Jul. 12th, 2009 01:16 pm
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I have updated Project-Cat with the story of Dean's trip to his forever home, as well as updates on the other Former Foster Felines.

There are pictures. :)

ALSO! [ profile] pentane, Dean's new daddy, has posted a video here!!


Jul. 11th, 2009 09:19 pm
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I have returned from taking Dean to his forever home. I am very pleased with how the day went, even though I already miss Dean very much. I will update more later (both here and at Project-Cat.) But for now I'm a bit brain-dead from the travel. I think my brain is fit only for Puzzle Pirates, a shower and sleep yet tonight. (Even though it's only 9pm in AZ.) Tomorrow, since I have fewer student papers to comment on than I anticipated, I will (hopefully) clean this disgusting apartment and write about today's adventures.

Dean Kitty

Jul. 10th, 2009 10:52 pm
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Le sigh. After months, Dean will finally be moving to his forever-home. Tomorrow I fly to Chicago (and back) with Dean to take him to his new Kitty-Parent.

I will miss Dean very, very much. But I'm convinced that he's going to be very well loved and cared for. And also, my Jack, Callie and Widget will be, frankly, happy to see the last of Dean. And the timing is right, since Jack will have his surgery on Monday, and it'd be good for him to be able to recuperate without having Dean trying to play with him. (He doesn't bother the girls-- he's completely submissive to them. But Jack, the biggest of the bunch, he jumps all over.)

Dean has been the cuddliest, sweetest, most playful kitten ever. He can amuse himself for ages, but he's happiest when being loved or played with.

(He's currently playing with a grape. Whenever I have grapes, he tries to steal the stem, whether there are still grapes on it or not. One of the grapes escaped, evidently, and Dean is batting it about.)

I'm quite nervous about flying with a kitten, but I think it'll be all right.

I'm inexplicably exhausted, despite having had a nap, so I'm going to bed now. A. is going to pick me and Dean up at 7:30 in the morning (the flight is at 9:30), so sleeping now is not a bad thing anyway.

As if to prove my point about the other cats being glad, Callie just appeared seemingly out of nowhere to bop Dean on the head a few times before wandering off to get a drink of water. Heh.

What I'll miss the most, I think, is how *cuddly* Dean is. He's always up for a snuggle, and often he'll curl up tucked into bed with me. Fortunately, he's this friendly with *everyone*, so i'm sure he'll adjust quickly.
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(You know, the non-flaming-wok portions!)

So, let's see. Got up at 7:15, and got my car to the dealership juuuust after 8am, so go me for that. My "account manager" is smarmy and only jokes about money, so that was annoying. I had promised Maintenance Guy that I'd be here around 9 so he could work on my bathroom walls (he only spackled them up yesterday, he still needed to sand and paint.) But the delightful people at the VW place forgot about me, so I sat for almost an hour waiting for a ride back to my place. This was doubly annoying because 95% of the time I carry a book and a fiber project. Today I had nothing. Well, actually I had a knitting project, but it was almost done, so I finished it in 5 minutes. Grr.

Got back here, immediately ran into Maintenance Guy who said he'd be over in a few minutes. An hour later he showed up, sanded, did something with a spray can that was smelly, and left, saying he'd be back in a while to paint/finish up. I napped 'til 1:30 (didn't mean to quite so long. Oops.) Then A. came over just after 2pm, bearing strawberries. Alas, [ profile] flurije was not feeling well, and so decided to not join us for the first part of the SPN Summer Marathon. (To be clear, this is the marathon to (re)introduce A and F to SPN, not the one that I'm separately doing so that I can join in re-watch conversations at TWoP. Yeah, just go with me.)

A. really likes the show. We watched the first three episodes (the pilot, "Wendigo" and "Dead in the Water" [this last of course amusing her because of the house which also appears in Devour, which I had also made her watch in the past]). It's so awesome watching SPN with someone, especially someone who hasn't seen it before. Also, she encourages my Yarn!Chesters (whereas most RL people just look at me funny, and Flurije calls me a nerd.) While watching said episodes, I sewed Papa Yarn!Chester up (arms! legs! attached to the body and head! along with his overshirt!) and started to crochet his (removable!) jacket.

A. wants to finish the rest of season one this weekend, having already made plans for us to watch as much as possible on Friday and then finish up on Sunday. I don't know that this is a feasible plan, but hey, I'm more than willing to go for it. :D Also, A. reports that she feels like she is cheating on her husband because of the way she is attracted to Dean. Being the pragmatic sort, I said a girl's gotta do... because her husband is off at navy training and she's not going to see him for months.

Maintenance-Guy did eventually return, around 3:30, to paint/finish. I like Maintenance-Guy, mostly, but his work ... shoddy. Granted, I grew up in a house that my parents were constantly remodeling, but damn, even I could have spackled better. You can totally tell all the places that they had to cut into the walls. Oh well, whatever. You know why I don't care? BECAUSE IT IS DONE.

Too bad my oven isn't working.

Alas, we didn't have time for a fourth episode (which doubly sucks, because, like me, A. is from PA (well, A. is from all-over, but a lot of that is from PA.) where 1.04 is set {Nazareth is just a few miles from where my parents grew up, grandparents live, and where I lived for a time, etc. And the airport is one I fly out of all the time. Of course they filmed in Vancouver, but still, they were representing PA} -- and because I feel like 1.04 is where they start to hit their stride. (The pilot is great-- it holds together well as a pilot and as an episode, and lots of shows can't say that about their pilots. I've never been a fan of "Wendigo", although I can't quite put my finger on why. I like Haley. There are some great lines. We of course get "saving people, hunting things: the family business" from it. But there's something about it that just doesn't work for me. I like "Dead in the Water" a lot, too, and more each time I watch it, actually. But not until a few more episodes do I think the show really gets it. Dunno.) ANYWAY, we didn't have time for a fourth, even though A. wanted it, because my car was done.

On the car front, good news (I guess.) While fixing all the things I actually took the car in to get fixed, the mechanic fixed a bunch of seals that were only reachable because he was replacing a gasket cover. This is part of what took so long in getting my car (although I have never gotten my car back quickly from this place.) Unfortunately, while he didn't charge labor, that's another $50 worth of parts on top of the estimate (which was an already quite sizable $620.) And of course no one had asked me if that's what should be done. (I'd have said 'yes' I suspect, but still, it's the principle.) Fortunately, Smarmy-Account-Manager finagled the bill (via labor, I assume) to make the whole thing only $10 more than the estimate, rather than $50.

Of course, this could all be total bullshit. I wouldn't know where to look in the car to find new gasket covers, let alone the seals that are apparently below those. Sigh. Still, Smarmy-Accounts Guy apologized profusely for the wait this morning, and I rather suspect that had somethign to do with this pricing snafu. Well, that and the fact that the mechanic made an executive decision without clearing it.

On the bright side, they oiled my driver's side door. I kept meaning to ask them to do that-- it started squeaking a few months ago. But then it stopped squeaking, and there were a lot more pressing issues to keep on top of with the car. But now the door swings open really easily, which is mostly great, but almost caused me to swing it open into someone else's car at Target, which is where I went after picking up ze car (there I just got some necessary odds and ends and priced iPod docks for the car. They seem to range between $25 and $80, and I don't know why.) I forgot to pick up the tea I wanted for my iced tea (but found a reasonable alternative that I hadn't thought of, in my tea cabinet, so that's good.) Fortunately, I remembered to pick up cat treats, so now Callie-Cat will, hopefully, stop acting so disappointed when I leave the apartment. (Whenever she knows I'm leaving, she dashes around, chirping, and rolling about in front of the door in the expectation of treats. For the past few days I only had some left from a while ago, which I know that none of the cats particularly like. She chases them, like usual, but then instead of eating them immediately gives me this baleful look. Most of them are gone when I get back, so evidently someone eats them. Or perhaps the cats are stockpiling them for some nefarious purposes.)

Then I came home because I wasn't feeling particularly well suddenly. After checking my email, I had the Crap! Dinner is ON FIRE incident. Then I made dinner properly and joined A and [ profile] flurije in some Puzzle Pirates. For some reason I don't find it nearly as addictive as I did back in 2004, when I first played. This, and the fact that I'm broke, would be why I haven't bothered subscribing. We only puzzled for 1.5hours, and we only won one pillage, which was really weird. Those who puzzle more than I posited that it was because of the recent upgrade of PP-- all the bots seemed to be set on Impossible To Beat.

Afterwards, I watched some of SPN season 2-- more than I meant to, but I got wrapped up in working on ami!John. I finished making his coat: this includes the body of the coat, the black collar, and some detail work to make it look like it has seams and pockets. I really like details. Also, I'm still ridiculously proud that the coat is removable. (Yes, I'll likely go back and make coats for Sam and Dean later.) I also stuck pins in his head to indicate to myself where his hairline and part are, as well as his facial scruff. He looks quite freaky with the pins, but this is my usual modus operandi. Depending on how I feel tomorrow, I might be able to finish him and post pictures. Woot! We'll see, though. No promises. But it will be done soon. (I can't work on the current knitting project until after I've laundered it several times to felt it, anyway. So, Yarn!Chesters!)

Tomorrow evening I'm going to a fellow Ta's house to watch Tis Pity She's a Whore with the rest of the Renaissance Colloquium. I will undoubtedly take something crafty along (I cannot watch tv/movies [except in a theatre] without something in my hands to work on) but I don't think I'd want to work on ami!John's hair there (the hair is the fussiest part for me) so I might start working on Chuck's head and hands (the easiest bits.) Tomorrow I should also collect some appropriate pictures of Chuck-- I have no idea, for example, if he wears slippers or what. (Of course, this sort of question is often irritating on SPN, and I would assume most shows. Filming tends to be from the waist or chest up. Took me forever to figure out if Papa Winchester even wore jeans. (He does.) I just guessed at his shoes.

Foster-Kitten-Dean is playing with a jingle-ball and I am quite sleepy. Time for me to head for slumberland. Here's hoping I don't end up with another dream like this afternoon's in which a wedding party (for my pseudo-sister, who really is getting married in a year) ended up dancing a techno/hip-hop version of Hava Nagila. After waking up, I figured out that that must have been my subconscious working in the ring-tone of my cell-phone that I had used as an (ineffectual) alarm. Not nearly as cool as the song-and-dance-routine dream of a few days ago, but it does explain it-- I suspect I slept through various ringtones and they were incorporated. [Note: No, my cell phone does not actually play Hava Nagila.] I really need to buy a new alarm clock. I considered buying one today at Target... I could get a $20 clock/radio (and I never use the radio.) Or I could get a $40 clock/radio/iPod dock. This latter was, obviously, tempting. But I don't have a spare $40, so that was out. But my current clock/radio is old (I've had it since starting college, when its predecessor, the exact same clock/radio but a generation or two older, died) is untrustworthy. [What I really want is the one I saw online somewhere which rolls off of your dresser and around the room so that you *have* to get up to chase it and turn it off.]

Right. Bedtime.


May. 18th, 2009 12:38 pm
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So, since Dean still has no home, and none lined up, but is allll alone as his siblings have moved away, I have begun to let him roam my flat while I'm home. (With less direct supervision than the kittens had before, you see.) He really wants to play. But my girls (Callie and Widget) just hiss at him. Jackjack seems to have no idea what to make of him.

Now, Dean is less than 2 pounds. Jack is more than 17.

Dean will walk up to Jack and bat at him in a playful way-- no claws, making no contact. Jack just looks at him, then walks away. It's very sad, actually, but rather funny. Especially between the disparateness of their sizes, but similarity of their coloring. I really wish Jack would play with Dean. Dean needs the company.

But mostly Dean needs a home. Please keep asking around/spreading the news that this adorable baby needs a home. I'm driving to TN in June, so his new home can be just about anywhere. (If not on the path between AZ and TN, I can still find another way to get Dean to a good home, pretty much anywhere in the continental US.)

(Icon is of Jack as a baby, the first weekend I had him, when he was the size of Dean.)
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The good news: Looks like Iso has a home. This is great, of course. I'm glad. And he'll be living with another kitten, a little girl just two weeks older than he is. So he'll be happy, and have someone to play with.

The bad news: I don't have a home yet for Dean. I have a potential home, which is a potentially great home with a loving kitty-parent. But if that person says yes (he's still checking with his landpeople), he could not take the kitten 'til the end of June, when I and [ profile] flurije drive out to Tennesee (because that is where he is.) I don't mind keeping Dean that long-- I love Dean! He's awesome! (So is Iso, of course.) But I am worried that that's 6 weeks locked in my bedroom all alone.

So. I'm thinking what would it take to integrate him (a little?) with my cats for those 6 weeks? I don't want him to turn out like Beatrice, hating all other cats. (Although I suppose it would be no huge deal if he did because he'd be an only cat in his new home. Still, it seems really unfair for him to lack companionship most of the time.)

Dean is in no visible way sick. So he won't be passing along something like an upper respiratory infection along (I have never heard him sneeze, for example.) He also no longer has fleas, as I went and treated all 5 cats currently in my flat for fleas a few days ago (to the tune of $90. Ouch.)

This leaves invisible things. The Big Scary is FIV or FLeuk, both of which, we know, have been found in the colony from which Dean (and Iso, Dolce and Zadie) came. [Bozo had both. Beatrice and Zoe were, as kittens, positive for one of them, I don't recall which, but both tested negative by 6months.] There's also other things, though.

My cats are not up to date with their shots. Because Jack boarded at the vet last month, he got his distemper and rabies vaccinations. Now, mind you, I want to vaccinate my other cats, I know they're due for it, but I'm really broke. (Then again, there seems to be so much debate about how often you should really vaccinate your cats. ARG.)

I could get Callie and Widget vaccinated for $18 each (per vaccine). That's ... still really pricey because we're talking FVRCP (distemper, etc.), FeLV and Rabies. Each. But I found a place that on Friday mornings will do it without the office visit price (it's a walk-in clinic in Phoenix.) I'd still need another $18 for Jack, too, for FeLV. None of my cats have had that vaccine, but given the frequency with which foster kittens appear in my apartment, I really ought to get them all done, I think. (Price: approximately $130).

I dunno. I usually type here to help me figure things out, but I'm still confused about what to do.

(Likewise, I could take Dean to get his first set of shots ($18), and get an FeLV/FIV test ($35) at the same place. It doesn't solve the problem, but if the snap test comes back negative, I need not worry so much about that. If it comes back positive I'll know to keep him separate, and will hope that it clears by his 6 month check-up as it did for other kittens. But if I take Dean, I should probably take Iso, even though he's leaving the next day for his new home. Which, it turns out, is in this apartment complex-- I had no idea! So then the price becomes approximately $106.)

Or I could just keep the cats separate. And bore little Dean to tears. If, y'know, cats cried. ARG. I hate money. I want more of it, though, so I can really, truly properly loathe it.
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If I keep telling myself that Supernatural is on tonight, maybe I can make it through the day? (Ahh, but can I make it through Supernatural?)

Before I forget (again), SEVENTY new pictures of adorable kittenness available here.

I'm just gretsy because of finances and scheduling. Finances because I am so very, very broke-- I don't currently have access to the credit union account that actually has money in it. Scheduling because I still haven't heard from maintenance about the GIANT FRIGGIN' HOLES IN MY WALLS. And honestly, I don't even care if those get fixed today (I mean, whatever. Classy, right? But it's not like this is a house owned by me.) I just need---

Write about it in LJ, and it shall appear. After calling the office, they have called me back with information. So, Fiberglass Dude (and other people? Not sure) will be here at 3. Great. Well, at least now I know. Of course, what we don't know is if the whole thing needs to be replaced or if it can be patched. (Oh please let it be patchable. That would take less time.) I also don't know if this is when they'll take care of the drywall. And if it is, it that means they'll have to repaint the whole bathroom. UGH. What a mess.

I'm going to go move everything out of the shower now, though, and off of the countertops.

(I really just want to go back to sleep. I didn't sleep well because of the kittens in my bedroom. I was terrified I'd roll over and squish one. And then around 5am, Iso wanted to play. And then both Iso and Dean were playing with each other, which is fine, except Dean is rough, so every time I heard a squeak I'd worry about Iso.)

Sadly, this all means I can't go to Bunna to grade. But! [ profile] flurije is coming over later, so that's all right then.
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Apparently the plumber is going cutting through the wall of my shower in order to fix the leak (which is leaking down in the 2nd and 1st floor apartments.) He's going to be here a while. When he's done, he'll tape things up so that I can use the shower, which is good because it is hot out and I did laundry, and so I feel gross.

But... I drink a lot of iced tea (see above re: hot outside), and ... I kinda need to pee. :(

And my plans for tomorrow are somewhat booched, too, because they have to send a fiberglass repair guy out to fix the mess the plumber is making, in order to fix the leak.

All this, and the return of two kittens in about an hour.

Not my best day ever.

(But sometime this evening there will be a massive Flickr update with many, many pictures of kittens. So that's good, I guess.)
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So.... one of the undergrads who adopted Iso and Dean got a scholarship to study in Ireland next year. Which is great for her, and far be it for me to suggest someone not go to Ireland. But it means she cannot take her cat. And she won't be rooming with her sister. Which means her sister is moving to the dorms. Which means no kittens for the twins. Which means... Iso and Dean are coming back here, probably tonight yet.

I don't mind them staying here-- I love these little boys. But now I'm back to the horrifyingly stressful part of finding homes for kittens. :(

So, if you know of anyone who's thinking about a kitten, please have them consider Iso and/or Dean. (You can see more of them at Project-Cat, which I'll be updating momentarily to reflect this new situation.) They don't need to be local to AZ/Phoenix-- I can travel in the months of May and June. I just need them to have good homes.

This is on top fo the fact that I have now had maintenance/plumber people in and out of my house all friggin' afternoon, and they're going to pull out my entire tub to fix this tiny little leak. And it will probably happen tonight. ::rolls eyes::

(I wonder if the plumber wants a kitten?)

::head desk::
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Tying a tie. Why? Have I suddenly decided to start cross-dressing as a professional of some sort? Why no, no I haven't. I needed to learn so that I could make a tie for ami!Castiel.

I choose to have a quiet life, but a strange one nonetheless.

I also have friends coming over soon to see the kittens, since they're going to their forever homes tomorrow. I will miss them, but not miss the extra work or how unhappy they make my cats.

(Also, I have caught up again. I have now watched all four seasons of SPN again, except for the most recent (Thursday's) episode, which will be next, but probably not tonight because see above, re: friends visiting, and also "In Plain Sight" at 10pm. I fully acknowledge my giant dorkiness, and up it by pointing out that I can get an old skool Barbie car for only $10 on eBay and then change it and repaint it to make it a metallicar for my yarn!chesters (aka the ami!SPN characters.) On one hand, it's good to have hobbies. On the other, I may need psychological help. On the other other hand, I have been told by mental health professionals (albeit, in the past) that I am normal. So.)


Apr. 16th, 2009 11:24 am
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Full story up at Project-Cat. I'll respond to previous comments (and any new ones!) when I get back from the grocery store. I need more baby food, as well as kitten-safe cat litter (ie: non-clumping.) Wheee. There are 11 pictures up at the the April 2009 Kittens Flickr Set.

I'll post more in coming days, of course, 'cause, OMG KITTIES! 'Til then, to tide you over, squee at the cuteness!

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