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I think there's only one person reading these (and one person who has promised to do so later) but since I've started, I can't really stop!

Today's panels are brought to you by CIRCLES and SOAP.

Panel 1: I have NO idea why they have dinner in a tent by a mine. It is never explained.
Panel 2: Yes, they're mostly eating circles. I got lazy. (My hand hurts, presumably from knitting.)
Panel 3: I condensed things so you'll have to imagine she looked in the chest of drawers. THERE WAS NO SOAP.
Panel 4: The bows should be blue. No, I'm not making this shit up.
Panel 5: Sorry for so many words, but really, I didn't much care to continue to draw naked stick figures (??) in a hot spring.

Today's panels are brought to you by CIRCLES and SOAP )
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I listened to quite a chunk of the book today (or maybe it just felt like an agonizingly large amount) but waited several hours before I actually drew the strip. This method tends to make for shorter strips, with more of the book condensed. I don't know which method is "better", but c'est la vie.

I'll probably be driving some tomorrow, too. :)

Notes: Yes, Kady really does compare Legend to Disneyworld. Honestly, though, it reminds me more of the creepy communist planet in A Wrinkle in Time. Also, I cut out a huge part of the chapter where she's wandering around asking everyone to give her a job and the hotel people say women can't be in their kitchen, and the mine people say that she's so pretty she'll incite a riot.

As for Cole, yes he's that much of a jackass-- actually he's MORE than I managed to get into this strip. He's our hero? Dude, he's nauseating. He's all, "I've never left a woman in my care to fend for herself before! Let's meet tomorrow so I can be sure you're okay!" And then the next day he's all, "Oh, good, you're alive. Ima go sing now." And yeah, it's pretty clear that part of it is a ploy, but on the other hand, he's literally making the heroine beg just because she had the temerity to claim she can fend for herself (in the 20th century.)

Sorry for reusing the background in the last three panels, but it's late, and... yeah, it's late. That's all I got.

The "spray can" on Kady's dress is just supposed to be dirt. When asking for a job at the newspaper (?!) she got interrogated about her involvement with a bank robbing gang (!?) and in her haste to escape tore her dress, then at the mines she got dirt all over them, or something. But the "spray can" in the Palace Hotel windows is lace curtains. Just so we're all clear. :)

Dear Jude Deveraux, Asking for help is not the same thing as asking to be taken care of. no love, Eilonwy )

I enjoyed drawing Kady's hair after she looks at herself in a mirror in the schoolroom (Why does the schoolroom have a mirror? I do not know.) and she discovers how awful she looks. Heh.

OH! And Kady has apparently lost several inches off her waist in the day it's been since Cole cooked her a rabbit, and now she wants to write a diet book about time travel. No, I'm not kidding.
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Slightly less than normal because I intentionally didn't listen to any of it on the way to school-- I wanted slightly less to draw because I knew today would be a long day. On the other hand, I'm starting to take the bus as of tomorrow, so I honestly don't know when we'll have more Legend Stick Figures...

Today the tapes are really lucky, though, that they are, in fact, not a book that can be thrown across the room.

SFT presents... )

Today's, while short, is so !#@$%@!#$ annoying and offensive, from it implied threat of rape by our hero to our heroine's inability to defend women working when faced with the question of 'who takes care of the kids'?

Also, the horse seems to be walking in a vacuum in the final panel. This would be because I'm lazy and totally got distracted and so forgot about that whole backgrounds thing. Oops. And yes, the thought-bubble in panel three is supposed to be from the horse. That part may not be original to the book...
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The dialogue in panels four and the last bit of five are directly from the book. After hearing them, I recorded them into my iphone so that i'd remember 'til I could get to my computer and stick figure them. There's less detail than some previous strips, though, because I listened to these at about 8:30am, and am only now, at 3pm, drawing them. What this means is perhaps less amusing details, but a more distilled version of the story, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. I just hope I don't forget anything "important."

stick figure legend )

Yes, that's really where I left off. :)

I couldn't work it into the panels, but you should know that "Legend" is the name of the nearest town. And also, the reason people wanted to hang our Hero is because he has lots of cattle. Oh, and he Such a Good Church-Goer that he got a dagger as a present for going EVERY Sunday for a full year-- even including the time he went with CHICKENPOX and he gave it to all the Sunday School Kids. I... think God might have preferred it if he'd stayed home that day...
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Bwahaha. This was fun to draw.

Notes: Apparently "Katie" is "Kady" -- as in Elizabeth Kady Long. (Elizabeth Cady Stanton would have been more interesting.) So I spelled her name wrong in earlier comics. I am obviously not going to go back and fix it, sorry.

Also, I'm attempting to narrow the images so that they're more easily viewed in LJ.

Two more sets of panels this-a-way )
I did my best to represent the dress precisely as described in the book. Yes, it really is that hideous. Yes, the phrase "woven from a whisper" really does get applied to the veil (as does "woven from light and air").

But after the anatomy of the horrible dress, I'm not going to redraw it unless it becomes necessary. The joy of Stick Figure Theatre is its simplicity, I feel, and also its stick figureness, so once Kady puts it on, we're back to our usual triangles. (And also the "spray can" Paint technique to represent lace. Hee.
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Stick Figure Theatre Presents... Jude Deveraux's Legend

This time there are two sets of images because I couldn't fit all I wanted to fit into one. Oh boy!

Also, before you ask, the horse is cranky because Katie is question his/her sexual identity which is none of her business, thankyouverymuch.

Also, the "plot device" is a copper mold of some sort shaped like a rose-- I'm pretty sure we'll never see it again-- Katie just had to get into the antique store to buy the box.

Also also, there's no meaning behind why Debbie doesn't have arms in the first panel of line three-- I just forgot them. Oops.

Cut again because they're wide (and shrinking them would make the font even harder to read.)

This way! )
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I have NO idea why I thought this was a good idea, but ... I did. I have decided that (time permitting) I shall create Stick Figure Theatre Recaps of whatever I listened to of this book in the car each day. I don't drive much, so they'll be brief. I'm quite rusty in creating my .bmp stick figures (it's been a long time since my Geoffrey Blake Stick Figure Hey Day (Hey, [livejournal.com profile] blergeatkitty, do those pages still exist?)

Also, I'm no Hyperbole and a Half, sorry to disappoint...

Without further ado, part one (of probably A BILLION) of Legend...

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