Yeah, apparently not so much.

They're here now. They were here Friday. They'll be here tomorrow. They may be here Wednesday.

I can't get any work done because they are here MAKING NOISE and my poor kitty babies are crying in the bathroom and it means I have to be awake early tomorrow and OH MY GOD WHY DOES EVERYTHING SUCK!?

Also, none of the workers speak English as a first language. I asked the guy on my porch if he's going to be done today (no) and asked whey they would, and said something about my cats and he got all defensive and went and got someone else. He was all defensive and irritated at me "it's too big of a job! it takes 5 days." Well fuck your five days, it's been 6 already because NO ONE TOLD US that the damn job wouldn't start 'til Wednesday (instead of Monday) UNTIL WEDNESDAY. So my cats are locked in a tiny, hot bathroom and it's not fair and ohmygod I hate everything, and none of this is about a water heater and all of this is about my cramps and my depression and the feral cat situation and I just want to hide under the covers until the WHOLE DAMN WORLD (other than my cats, family and friends) GOES THE FUCK AWAY.

I'm about to update Project-Cat. I'm annoyed about that, too, but it's not yet necessary to get up in arms.

Now they've asked me to clean out ANOTHER GODDAMNED CLOSET AND I AM THIS CLOSE TO TEARS-- NO, FUCK IT, I AM CRYING. They are IN MY HOUSE and I want them to go away. I feel invaded.
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Rambling about Lampshades, actually )

In other apartment news, the water heater fixing is now going to take (for the whole complex) 'til Wednesday of this week. When I came home this past Wednesday, there was a new water heater just sitting on my porch. On Thursday I tried to take a nap, but had a hard time, knowing that plumbers might come at any minute to work on the water heater. At one point I heard a WHUMP WHUMP WHUMP of someone bringing something very heavy up the stairs to the third floor. I willed the person to go to a different apartment, but alas, there was a LOT of knocking on my door, despite my yelling, "JUST A MINUTE" as I fumbled for my glasses. I opened it to find a guy with ...

a new water heater. One that looked just like the one on my porch.

"Yes?" I asked

"I have to put this on your terrace." The man had an accent, Greek perhaps?

I looked at the water heater on this clearly exhausted man's dolly, then back to the one prominently displayed on my "terrace." "Umm, there's already a new water heater on my terrace."

He looked at me, he looked at the water heater he'd lugged up many flights of stairs. "There is clearly a mistake." He looked so forlorn, poor guy.

I said goodbye and that was that, other than the WHUMP WHUMP WHUMP of his taking the water heater back down the stairs.

I ran into the plumber guys on Friday as I was coming home and cheerfully asked them how it was going and how far they'd gotten (meaning, how far in this building, and had they gotten to my flat yet.) The first guy i asked didn't speak English, but he must have thought I cared deeply about my question because he went and got someone else. This person thought I was angry, and was cranky right back at me, saying how they had to put in the washer/dryer hookups and the water heater so how could they be done?! I just looked at him all, "O-kay, I was just wondering... dood."

But with this attitude, I figured they hadn't gotten to my flat at all. So imagine my surprise when I discovered that now accompanying my new water heater in the middle of my deck ("terrace") there was two large pieces of wallboard and all the stuff that had once been inside the closet on the porch. All of it destined to be sitting there 'til Monday. Lovely. Frankly, at the time I was angry. I'm just hoping they really will be done on Monday so that I can stop having to lock my cats in the bathroom. Grr.

The only good thing about the apartment complex at the moment is the new fitness room. The one woman who works at the office is sooper nice to me, even though I'm always making trouble, and when I stopped by on Friday to ask if the plumbers were going to be working over the weekend (and so glad that they were not), she showed me the new fitness room, even though it's not officially open 'til Thursday.

It's gorgeous. All new equipment! Four treadmills! Two ellipticals, one with the swingy arm things! A stationary bike (or two?) And ALL of those have their own cable televisions and ipod jacks! (There's also a flat screen tv near the weight lifting equipment.) Dood, the last fitness room? It had 3 treadmills, one of which worked, and a dying elliptical. They were always promising they'd get a radio in there, but never did (not that it mattered, since I used my iPod, but still.) So, I am pleased. I was worried, though, that we'd only be able to use it while the office was open, but no, for a $25 deposit you can get a swipe card that lets you in any time between 6am and 10pm. So I am pleased. (And with it right next to the office, separated only by a glass door, it seems to me that if a piece of equipment stops working, it'll get attention far faster than the old room.)

Oh. While at Target today I bought an inexpensive oven thermometer so I can finally satisfy myself that the oven doesn't (or does) work, and get that fixed soonish too. Whee.

Hopefully once the water heater business is finished, and (if) the feral cat situation is cleared up in a satisfactory manner (meaning the cats aren't removed, and I'm allowed to continue taking care of them, along with Mad Mabel), I'll go back to enjoying living here-- or, really, more the neutral stance I've always had about the place.


Feb. 9th, 2010 10:27 am
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I got up at 8:30ish so that I could herd the cats into the bathroom by 9, in case the apartment people were coming. They did, in fact, show up at 10, and there were three of them and they looked at my water heater and that was all. Evidently this is not a one day thing as I was led to believe, but rather they'll be installing a new water heater (and the washer dryer hookup) "later this week." Thanks guys, that's helpful.

They left the door to my patio open when they left. So even though these are not apartment complex people, and therefore would not care about the number of pets, I'm still going to have to herd the cats into the bathroom every day because I clearly can't trust these guys to not let the fuzzies out. On the bright side, it's pretty clear they're not coming back today, so I can probably let the furballs out of the bathroom... But since I'm paranoid, I'll do it after I run my errands.

Oh, errands. I want to get breakfast out (Einstein's) but otherwise I also need to hit the post office (international shipping of cat toys, hee) and the grocery store. Then I'll be spending at least part of the afternoon out with Heather, grading 321 papers. Joy. I haven't looked at any of them yet-- I finished commenting on 101 papers yesterday and thought I deserved to wait. Well, that and I fell asleep on my couch at 4:30 yesterday and didn't wake up 'til 9 or so. (But, y'know, treatment for sleep apnea is "elective." Yes, I'm still bitter. And still broke. And so, still untreated.)

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Today I totally overslept-- I was supposed to be at rehearsal at noon, so I set my alarm for 10am. I, uh, got up at 1pm. Fuuuuuck.

Everything else has been more or less good, though. I cleaned, I made a new CD for my alarm clock (I figure part of the reason I've been sleeping through the alarms is that I've become used to the music...? Hey, it's possible. This mix is called "Wake the hell up" and is volume 1. Heh.), I've chatted with my parents, I've vacuumed, and before that, I fixed my vacuum, and I have watched the Puppy Bowl.

How often do you have to change the belt on your vacuum? It seems like it's a bit too often that I have to... Grr. Oh well.

So why all the cleaning, you might ask. Yesterday I found out that the apartment complex people are demanding entrance into my apartment for the next five days. I am not a happy camper. They are checking the water heater (I'd like a new one please, sometimes I don't get hot water for my showers) , and things like that. And, if I want to pay $35/month, they'll put a washer/dryer in my balcony closet. I'm really tempted-- I would love to be able to do a load of laundry whenever I wanted. I'd have clean clothes more often, I'd be more likely to put stuff away because it wouldn't mean putting away HUGE loads of stuff all at once. But by the same token, I don't spend $35/month on laundry now, so it'd be doubling what I pay by going to the laundry room. Do I really want to pay for that convenience?

This also leads the problem of Widget. Last time they wanted access to my apartment, Miss Widget spent the night at Flurije's-- but that didn't go well. Flurry got no sleep and Beatrice was angry for a week. I asked [livejournal.com profile] wild_donkey_man, but he won't be around much this week and so was reluctant. Similarly, two other friends last night at a dinner party I attended said they'd take her, but it was clear that it'd be a hassle for anyone. So I guess I'm going to take my chances and just hope that whoever has to come in doesn't notice or doesn't care... It's unclear from the highlighted map as to whether they need access to my bathroom-- if they don't, I'll keep all three in there so that none of them can run out. I'm really scared that the workpeople will let one of the fuzzies dash out. :(

Also, they want three closets cleaned out -- uh, no? How the hell am I supposed to do that? And how much do they really mean? Naturally I have questions about all of this-- timing, where they really need to get to, how much access they need, etc. But can I ask? NO. Because they put the notice on our doors at 6pm on Friday-- right when the office is closing. These serve as 48hours notice, but you can't call and ask them any questions during that time because the office is closed 'til Monday morning! ARG.

In other news, PUPPY BOWL VI. I love the puppy bowl. I get almost as excited about the puppy bowl as people do about the Super Bowl. And this year, not only was there a kitty half time, but there were BUNNY CHEERLEADERS and piloting the blimp there were HAMSTERS. Heeee!

I had more to say, but that was all ages ago, 'cause since writing the above Flurry and I have ordered and eaten Chinese food and watched an episode of Make it or Break it and now I have to comment on at least 7 student papers. :P

So, hopefully, more on last night's soiree and other fun things at another time.
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Woke up late, but managed to get Jack to the vet just 4 minutes past when I was supposed to. (And I called ahead to warn them.) We were out within 10minutes, too, which was convenient. Jack's mouth looks a whole lot better. He behaved better for the vet (allowing them to look) because he's clearly in less pain. He didn't want to be at the vet but he behaved pretty well. He has not lost any more weight (yay!) The downside, though, is that there is one red, sore spot on one side of his mouth, and some exposed bone (!!!) on the other. Eeek. This explains why he's not trying to eat dry food at all, and why he won't even eat the chunks in most types of wet food. I'm to keep trying to get him to eat a full-sized can of cat food per day, continuing to offer whatever I can find in the hopes of finding something that Jack likes and will eat. We go back in a month to look at his mouth again. (Sooner if anything seems amiss.)

I came back home to take a brief nap. Unfortunately, it was very brief as the neighbor was drilling something, so I couldn't fall back to sleep right away. Then, as I was in the process of waking back up, there was a knock on the door. Fortunately I knew what it was-- my new laptop battery and power cord have arrived! ::happy dance:: I don't have time to deal with this because I"m off to teach, but still, yay! (I've been waiting for *months* to be able to afford this, so hurrah!) I flung on a dress (I was sleeping not-quite-work-safe, let's say) and raced to the door, arriving just in time to get my package. (It would have just gone to the main office, but that would have required extra steps later on. I'm all about conserving what little energy I have just now.)

I really do get to come straight home after class today. And I think I'm going to cancel tomorrow's class (instead of Friday's). (There are pedagogical reasons for canceling the class. But I won't lie-- it'll be nice for me, too!)
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After so many weird and somewhat-negative days (I'm looking at you, Last Thursday, with your Neurologist Appointment, Bad Student Evals, and Vet Appointment. Oh yes. You.) today was a Really Good Day in many ways.

First, class was fine. There was a bit of a downside when I just could not get my students to understand that standards of beauty change, that Miss America 2009 would have lost the Miss America 1921 pageant. (They were going on about inner beauty when they saw the 1921 photos and couldn't grasp the idea that that woman was the winner not because of inner beauty (which she may have had, I dunno) but because she embodied the ideals of the time. It didn't help that seeing 2009 in a bikini seemed to render many of the guys in the class incapable of coherent speech. I hadn't thought about that as a side effect because frankly *I* don't think Miss 2009 is all that attractive. I think she's kind of scary looking and very fake looking. She, too, may have inner beauty (I do not know) but I personally don't find her outer beauty appealing. I digress.

But in general, class went fine. Also, people responded to both today's Yarn!Chester post and Bone Key chapter recap/review, which always makes me happy. Hurrah!

Oh, and before class I made my daily stop at the coffee shop. I wasn't too sure about the flavor of iced tea they were offering, so I asked for a sample. I expected a sip, y'know? But they kindly gave me a whole cup (and thankfully it was good, so I bought a full sized glass.) The owner called me one of his favorite customers. We chatted about the weather (it's really friggin' hot just now here in AZ) and he good-naturedly called me one of those girls because I carry a parasol. (I burn really easily and I have a longish walk from car to office...) They were very nice.

Then later I had a lovely nap, shared partly with my Jackjack, once he stopped walking on my head. I was dozing off when I heard a knock on my door. It was the UPS guy with a (mostly-surprise) present from [livejournal.com profile] nyankoframe!! Dooood. I don't know what I did to deserve random pressies, but I certainly appreciate them. I now have several books I wanted (from my Wish List, you see.) ::happy dance::!! Thank you [livejournal.com profile] nyankoframe!!! My giftie includes John Winchester's Journal (which is one of those *perfect* gifts because I really wanted it but couldn't see buying it for myself), The Devil in the White City, which fits squarely into my historical niche of turn of the 19th century, and The Happy Soul Industry, which just looks fab. I can't remember where I heard about this one (perhaps the webcomic I read about Libraries, which often has book-related advertisements up top.) ::happy dance:: !!

THEN out of the blue I got an Etsy Convo asking me if a skein of yarn which had been listed in my shop (but currently wasn't, as I hadn't bothered to renew both skeins) was available. I said yes, and would gladly renew it and sell it to this Etsian. Not only did she want the matching skeins, but two more skeins besides!! ::happy dance::!!! I looooove when people like my yarn, of course. And this was my biggest sale EVER on Etsy. (In fact, there's only one little lonely skein of yarn left on my Etsy page. Oh noes! Quick, someone buy it! Heh.)

I have written another chapter's review of Bone Key and am likely to do another yet tonight (I like having a buffer of chapters. Plus, I've only been posting one a day, but since every-other-chapter is an Original Character chapter, and therefore less interesting to the readers of my reviews, I'd like to post two chapters a day.)

I have to do a significant amount of work for tomorrow's class (about which I'll post separately, actually, because I'm going to solicit ideas), but I think I'm also going to spin. For the first time in months. I've been wanting to anyway, but kept putting it off because I felt like I should finish This or That first. And because the last spinning project I was working on was leaving me uninspired. But.

Hm. Well, even now I feel like I should work on ami!Bobby rather than spinning. But I will work on one or the other. While watching the first disc of Slings and Arrows, which I have never seen. Or continuing on with season 4 of Supernatural. We shall see... One or the other. :) I shall also wind up the sold yarn. And take pictures of the yarn which will be raffled (raffled? auctioned? I don't recall) for [livejournal.com profile] shadesong's Blogathon. WHeeee.

A good day.

Now I'm going to put on a bra ('cause this dress demands it for decency's sake) and go get my mail. I should eat dinner, too. When I get back I'll do that and write about/work on tomorrow's class activities. No puzzling tonight, I think (A. is packing and leaving for Jamaica tomorrow (!!) and I haven't heard anything from [livejournal.com profile] flurije) so it's just me and my crafts. Happy sigh.
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Is it any wonder, really, why I don't call maintenance for help right away, even when I need it?

Example: My sink.

Current problems: garbage disposal doesn't work; faucet now leaks; right side of sink leaks completely; when using the dishwasher the right side of the sink fills up and overflows (and then, y'know, see previous, it leaks.)

So finally, because I can be home this week, I called maintenance. (Well, actually, I went to the office, but you know what I mean.) They don't much like me because I insist on being home when they're here (because of the cats-- I've talked with enough of the maintenance guys now to know that they don't really care at all, but that's besides the point.) Anyway, when I went yesterday, I found that the head maintenance guy wasn't in, and somehow, therefore, that meant no one could help me. O-kay.

Anyway, guy comes today, and he's really nice-- I've dealt with him before, both for the recent bathroom disaster and the Great Air Conditioner Hell of 2007. But immediately he finds that the garbage disposal is crap (which I could have told anyone because maintenance has been in to fix it 4 times now, and it always breaks again as soon as I try to use it) and that they don't have the parts for x, y and z (I don't even know anymore.)

So he has to come and go and get parts and get tools and in and out and it's been an hour now, and he's still here. Nice guy, enjoying our chat, but I really want to make some food (I just realized I haven't eaten yet) and I just want my sink not to leak.

And he'll be back tomorrow because he doesn't have all the parts yet. Arg. I'll have to be sure to ask what's fixed and what isn't before this guy leaves. Like... can I run the dishwasher without flooding my downstairs neighbors?

Oh well. Whatever.

And no, the holes in my bathroom walls have not yet been fixed either. I have no idea when that will happen. Guh.

And now he's off again to "find a better pipe."

Edit to Add: I think it will amuse me to write comment porn fic 'til he leaves.


May. 8th, 2009 12:01 pm
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And, they're still here. ("All" they have left is to fill a few holes and paint. But, uh, that's pretty much the definition of this entire job, so I don't really trust that as being "all".)

I'm getting on towards needing to pee. But the bathroom is currently such a disaster area that even if I were willing to be all, "Hey, I need to pee," I'd not really be able to use the space.

Also, because this brilliant pair didn't bring a sheet of plastic with them to block the spread of dust, EVERYTHING in my flat (or at least in my office/kitchen (!!) area) is covered in a fine white dust.


They're blaming Wednesday's plumber ("this would have been so much easier if he hadn't thrown away that piece" whine, whine, whine.) Which, fine. But that doesn't give you a free pass to incompetence. Grrrr.
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Seriously, this *can't* be healthy. These fumes-- the epoxy-- the stench.

I've been sitting outside on my balcony, trying to grade, but even there I can smell it. And I worry for the cats. (I can't even get into my bedroom to check on Iso and Dean because there's a Giant Toolbox of Doom in the way). One of the workmen finally set up a fan/long piece of tubing (like for a clothes dryer), running it out through the kitchen window. Unfortunately, this means that that window is now open, making me fear for my kitties even more.

Oh please please please let this be done soon.

Le sigh.

May. 8th, 2009 09:10 am
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Pretty sure it's a bad thing when the people "fixing" the fiberglass say "Oops" and laugh nervously. I really hope they aren't making things worse and that they're finished quickly. This is day three of this nonsense. And hey, here comes my shower door to live in my hallway. They even took down a picture so that they could lean the shower door against the wall-- and then they left.

Also, my apartment now smells terribly of epoxy fumes, and one of the workmen just tossed the plastic that had been covering the gaping hole onto my living room floor.

Eilonwy is not a happy camper.

(Seriously, where the hell did they go? They'd been here for all of 5 minutes and they're on a break already? Yesterday when they couldn't find the piece that the plumber had cut from the wall, they went to Home Depot to find something that'd work-- and were gone for 2 hours, only to show back up at 5pm to say, "Can we do this tomorrow?" And I should point out that there's a Home Depot across the street and a Lowe's 5 minutes down the street, so it's not like they had to travel. This is ridiculous.)

Also, i should point out that it's not the work that annoys me. I grew up in an old farmhouse that my parents remodeled room by room. The sound of the power-saw was a typical way of waking up on a Saturday morning. Rooms torn down to their studs was a common occurrence. It's incompetence, especially by professionals, that annoys me. Well, that and strangers in my apartment. I despise that.

Expect more gretsy updates as the day and bathroom work progresses.

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