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EDIT: NEVERMIND. I don't think this plan will work. :P Although I'll still take suggestions about what to do as a voracious reader who needs to travel super light.

So. I'm trying to pack as light as humanly possible when I go to Europe. (The advice I was given was "You can never have too little luggage or too much money." Sigh.) But I'm a READER. I read. A lot. So I was thinking, Kindle? I saw a friend's Kindle last week and was actually really impressed with it.

But then I realized that I actually really want a GPS for travel, too-- I've heard that you can get programs/what have you for walking around places like, say, London. So then I thought, iPod Touch?

(I have a second generation iPod Nano, which works just fine. I would take that for music listening if I did not buy, say, an iPod Touch.)

So, thoughts? Anyone have an iPod Touch? Like it? Hate it?

What size would I need?

Other advice regarding readers or GPS or devices that do many, many things?

(And thank you for the many comments on the previous post. I'll be responding either tonight or tomorrow. My brainz aren't at full speed just at the moment for some reason.)
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So. I'm going to Europe this Spring, as you know. And last time I put forth a question regarding this trip (ie: what to do about a cell phone) I was rapidly given a barrage of information and advice. It was exceptionally helpful and good and lovely. So now I turn to you again.

So. I own a laptop. I love my laptop. I am typing on said laptop right now, in fact. It's a Dell Latitude D820, and it's about four years old (eek) and it is my primary (read: only) computer and I am not looking to replace it.

However, it's a relatively heavy laptop. (Okay, so it's freakin' light compared to the one I took to Ireland in 2000, but nevermind that for now.) And it's large (I love my enormous screen).

I need a computer in England/Germany because I will have to do some grading for ASU, and I will need to take notes for the dissertation in England and for a potential theatre review in Germany. I would rather not take my Dell only because of its size and weight. I'll be traveling for a month, and staying in multiple places and such. (Man, I already know that I am going to be so glad to get home.)

So. I have no idea how I might afford it, but that said, I need a tiny computer. It needs to be able to word process and surf the web. It needs to be as inexpensive as possible, but also sturdy. (Oh, and it needs to be a pc. But since I mentioned my dell above and the caveat of inexpensive, I suspect that was already obvious.)


(Sadly, I have several other Expensive Purchases to make before the trip, too. I need a new pair of glasses because I'm scared I'll break my only pair (and then I would be blind), so that's several hundred dollars. And I should get a microchip for Jackjack, too, just in case. Since I'm not going to change my phone at the moment, that's one expense not to worry about-- woot!)


Oct. 29th, 2009 11:01 am
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I know nothing! I need help! Eeek! Help me, LJ-Genie! You're my only hope!

I want to purchase an external harddrive. I need something compatible with my Dell Latitude D820. It should be super easy to set up and use. I don't need it to be something that travels-- it can live on my desk (plugged into my docking station.) It does not need to be huge memory-wise (it has taken me 3 years to fill up my 80gig harddrive, and that only really happened once I started downloading episodes of SPN), although when the sad day comes that I get a new laptop, I assume it'll be useful then, too. I'd like the price range to be about $100 (less would be great for I am poor, slightly more would be okay if necessary.) I want to be able to order it online from a reputable place (I have no time for real life shopping!!)

Any suggestions? Any brands I should avoid? Any brands I should gravitate towards? Particular models you've had success with?

Please to be helping the girl who has no time to help herself. :)

(Speaking of time and stress, I no longer have the 221 lecture hanging over me-- it was yesterday and seemed to go well. And while I have not yet withdrawn from PFF, I'm pretty sure I'm about to. And while I'm not entirely caught up with my German homework (I need to do 7 chapters by the end of the weekend... eek-- but I have 'til 3pm today to work on it for starters) I have at least taken the make-up quiz and am pretty sure I did just fine.)

(ALSO! Firefox just upgraded without asking me, and CLOSED ALL MY FREAKIN' TABS, so if I owe you a comment, I'll try to find and remember it, but open tabs are my (apparently not great) system, and thus I don't know where all the comments I meant to respond to are...)
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Okay, so there are so many entries into the SPN contest that there are 4 separate showdowns. I don't know which ones my entries are in. It's set up so that you have two entries head to head and you have vote for your favorite. Please go vote! Vote for your favorites! (If your favorites happen to be my Yarn!chesters, so much the better for me.... I'd *really* like to win the grand prize.... )

Vote here. Unfortunately, because you can vote as often as you like, it's very much a popularity contest. ...I'd like to be popular, please. :)

Finalists from each showdown move into a Final Showdown in about a week, and then there will be more voting.

Vote for me! Vote for me! Vote for the Yarn!chesters!!!

I've managed to find my entries. "Winchester & Sons" is in showdown #1 (it is entry #31). It's doing middling in the contest. "Winchester Family Tree" is in showdown #2, and it is entry #70 and it's doing pretty well. "Evil is a Family Business" is also in showdown #2, and it is entry #71, but it isn't doing well.

Unfortunately, there seems to be no way to simply vote for one entry without clicking through lots and lots and lots. Poo. (On the bright side, that does make it a bit more fair. On the downside, it means it takes forever.) So. Poo. :(
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So, BuddyTV is running an art contest (details here, and you talented peoples should so totally enter, too.) I would like to enter a photograph (or 3-- the max number entries per person is 3) of the Yarn!chesters.

Only, I don't know which one(s) and what photo/how photographed.

I only have 'til Wednesday (the 14th) to enter, so I can't whip up a new Yarn!chester between now and then. (I mean, I probably *could* make a basic yarn!chester in that amount of time, but I also have to do comps reading and 221 midterm grading, and Blackfriars Conference readings, so... no.)

This means I have the following Yarn!chesters with which to work: Sam, Dean, John, Mary, Bobby, Castiel, Chuck, Henricksen, Ash, YED (AHBL version), Meg (season 1)

Also, Ellen is about 10 minutes from finished (she just needs eyes). And Jo is a few hours from finished. (She needs an arm sewn on, hair (which is the time consuming part) and eyes.)

My appropriately sized props and sets are limited-- one laptop, one sawed off shotgun, a bunch of food, a ouija board, 2 large books, a large yellow snake and small yorkshire terrier (ala "Yellow Fever") and a few other very random Barbie accessories; two very large wooden chairs (which were meant to hold pins and bobbins, but whatevs!), and some Barbie furniture, most notably some chairs, a bed and some shelves.

As a reminder, you can see almost all of the previous Yarn!chesters and their photos at their Flickr Set. Also, by clicking the Yarn!chester Tag on my LJ, you'll see all the previous Yarn!chester Scene Challenges, and such. (The newer scene challenges are not on the Flickr page.)

I have a digital camera and am ready to roll. What I do not have is anyone nearby who is insane like me who can help me. So this is more or less a one-woman (and 11-15 crocheted people) operation. Also, I don't have a nice foresty area to go into as a background, as I live in the desert.

My first thought is simply a group shot of some sort, which shows off the dolls themselves as art, rather than trying to make the photograph the art (if that makes sense?) But even so, it should be a good picture, and any advice would be welcome. (Mind you, I finally figured out how to use the white balance on my camera, so that should be an improvement in general... heh. But I'm talking more like composition, since there are so many dolls it's hard to see details AND get them all in, and their charm is, in many case, I think, in their details.)

My second thought is something somehow amusing -- the yarn!chesters getting into some sort of trouble. It could have a fun caption-- only I suck at fun captions.

And my third idea is a scene recreation (a new one) but that would only have, at most, 5 people in it.

If you're entering the contest and don't want to help me, I totally understand. Winning would be nice (okay, winning would be *awesome*, but completely unexpected) but mostly I want to enter because then more people will get a chance to see the Yarn!chesters, and that would make mean attention whore happy. :)

(Actually, the amount of wanting people to see the Yarn!chesters that I feel weirds me out sometimes. But I feel like their my wee contribution to fandom, I guess. And they take a fair amount of work, so there's that, too. It's less about people thinking well of *me* and more about people getting a kick out of *them*. If, they're, y'know, kick-worthy.)

[I'm not making much sense. Blame the MIND NUMBING THREE HOUR SEMINAR I was just in. So. Tired.]
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The update on the Yarn!chesters is .... that there is no update.

ami!Mary has not yet been beheaded (doooood, I should so totally make a wee guillotine to photograph her with before I, y'know, put a new head on her) nor fixed. I don't know when this will happen. (It at least partly depends on when the next SPN viewing party with [livejournal.com profile] flurije and A. is, and that depends on whether they're going to the north rim of the Grand Canyon this weekend.)

I do not have new Yarn!chester Scene Challenges for you. But! [livejournal.com profile] sinnerforhire was the first to correctly identify yesterday's challenge as being the ouija-board-in-the-hospital-scene from "In My Time of Dying." I *love* that scene, partly because of, yes, how well it's acted, but more for the way it was filmed, no particularly "special" effects, just a beautifully choreographed sweep of the camera (and, apparently, Jensen Ackles having to slide into place.) Several of commenters liked the ouija board in my shot, but, I hate to admit it, it was nothing special, just a print out from ye olde intertubes. :( There is, however, a seller on Etsy who makes tiny ouija boards. I almost bought one before deciding that this method was cheaper. I could make a nicer, more lasting version pretty easily for my Yarn!chesters, and might in the future. The only downside is that my version does not have a planchet (the little plastic piece you slide around.) I could probably make one out of Sculpey, if I ever get my oven fixed. But. That's neither here nor there, and anyway, I already shot the scene.

I do not know when Yarn!chester Scene Challenges will return. I know that they were entertaining about a half-dozen of you and I really hate that I might be disappointing you. Equally problematic, I know that a few people only friended my LJ because of the Yarn!chesters. If you want to stick around despite the lack of yarn SPN characters, please do. :)

When the Scene Challenges return, it'll be on a different schedule. (Classes-- both the ones I teach and the ones I take-- start on Monday, and I'm going to be uber busy.) If my health really does start improving, then you can probably expect more frequent Yarn!chester stuff. We'll see. (Heh, petition my doctor-- get Eilonwy well so she can spend more time crafting for fandom and taking sillly pictures of crocheted dolls! I'm sure that'd go over fabulously.) When I have a better idea of when the Scenes will return, I'll of course let you know. [I've also been toying with having it update only once a week, but having an actual contest (with a random correct responder chosen, not the first, to be more fair for various time zones) with actual prizes possibilities. We'll see.]

I've stopped sending postcards to the set (as of Friday), although whether that's a hiatus or a permanent cease I haven't decided. On one hand I feel like I could send them indefinitely; on the other, I feel like I've said all I can (about how awesome the crew is) by way of one or two sentences told from the perspective of the Yarn!chesters on the backs of postcards. ([livejournal.com profile] a_starfish, I have not yet sent your card, but I haven't forgotten you either.) Besides, I want the postcards to come across as genuine appreciation for what the crew does (which is why I sent them), not as Crazed Stalker FanGirl sending dozens in order to overwhelm All the Other FanGirls' cards. (I really hope that's not how I've come across.) On the other hand, maybe I should send just one more as a Last Card. I dunno. Decision to be made later, as opposed to 1am when I should be in bed because I have to be up early to take my car to the garage for a new friggin' timing belt.

One last Yarn!chester thing, though. When I finish ami!Mary (again), I will move on to Azazel/YED (as per the poll I took aaaages ago). Should I put him in the clothes he wore in "In My Time of Dying" (even though I can't really tell what color shirt that is, or what pants/shoes he wore) or the ones he wore in "All Hell Breaks Loose" 1 and 2?

I'm actually more looking forward to making both versions of Ruby. Any suggestions on which outfits she should wear? (I'm thinking "Sin City" S3!Ruby.)

[I've been spinning a lot, which is not at all fandom related, even if I do have one or two vague ideas about "supernatural" inspired yarn. But I just found a knitting pattern I'd been looking for for ages which I'd been wanting to adapt into a fandom related item. If it works, I'll be posting about it here. I think it'll be good for me, though, to take on a mostly-patterned knitting project to cleanse my craft palate (so to speak) after the failure of ami!Mary, which I'm taking kind of hard. Also, in the past day or so I've found my interest in the Sooper Sekrit SPN Yarn-Related Project of Doom (which I think I"d already admitted and is therefore not all that secret any more) rekindled. So who knows what might develop on that front.]

Lastly, any interest/ideas in a Yarn!chester icon or two? (With the newer versions of the amis).
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Woot. I am, I think, up to date on comments I needed and wanted to post or reply to. Hurrah!

I ran into my adviser and one of my professors in the coffee shop this morning. On one hand it was great to see them, but on the other it was very stressful to think about how much work I've NOT done this summer. But I briefly mentioned the "seeing many doctors" thing, and trying to get healthy, of which my adviser approved (she saw me in a bad spot this Spring.) The three of us talked classes and travel and theatre. Unfortunately, this meant I didn' t have the time I usually take in the mornings to prep (again) for class.

But class worked out, too. I had already planned on letting them go early (to, hopefully, draft papers.) The problem with a composition class, in my opinion, is that *so* much of the important work of composition is, well, composing, which is to say, just sitting down and bloody well writing something. And while that can happen in the classroom, some students (like myself) aren't very good at it doing it in the classroom. (Although one of my students pointed out that he likes writing in the classroom because if he goes back to his dorm he'll just play with his XBox. I said that I understood, and that finding a space to work is very important. I, for example, work in coffee shops.)

I like my students, generally. There are 16 of them total. Two of them are very, very quiet, and rather poor writers, and so I'm having no luck reaching them. I'm trying, though. One of them is a football player with a major in business and he writes amazingly. Fuck, what a waste. I mean, not that he's a football player, but that he'll be a business major. He has a talent with words that should be nurtured. (He also wrote a free write on My Bloody Valentine and his second paper is going to be on Friday the Thirteenth, which amuses me for reasons I cannot explain to him.)

About 2/3rds of my class are athletes, mostly football and basketball. This has actually been really good for me because in a school like ASU, sports are really important. But... I know nothing about them and have no interest. AND many of the student athletes I've had in my classes before didn't do the work and had a hyooge sense of entitlement, which these students don't have. I don't know if this latter is because they're brand new (this is the first class for most of them) or if because I just have a better batch of students or what.

I handed back their graded first papers today. It'll be interesting to see how the dynamic in the classroom shifts now. (It *always* shifts after the first major grade.)

After class I ran into my professor again, which was good because I had scheduled a meeting with her for Tuesday (to talk about student evals for the class I TAed for her) which it turned out I couldn't make (and emotionally is better to have later in the week when there's the chance of having gotten some of my own work done, too.)

I came home, ate lunch, played a spot of Puzzle Pirates. Then I crashed, as I so often do after teaching. I've had a lovely nap and have now caught up on LJ, as I said above. Whee.

I know it's a Friday evening and very few people are online, but I have a Life By Committee question for you all...

Tomorrow is Winter in July at the Phoenix Zoo (where I am a member, but have not gone since becoming one-- oops.) It sounds like much fun (see info here.) It would, however, require getting up very early. Tomorrow I also *must* visit A.'s cats (this is a sizeable time commitment as it takes 40 minutes to get there, 40minutes to get back, and I should, y'know, spend some time with them.) AND, in the evening I have agreed to hang out with H. and D. and see their new house and have dinner out with them. That wouldn't happen 'til about 7:30 (they like to eat late). Given that I will NEED a nap in there somewhere, knowing my body's current style of (not)working, should I really try to do all of that??

Aminals. in Snow. Only chance to see 'til next Winter in July, next year.

Other information: I would be going alone to the zoo because I don't know anyone who's interested.

Also, I should clean my house and do laundry and unpack from the trip. And I cannot do any of those things on Sunday since that is when I *must* comment on student drafts (as I'll only be *getting* the student drafts at 5 tomorrow via email.)

Of course, I should be reading Coriolanus (for Tuesday) and working on my dissertation materials. (Oh the guilt.)

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I give up. I submit that I know nothing. Zip. Nada.

(This isn't entirely true, but I don't know enough. And I'm second guessing everything today.)

Is there any reason why I should not purchase this AC adaptor thingie for my Dell Latitude D820, for a mere $18 + $6.34 shipping? It says it has a 1 year warranty.

To get an adaptor from NotebookBattery, where I've been recommended to get my, well, battery, would cost $45. Should I spend $45 (with free shipping) for this AC Adaptor instead? Why? Why not?

Also, is $79 a good price for this battery? It, too, has a one year warranty.

There are cheaper batteries via Amazon (viewable
here. Should I get one of those?

I’m having A Day, if you know what I mean. But I really need a new battery. So, any help would be appreciated.

And only tangentially related, anyone know why sometimes Semagic will just randomly start using curvy-quotes instead of straight-quotes, which means that no links work? Very annoying.
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I was overtweeting, in my opinion, so I'm putting these thoughts here in LJland.

Yarn!Chesters version 2.0 ami!Sam and ami!Dean are both finished-- they should debut here tomorrow.

Oddly, I find that when I wear my contact lenses (instead of my glasses, which I've just started doing again because I'll be driving across the country later this month and want to be able to wear sunglasses) I find my gray hairs to be more noticeable. Equally odd, I still get consistently carded, despite being 29 and having graying hair. Do you think I should dye my hair? (It's a really boring light-ish brown anyway.)

Also, my WNRN messenger bag is magic. Today I found a pen in it that I have never seen before. And this is not the first time. Two weeks ago it happened, too-- different pen (and a nice one, where you can move this metal piece around to see what the date is!) I have no idea where either pen came from. Neither is the kind I would buy and I am not in the habit of walking off with other people's pens, at least not consciously!!

I am now off to the gas station, the post office and A's house. Is it weird that of the four episodes we're likely to watch today, I'm most excited by "Everybody Loves a Clown"? I hate clowns, but love that episode for some inexplicable reason. (Intellectually, I know it's not the best episode. I don't even care much about the villain. But it amuses me so much.)

Also, I had a dream that I dreamt about [livejournal.com profile] moobie's wedding. And then told her all about that dream while at her wedding. What the hell?! My dreams are meta now?

I'll work on ami!Castiel while at A's today. On version 1, I made his hair black. I suspect that Misha Collins's hair is actually really dark brown, but I used the darkest brown yarn that I have for ami!Sam and I don't want them to have the same hair color. Thoughts from the SPN fans? (I won't get to ami!Castiel's hair for a while yet.)

Aaaand, I'm off.
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La la la. Nothing much to really say today, at least thus far. I overslept (as per usual) by several hours. (I am calling a doctor tomorrow. Again.) I've been hanging out in pjs (since I didn't yesterday, despite getting such a lot of encouragement to do so via Twitter.) I've been crocheting and watching SPN (season 1, which is fitting since I'm working on ami!John. More on him below.) I got to chat with my [livejournal.com profile] pyrite for a while, though, which was fabulous. I miss her lots. :( Why's AL got to be so far from AZ? Poooo. Caught up on LJ and Twitter and my Google Reader and comments in my inbox. So that's all good.

Am about to go take a shower so's that I'm not all gross for the Quit This Bitch party tonight. (It's not a "party" in the sense of loud raucous music and a ton of people. I suspect it'll be more of a get-together or a soirée. There'll be a handful of awesome peoples, there'll be booze (sangria and plum wine, at least. I'm bringing the latter as I finally went to the liquor store yesterday [with Heather for company] and the former is [livejournal.com profile] flurije's contribution.) I'm, evidently, in charge of picking up hummus and pita, so hopefully Whole Foods (or another grocery store) will still be open (despite the holiday) when it's time for me to head out. There'll more than likely be a bad movie to watch, so I'm packing up some crochet stuff to take with me.

Irritatingly, while on the phone with Pyrite, Foster-Kitty-Dean start gnawing on some straight pins I had stuck into a foam thingie that I use for blocking knitting pieces. (It currently holds two knit circles that will, eventually, be part of a felted wristlet. I had to block them, though, so that they'd stop rolling up (stockinette stitch) when I go to put a design on them. See, it's going to be a Devil's Trap wristlet. Hee.) So I removed the kitten, and then took the potentially gnaw-able pins out of the foam and put them into my pin cushion. I have since, however, lost the pin cushion. This is very irritating, as it means that I can't place ami!John's legs to see how he looks before I sew them on. Grr.

Speaking of ami!John, I need your advice. Ami!John currently has a head, a body, two arms, one leg, two feet, and I'm almost done with the second leg. He'll have an overshirt and, hee, an over coat, which is my challenge for myself in this ami. (Dean and Sam only have one layer atop their undershirts. Castile, too, but since his is a trenchcoat I forgive myself for not putting in his blazer. That said, I'm thinking about going back and adding one. But I digress. Ami!Bobby has two layers-- his over shirt and his (removable) vest. So ami!John's overcoat (the one seen in episodes like "Dead Man's Blood" and "Salvation") is the next logical step. It will be, hopefully, removable, you see. I'm very excited. Essentially I'll be making a vest like ami!Bobby's but longer, and adding sleeves. Which makes sense, right?

BUT, after all that's done, it'll be time to do his hair. This includes, potentially, facial hair. Now, John Winchester, while a very very important character, and one with whom I am sympathetic (as a person, if not as a father), is not a character about whom I have strong opinions as far as appearances go. So. What do you guys think? (Someone out there has a strong opinion, given how many of you voted for ami!John. Plus, I'm deep enough in the fandom to know that some of you adore him.)

Should my ami!John have a full beard, ala "Home" (such as here) and slightly less full as in "Shadow" (such as here)?

Or should he have the scruffy look he had in "Dead Man's Blood" (here) and "Salvation" (here)?

Or should he be clean-shaven (which is not what I expect) as in the flashbacks, such as "Something Wicked" (here or the pilot (here)?

(I'm guessing not so much the cleanshaven look since that's mostly a flashback thing. I include it in the options mainly from a desire to be thorough.)

This is very important, drat it, so let me know what you think! (If I don't get any advice, I'm going to aim for the scruffy look ala "Dead Man's Blood" because that's actually the outfit and coat I'm also modeling ami!John after. But I'm nervous about making a scruffy look-- I'm not sure how. That'll be the other challenge with this ami!)

Anyway, now a shower. Wheee.

(Oh! Also! I'm thinking that instead of remaking ami!Dean and ami!Sam-- because that would be a bit sad-- I might just use the ones I have but change a few things. I could make them jackets, presumably. I could re-do Sam's hoodie, since I'm still not happy with the way the hem turned out. This wouldn't fix the size issue (that Dean is very chubby compared to the others) but I kind of like him as is... Similarly, I think I could add a bit of crochet to make ami!Castiel look like he's wearing a blazer under his trenchcoat. Conversely, I could just remake ami!Sam and ami!Dean to make the new ones look more like ami!Castiel and ami!Bobby. I dunno. I'm torn.)

Next new ami is ami!Chuck. I'm very excited about that one. After that, I'll probably hold a new poll since so many votes went to John and Chuck in the first one that the rest of the characters all got between 1 and 3. I also meant to put Ava and Andy on that poll but didn't have room/forgot. My love for Ava and Andy, though, might be somewhat influenced by [livejournal.com profile] kroki_refur's Awesome Adventures of Andy and Ava. I suppose Uriel and Zachariah also belong on the poll, as at this point I'm just thinking of characters who were important and were in more than one episode. (Technically I guess that means Jake belongs on, too. And Tessa. And the YED, although then I'd need to buy yellow beads, heh.)

I guess I'll just never be finished with this project. (Since each ami takes about 1.5 weeks to make. Although if I EVER GET THE DAMN TORSO down to a science, they'll go much faster. That's the part I keep tearing out and restarting a billion times on each one.) The Sooper Sekrit Project of DOOM is also, technically, part of the Yarn!Chester project. MWAHAHAHAHAHA. (Sorry, I have to cackle each time I think of the Sooper Sekrit Project of DOOM. Or SSPoD, which is sort of fun to say ssssssssssssssspod.)

Right. What was I going to do? Oh yes, shower. I'm going to go do that.

Tomorrow: Morning: maintenance. AGAIN. Afternoon: Pericles playreading discussion. Guess I'd better reread Pericles in the morning, eh?
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Looks like John has won by a landslide 17 votes, coming out with more than double of the runner up, The Prophet Chuck. I expected John to get a lot of votes, but did not expect this, shall we say, mandate?

So much for the yarn I bought yesterday in expectation of crocheting Chuck's boxers. (Hee.)

So my question to you, oh John Winchester lovers-- what's the most iconic, representative picture of John Winchester out there? What should I base my thinking on? What physical aspects make John John? For you to recognize John in Yarn!Chester form, what do I need to include?

We only see him in a handful of episodes, I know, so I'm quite capable of gathering up a bunch of screencaps. But I want to know from the John-fans, what's the picture that says JOHN?
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Finally, the amigurumi version of Bobby Singer is completed. Here's a picture:

His wee little hat took many, many tries. Many. Seriously, it was by far the hardest part. Click the cut-tag to see the Sooper Special Accessory.

Here there be more Yarn!Chesters )

As always, you can see all the pictures, including some close-ups (of Bobby's hat and apron) and some making-ofs at the Flickr Set.

Now then, my right hand hurts (the lowest joint of my right index finger often hurts inexplicably. This time, however, is explicable-- too much crochet. So I'm going to, uh, knit, a project... too much of that causes pain, too, but in different places.) I will, however, after this current project (which is also Created By Me, and also SPN-related), return to the Yarn!Chesters.

So! A poll!

Note: I aim to eventually make all of these characters, so this is mainly a poll about ordering. (But I reserve the right to get bored with this project and toddle off. That happens to me sometimes. So if you want to see a specific character, you're better off voting.) For most outcomes of this poll, the character with the most votes will be the next one I create. The only reason that might not come to pass (in which case I'll move to the one with the second highest number of votes) is if I don't have the correct color/shade/texture yarn in my (very large) stash, or if there's something about that character (though I can't think what) that requires a technique I haven't yet figured out or a material I don't have.

Also, I ran out of room in the poll creator for an "Other" button. But if you don't see the character you want on this list, then please name him/her in the comments!!

Without further ado...

[Poll #1401578]

I have to finish some work before tomorrow, but then I'll spend the evening working on my new SPN Knitting Project. Provided it turns out okay, there'll be pictures of that in the future. (Hurrah for digital cameras, hee.)

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