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Anyone familiar with Windows 7 have a clue where I can change settings for the trackpad of a laptop? I'm reeeeeally tired of typing along and somehow managing to highlight huge swaths of text and erase them as I continue along typing. (Thank heavens for the undo command in most programs...)

EDIT: I take it back. I found the place what with the settings and all... but there doesn't seem to be an option for changing the settings with the mousepad. (I know there was on my other laptop.) All I want it to do is to not be enabled while I'm typing (but to be almost immediately afterward.) I know there was a setting for that on the other Dell... SO! Anyone have thoughts on how to do this on my new weeminilaptop? :(

EDIT EDIT: I have found a way to adjust the sensitivity of the trackpad. It remains to be seen if I've fixed the problem or made new ones (I'm good at that!) but huzzah!
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EDIT: NEVERMIND. I don't think this plan will work. :P Although I'll still take suggestions about what to do as a voracious reader who needs to travel super light.

So. I'm trying to pack as light as humanly possible when I go to Europe. (The advice I was given was "You can never have too little luggage or too much money." Sigh.) But I'm a READER. I read. A lot. So I was thinking, Kindle? I saw a friend's Kindle last week and was actually really impressed with it.

But then I realized that I actually really want a GPS for travel, too-- I've heard that you can get programs/what have you for walking around places like, say, London. So then I thought, iPod Touch?

(I have a second generation iPod Nano, which works just fine. I would take that for music listening if I did not buy, say, an iPod Touch.)

So, thoughts? Anyone have an iPod Touch? Like it? Hate it?

What size would I need?

Other advice regarding readers or GPS or devices that do many, many things?

(And thank you for the many comments on the previous post. I'll be responding either tonight or tomorrow. My brainz aren't at full speed just at the moment for some reason.)
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So. I'm going to Europe this Spring, as you know. And last time I put forth a question regarding this trip (ie: what to do about a cell phone) I was rapidly given a barrage of information and advice. It was exceptionally helpful and good and lovely. So now I turn to you again.

So. I own a laptop. I love my laptop. I am typing on said laptop right now, in fact. It's a Dell Latitude D820, and it's about four years old (eek) and it is my primary (read: only) computer and I am not looking to replace it.

However, it's a relatively heavy laptop. (Okay, so it's freakin' light compared to the one I took to Ireland in 2000, but nevermind that for now.) And it's large (I love my enormous screen).

I need a computer in England/Germany because I will have to do some grading for ASU, and I will need to take notes for the dissertation in England and for a potential theatre review in Germany. I would rather not take my Dell only because of its size and weight. I'll be traveling for a month, and staying in multiple places and such. (Man, I already know that I am going to be so glad to get home.)

So. I have no idea how I might afford it, but that said, I need a tiny computer. It needs to be able to word process and surf the web. It needs to be as inexpensive as possible, but also sturdy. (Oh, and it needs to be a pc. But since I mentioned my dell above and the caveat of inexpensive, I suspect that was already obvious.)


(Sadly, I have several other Expensive Purchases to make before the trip, too. I need a new pair of glasses because I'm scared I'll break my only pair (and then I would be blind), so that's several hundred dollars. And I should get a microchip for Jackjack, too, just in case. Since I'm not going to change my phone at the moment, that's one expense not to worry about-- woot!)
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Since you guys rocked at the whole Finding Eilonwy an External Hard Drive thing, wanna help with more stuff?

Here's the thing: I suck at projecting. My voice doesn't carry very well, and I'm not very good at being loud. When I need to be loud, or when I just plain need to talk a lot, I end up with a sore throat. Every time. If I go to an amusement park, I know that the next time my throat will hurt 'cause I'll shriek once or twice on a roller coaster and my throat is done for. If I go to a club, I know that the next day I'll have a sore throat and less voice because I'll be trying to be heard over/under the music.

Saturday, while still in VA, I went to the Blackfriars Conference Banquet and talked a lot in a room full of people. Then, I went to a very very very crowded bar and talked a lot. The next day? Sore throat. It was almost gone by Wednesday, but that morning I gave a lecture. I used a microphone, but I was still talking for 50 minutes straight, and afterward, had a sore throat. It was almost better by today, but I taught and then had rehearsal, and now? Sore throat. I can rest my voice all day tomorrow, 'til evening, but I have a play rehearsal on Sunday, too.

And the play I'm rehearsing for is going to be performed on an outdoor stage with no help for directing acoustics.

So, I put to you two things:

1. What can I do to make my throat feel better now that it already hurts. (I have been drinking lots of hot tea, but other than that?)

2. How do I learn to project without hurting myself??

In other news... I spent a lot of money today. Bad Eilonwy. I ordered my external harddrive. But then Wyrding Studios is having a sale... bad, bad. And I went grocery shopping. (That part's not so bad 'cause I had to get cat food or risk the wrath of Widget. Though she be little, she is fierce.)

Renaissance Colloquium went well, even though I wasn't really anticipating having to open it. Oops. And my chairperson volunteered me to help today's presenter dig up more information because I'm the only person who has theatre experience and can guide the presenter in what questions to ask various places as he seeks information on The Othello Project (an adaptation of Othello set in Mississipi in 1964, and perfumed in 1995 in Toronto and 1998 in FL and nothing since...) Fun! (Actually it will hopefully be fun, but I don't really need/want more to do!)

Rehearsal for Pyramus & Thisbe also went well. It helps that I have such enthusiastic students playing Thisbe and Pyramus and to a slightly lesser extent Wall and Lion. Their enthusiasm is infectious, too, so everyone gets into it.

221 was fine-- but we didn't really get to look very closely at Midsummer 'cause I took questions, and they asked questions, and I answered, and it was all about early modern English history and staging, and I can talk about those for hours and hours and hours, which is partly why I now have trouble with my voice, and definitely why we didn't get to the play very much.

I finished rereading Where Serpents Sleep last night, and since I have at least 3 days before the newest Sebastian St. Cyr arrives (thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you to [livejournal.com profile] pyrite who mailed it today-- priority no less!!) I started rereading the first book-- What Angels Fear. This is interesting (to me) on two levels. One, going backwards from the most recent ('til next week) book to the first really highlights what has changed, both in terms of the narrative and also in terms of what the author chooses/chose to highlight. I really don't remember anything in Serpents that particularly referenced Sebastian's more unusual abilities, whereas it's emphasized (not overly, but clearly) several times in the first few chapters that his eyesight and hearing are unusually adept. Also, the reread has given me a new perspective on Kat. I've always liked her as a character, but have never liked her as a romantic interest for Sebastian. I'm finding that I'm more forgiving of that relationship this time around.

At the bus stop this morning there was a random (older, married, English-as-a-second-language) guy who kept trying to get me to talk with him. He could not take a hint even though I had a book open. >.< I was polite, mostly. But I wanted to read!! I mean, I walked up to the bus stop with an open book! (when I'm not in a hurry I'll read while walking). I sat down with an open book! I kept turning to my open book! Dood, I don't want to hear about your friend who teaches English in Japan.

On campus today, I went to the MU for lunch. Alas, when I went to purchase sushi and asked for more soy sauce, they told me no. So I left that shop without buying anything and went and bought an egg salad sandwich. So there. But anyway, on the way out of the MU to join [livejournal.com profile] flurije and to read the paper I needed to comment on in time for Renaissance Colloquium, there were a bunch of religious prosleytizers with signs. One of them said something along the lines of REPENT YOUR SINS JESUS. Admittedly, "JESUS" was in a different color, but still, I felt that a judicious application of punctuation might really have helped this man's point. Then again, no one seems to have a clue as to how to write anymore. And I don't just mean my students. I received a sign on my door a few days ago that read as follows:

Dear Resident' (s)

On Thursday October 29, 2009 between
the hours of 9am and 12pm the water
Will be turned off for repairs. We
apologize for any inconvenience and if
Have any questions feel free to call the
office staff.

Would it really have taken them more than 30 seconds to fix the formatting and extraneous capital letters? And what in the freakin' world is with the random apostrophe in the greeting?

OH! I forgot to mention that I almost caught the feral kitten today. He* was eating with some of the adults when I came downstairs (I'd been on my deck taking pictures of Walsingham who was up a tree when I heard Mad Mabel pour out their dinner. When she does that, all the cats come running, so I went inside and put on clothes-that-weren't-pajamas (I'd planned on a nap) and went out to take pictures and go to the store.) All the cats dashed away from me, but the kitten was uncertain, somewhat trapped between me and the stairs on one side, Mad Mabel and some guy on the other side (and the other side far from his comfort zone of the drainage tunnels and where the other cats were.) I blocked his path with my sweater as best as I could and scooted down under the stairs, but at the last moment he escaped around my sweater. Next time I'll just throw the sweater at him. I'll try to get a chance to post pictures (and a blog post at Project-Cat) tomorrow.

I got an email from the head of PFF who was all clueless as to why I would want to leave and telling me how the next two seminars will have English faculty on them and therefore are useful. I didn't bother responding, and I gave the homework I'd done for today to another PFF person so that he could have it-- I'd spent hours on it and wanted someone to use it, and he'd forgotten to do his.

I took a long nap post-grocery store, but am still quite tired. I played Puzzle Pirates for a while with [livejournal.com profile] flurije, but now 'tis bedtime. Zzzzz....

*I have no idea as to the kitty's gender, but until I do, he's a "he" and his name is Sebastian. Heh. If he's a girl, I'll perhaps name her Bast instead.


Oct. 29th, 2009 11:01 am
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I know nothing! I need help! Eeek! Help me, LJ-Genie! You're my only hope!

I want to purchase an external harddrive. I need something compatible with my Dell Latitude D820. It should be super easy to set up and use. I don't need it to be something that travels-- it can live on my desk (plugged into my docking station.) It does not need to be huge memory-wise (it has taken me 3 years to fill up my 80gig harddrive, and that only really happened once I started downloading episodes of SPN), although when the sad day comes that I get a new laptop, I assume it'll be useful then, too. I'd like the price range to be about $100 (less would be great for I am poor, slightly more would be okay if necessary.) I want to be able to order it online from a reputable place (I have no time for real life shopping!!)

Any suggestions? Any brands I should avoid? Any brands I should gravitate towards? Particular models you've had success with?

Please to be helping the girl who has no time to help herself. :)

(Speaking of time and stress, I no longer have the 221 lecture hanging over me-- it was yesterday and seemed to go well. And while I have not yet withdrawn from PFF, I'm pretty sure I'm about to. And while I'm not entirely caught up with my German homework (I need to do 7 chapters by the end of the weekend... eek-- but I have 'til 3pm today to work on it for starters) I have at least taken the make-up quiz and am pretty sure I did just fine.)

(ALSO! Firefox just upgraded without asking me, and CLOSED ALL MY FREAKIN' TABS, so if I owe you a comment, I'll try to find and remember it, but open tabs are my (apparently not great) system, and thus I don't know where all the comments I meant to respond to are...)
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Okay, so I haven't updated Word since I got my computer, so I'm still running a previous Microsoft Word (2002). And it works fine. It does everything I want it to do. (Of course, I said that about all the previous MSWords I've used, too! And I've been using Word since I was a wee, wee Eilonwy. [Eilonwee? Um. Sorry. It's been a long evening of grading/commenting on student papers.])

But now all the ASU campus computers have 2007 on them. And my students all (generally) use 2007. So no matter how many times I tell them to send me the files as .doc or .rtf, they still insist on sending them as .docx.

Today my father even sent a .docx. (Not, obviously, a student paper. It was information about our Germany trip. I digress.)

I know that there are converters out there, yes? So that I can open a .docx into an older Word? Do any of you lovely readers have a recommendation? Are any of them free?

Any of you out there who use the new version have a reason (other than it's time) that I should (especially before I start the dissertation?) switch to 2007? Does it actually do anything new and different? (The only thing I've found particularly useful is the ability to easily switch to a view where I can use the full screen to show the full document. This is only important when I'm in front of a classroom and want to show an assignment or something as our department has told us again and again not to make handouts but to put everything online. I'm not saying that this is not a good tool, nor am I saying it's the only change I'd find useful-- I simply don't know as I haven't used the program enough.)

If so (and I certainly wouldn't mind) anyone know if I can get some kind of student discount, because I can't afford the actual software...

Help me, LJ Genie! :D I'm really tired of students not turning in the right format! Grr! But since *that* won't change...
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Okay, so. I want to start creating the patterns for the Yarn!Chesters. To do so, however, requires a great deal of help from a knowledgeable crocheter. What I want is someone who would be willing to go beyond the usual tester job, you see. I will write the patterns as best as I am able, but I'd like to be able to work piecemeal. (Like, "Here's the pattern for the head, does it work?") so that I can incorporate suggestions into the next body part/etc. Also, said Tester must be willing to help make the pattern go from intuitive to, y'know, a pattern, suggesting changes, etc. This would be a process, rather than a "Here's a pattern, please test it" you see. I'd start by creating a basic "person" pattern, I think, rather than a specific Yarn!Chester, and we'd work from there.

Anyone willing and able? :)
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So, first the despair. As the entire fandom knows by now, the Creation Con in Vancouver is selling tickets to tour the set of Supernatural. (Info here, scroll down.) I heard this a couple of days ago already, and it's been percolating in my mind. Given that I posted things like this entry on how much I'd like to meet the designers and builders and creators of the SPN sets, you'd think this information would make me ecstatic. Alas, no. No matter how I run the numbers, I cannot figure out a way to afford to go. Tickets for the set tour alone are $350. And while that sucks, I don't actually fault the convention because it *is* an extremely rare occurrence to be able to see a working set, and talk with a crew person and such. But that $350 is on top of the price of the convention (itself not cheap) and then there'd also be airfare and hotel rooms and food. (Also, since you're at the convention, you'd probably also want to, I dunno, go to some of the panels and get some autographs and pictures. Mind you, the Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki autographs and pictures are already sold out yet too.) So... unless I get an enormous unexpected and extremely unlikely windfall, I will not be seeing the SPN sets, nor getting my picture taken with the Impala. I'm extremely sad about this. I don't feel that I'm entitled to go or anything, just that it really is a once-in-a-lifetime thing, and I can't do it. Just very disappointed. Alas. I will have to console myself with the fact that some of the Yarn!Chesters will be sent to the production offices, when they are finished.

Academia. I am also consoling myself with the fact that Heather and I have decided to write a joint paper about the Faustus myth in popular culture. This, naturally, includes things like the movie(s) Bedazzled, but it also includes Supernatural. We're not entirely certain where this article will go (as we came up with the idea over a sushi lunch this afternoon) but that's part of the joy. We do know that it will deal with the difference in commodification of the soul, now vs. the renaissance (when the Faust myth was written/disseminated.) And yet the Faust-myth remains potent and in use. (If someone says that a person made a Faustian bargain, you know what they mean, right?) Hopefully we'll get the majority of it done this summer. Her adviser, who has written books on Faustus and economic exchange, is away for the summer, which means that we can get away with not telling him about it until it's already drafted. He's no help whatsoever in the development stages anyway. Once it's drafted, he'll be quite useful, however.

On that end, you (yes you!) can help: where have you seen (in popular culture, preferably performance based) the Faust myth used? Where do people sell their souls? A sampling of what we've come up with so far:
Supernatural tv
Reaper tv
The Haunting of Molly Hartley film
Bedazzled (1967) film
Bedazzled (2000) film
St James' Infirmary (2009) stage
Hercules film (animated- Disney)

There are more, of course, but I'm blanking at the moment. Any thoughts you have, I'd appreciate. [livejournal.com profile] arkstangent says that no one in BtVSor Angel sells their soul, but [livejournal.com profile] pyrite assures me that both Lilah and Lindsay do in Angel, so I guess I'll look into that. I know of several (popular lit) books that use the Faust myth, but I'm more interested in performance.

So. Not nearly as cool as seeing the SPN set, but it's a way to put my obsessions (both the Faust myth and Supernatural) to work for me.

And lastly, Yarn. ami!Dean v2.0 has all his major body parts crafted. I'd have finished them sooner but one of his legs just would not cooperate. First his foot was too big, then his leg was lumpy. Very annoying. Anyway, head, torso and one leg are sewn together. Second leg and two arms are made. Still need to make the rest of his overshirt before I can sew the arms on. Then I'll make his jacket, then his face and hair, and he'll be set.

Also, I purchased supplies today to make a teeny-tiny journal for ami!John's coat pocket. It will very likely not be a working journal (too tiny!) but it will look good closed.
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Okay, so I created a post for far in the future, in order for it to always be on top of my LJ. I've seen many, many people do this. But now Semagic won't let me post anything before it. What do I doooooo?

Edit to Add: I may have fixed the issue. I changed the date via LJ proper (as opposed to Semagic) and now Semagic seems to be okay with it... But I'm not sure. So, advice still accepted!)

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