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Firstly, thank you to [livejournal.com profile] blergeatkitty for my random recycling goat. :D

Secondly, i've been updating things like a mad thing what updates things... yeah.

Project-Cat has a new non-update, with pictures! Including Daphne (so heads up [livejournal.com profile] oddharmonic, heh.)

And speaking of pictures, there are new ones over in my Flickr. Provided with no commentary, 'cause I'm in a hurry, you can see lots of pictures of my hike at Lost Dutchman Trail.. Proof that even though it's home to a lot of freakin' idiots, AZ is pretty.

Also, you can see pictures (mainly of animals) from my trip to the AZ Renaissance Faire. Sadly there's none of me in costume, but there is one of my hair. These pictures have commentary.

Also, also, I have posted my art project to [livejournal.com profile] spn_tarot, and you can see it here. Even though it's really different than all the other tarot cards that have been created so far, I'm fairly pleased with how it turned out. And I'm also highly amused. Yes, yes, I amuse myself. I know, it's sort of sad. :) (But, but, toilet plunger! Inherently amusing!)

Um. I think that's it in the updates and links category.

In other news... my grandparents' house officially went on the market today. The sign has been hammered into the front yard. My parents are done with the house. I'm really glad that my parents no longer have that stress, but holycarp, house. For sale. That was my second home growing up. ::sniffle:: I'll probably post links to the house itself once it's online. 'Cause. My mom put it best over on Facebook-- I really hope whoever buys the house loves it as much as we do (or more.) :(

My grandfather doesn't seem to be getting any stronger, but he does seem to be getting a bit more lucid. On Thursday he remembered Sacred Heart-- where he and my grandmother have been living for two years-- for the first time since his fall.

I stlil have TOO MUCH TO DO before bedtime and more deadline-y, before 5am Tuesday morning when I leave for the airport. HolycarpLondon!


Last night I slept on the couch because my bed is full of clean clothes, sorted into piles regarding their likelihood of being packed. At the rate I'm going, I would not be surprised if I slept on the couch again tonight... Mergle.

Tomorrow I teach, then I have office hours (which I can't skip as they're the last of them), then I have to run errands: Bank (for pounds), AAA (for a converter/adaptor, and for traveler's checks, I guess), bookstore (I need a London tourbook), mall (to get my new glasses adjusted-- they're crooked), apartment office (to pay my rent). After that I get to finish cleaning and packing. And make sup to freeze so that I don't waste all the vegetables in my fridge... Yay.
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Firstly, I actually updated Project-Cat!! Whoa! It's the first in a series of regular updates, I hope.

Secondly, I put seven cat toys up for sale in my Etsy Shop. Woot.

And lastly, if you're on Facebook, you can see new pictures I uploaded of my cats-- they're in their Catbook pages... Yes, I'm a dork. But the pictures are adorable. (Also, I have now uploaded them to their own Flickr Set.)


I'll do anything to avoid commenting on student drafts... Heh.

I'm going to update the Project-Cat Flickr page now, too, although it'll be pretty much the same pictures as the ones I put up on Project-Cat today. I just like to have them all online in one place.

Of course, leave it to me to get all this updating done on a Friday afternoon when no one is online to see it. Le sigh.
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First, I've been meaning to make this image for aaaages. Yes, it's sort of a new Yarn!chester picture. It's my response to season 5 thus far:

Behind the cut for more random pictures.... click! )

For more new pictures of the Feral Colony, head on over to the Flickr photoset.

If you like petting zoo type aminals, you should totally head over to my AZ State Fair photoset.
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Okay, so there are so many entries into the SPN contest that there are 4 separate showdowns. I don't know which ones my entries are in. It's set up so that you have two entries head to head and you have vote for your favorite. Please go vote! Vote for your favorites! (If your favorites happen to be my Yarn!chesters, so much the better for me.... I'd *really* like to win the grand prize.... )

Vote here. Unfortunately, because you can vote as often as you like, it's very much a popularity contest. ...I'd like to be popular, please. :)

Finalists from each showdown move into a Final Showdown in about a week, and then there will be more voting.

Vote for me! Vote for me! Vote for the Yarn!chesters!!!

I've managed to find my entries. "Winchester & Sons" is in showdown #1 (it is entry #31). It's doing middling in the contest. "Winchester Family Tree" is in showdown #2, and it is entry #70 and it's doing pretty well. "Evil is a Family Business" is also in showdown #2, and it is entry #71, but it isn't doing well.

Unfortunately, there seems to be no way to simply vote for one entry without clicking through lots and lots and lots. Poo. (On the bright side, that does make it a bit more fair. On the downside, it means it takes forever.) So. Poo. :(
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Between creating my entries for the BuddyTV contest, and making some new postcards for Vancouver, I uploaded a handful of new pictures (from today's photo shoot) to the Yarn!chester Flickr Set.

Here's one of my faves:

Bedtime for me.
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How many Yarn!chester postcards can you find in these pictures?

(The answer is scary. But I'll send a postcard to the first person who gets it right (and wants a postcard)).

(Um, I commented on that post with how many postcards I found, so you have to be on your honor that you'll not look at my answer. And I'm going to take a closer look/count anyways.)

(Sekrit Messuj to [livejournal.com profile] a_starfish, I still plan on sending you one, I promise. I've just been totally made of fail lately.)

Also, I think I recognized at least one postcard from someone else on there. ([livejournal.com profile] caffienekitty, is that yours at the top of the fourth picture?)

Hey, [livejournal.com profile] pentane, your cat is on the wall-- I took a picture of kitty!Dean with ami!Dean, and made it into a postcard, and it's there.

Interestingly (to me at least) some of the postcards I sent were of pictures I'd never got around to posting on LJ. How odd.

I stopped sending cards weeks ago. It suddenly came to me that I was probably coming off as a crazed stalker (which, believe it or not, I'm actually not) rather than someone trying to express her appreciation for the show's crew's work, talent and skill. I might, I dunno, send another in the future since there are new yarn!chester characters. (Mary, for example, hadn't been finished when last I sent a card.)

I'm going to go sew eyes on ami!Henricksen now. (I'd show you all, but as I say, I can't finish his jacket 'til I get more blue yarn, probably on Saturday before a season 4 marathon with Flurry.) I'll also work on Ash, til I run out of, um, other blue yarn. Then I'll try to figure out how to make his !@#$!@#%#$& plaid shirt.

(Oh! and as I just said in a comment to [livejournal.com profile] anteka-- I was just thinking this mornign that I've gotten pretty good at crocheting random things. But I don't think I can crochet a wheelchair, so I may need to find a Barbie one (she had a friend named Stacy in a wheelchair that wouldn't fit inside the elevator of the Barbie condo or something, right?) Hm.)
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I have posted three new handspun yarns in my Etsy Shop.

Northern Lights, a pair of black merino/silk plied with commerical variegated cotton skeins. (The cotton came from the Big Bag of Cotton Crochet Thread that I inherited-- 30 years on-- from my great grandmother.)

Subtlety & Sunrise, another pair meant to go together, also of merino/silk (although of pastel colors). One skeins is navajo plied, the other is plied with more of the cotton.

and finally,

Sunset on the Mountain, wherein I tried my hand at a sort of art yarn style. I took a bunch of things I had in my Spinning Basket (which isn't a basket, but nevermind) and tried out different combinations and then handcarded them all together. (Handcarded. Yes, I'd love a drum carder, but I'm fortunate enough to have hand carders and so I spent a couple of hours hand carding and making rolags before spinning.) The colors remind me of the sun setting over snow capped mountains-- or what I imagine that would look like at least. :) The materials for that one are kind of crazy-- it includes ingeo (made from corn!), milk fiber (yes, seriously!), icicle (a style of sparkly nylon), merino and other woosl, and various types of silk (bombyx and tussah). The whole project actually started because I had spun a whole bunch of tussah silk from hankies but then lost the end (its sticky and I had spun it very fine, so it was very problematic.) I was tired of dealing with it, so I cut it off the bobbin. I cut it smaller and used it as add ins for this yarn. It adds hints of color and texture, you see.

That brings the total number of skeins in my shop up to 16 (!!). Geez. Check them all out here, and tell me what you think. And I have two more which need pictures before I can list them (one's a BFL in shades of green, the other is a camel/merino in shades of blue). I'm really impressed by how much better my pictures turn out when I just take the yarn outside into the sunlight. I very well may take more pictures of some of my older skeins so that they're brighter and I'm happier with the colors looking exact. You know, when I have time... :-P

(Sekrit messuj to [livejournal.com profile] rubrchick, I'll be in touch re: our projects very soon. I'm still up for it, promise!)

Hm. I really need an icon for talking about my handspun.
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1. Amazon seems to be having a new tv on DVD sale here. It includes season 5 of House for $27, and season 4 of Supernatural for $37. It seems to include a lot of others, but my head hurts too much to bother looking through them. I only personally knew about the ones I mentioned because I, heh, ordered them yesterday. (Supernatural season 4 is out on Tuesday. I'm sure all the people who read this journal who care about that fact already knew it.)

2. Speaking of Supernatural and things that people who care probably already know, you can download the song from the third promo of season 5 at the CW website. I shan't say more (not even the song's name) for the sake of the truly spoilerphobes around. That said, I will mention that the version for sale on iTunes is not by the same singer, so if you're looking for the exact one from the promo spot (not to mention, for free) go to the CW.

3. This is less a "thing I think you should know" and more of a confession... I don't get the show Leverage. I mean, I find it mildly amusing, and if it's on I'll watch it. But so many people, especially in the SPN fandom, adore the show, and I find it kind of ... meh. [livejournal.com profile] pyrite (who, to be honest, does not care for SPN, but who has otherwise excellent taste) messaged me yesterday to go watch Leverage and adore it, and I had to admit that it leaves me kind of cold. I like Sophie, although some of that is carry over from loving the original BBC version of Coupling. I can't seem to get behind the lust for Christian Kane, either, perhaps because I found him irritating on Angel. (I like him a lot more on Leverage, but still.) So. That is my confession. I shall, however, give it more chances.

Um. That's it, actually. Everything else in my head at the moment is either about my German homework (The bread eats the child? That can't be right...) or about my ongoing health woes (This shocking news just in: Eilonwy still tired!) and related indecision regarding my career path (did you know that nationally only about 50% of PhD students complete their degree?)
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I've been spinning a lot lately (well, relatively speaking), bolstered by the positive response my yarn got in [livejournal.com profile] shadesong's Blogathon for BARCC, and recently selling everything out of my Etsy shop.

Naturally, it was time to refill the Etsy shop. So, there are now 5 different skeins for sale.

Midnight Garden, made of an enormous variety of fibers, my first real "art yarn." It's a thick and thin skein of blues and greens and burgundies, crafted with more kinds of fiber than I can name. (Except that I *do* name them all, but click the link to see.)

Candy Stripes, with one ply spun from creamy white huacaya alpaca from a small farm, and the second ply variegated pink cotton which goes from the palest pink that blends in with the soft, soft alpaca, all the way up to a true, deep pink.

Shades of Green, a merino that I've been holding onto for ages, 'til I get finally get good pictures of it-- and they still don't do it justice. The fiber was hand painted by a fellow Etsy artist. What amazes me about this fiber's colors is that there are so many, and yet in such a small range-- exquisite subtlety. Also, it's a very nice merino, and there's lots of yardage.

Patchwork Quilt is spun from BANANAS. Well, okay, banan fiber, which is made from the trees. The blue ply wasn't spun by me, but was handspun, hand-dyed and fair traded from Nepal. the multi-colored ply I spun, and it's 50/50 wool and soy silk. The banana is thicker, which makes the colors of the second ply just pop out subtly, adding to the intriguing sheen of the banana ply. Honestly, as much as I like the end result, I will NEVER spin this yarn again (one of a kind!) because of how challening it was to ply with banana-- the fuzzies which will look so great when knit or crocheted kept getting caught on my wheel's hooks.

Kaleidescope Blues is a thick and thin-- very! One ply is that of the previous yarn (soy silk and wool), spun evenly. Against the thick'n'thin dark blue merino, though, it really pops!

In some ways this is an advertisement for my Etsy shop, I know, but in other ways it shows you what I've been up to in the spinning department! I'm pleased with how different these five yarns turned out. :)

(And all sales go to getting me to London and Vancouver. ::fingers crossed::)
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For ease of searching (so I can reference just this post), I give you the complete guide to Yarn!Chester scenes numbers one through fifteen. Scenes should return next Monday (3 August).

#1: "Bedtime Stories" (3.05), Sam and Dean come across the frog

#2: "No Exit" (2.06), Dean and the Cement Truck

#3: "Playthings" (2.11), Sam loves dolls and the hanged guy

#4: "Ghostfacers" (3.13), Sam at the 'party', with hat!

#5: "Heart" (2.17), Dean fights a werewolf

#6: "Monster Movie" (4.05), Dean and the Big Pretzel

#7: "Yellow Fever" (4.06), Dean and Marie (the snake)

#8: "The Rapture" (4.20), Jimmy Novak on the bus

#9: "Yellow Fever" (4.06), Dean chased by Girl!Benji

#10: "Wishful Thinking" (4.08), The suicidal teddy

#11: "It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester" (4.07), Sam and the Great Pumpkin (homage)

#12: "The Monster at the End of this Book" (4.18), Dean and the wtftofu burger

#13: "Lazarus Rising" (4.01), Dean rises from the grave

#14: "Houses of the Holy" (2.13), Sam: Wait, there's no such thing as unicorns?

#15: "Scarecrow" (1.11), Sam rescues Dean. Also, Sam and Dean with a clown-scarecrow
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Or, in some cases, new information.

Every year [livejournal.com profile] shadesong puts her time, health and sanity on the line to participate in Blogathon in an effort to raise money for an Important Cause. This year, as with several in the past, money raised is going to the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center. As everyone who reads this journal is intelligent, thoughtful and aware, I probably needn't tell you what an important cause this is. If, however, you'd like to know more about why raising money for BARCC is important, especially now with terrible funding cuts, you should read about it here in Shadesong's words.

My point, dear readers, is two-fold.

First, you should go forth and enjoy the fiction which 'Song is posting all day long, every half-hour, over in her journal, and then you should sponsor her for doing so. Every bit helps and it all adds up and will help both individual rape survivors, but also to effect change as we, hopefully, as a society crawl our way out of the rape culture we are so mired in.

Second, you should consider bidding on the art which accompanies the stories which 'Song is posting. These are all pieces, in a variety of genres (including food!) handmade by people who not only care about 'Song but about this cause. You should at least check out the auctions to see some really marvelous pieces. Also, there's handspun yarn by yours truly there, which my ego won't let me not mention. :D You could get two handspun skeins of yarn ("Fire and Ember") AND be helping out a great cause.

(Third, and not actually part of my two-fold point; otherwise it would have been a three-fold point, you should also check out other crazy-passionate people who are spending these 24 hours blogging for Causes. And fourth, you should consider donating to or helping at similar centers/networks/etc. in your own areas because only by both helping individuals after-the-fact and spreading awareness beforehand, can we effect real change and prevent lives from being shattered.)
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For the sake of convenience, I’ve put together, below, a list of the chapter-by-chapter reviews of DeCandido’s Nevermore.

Chapter by Chapter )
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It occurred to me yesterday, while watching My Bloody Valentine, that I had never posted the pictures of FlatDuck's adventures at Knoebel's Grove last August. What's the connection, you probably wonder, between a small, plastic, heat-changed duckie going to an amusement park, and a horror movie set in a small Pennsylvania mining town? Well, the easy answer is that Knoebel's Grove is in Elysburg, PA, a small Pennsylvania mining town. It goes further, however, in that there's a small anthracite/mining museum within the park, and FlatDuck visited it with me. Sadly, I do not have the picture I thought, of FlatDuck with the modern mining equipment mannequin who looks JUST LIKE THE MINER FROM THE MOVIE, ARG! but I do have some amusing shots (in my opinion.) Plus the following which is just *creepy* and looks like it should be in a horror movie:

(Weirdly, this is not FlatDuck's first visit with a mule. Previously, and also in PA, he visited with a canal mule here)

Just in case you are unfamiliar with FlatDuck, his first adventures (July 2007), in AZ, are here in this set.

(FlatDuck is a small rubber duckie who was one of only two casualties when my AC stopped working in the midst of the hottest days of a Phoenix summer. The other was a pillar candle that is now gumdrop shaped. For some reason, Aussie_Nyc, when he came to visit, and I thought he would be the perfect companion for photos. This would be why my name at Flickr was FlatDuck for so long, 'til I turned to using it more for Project-Cat, and subsequently changed the name.)

And his subsequent, 2007, adventures in PA are viewable here, in the second set.

The 'new' (old) adventures from August 2008, which also include a few shots from my grandparents' House Where Nothing Ever Got Thrown Away, are in the most recent set.

And while I'm showing pictures, this one is from the same visit but is sans FlatDuck. It is, quite possibly, the best find, at least thus far, in my grandparents' house. Quick Death:

Note that it is a "non-explosive" bed bug killer, leading me to believe that not all bedbug killers are created equally. Also, it is an insecticide and deodorant. Dude, one or the other, I'm thinking, but not both! The bottle, which actually has "QUICK DEATH" stamped into the glass, was found in a box with my great-grandfather's World War I dress uniform coat. QUICK DEATH. Sorry, it makes me giggle every time.
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FIRST! If you'd like a way to get one (or two) of my cat toys (hand-knit and stuffed with premium organic catnip), or a skein of my handspun art yarn, check out Shadesong's Raffle. (You should check that out anyway.) Basically, 'Song wants to send her awesome daughter to Awesome Camp (for reasons explained here, but needs financial help to do so. She has put together, among other things, a raffle fueled by donations by very talented people, and also me, who is not particularly talented, but makes some pretty nice catnip meese. So, like the Project-Cat raffle (which was based of 'Song's raffle last year, actually), every dollar you spend gets you one ticket, with $10=11tix, $15=20, $20=25, etc.) there are some incredibly awesome things being raffled and you ought to check it out. ::nods::

Now then, an update on my Ami!Winchesters:
Ami!Dean is done. For the curious, yes, he now has eyes (and even wee eyelashes. Oh hush.) He holds up to travel remarkably well, having been tossed in my bag and gone to PA, on many small trips in PA (my grandparents had to see him-- and also I need him along when I'm working on ami!Sam for size comparison. Wouldn't do to have Ginormous!Sam being smaller than his midget-sized brother.) He has traveled back to AZ, and on several trips here, too. Now that Alicia has seen an episode of SPN and has declared herself a Dean!Girl (really?! Like there need to be more of those), she held Ami!Dean during the episode and talked to him. It was very cute.

Ami!Sam has had nothing sewn together yet (he looks like he's been drawn and quartered and then some) but he does have 2 legs (with shoe shaped shoes! I'm pleased with my improvement in shoe-crocheting. It is a valuable life skill.) A torso (although I'm still not pleased with how his shirt edge looks, dammit-- it does not look like the color-changing tutorial I followed. Grr.) Two arms (with hands). Said arms do not look like they belong because his torso is green and his arms are brown, but this is because, while he does not have it yet, he will have a hoodie, you see. He also has a head. but he does not have eyes or hair or the hoodie (neither the jacket part, which won't be too different from ami!Dean's shirt, nor the hoodie part, which will be ... figured out when I get there.)

And yes, for the SPN-literate and curious out there, I do have plans for an ami!Castiel and an ami!Bobby. However, SPOILER DO NOT CLICK IF PHOBIC )

No current plans for other characters, however, not even ShutUpDaddy!/John Winchester, or the YED, or Ruby (god, not Ruby, and if I do, for some reason, do a Ruby? It'll be the Princess Lunessa version (ie: Season 3, not Coma!Ruby season 4.) Not Anna until/unless she does something so useful that I forgive her for the Dude, Where's My Grace? episode.

Once I finish these four, I think I'll start another set (maybe not immediately) and try to take notes on how the hell I did it. My eventual goal is to have patterns for them. I don't want to sell the finished dolls because they take too long to make. There is no way I could get a price good enough for the amount of time and effort they take me to make them. I will be making a complete set for myself and maybe a few for a few friends, but this isn't something I can put up on Etsy, y'know? But the patterns would be a different story.

Also, speaking of crafty-SPN, I have a few other ideas up my sleeve, which is nice because lately all I've had up my sleeve is arms. And kittens. Oh kittens. I even have a pretty good idea of how to make the one idea. Also, these ideas are both for knitting, which will be nice to return to. I always feel like crochet is a second language to me, whereas knitting is almost natural.

The second idea (which, weirdly, came to me first) will be harder because a) it involves intarsia, b) I'd have to make my own chart for said intarsia, and c) it's vaguely inspired by a pattern I've seen somewhere but now cannot for the life of me find. Which is really annoying.

Anyway, my dinner (asparagus!) is getting cold, and I think I'm going to go sew Sam's head on now (hee) and you really ought to go check out 'Song's raffle. Besides, if no one puts tickets towards my items, I will be very, very sad.

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