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$3.50 mice! (They'll be $4 if/when I post them on Etsy, sometime this week.) Shipping is $5 (priority mail) no matter how many you buy.

Kitties all over love these-- I made a bunch over the holiday and every recipient was pleased by them. Some of the kitties, however, had other kitty friends steal them away!

And they're not just for kitties. One collie and two chihuahuas also love these mousies. I wasn't sure about this until on Christmas day my cousin's chihuahua stole the mousie I made for my grandmother's kitten. He rubbed his face all over it, just like a kitten, and carried it around. (Picture of the chihuahua and the bunny I later made for him here.)

There'll be more mice in the future, but I am now out of catnip, so it'll be a bit 'til my shipment comes in.

Mice are all the same size, and knit of wool and stuff with only organic catnip (no other filler.)


1. Lime green with dark purple ears/tail
2. variegated orange with variegated yellow ears/tail
3. white with variegated blue ears/tail
4. dark pink with dark purple ears/tail
5. variegated pink with dark pink ears/tail
6. dark pink (same dark pink ears/tail)
7. variegated orange with solid orange ears/tail
8. mauve (dark lavender?) (same color ears/tail) (one still available)
9. variegated dark teal with oatmeal ears/tail
10. mauve (dark lavender?) with variegated teal ears/tail

So, comment if you're interested. :)
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Why am I awake?! WHYYY???

I am mostly packed. The house is mostly straightend up. Ish. Errands have mostly been run. Before bed I need to change the cat litter, put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher (without hurting my injured finger too much), and take a shower.

At 11am, [livejournal.com profile] wild_donkey_man will be arriving to take me to the airport (as he is, once again, my hero.) Before that, however, I need to go to the post office (although because I did not receive payment for a recent Etsy order, this has been downgraded to Not As Important, but I want to get a pressie in the mail for [livejournal.com profile] pyrite), the campus bookstore (for a polo shirt for my dad), the university library (to drop off the ILL books so that I do not have to pay exorbitant fees since they're due on the 4th and I get back the evening of the 5th) and the apartment complex's management office (because rent will be due while I'm gone.) I had intended to get up at about 6:30 in order to accomplish all of the above, but now that it's 3am, I don't really see that happening. Meep.

My finger is healing much better than I anticipated. It already doesn't hurt unless I actively hit it against something. (It is, admittedly, dangerous to reach into my pockets or a bag-- gotta use my left hand for that. But everything else is pretty much okay.) I had put nail polish on just before the Great Car Door Accident of 2009, so I can't really tell what's going on beneath the nail, having been too squeamish to try and take the polish off 'til now. That said, the discoloration I can see beneath the nail is not nearly as bad as I expected. I'm going to brave the polish remover before showering yet tonight, I think. (Besides, it's looking ratty on all m fingers.)

I don't want to leave my kitties for 2 weeks. :( My parents assure me that I'll have two BIG kitties to keep me company in PA (meaning their two dogs) but while that'll be great, I'll be worrying about my babies, here alone most of the day. Especially given the veterinary issues they've had this year. Skilliam is coming over to take care of them every day, but still. :(

I've packed a giant suitcase o' clothes, which currently weighs about 40pounds, I think. I'll also have my backpack, into which I'll put my laptop. I consider that my "personal item" as far as carry ons are concerned. And I've packed a duffel bag full of comps reading as well. Delightful. But I'm coming down to the wire as far as comps are concerned. Mergle.

But I can't study all the time, and sometimes I'l lhave to be around family, so I did pack some knitting. I have the makings of fingerless gloves, two headbands (ear warmers), one toy I promised ages ago, and then a whole bunch of yarn for catnip mousies (especially the one I still owe [livejournal.com profile] chibimitch.) So expect some more mousies upon my return.

I had hoped to create a Yarn!Chester Christmas Carol before leaving, but that's now quite out. But I will (FINALLY) be posting a picture of the two newest Yarn!chesters while I'm gone as I have taken two and they're on my camera, which is coming with me.

While getting stuff ready over the past two days, I've been watching a lot of ER. (I have the first three seasons on DVD.) The last episode I watched (season 2) had a very young Trickster playing a med student. Hee. Oh Trickster.

I might ship some of the books back to AZ... Heh.Flat rate priority for the win!

Right. Bedtime. (Well, see above.)

I'll be online, but not in any sort of normal capacity, over the next few weeks. I'll probably not be reading LJ with any kind of thoroughness, so I apologize if I don't respond to something that you expect me to. Whee.
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EDIT!!! ALL CAT TOYS ARE NOW CLAIMED. I shall post more when I've made more. (Also, [livejournal.com profile] ladylizbet, I've finished your cupcake, but not the second toy. Your babies haven't been forgotten, promise!)

Before I take pictures and post everything on Etsy (because I'm strapped for time) I wanted to offer the finished cat toys to my wonderful LJ friends first. If you're interested, comment here so that as they are claimed it'll be obvious. (If, of course, anyone wants any.) :)

Each toy is filled with organic dried catnip (no filler, no polyfill to make your kitty sick) and made of wool.

Turns out these make pretty good dog toys, too (as long as your doggie's not a chewer.) I know at least one chihuahua and one collie who approve of these toys! In fact, I'm making a new one for the collie even now!

Mice are $3.50 each, the fishie is $4. (When I post them on Etsy, they'll be $.50 more each.) Shipping is a total of $4.95 since I ship via Priority.

If you want a picture, that can be arranged.

These are nice big toys for your kitty to really wrestle with, but with tails (which'll eventually come off, of course) so they can play and carry them.

Colors (one of each available):

blue/green variegated with purple fins SOLD!


dark purple
dark rose
blue/green variegated
orange variegated
Christmas mouse (dark green, with red ears/tail) SOLD!

Also available: Fried egg (only the yolk has catnip in it) for $3. SOLD!

There'll be more in the future, but I can't guarantee any more 'til after the holiday (although there might be. You never know.)
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Tomorrow I will unveil the two newest Yarn!chesters. I finished them tonight (putting their eyes on.) One has been done (other than eyes) for ... months now. The other I was having trouble with the hair-- but decided to just finish it, and so I have, and so they're done, and so tomorrow there will be pictures and posting.

I don't anticipate making any more until after I pass (I hope) my comps in January, partly out of lack of time but mostly 'cause I've been more interested lately in knitting warm accessories to wear (both here with sweaters and at home at Winter-break with heavy winter coats and such, because PA is cold to someone who has been living in AZ!) But you never know-- Hellatus could do strange things to a girl.

Also, I realize this is incredibly dorky, but I'll share anyway. I've started thinking about how to design a shoulder bag for the convention, one in which some of the Yarn!chesters could be displayed but safe. Since I'm too lazy to get my sewing machine to work, I've been thinking about this in terms of knitting an d felting. I haven't decided yet, though, if I'm going to somehow make said bag SPN thematic or just something simple so as to show off the Yarn!chesters. (I started knitting a bag based on the tattoo ages ago, but wasn't enjoying it, and even before that I knit the pieces of what was going to become a wristlet based on the devil's trap, but when it felted it was too big and so I never got around to finishing it. This is a common problem with me.*)

*Evidently it was a common problem with my great-grandmother, too (father's mother's), so perhaps it's genetic. Although I never met her (she passed away just a few months, I think, before I was born), I now have pretty much ALL of her left over crafting supplies because my grandparents never threw anything away and my parents shipped everything to me. (Actually, most of the embroidery floss is now in [livejournal.com profile] oddharmonic's possession, and some of the yarn has already been shipped to [livejournal.com profile] pyrite, but it all went through me first.) Amongst the yarn and such, however, has been a large number of half-knit items still on their needles. Just so we're clear, this means that they've been on the needles for thirty years. I really don't know what to do with these projects. In most cases I'm incapable of continuing them (not having the pattern) and even if I could, there'd be such a difference in tension/etc. and a bump (at least) from where the yarn was on the needle for three decades that it'd be weird. And it's not like it's yarn worth saving in most cases, 'cause it's acrylic from the 1970s.
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I guess Friday's scene was too basic of an homage as no one bothered to guess that it was our (mine and [livejournal.com profile] spade's) take on "Heart." (What was most scary about that werewolf was how anatomically correct it seemed to be beneath its too tight molded-on shorts. Yikes.)

Today's scene should be fun, but also easy:

As for the state-of-the-Yarn!Chesters (versions 2.0), I'm just trying to finish up ami!Bobby and then this set will be finished. Bobby's hat is a total pain in the ass. The front and bill was far easier this time, but the mesh part was just as difficult. (It has to do with using very small crochet thread and a hook that's probably larger than one ought, but I was, y'know, trying to make it look meshy.) Anyway, the hat is in pieces but finished. All that's left for ami!Bobby 2.0 (who looks as identical to 1.0 as possible) is his hair (including beard), his eyes, and his apron. He already has his vest.

I took a bit of time off from making ami!Bobby, though. Between the travel (on Saturday and before) and the teaching, it's amazing how much less time I have for, y'know, sitting around crocheting. Also, I've been sucked into playing Puzzle Pirates a lot. And doing that necessitated a wrist pad for using the mouse, so naturally I knit one of those last night. (It's totally unrelated to SPN but I'm pleased with it because I knit together an organic cotton I had along with the first skein of cotton I ever spun. The stuff I spun is pretty terrible (cotton is really hard to spin) and really thin, so not much use on its own. But with the nice thick commercial stuff, it turned into a nice blend, the pale pastels of my yarn peeking through the white & oatmeal of the undyed organic.) Anyway, I hope to finish ami!Bobby in the next day or so.

Then I will probably make yet another set of ami!Sam and ami!Dean. THEN I will finally move on to making Azazel and Mary.

Oh! But I realized that I have a tiny doll-stand (it came with my random free Big Fish fish) which using will help in posing scenes and such. Just ... y'know ... as soon as I figure out more scenes to photograph. :)

In other fannish news, I returned to reading Bone Key while at the coffee shop yesterday. Poor A. was with me and had to suffer through the indignities I suffered through. It is... not a good book. I'm not sure yet when I'll start posting chapter-reviews, but soon. (I'm through 6 chapters. I'd like to have a little more of a buffer, though, before I start posting, as I'd like to post daily.) I have eeeenteresting information about Mr DeCandido and Nevermore, which I found out while in VA, but I shall wait to post it 'til I begin the review of Bone Key.

That's all from the Yarn!Chesters today. Have fun with today's scene, and join us tomorrow for the next one.
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(You know, the non-flaming-wok portions!)

So, let's see. Got up at 7:15, and got my car to the dealership juuuust after 8am, so go me for that. My "account manager" is smarmy and only jokes about money, so that was annoying. I had promised Maintenance Guy that I'd be here around 9 so he could work on my bathroom walls (he only spackled them up yesterday, he still needed to sand and paint.) But the delightful people at the VW place forgot about me, so I sat for almost an hour waiting for a ride back to my place. This was doubly annoying because 95% of the time I carry a book and a fiber project. Today I had nothing. Well, actually I had a knitting project, but it was almost done, so I finished it in 5 minutes. Grr.

Got back here, immediately ran into Maintenance Guy who said he'd be over in a few minutes. An hour later he showed up, sanded, did something with a spray can that was smelly, and left, saying he'd be back in a while to paint/finish up. I napped 'til 1:30 (didn't mean to quite so long. Oops.) Then A. came over just after 2pm, bearing strawberries. Alas, [livejournal.com profile] flurije was not feeling well, and so decided to not join us for the first part of the SPN Summer Marathon. (To be clear, this is the marathon to (re)introduce A and F to SPN, not the one that I'm separately doing so that I can join in re-watch conversations at TWoP. Yeah, just go with me.)

A. really likes the show. We watched the first three episodes (the pilot, "Wendigo" and "Dead in the Water" [this last of course amusing her because of the house which also appears in Devour, which I had also made her watch in the past]). It's so awesome watching SPN with someone, especially someone who hasn't seen it before. Also, she encourages my Yarn!Chesters (whereas most RL people just look at me funny, and Flurije calls me a nerd.) While watching said episodes, I sewed Papa Yarn!Chester up (arms! legs! attached to the body and head! along with his overshirt!) and started to crochet his (removable!) jacket.

A. wants to finish the rest of season one this weekend, having already made plans for us to watch as much as possible on Friday and then finish up on Sunday. I don't know that this is a feasible plan, but hey, I'm more than willing to go for it. :D Also, A. reports that she feels like she is cheating on her husband because of the way she is attracted to Dean. Being the pragmatic sort, I said a girl's gotta do... because her husband is off at navy training and she's not going to see him for months.

Maintenance-Guy did eventually return, around 3:30, to paint/finish. I like Maintenance-Guy, mostly, but his work ... shoddy. Granted, I grew up in a house that my parents were constantly remodeling, but damn, even I could have spackled better. You can totally tell all the places that they had to cut into the walls. Oh well, whatever. You know why I don't care? BECAUSE IT IS DONE.

Too bad my oven isn't working.

Alas, we didn't have time for a fourth episode (which doubly sucks, because, like me, A. is from PA (well, A. is from all-over, but a lot of that is from PA.) where 1.04 is set {Nazareth is just a few miles from where my parents grew up, grandparents live, and where I lived for a time, etc. And the airport is one I fly out of all the time. Of course they filmed in Vancouver, but still, they were representing PA} -- and because I feel like 1.04 is where they start to hit their stride. (The pilot is great-- it holds together well as a pilot and as an episode, and lots of shows can't say that about their pilots. I've never been a fan of "Wendigo", although I can't quite put my finger on why. I like Haley. There are some great lines. We of course get "saving people, hunting things: the family business" from it. But there's something about it that just doesn't work for me. I like "Dead in the Water" a lot, too, and more each time I watch it, actually. But not until a few more episodes do I think the show really gets it. Dunno.) ANYWAY, we didn't have time for a fourth, even though A. wanted it, because my car was done.

On the car front, good news (I guess.) While fixing all the things I actually took the car in to get fixed, the mechanic fixed a bunch of seals that were only reachable because he was replacing a gasket cover. This is part of what took so long in getting my car (although I have never gotten my car back quickly from this place.) Unfortunately, while he didn't charge labor, that's another $50 worth of parts on top of the estimate (which was an already quite sizable $620.) And of course no one had asked me if that's what should be done. (I'd have said 'yes' I suspect, but still, it's the principle.) Fortunately, Smarmy-Account-Manager finagled the bill (via labor, I assume) to make the whole thing only $10 more than the estimate, rather than $50.

Of course, this could all be total bullshit. I wouldn't know where to look in the car to find new gasket covers, let alone the seals that are apparently below those. Sigh. Still, Smarmy-Accounts Guy apologized profusely for the wait this morning, and I rather suspect that had somethign to do with this pricing snafu. Well, that and the fact that the mechanic made an executive decision without clearing it.

On the bright side, they oiled my driver's side door. I kept meaning to ask them to do that-- it started squeaking a few months ago. But then it stopped squeaking, and there were a lot more pressing issues to keep on top of with the car. But now the door swings open really easily, which is mostly great, but almost caused me to swing it open into someone else's car at Target, which is where I went after picking up ze car (there I just got some necessary odds and ends and priced iPod docks for the car. They seem to range between $25 and $80, and I don't know why.) I forgot to pick up the tea I wanted for my iced tea (but found a reasonable alternative that I hadn't thought of, in my tea cabinet, so that's good.) Fortunately, I remembered to pick up cat treats, so now Callie-Cat will, hopefully, stop acting so disappointed when I leave the apartment. (Whenever she knows I'm leaving, she dashes around, chirping, and rolling about in front of the door in the expectation of treats. For the past few days I only had some left from a while ago, which I know that none of the cats particularly like. She chases them, like usual, but then instead of eating them immediately gives me this baleful look. Most of them are gone when I get back, so evidently someone eats them. Or perhaps the cats are stockpiling them for some nefarious purposes.)

Then I came home because I wasn't feeling particularly well suddenly. After checking my email, I had the Crap! Dinner is ON FIRE incident. Then I made dinner properly and joined A and [livejournal.com profile] flurije in some Puzzle Pirates. For some reason I don't find it nearly as addictive as I did back in 2004, when I first played. This, and the fact that I'm broke, would be why I haven't bothered subscribing. We only puzzled for 1.5hours, and we only won one pillage, which was really weird. Those who puzzle more than I posited that it was because of the recent upgrade of PP-- all the bots seemed to be set on Impossible To Beat.

Afterwards, I watched some of SPN season 2-- more than I meant to, but I got wrapped up in working on ami!John. I finished making his coat: this includes the body of the coat, the black collar, and some detail work to make it look like it has seams and pockets. I really like details. Also, I'm still ridiculously proud that the coat is removable. (Yes, I'll likely go back and make coats for Sam and Dean later.) I also stuck pins in his head to indicate to myself where his hairline and part are, as well as his facial scruff. He looks quite freaky with the pins, but this is my usual modus operandi. Depending on how I feel tomorrow, I might be able to finish him and post pictures. Woot! We'll see, though. No promises. But it will be done soon. (I can't work on the current knitting project until after I've laundered it several times to felt it, anyway. So, Yarn!Chesters!)

Tomorrow evening I'm going to a fellow Ta's house to watch Tis Pity She's a Whore with the rest of the Renaissance Colloquium. I will undoubtedly take something crafty along (I cannot watch tv/movies [except in a theatre] without something in my hands to work on) but I don't think I'd want to work on ami!John's hair there (the hair is the fussiest part for me) so I might start working on Chuck's head and hands (the easiest bits.) Tomorrow I should also collect some appropriate pictures of Chuck-- I have no idea, for example, if he wears slippers or what. (Of course, this sort of question is often irritating on SPN, and I would assume most shows. Filming tends to be from the waist or chest up. Took me forever to figure out if Papa Winchester even wore jeans. (He does.) I just guessed at his shoes.

Foster-Kitten-Dean is playing with a jingle-ball and I am quite sleepy. Time for me to head for slumberland. Here's hoping I don't end up with another dream like this afternoon's in which a wedding party (for my pseudo-sister, who really is getting married in a year) ended up dancing a techno/hip-hop version of Hava Nagila. After waking up, I figured out that that must have been my subconscious working in the ring-tone of my cell-phone that I had used as an (ineffectual) alarm. Not nearly as cool as the song-and-dance-routine dream of a few days ago, but it does explain it-- I suspect I slept through various ringtones and they were incorporated. [Note: No, my cell phone does not actually play Hava Nagila.] I really need to buy a new alarm clock. I considered buying one today at Target... I could get a $20 clock/radio (and I never use the radio.) Or I could get a $40 clock/radio/iPod dock. This latter was, obviously, tempting. But I don't have a spare $40, so that was out. But my current clock/radio is old (I've had it since starting college, when its predecessor, the exact same clock/radio but a generation or two older, died) is untrustworthy. [What I really want is the one I saw online somewhere which rolls off of your dresser and around the room so that you *have* to get up to chase it and turn it off.]

Right. Bedtime.
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La la la. Nothing much to really say today, at least thus far. I overslept (as per usual) by several hours. (I am calling a doctor tomorrow. Again.) I've been hanging out in pjs (since I didn't yesterday, despite getting such a lot of encouragement to do so via Twitter.) I've been crocheting and watching SPN (season 1, which is fitting since I'm working on ami!John. More on him below.) I got to chat with my [livejournal.com profile] pyrite for a while, though, which was fabulous. I miss her lots. :( Why's AL got to be so far from AZ? Poooo. Caught up on LJ and Twitter and my Google Reader and comments in my inbox. So that's all good.

Am about to go take a shower so's that I'm not all gross for the Quit This Bitch party tonight. (It's not a "party" in the sense of loud raucous music and a ton of people. I suspect it'll be more of a get-together or a soirée. There'll be a handful of awesome peoples, there'll be booze (sangria and plum wine, at least. I'm bringing the latter as I finally went to the liquor store yesterday [with Heather for company] and the former is [livejournal.com profile] flurije's contribution.) I'm, evidently, in charge of picking up hummus and pita, so hopefully Whole Foods (or another grocery store) will still be open (despite the holiday) when it's time for me to head out. There'll more than likely be a bad movie to watch, so I'm packing up some crochet stuff to take with me.

Irritatingly, while on the phone with Pyrite, Foster-Kitty-Dean start gnawing on some straight pins I had stuck into a foam thingie that I use for blocking knitting pieces. (It currently holds two knit circles that will, eventually, be part of a felted wristlet. I had to block them, though, so that they'd stop rolling up (stockinette stitch) when I go to put a design on them. See, it's going to be a Devil's Trap wristlet. Hee.) So I removed the kitten, and then took the potentially gnaw-able pins out of the foam and put them into my pin cushion. I have since, however, lost the pin cushion. This is very irritating, as it means that I can't place ami!John's legs to see how he looks before I sew them on. Grr.

Speaking of ami!John, I need your advice. Ami!John currently has a head, a body, two arms, one leg, two feet, and I'm almost done with the second leg. He'll have an overshirt and, hee, an over coat, which is my challenge for myself in this ami. (Dean and Sam only have one layer atop their undershirts. Castile, too, but since his is a trenchcoat I forgive myself for not putting in his blazer. That said, I'm thinking about going back and adding one. But I digress. Ami!Bobby has two layers-- his over shirt and his (removable) vest. So ami!John's overcoat (the one seen in episodes like "Dead Man's Blood" and "Salvation") is the next logical step. It will be, hopefully, removable, you see. I'm very excited. Essentially I'll be making a vest like ami!Bobby's but longer, and adding sleeves. Which makes sense, right?

BUT, after all that's done, it'll be time to do his hair. This includes, potentially, facial hair. Now, John Winchester, while a very very important character, and one with whom I am sympathetic (as a person, if not as a father), is not a character about whom I have strong opinions as far as appearances go. So. What do you guys think? (Someone out there has a strong opinion, given how many of you voted for ami!John. Plus, I'm deep enough in the fandom to know that some of you adore him.)

Should my ami!John have a full beard, ala "Home" (such as here) and slightly less full as in "Shadow" (such as here)?

Or should he have the scruffy look he had in "Dead Man's Blood" (here) and "Salvation" (here)?

Or should he be clean-shaven (which is not what I expect) as in the flashbacks, such as "Something Wicked" (here or the pilot (here)?

(I'm guessing not so much the cleanshaven look since that's mostly a flashback thing. I include it in the options mainly from a desire to be thorough.)

This is very important, drat it, so let me know what you think! (If I don't get any advice, I'm going to aim for the scruffy look ala "Dead Man's Blood" because that's actually the outfit and coat I'm also modeling ami!John after. But I'm nervous about making a scruffy look-- I'm not sure how. That'll be the other challenge with this ami!)

Anyway, now a shower. Wheee.

(Oh! Also! I'm thinking that instead of remaking ami!Dean and ami!Sam-- because that would be a bit sad-- I might just use the ones I have but change a few things. I could make them jackets, presumably. I could re-do Sam's hoodie, since I'm still not happy with the way the hem turned out. This wouldn't fix the size issue (that Dean is very chubby compared to the others) but I kind of like him as is... Similarly, I think I could add a bit of crochet to make ami!Castiel look like he's wearing a blazer under his trenchcoat. Conversely, I could just remake ami!Sam and ami!Dean to make the new ones look more like ami!Castiel and ami!Bobby. I dunno. I'm torn.)

Next new ami is ami!Chuck. I'm very excited about that one. After that, I'll probably hold a new poll since so many votes went to John and Chuck in the first one that the rest of the characters all got between 1 and 3. I also meant to put Ava and Andy on that poll but didn't have room/forgot. My love for Ava and Andy, though, might be somewhat influenced by [livejournal.com profile] kroki_refur's Awesome Adventures of Andy and Ava. I suppose Uriel and Zachariah also belong on the poll, as at this point I'm just thinking of characters who were important and were in more than one episode. (Technically I guess that means Jake belongs on, too. And Tessa. And the YED, although then I'd need to buy yellow beads, heh.)

I guess I'll just never be finished with this project. (Since each ami takes about 1.5 weeks to make. Although if I EVER GET THE DAMN TORSO down to a science, they'll go much faster. That's the part I keep tearing out and restarting a billion times on each one.) The Sooper Sekrit Project of DOOM is also, technically, part of the Yarn!Chester project. MWAHAHAHAHAHA. (Sorry, I have to cackle each time I think of the Sooper Sekrit Project of DOOM. Or SSPoD, which is sort of fun to say ssssssssssssssspod.)

Right. What was I going to do? Oh yes, shower. I'm going to go do that.

Tomorrow: Morning: maintenance. AGAIN. Afternoon: Pericles playreading discussion. Guess I'd better reread Pericles in the morning, eh?
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Finally, the amigurumi version of Bobby Singer is completed. Here's a picture:

His wee little hat took many, many tries. Many. Seriously, it was by far the hardest part. Click the cut-tag to see the Sooper Special Accessory.

Here there be more Yarn!Chesters )

As always, you can see all the pictures, including some close-ups (of Bobby's hat and apron) and some making-ofs at the Flickr Set.

Now then, my right hand hurts (the lowest joint of my right index finger often hurts inexplicably. This time, however, is explicable-- too much crochet. So I'm going to, uh, knit, a project... too much of that causes pain, too, but in different places.) I will, however, after this current project (which is also Created By Me, and also SPN-related), return to the Yarn!Chesters.

So! A poll!

Note: I aim to eventually make all of these characters, so this is mainly a poll about ordering. (But I reserve the right to get bored with this project and toddle off. That happens to me sometimes. So if you want to see a specific character, you're better off voting.) For most outcomes of this poll, the character with the most votes will be the next one I create. The only reason that might not come to pass (in which case I'll move to the one with the second highest number of votes) is if I don't have the correct color/shade/texture yarn in my (very large) stash, or if there's something about that character (though I can't think what) that requires a technique I haven't yet figured out or a material I don't have.

Also, I ran out of room in the poll creator for an "Other" button. But if you don't see the character you want on this list, then please name him/her in the comments!!

Without further ado...

[Poll #1401578]

I have to finish some work before tomorrow, but then I'll spend the evening working on my new SPN Knitting Project. Provided it turns out okay, there'll be pictures of that in the future. (Hurrah for digital cameras, hee.)


May. 17th, 2009 01:55 am
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As soon as I don't have to be up every morning for classes, my sleep schedule shifts and I end up sleeping from 2am 'til 12noon. Which is not good for, y'know, interacting with the world. Sigh. I promised myself that I would go to bed by midnight tonight, told myself I should start getting ready by 11:30. But what happened? I got on a roll with the finishing touches on ami!Bobby, and I stayed up (re)watching disc one of season 1 of SPN. (The SPN Summer Rewatch starts this week [comments opening on Thursday] so I'm right on schedule. Well, ahead of schedule, soon.) So here it is 2am, and while I'll have no trouble falling asleep (I never do) I will have trouble getting up, but I have work that needs to be done tomorrow. Ugh. On the bright side, I am finished grading for the semester. I just need to print out the 221 grades so that they can be officially input by the professor on Monday. Woot.

Also on the bright side, ami!Bobby is done. I'll post pictures tomorrow, methinks. (I'm tempted to wait 'til Monday, when more people are online, but that's vain.) On one hand, I'm a little more nervous about this one for some reason. On the other hand, I think people will be amused by the details I've included.

In other fan-craft news, I think I might be completely revising the idea for the Sekrit Project of Doom, not out of desire but necessity. The new idea will cost less, as far as money goes, which is the motivator (I will still need to buy supplies, but not the Major Supply that would have probably cost about $75). Unfortunately, it may cost (what little is left of) my sanity. I'm certifiable for even considering the idea. And yet...

Now, bed. Tomorrow, syllabus revising. Then I'll either start Yarn!Chester #5 (who? whoooo?) Yarn!Chester version 2.0 (unlikely-- I'm not in the mood to redo yet), or a completely different fan-craft knitting project that I've had in mind for a while now (this is probably most likely, at least partly because I want to post a poll about who to make as a Yarn!Chester next, and partly because I need to feel inspired, hee). The GIANT WONDERFUL SOOPER SQUISHY FABULOUS box of yarn that arrived from [livejournal.com profile] pyrite (her local yarn store is, very sadly, closing, leading to, very wonderfully, a sale on my very favoritest commercial yarn) is just the thing I wanted for my knit idea.

I had no idea the insanity that would ensue when I put Supernatural on my Netflix queue.

Honestly, it's all [livejournal.com profile] flurije's fault, for putting Gilmore Girls on while I was over at her house a few months ago. I thought it was clever (I'd never seen it, although I do recall making fun of the line, "Somebody hit you with the pretty stick!" a lot during college. We were more a BtVS crowd, however) so I Netflixed season 1. I thought that Dean Forester kid was kinda cute, and wasn't he in something else? Something about ghosts and stuff? and the rest, as they say, is history...
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FIRST! If you'd like a way to get one (or two) of my cat toys (hand-knit and stuffed with premium organic catnip), or a skein of my handspun art yarn, check out Shadesong's Raffle. (You should check that out anyway.) Basically, 'Song wants to send her awesome daughter to Awesome Camp (for reasons explained here, but needs financial help to do so. She has put together, among other things, a raffle fueled by donations by very talented people, and also me, who is not particularly talented, but makes some pretty nice catnip meese. So, like the Project-Cat raffle (which was based of 'Song's raffle last year, actually), every dollar you spend gets you one ticket, with $10=11tix, $15=20, $20=25, etc.) there are some incredibly awesome things being raffled and you ought to check it out. ::nods::

Now then, an update on my Ami!Winchesters:
Ami!Dean is done. For the curious, yes, he now has eyes (and even wee eyelashes. Oh hush.) He holds up to travel remarkably well, having been tossed in my bag and gone to PA, on many small trips in PA (my grandparents had to see him-- and also I need him along when I'm working on ami!Sam for size comparison. Wouldn't do to have Ginormous!Sam being smaller than his midget-sized brother.) He has traveled back to AZ, and on several trips here, too. Now that Alicia has seen an episode of SPN and has declared herself a Dean!Girl (really?! Like there need to be more of those), she held Ami!Dean during the episode and talked to him. It was very cute.

Ami!Sam has had nothing sewn together yet (he looks like he's been drawn and quartered and then some) but he does have 2 legs (with shoe shaped shoes! I'm pleased with my improvement in shoe-crocheting. It is a valuable life skill.) A torso (although I'm still not pleased with how his shirt edge looks, dammit-- it does not look like the color-changing tutorial I followed. Grr.) Two arms (with hands). Said arms do not look like they belong because his torso is green and his arms are brown, but this is because, while he does not have it yet, he will have a hoodie, you see. He also has a head. but he does not have eyes or hair or the hoodie (neither the jacket part, which won't be too different from ami!Dean's shirt, nor the hoodie part, which will be ... figured out when I get there.)

And yes, for the SPN-literate and curious out there, I do have plans for an ami!Castiel and an ami!Bobby. However, SPOILER DO NOT CLICK IF PHOBIC )

No current plans for other characters, however, not even ShutUpDaddy!/John Winchester, or the YED, or Ruby (god, not Ruby, and if I do, for some reason, do a Ruby? It'll be the Princess Lunessa version (ie: Season 3, not Coma!Ruby season 4.) Not Anna until/unless she does something so useful that I forgive her for the Dude, Where's My Grace? episode.

Once I finish these four, I think I'll start another set (maybe not immediately) and try to take notes on how the hell I did it. My eventual goal is to have patterns for them. I don't want to sell the finished dolls because they take too long to make. There is no way I could get a price good enough for the amount of time and effort they take me to make them. I will be making a complete set for myself and maybe a few for a few friends, but this isn't something I can put up on Etsy, y'know? But the patterns would be a different story.

Also, speaking of crafty-SPN, I have a few other ideas up my sleeve, which is nice because lately all I've had up my sleeve is arms. And kittens. Oh kittens. I even have a pretty good idea of how to make the one idea. Also, these ideas are both for knitting, which will be nice to return to. I always feel like crochet is a second language to me, whereas knitting is almost natural.

The second idea (which, weirdly, came to me first) will be harder because a) it involves intarsia, b) I'd have to make my own chart for said intarsia, and c) it's vaguely inspired by a pattern I've seen somewhere but now cannot for the life of me find. Which is really annoying.

Anyway, my dinner (asparagus!) is getting cold, and I think I'm going to go sew Sam's head on now (hee) and you really ought to go check out 'Song's raffle. Besides, if no one puts tickets towards my items, I will be very, very sad.

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