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I neeed this book. Why are you so expeeeeensive???? Neeeeed this. As in, for the dissertation. Need need need. The bibliography alone is requisite. I might, I suppose, be getting it for Christmas as it's on my wish list, but I doubt it. And ASU's library doesn't have it. I currently have it on ILL, but need to return it tomorrow because of leaving town on Monday. Pout, pout, pout. Anyone have any idea how I can get it for less than $113 (the current lowest "used" price on Amazon.) I've already checked Alibris and ABEBooks. It's too new (having come out in late-ish 2009. I know because my adviser showed me her copy and said, "You need this." And I said, "I can't afford this...")

This is my new favorite quote: An author places himself uncalled before the tribunal of criticism, and solicits fame at the hazard of disgrace.

I can't say I'm a huge Samuel Johnson fan. (I approve of the fact that he approved of Frances Burney, but it seems to me it was in a rather patronizing way.) But that's a good quote. I ran across it in the comment section on an article about the new Stargate series, but find it particularly useful given both my own run in with an author (as you'll recall, over at Amazon) and the one that Neil Gaiman recently linked to. (In which Candace Sams responds to a one-star review of her book Electra Galaxy's Interstellar Feller. The trainwreck was here. The author defended her work by claiming that the reviewer was drunk with the power of being allowed to review on Amazon (?!), had called her minions down upon the author, suggesting that the reviewer was not smart enough to understand the book, and was generally out to get her. She began anonymously but within a page of comments was outed as the author. She raged against everyone commenting, suggested that the reason her book sucked was the editor's fault, that because Harriet Klausner gave her a good review, the book must be wonderful, and eventually declared that she had been receiving threats and was reporting everyone involved to the FBI. This included other authors (such as Meljean Brooks) Sadly, however, I've just noticed that she has deleted all of her comments, so all that is left is the (still amusing) responses. [Although you can see the other review she commented at here-- there's no long drawn-out argument, but you can see her "issues" and a response.], Many people had tried to gently point out that this is not, in fact, the best way to handle the situation, but to no avail. (Hell, the review in question wasn't even that vitriolic. The one-star reviews I've written were fiercer.) You can see the Best Of in a blog entry here. Perhaps savvier people than I will know how to find archives/screencaptures. There is now speculation that the author wasn't batshit crazy, just pretending to be, in an attempt to get out of her contract with her publisher. ...That's still insane, 'cause there are now thousands of readers who won't buy her stuff (maybe more-- this was linked by Neil Gaiman, both his Twitter and blog, after all!)

On internets, you amuse me.

(Speaking of, it turns out that when the above author writes "Fantasy and Erotica" it's under the name C.S. Chatterly. I have to assume that the C.S. is her real name-- Candace Sams-- and that the Chatterly is a reference to Lady Chatterly's Lover. I then have to wonder if she's ever read that book because while, yes, it is certainly explicit in its sexual content, it's actually far more about industrialization than it is about erotica. But then again, her homepage declares her to be a not only a former cop/ambulance driver but also a gardener, author and senior woman on the US Kung Fu team... when would she have time to read DH Lawrence?)

(Oh, and apparently Laurell K. Hamilton did something similar, which you can read here. It's pretty awesome, too.)

I understand the desire to respond to criticism. But... it does no one any good. Well, except for the thousands of people reading the trainwreck. Whee!

In other news, I'm drowning in stress. I leave on Monday for PA and I'm totally not ready, and I have gotten nothing done for comps and ohmygodhelp. Also, Christmas shopping? What Christmas shopping?

I did go to the Heard Museum today-- well, to their shop-- in order to get a book signed by Sandra Day O'Connor. Well, two copies-- one for me and one for my Pseudo-Sis. While there I picked up a few things for gifts. Justice O'Connor was very nice but was clearly growing tired of the whole situation by the time I got my book signed.

I was in line for a little over an hour. Cleverly, however, I had brought a book with me (one other than Justice O'Connor's!)

Here, have a health-care (of me) Sum Up. This week I saw 3 doctors, went to the health center 4 times, was prescribed 3 new medicines, had 3 vials of blood drawn. Did I miss anything...? I wrote about Monday and Tuesday's appointments before. Wednesday I stopped in twice, first to get a prescription (#2) that they'd had to special order and second to get a letter that my doctor wrote for my insurance company (and oh crap, I have to deal with that too.) As far as I can recall (and it was a hell of a week, so I could be wrong) I did not go to the health center on Thursday (but instead worked at the bookstore.) Friday, however, I was to be on campus not for the health center but to give my 221 grades to the my prof, and then go out for lunch with her and the other TAs. I was, however, running late. In my rush, I parked in the nearby parking garage and hurried to gather my things.

Unfortunately, I then slammed the middle finger of my right hand in the car door. There was shock, and then there was searing pain and there was rather a lot of dripping blood, and an amazing instantaneous bruise. I sat there for a few minutes, crouched between cars, trying to decide what the hell to do. I considered calling my mom for advice. I considered going to the coffee shop for ice (and napkins) and then going to my appointment. In the end, however, I called [livejournal.com profile] wild_donkey_man and asked him to meet me at the health center so that I could give him my grades. I wrapped my bleeding finger in some tissues and went to the health center. Poor W_D_M, I'm sure he didn't need to get a phone call from a semi-hysterical colleague. By the time I got to the health center, I was already doing much better-- while the finger hurt if I so much as looked at it, I was no longer in so much pain that I was crying. If I thought about it, though, it hurt horribly again, so I went on in to Urgent Care. I felt foolish-- it's a bruise and a cut, right? Gimme a bandaid. But see, since it was both, and since I squashed the nail and stuff, I thought it best to go in. They gave me an ice pack, and made me wash out my own wound (!!). The Medical Assistant was the same jackass I'd seen on Tuesday, so I was displeased on that front. The doctor, however, was really nice-- she was very sympathetic. She had the assistant put a compression bandage on me, and gave me some follow up care suggestions as well as a prescription for an antibiotic. She offered me a painkiller, too (if I thought Tylenol wouldn't be enough) but I demurred. She warned me that there might be bleeding under the nail which builds up pressure and requires a cauterized hole to be put in it. Fun! Surprisingly, though, this does not seem to be the case, ::knock on wood::

I stopped at CVS after, to pick up some guaze and stuff because the compression bandage didn't, y'know, catch blood and I was still all oozy. I still managed most of my errands, believe it or not-- bank, post office, gas for the car. Then I came home and slept. By last night I wasn't in much pain, just the occassional twinge. The finger is ugly and I don't want to, y'know, bang it into anything, but I was knitting last night already and my typing is normal. At this point it looks much worse than it feels (and likely will for months, since I bet the nail is going to fall off, ewwww.)

An update on the Paypal saga... Zynga's last email just said they're dealing with it. Then I found a refund in my Paypal account. But Paypal then said that they were giving me back the $150 while they investigate. So where did it come from? Before that Paypal comment, I'd tried to cancel the investigation, but evidently it didn't work. And I don't have access to my account now-- which really sucks because I'd bought something on Etsy before realizing I can't pay for it. I emailed the artist, so hopefully it'll be okay. :( (I'd also really like access to the rather large-ish amount of money in my Paypal account just now-- between the yarn and mousies I have enough money in there to maybe buy the Oxford book... if I can ever have access to it again... )

Tomorrow, I'm braving Target (!!) and packing and cleaning. Monday, off to the land of the COLD. (Mom says it's 24 degrees in PA today-- it was 71 here.)

I really don't know what to do about this damn Oxford book. Poo.
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Sounds like a (not necessarily good) stage magician, no?

Continuing from yesterday's frustration re: the mysterious unauthorized payment for a lot of money taken from my Paypal account and gone to game/social network Zynga...

I awoke this morning to an email saying they needed more information, and could I please provide the date and time of the transaction, as well as credit card numbers (first 6 and last 4.) I responded by pointing out that, as I said from the get-go, this was a Paypal issue, not a credit card one. Eventually I received a response saying that this was going to take further investigation, and that my inquiry had been sent further up the food chain (not their words.)

Then I heard nothing.

On a whim I opened up my Paypal account this evening, and Lo and Behold there was a refund from Zynga for the precise amount taken. After taking several looks to reassure myself, I canceled the Paypal dispute, and responded to the last Zynga customer support message. I thanked them for the refund, but in a semi-snarky tone said back-handedly pointed out that I'd not actually heard anything from customer support this last time, and that I still don't know what happened to cause this unauthorized payment, and that I'm now rather fearful of playing Zynga games.

But all is now well.

Confusing, since how the hell did this happen in the first place?? And worrisome, 'cause how do I keep it from happening again?? But the money is where it belongs. So, for some definition of "well," all now is.

Back to procrastinating on this final German homework...
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If I get them all out in LJ, maybe I'll feel better?

Family: My grandfather had a heart attack yesterday morning. He's going to be fine, they say, but he's in the hospital until at least tomorrow. Also, one of my cousins was in a car accident today-- she's fine but her car is not. I really hope that there isn't a third, but that if there is it also leads to the person involved being fine.

Paypal/Zynga: Zynga is a game company, the one who runs the wildly popular game Farmville on Facebook. I do play Farmville (and also their CafeWorld). Today out of the blue I received an email from paypal saying I had authorized a payment for $150 (!!!) to Zynga. I had done no such thing. I immediately opened a claim dispute with Paypal AND contacted customer support at Zynga AND emailed their billing address. I also changed my Paypal password. Paypal responded by limiting access to my account and contacting Zynga. Zynga, presumably since it's Sunday night, has done nothing. Of course, I've heard horrible things about the company, so I'm quite nervous about getting my money back. (Apparently I purchased 5million credits -- which I have not received. Not, of course, that I authorized this payment to begin with!) I have absolutely not comprehension of how this could have happened. Nor do I know how one proves a negative (that I did not make this purchase). $150 is a lot of money. I am not a happy camper.

I'm going to hold off on posting anything new in my Etsy until this is resolved so that if purchases are made they aren't going to the currently limited account.

Bookstore: The first day on the job was fine, I guess. The Boss hadn't built the bookshelves he'd promised ('cause he had to rebuild the entrance since someone had tripped over it and nearly broken his elbow) but he'd gone and started pulling fiction off the shelves. I pointed out that if we pulled stuff but had nowhere to put it, then no one would be able to browse it and buy it. He agreed, so after he left i put stuff back on the shelves. I'm hoping the new ones will have been built by Tuesday.

He also promised me a 60% discount off of used books and 40% off of new. Tonight I received an email saying the new policy is 30% discount.

Also, his business practices are ridiculous. I admit that I know very little about running a used bookstore, but it seems to me that the fiction section would be one's bread and butter. Instead, he wants to focus on non-fiction. And he has a clearance rack outside (only it's labeled "clearence") with good books on it that are marked down to ridiculously low prices. I know that his business practices don't really affect me (as long as I get paid) but it's so frustrating.

On Thursday, he got to the store at 4:30, which was great, that's when I was to leave. Flurry and I went to the Greek place next door for dinner and grading. I ran out to my car to get something (my jacket, I think) and I saw the Boss leave, having stuck a sign on the door saying, "Back at 5:45.") This means that the store was closed. Again. Being open consistently, it seems to me, is the most important thing right now for a brand new store. But whatever. When Flurry and I left the Greek place, the bookstore was open again, but now there was a sign on the door that said, "For trades, call [number]; temporary policy change". Suuure.

Oh, and while working a woman came in with a huuuuge pile of children's magazines she wanted to trade. She told me that the Boss had told her that she was to bring them in and he promised her a great deal on them, since she's a teacher, etc. When I called the Boss to find out what he wanted to do, he said, "We don't take magazines." That policy is fine, but then he shouldn't have told this woman otherwise. And I have to believe the customer, not the Boss, because the Boss is a lunatic.

And if I have to hear him say, "I did [insert task here] with my own two hands" again, I might have to strangle him.

The actual working is not bad (yet) but I'm already beginning to resent the whole experience.

(And everything you guys said in previous posts is 100% true. And honestly, I would have told anyone else who came to me with this same story to quit. And yet I can't bring myself to do it-- things aren't that bad.... I go back Tuesday, and will update you all then, I guess.)

Second Shepherd's Play: I'm not saying that my choice of directorial style is the only one, and my aesthetic is certainly not the only one. But geeeez this play needs a director. I would do pretty much everything differently from how this play is going. The guy who has become the default director, by virtue of the play being his idea, and he being a professor, specifically one who has been teaching most of the rest of the cast this semester, has, in my ever so humble opinion, no freakin' idea what he's doing. I'm rapidly coming to hate the play. On the bright side, when the default-director/second shepherd does something stupid, I just concentrate on the third shepherd, as he is attractive. :)


Dec. 2nd, 2009 04:22 pm
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I'm not entirely sure if I want to be hired or not, but I'm off to "interview." (The quotes are 'cause I'm pretty sure he's planning on hiring me. In some ways it's more if I want to work for him. This will depend on pay and schedule.)

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and, in fact, miserable.

What I desperately need is three months (ie: 'til mid January) to do nothing but teach (and not that, if I could help it) and read for comps.

Current Stress:

221 LECTURE: Tomorrow I must lecture on A Midsummer Night's Dream. While on one hand, that's a piece of cake (better that than just about any other play, and I can talk about staging for half the class) it's still a lot of work to prep the lecture and the power point and to then be ready to stand in front of an entire lecture and my prof.

221 PYRAMUS & THISBE: I am currently leading about 15 undergraduates in a "production" of Pyramus and Thisbe. It goes up on Wednesday in class (a week from tomorrow), so on one hand it's short-term stress, on the other, though, it's additional time and effort.

PFF: This class has been fairly useless and it requires a great deal of effort-- not to mention twice monthly THREE HOUR seminars on Friday afternoons, plus other workshops and such. I am very close to withdrawing from it, but it may well be too late in the semester. (Just looked-- I have 'til Nov 8th to withdraw... I will make that decision very soon. I promised myself I'd stick out this year but... why? I shouldn't make this decision while I'm this upset, though.)

SLEEP APNEA: This one is a multi-part cause of stress. First, the apnea itself which causes me to be tired all the time. I know most people are sleepy in the mornings, for example, but I could barely keep my eyes open during the Blackfriars Conference, and these were all papers I was interested in. Imagine how you feel after catching perhaps only 2 hours of sleep-- that's how I feel every day.

Add to that the fact that the people who are processing my prescription (for the machine) are incredibly incompetent (I spoke with them today.)

And the fact that my insurance company has denied my claim.. I now get to spend $1000 for a machine which may or may not help me to actually feel better. Turns out I can spend $225 on a humidifier (gotta buy that regardless, evidently) and "only" $105/month in a rent-to-own scheme (which is how I'll go because I am not convinced that this is going to entirely work. Judging from the nightmares I had when I used the !#@$ machine in the sleep lab, I may not be able to keep the damn thing on when there's not a tech to come rushing in and admonish me.)

I will be emailing/calling the health insurance for a clarification of their denial, of course. My mom said it could just be something like messed up paperwork. I, however, am a cynic, and am fairly certain it's because my apnea is only "moderate" meaning I am unlikely to die in my sleep because of it. This would be more reassuring if it weren't for the fact that I'm likely to die while falling asleep in my car or something equally stoopid, and still caused by the sleep apnea. Even more likely is the fact that I am not exactly functioning very well, and so I honestly don't know that it's at all possible for me to continue this career. Melodramatic? Perhaps. But honestly true. I don't know that I'll be able to write the diss at this point (or pass the comps) let alone struggle for tenure! This is BULLSHIT. My body is defective and I can't afford to get help. And I can't say that anyone really understands, either, which is equally frustrating.

COMPS: Most people get 6months to a year to prep for comps. I get 3months, while I try to do everything mentioned above and below as well.

VACUUM: Is broken. Gots to fix.

CATS: Still a bit worried about Jackjack's spot (on his tummy) but it actually looks less bad than it did before (it hasn't shrunk, but less of it is scabby.) Callie's feline acne seems to be clearing up even though I can't get her to let me clean it with anything. (I did, however, take away the plastic bowls.) So that's good stuff. But then there are the ferals... There's a kitten I need to catch (and doing so, and taking care of him will probably run about $200 in vet bills-- shots, neutering/spaying, check-up, food, medicine) and at least 5 adults I should try to catch and get TNRed (Pigpen, as before, Tigger, the gray tabby who's friendly, a new Tuxie, and the new gray-ish cat with the white tip to his tail, and a couple of moo-cows I never caught.) I need to raise $300 before I can contemplate these endeavors, though. I considered another raffle (the last was very successful) but then remembered that those are, actually, technically, illegal.

GIRL-PLUMBING: Probably as a result of stress, I've been having some, relatively minor but very very very irritating, issues. I shan't say more here, 'cause I don't want to lose readers.

STUDENTS: The problem? I has them. No, most of them are great, but how can I focus on studying when I have teaching and vice versa? And some of my students are ... difficult. Apparently the 17% student saw the prof today and he cannot recall the name of the book we are currently reading. She directed him to talk to some other people here at the university, but he's evidently resisting the idea that he might have memory trouble. He is, however, the extreme version of many students here, frankly. (One student went to the prof to complain that she'd gotten a D on the exam. She said she'd googled all the answers and studied for 3 days, so how could she have done so poorly?!)

MONEY: I'm not, like, unable to pay my bills on a regular basis (thank goodness), with the exception of the unexpected things, like this sleep apnea equipment. But I need to get to the Globe this May, as part of my dissertation work, and I don't have $3500 to do it. (Plus food costs.) I have no ideas. I'm all out.

CONFERENCE: Honestly, I'm still frustrated by the conference even though it has now been over for several days. I spent a lot of money and a lot of time to attend and it was ... not great. Good parts? Absolutely. Awful parts? Yes. And the worst was my own "roundtable." I honestly think I'd have gotten more out of just flying out to VA and hanging with [livejournal.com profile] spade and peeps from C'ville.

Cut for Probable Insensitivity )

So now I'm going to do some German homework in an attempt to play catch up in that class (I'm behind by a week's worth of work AND I have to make up a quiz). Then hopefully I'll still have some time to work on the power point for tomorrow's lecture before German class. I don't think I'll go home right after class, though, 'cause I still have 101 stuff that needs doing and such. Sigh.
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Some things I forgot to mention:

Jack was 17.3 pounds the last time we were at the vet. That was in May. That was a bit lower than his highest weight, around 18pounds. Today? 14.9. While clearly Jack has some weight to spare, it's a very bad sign to lose 2 pounds so quickly. My poor baby.

Jack's bald patches? I pointed them out and the vet didn't seem too concerned-- no crusty bits or evidence that Jack had been scratching. Then I asked if it could be irritation from the flea medication, and the vet said that's absolutely what it was (he'd not known that I'd used any). So that's no biggee. And there's already fur growing in.

I called the vet and it's going to cost about $350 for Jack's teef surgery. That's got to be wildly approximate because I know that the last time I saw an estimate for this it was given to me as "between $35 and $50 per tooth" so I'm not sure how they're coming to the cost of $350. Fortunately, he doesn't need all the pre-anesthesia tests this time around, since he was just under anesthesia a few months ago. While I certainly don't have $350 to spare, it's honestly a lot less than I anticipated. (Between the office visits and tests and such last time it was more just to get the teeth cleaned. I don't remember how much, but I do know that in 2 weeks I spent $1000 on my cats between Jack's teeth and Callie's X-rays.) So. On the bright side, I completely trust this vet and like him a lot, and he likes Jackjack.

The vet suggested baby food if Jack doesn't want to eat. I was pleased, since I'd already given that to Jack. Go me. (Jack's eating canned food now-- I just had to buy softer, more tempting canned food at PetSmart yesterday is all.)

So, I'll probably call tomorrow to have the surgery on Monday. I can't stand that Jack's in pain. As for how I'm going to pay fori t... that's a different question. Lizabethanqueen suggested selling cat toys, but I don't have any made (other than a few that are already slated for various people) and I don't know how quickly I can get more whipped up. I should try, though. It's just that this class I'm teaching is making me so tired. And between flying to Chicago with Kitten!Dean on Saturday, and having 17 papers to comment on by Monday, I don't anticipate finding time this weekend. Mergle.

Me and my headache are going to bed now. Well, shower first.
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... I'm not sure who won (other than: not my knees.)

I’m not sure when I left home, but it was hoooouuuurs ago. I live approximately 2 minutes from a large outlet mall, so there wasn’t any time spent in transit (‘til later errands, and even then no so much.) I lapped the whole mall, looking into just about every age-appropriate (so, y’know, not like OshKosh) clothing and shoe store for jeans and sandals. JEANS AND SANDALS, people, that’s all I wanted!

Was I successful? Welllll, I dunno. I ended up buying the *exact* same pair of jeans from Old Navy that I bought last time (the ones the kittens destroyed.) This is annoying because, well, the kittens destroyed the first pair pretty easily so I’m not sure how well they’ll hold up even sans kitten. And secondly, I’m between sizes. The smaller size is much too small but the larger size is significantly too big. ARG. And yet, they still fit better than all the other jeans I tried on in that !@#$!@#$ mall.

And sandals! I know I’m picky about sandals, but it’s not like I’m looking for bells and whistles! (I should, however, point out that literal bells and whistles might still be less tacky than some of the sandals I saw today.) What I’m looking for in a sandal: no flip flops (there must be a strap ‘round the back); no divider between the toes; flats (because I’m looking for day-to-day shoes right now) and in brown or black (as I’m looking for a pair of each.) Why was this so hard??!? The only ones I found that were exactly what I was looking for didn’t have my size in black (only in “mushroom” which was an ugly tan, and white, which... no.) In the end I found a pair of black ones that are identical to the ones I had in high school from Bass. Thankfully they were on sale for $25 and I know that they’ll last me a long time. They’re not perfect (I’d have preferred thicker strap and black soles to go with the black uppers) but they’re comfortable and they’re classic (dress up or down) and they were the right price. Hopefully now that I’ve found one pair it’ll be easier to find other pairs (eventually) that I like, too.

But come on people, this is Arizona, the desert portion!! Why was it easier to find not-hideous snow boots today (in Burlington Coat Factory AND the JCPenney outlet, in case you’re curious) than it was to find not-hideous sandals?!

I also ended up buying a tank top (green patterened) and a sun dress (pale green, jersey fabric) both 50% off at the Gap. I really wanted this electric blue skirt, too, which I could have worn all summer and most of the Fall, but it wasn’t on sale.

To recap: jeans, sandals, tank top, sun dress all for less than $100. Woot!

However, by the time I bought the sandals (last clothing purchase) my knees were in agony. Seriously, I don’t know what happened as it was mostly my right knee and it’s the left one that has always (since falling off of a horse and spraining it in college-- the knee, not the horse) given me trouble. By the end, I wasn’t sure how much further I could walk. (Fortunately, sitting down to try on the sandals one last time before buying them eased the pain enough for me to get to my car. Also, by the time I left the mall I was chatting on the phone with [livejournal.com profile] pyrite and that helps, ‘cause she’s awesome like that.

Oh! at the Sears Outlet there was a sign that informed me that “Laundry On sale!” Which, you know, that’s nice, but I have enough laundry to do without buying someone else’s, thanks.

I did stop in the Borders Outlet and splurged on the newest Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. When I finish it, I’ll give it to my dad to read, too, so I feel like it’s a gift, a shared experience and a read all in one. (He tore through the entire Pendergast series in about a month. My mom was so pissed that he was reading instead of doing stuff around the house.)

After my chat with Pyrite, I went to Heather’s house to feed her gecko. Said gecko only wanted one mealworm, even though she generally eats two and hadn’t had food since at least Friday. Poo. But at least she ate. And she looks fine, and seemed comfortable letting me hold her just a little. And Heather and Dan are so awesome-- as a thank you gift, they bought me a bottle of wine (Reisling) in a blue bottle shaped like a cat! I had admired the cat bottle wines while at the Giant Liquor Plaza of Doom with Heather when I was seeking Plum Wine a few weeks ago. Aren’t they so sweet? I’m perfectly happy to take care of their gecko (and am honored that they entrusted her care to me), they so didn’t need to give m a gift yet too.

I had to stop for cat litter on the way home and made the mistake of doing so at CVS because I needed some toiletry style odds and ends (partly in general, but also needed them now because of leaving for the trip so soon. I rather suspect that everything I haven’t already run out of, I would run out of during the trip otherwise.) Unfortunately, while I needed just about everything I bought, I did spend rather more than I would have liked. Oops. (I probably didn’t *need* the footcare stuff I bought, but I’ll be wearing sandals all summer now!)

Anyway, now I am home. I am exhausted. Normally I chat with my parents on Sundays, but we’re going to have our phone call tomorrow instead. Tonight, some feet pampering, and “In Plain Sight” (if it’s on; I think it is) and maybe some Puzzle Pirates. Tomorrow, laundry, and many phone calls (le sigh).
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(You know, the non-flaming-wok portions!)

So, let's see. Got up at 7:15, and got my car to the dealership juuuust after 8am, so go me for that. My "account manager" is smarmy and only jokes about money, so that was annoying. I had promised Maintenance Guy that I'd be here around 9 so he could work on my bathroom walls (he only spackled them up yesterday, he still needed to sand and paint.) But the delightful people at the VW place forgot about me, so I sat for almost an hour waiting for a ride back to my place. This was doubly annoying because 95% of the time I carry a book and a fiber project. Today I had nothing. Well, actually I had a knitting project, but it was almost done, so I finished it in 5 minutes. Grr.

Got back here, immediately ran into Maintenance Guy who said he'd be over in a few minutes. An hour later he showed up, sanded, did something with a spray can that was smelly, and left, saying he'd be back in a while to paint/finish up. I napped 'til 1:30 (didn't mean to quite so long. Oops.) Then A. came over just after 2pm, bearing strawberries. Alas, [livejournal.com profile] flurije was not feeling well, and so decided to not join us for the first part of the SPN Summer Marathon. (To be clear, this is the marathon to (re)introduce A and F to SPN, not the one that I'm separately doing so that I can join in re-watch conversations at TWoP. Yeah, just go with me.)

A. really likes the show. We watched the first three episodes (the pilot, "Wendigo" and "Dead in the Water" [this last of course amusing her because of the house which also appears in Devour, which I had also made her watch in the past]). It's so awesome watching SPN with someone, especially someone who hasn't seen it before. Also, she encourages my Yarn!Chesters (whereas most RL people just look at me funny, and Flurije calls me a nerd.) While watching said episodes, I sewed Papa Yarn!Chester up (arms! legs! attached to the body and head! along with his overshirt!) and started to crochet his (removable!) jacket.

A. wants to finish the rest of season one this weekend, having already made plans for us to watch as much as possible on Friday and then finish up on Sunday. I don't know that this is a feasible plan, but hey, I'm more than willing to go for it. :D Also, A. reports that she feels like she is cheating on her husband because of the way she is attracted to Dean. Being the pragmatic sort, I said a girl's gotta do... because her husband is off at navy training and she's not going to see him for months.

Maintenance-Guy did eventually return, around 3:30, to paint/finish. I like Maintenance-Guy, mostly, but his work ... shoddy. Granted, I grew up in a house that my parents were constantly remodeling, but damn, even I could have spackled better. You can totally tell all the places that they had to cut into the walls. Oh well, whatever. You know why I don't care? BECAUSE IT IS DONE.

Too bad my oven isn't working.

Alas, we didn't have time for a fourth episode (which doubly sucks, because, like me, A. is from PA (well, A. is from all-over, but a lot of that is from PA.) where 1.04 is set {Nazareth is just a few miles from where my parents grew up, grandparents live, and where I lived for a time, etc. And the airport is one I fly out of all the time. Of course they filmed in Vancouver, but still, they were representing PA} -- and because I feel like 1.04 is where they start to hit their stride. (The pilot is great-- it holds together well as a pilot and as an episode, and lots of shows can't say that about their pilots. I've never been a fan of "Wendigo", although I can't quite put my finger on why. I like Haley. There are some great lines. We of course get "saving people, hunting things: the family business" from it. But there's something about it that just doesn't work for me. I like "Dead in the Water" a lot, too, and more each time I watch it, actually. But not until a few more episodes do I think the show really gets it. Dunno.) ANYWAY, we didn't have time for a fourth, even though A. wanted it, because my car was done.

On the car front, good news (I guess.) While fixing all the things I actually took the car in to get fixed, the mechanic fixed a bunch of seals that were only reachable because he was replacing a gasket cover. This is part of what took so long in getting my car (although I have never gotten my car back quickly from this place.) Unfortunately, while he didn't charge labor, that's another $50 worth of parts on top of the estimate (which was an already quite sizable $620.) And of course no one had asked me if that's what should be done. (I'd have said 'yes' I suspect, but still, it's the principle.) Fortunately, Smarmy-Account-Manager finagled the bill (via labor, I assume) to make the whole thing only $10 more than the estimate, rather than $50.

Of course, this could all be total bullshit. I wouldn't know where to look in the car to find new gasket covers, let alone the seals that are apparently below those. Sigh. Still, Smarmy-Accounts Guy apologized profusely for the wait this morning, and I rather suspect that had somethign to do with this pricing snafu. Well, that and the fact that the mechanic made an executive decision without clearing it.

On the bright side, they oiled my driver's side door. I kept meaning to ask them to do that-- it started squeaking a few months ago. But then it stopped squeaking, and there were a lot more pressing issues to keep on top of with the car. But now the door swings open really easily, which is mostly great, but almost caused me to swing it open into someone else's car at Target, which is where I went after picking up ze car (there I just got some necessary odds and ends and priced iPod docks for the car. They seem to range between $25 and $80, and I don't know why.) I forgot to pick up the tea I wanted for my iced tea (but found a reasonable alternative that I hadn't thought of, in my tea cabinet, so that's good.) Fortunately, I remembered to pick up cat treats, so now Callie-Cat will, hopefully, stop acting so disappointed when I leave the apartment. (Whenever she knows I'm leaving, she dashes around, chirping, and rolling about in front of the door in the expectation of treats. For the past few days I only had some left from a while ago, which I know that none of the cats particularly like. She chases them, like usual, but then instead of eating them immediately gives me this baleful look. Most of them are gone when I get back, so evidently someone eats them. Or perhaps the cats are stockpiling them for some nefarious purposes.)

Then I came home because I wasn't feeling particularly well suddenly. After checking my email, I had the Crap! Dinner is ON FIRE incident. Then I made dinner properly and joined A and [livejournal.com profile] flurije in some Puzzle Pirates. For some reason I don't find it nearly as addictive as I did back in 2004, when I first played. This, and the fact that I'm broke, would be why I haven't bothered subscribing. We only puzzled for 1.5hours, and we only won one pillage, which was really weird. Those who puzzle more than I posited that it was because of the recent upgrade of PP-- all the bots seemed to be set on Impossible To Beat.

Afterwards, I watched some of SPN season 2-- more than I meant to, but I got wrapped up in working on ami!John. I finished making his coat: this includes the body of the coat, the black collar, and some detail work to make it look like it has seams and pockets. I really like details. Also, I'm still ridiculously proud that the coat is removable. (Yes, I'll likely go back and make coats for Sam and Dean later.) I also stuck pins in his head to indicate to myself where his hairline and part are, as well as his facial scruff. He looks quite freaky with the pins, but this is my usual modus operandi. Depending on how I feel tomorrow, I might be able to finish him and post pictures. Woot! We'll see, though. No promises. But it will be done soon. (I can't work on the current knitting project until after I've laundered it several times to felt it, anyway. So, Yarn!Chesters!)

Tomorrow evening I'm going to a fellow Ta's house to watch Tis Pity She's a Whore with the rest of the Renaissance Colloquium. I will undoubtedly take something crafty along (I cannot watch tv/movies [except in a theatre] without something in my hands to work on) but I don't think I'd want to work on ami!John's hair there (the hair is the fussiest part for me) so I might start working on Chuck's head and hands (the easiest bits.) Tomorrow I should also collect some appropriate pictures of Chuck-- I have no idea, for example, if he wears slippers or what. (Of course, this sort of question is often irritating on SPN, and I would assume most shows. Filming tends to be from the waist or chest up. Took me forever to figure out if Papa Winchester even wore jeans. (He does.) I just guessed at his shoes.

Foster-Kitten-Dean is playing with a jingle-ball and I am quite sleepy. Time for me to head for slumberland. Here's hoping I don't end up with another dream like this afternoon's in which a wedding party (for my pseudo-sister, who really is getting married in a year) ended up dancing a techno/hip-hop version of Hava Nagila. After waking up, I figured out that that must have been my subconscious working in the ring-tone of my cell-phone that I had used as an (ineffectual) alarm. Not nearly as cool as the song-and-dance-routine dream of a few days ago, but it does explain it-- I suspect I slept through various ringtones and they were incorporated. [Note: No, my cell phone does not actually play Hava Nagila.] I really need to buy a new alarm clock. I considered buying one today at Target... I could get a $20 clock/radio (and I never use the radio.) Or I could get a $40 clock/radio/iPod dock. This latter was, obviously, tempting. But I don't have a spare $40, so that was out. But my current clock/radio is old (I've had it since starting college, when its predecessor, the exact same clock/radio but a generation or two older, died) is untrustworthy. [What I really want is the one I saw online somewhere which rolls off of your dresser and around the room so that you *have* to get up to chase it and turn it off.]

Right. Bedtime.
eilonwy2017: (Cranky Kitty)
If I keep telling myself that Supernatural is on tonight, maybe I can make it through the day? (Ahh, but can I make it through Supernatural?)

Before I forget (again), SEVENTY new pictures of adorable kittenness available here.

I'm just gretsy because of finances and scheduling. Finances because I am so very, very broke-- I don't currently have access to the credit union account that actually has money in it. Scheduling because I still haven't heard from maintenance about the GIANT FRIGGIN' HOLES IN MY WALLS. And honestly, I don't even care if those get fixed today (I mean, whatever. Classy, right? But it's not like this is a house owned by me.) I just need---

Write about it in LJ, and it shall appear. After calling the office, they have called me back with information. So, Fiberglass Dude (and other people? Not sure) will be here at 3. Great. Well, at least now I know. Of course, what we don't know is if the whole thing needs to be replaced or if it can be patched. (Oh please let it be patchable. That would take less time.) I also don't know if this is when they'll take care of the drywall. And if it is, it that means they'll have to repaint the whole bathroom. UGH. What a mess.

I'm going to go move everything out of the shower now, though, and off of the countertops.

(I really just want to go back to sleep. I didn't sleep well because of the kittens in my bedroom. I was terrified I'd roll over and squish one. And then around 5am, Iso wanted to play. And then both Iso and Dean were playing with each other, which is fine, except Dean is rough, so every time I heard a squeak I'd worry about Iso.)

Sadly, this all means I can't go to Bunna to grade. But! [livejournal.com profile] flurije is coming over later, so that's all right then.

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