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Exercise Endorphins: Still a myth.
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Blech. Since Sunday morning, the awful mind-numbing brain fog that comes with a sinus infection has lifted, although there's still some sinus pressure and I currently have a headache. I lost my voice most of the way on Sunday as well, which was excellent timing as I was in rehearsal for The Second Shepherd's Play, a task I've more and more come to view with displeasure. (Speaking of which, [livejournal.com profile] magelette, you still on for sending me some wenchy clothes to borrow?)

Being ill has given me ample time, however, to view much visual entertainment (which is to say: movies and tv shows.)

My Watch Every Sean Bean Movie (and catalog how he dies) Plan has hit a major snag, however, I started to watch Far North the other night. I chose this one for several reasons: 1. I hadn't seen it, 2. it only has 3 major characters in it, leading me to believe there would be ample Sean Bean screen time, and most importantly 3. it was available via Netflix's instant downloads and I was out of new movies to watch at the time.

However, I only got roughly 3 minutes into said film because the first thing the first character does is pull out a giant knife and -- well, I stopped the movie but it was pretty clear she was about to slit the throat of a dog. So, yeah, I can't watch that one... maybe I'll manage it in the future if I fast forward past that part, but... probably not.

Flightplan, however, was a fairly entertaining movie-- an enjoyable example of its genre. I had my doubts during the opening, but once the story actually got to the plane, it was good. I even didn't mind that they played the "is she crazy?!" angle because it wasn't done up as a twist (ala Shutter Island, ugh), or used as an answer (ala My Bloody Valentine.) On the Sean Bean angle, there clearly wasn't enough Sean Bean, but what there was was enjoyable.

The only broadcast tv I've watched was Make it or Break it last night, and it played very much like the episode-before-the-finale of a serial tv show, if that makes sense. In other words, it was all set up to make next week's finale as tense and as intense as possible. So, whatevs. (Then again, no episode is going to stand up to the one from 3 weeks ago in which Kelly Parker got chalk in the face, and Sasha punched Marty.

(I have no qualms about spilling spoilers here because a. it was from several weeks ago and b. I'm 98% sure that no one on my friends list watches the show. I didn't even know it existed until Flurry insisted that I watch some of it. It's weirdly addicting, and not just because the actor who plays Sasha is both hot and has a sexy accent.)

I have been using Netflix, however, a great deal, particularly the Instant Queue.

Last week I rewatched North and South (the BBC miniseries about the industrialization of England based on the novel by Elizabeth Gaskell, not the American miniseries about the Civil War.) The first time I'd seen it was because Richard Armitage was in it-- and I'd just seen him for the first time on the BBC series Robin Hood. This time I watched it because it's a really good miniseries. I then promptly went to the university library and took out the book. (This was, surprisingly, more difficult than one would assume. While the ASU libraries (of which there are several) apparently own about 10 copies between them, all but one were checked out from the main library, and that one was missing from the shelves when I got there. However, I discovered that for some reason the multi-volume set of the Complete Works of Elizabeth Gaskell don't come up when you search for the individual works (which is odd-- as other collected works certainly do), so I managed to find a copy within volume 4. Irritatingly, however, a previous reader has underlined many passages (inexplicable ones in some cases) and made absolutely imbecilic marginalia notes-- usually insipid and often wrong. I know I should just ignore them, especially as deciphering the handwriting takes me out of the story-- but I've never gotten the hang of ignoring marginalia (or footnotes. Which has nothing to do with this rant.) Oh well.

I then rewatched Wives and Daughters, also a BBC miniseries based on a(n incomplete) novel by Elizabeth Gaskell. This, too, I'd seen before. This one, however, while still good, just doesn't bear up to a second watching as well as North and South does (and again, this is not just due to the presence of Richard Armitage in the former...) This means that when I get a little cash (some day...) I'll buy myself North and South on DVD and not worry about getting the whole Elizabeth Gaskell Collection. Particularly since the third miniseries on the collection is Cranford which I enjoyed watching the first time, but haven't had any impulse to rewatch. (The collection is only twice the price of one miniseries, you see, but still too expensive to buy on a whim. But now that I've decided I don't need the collection, it'll be easier to afford just North and South.)

Have I mentioned that I have a pounding headache? Well, I do. And I choose to blame that for the babbling I'm doing here.

I have also been watching a great deal of MI-5 (or, for my British readers, Spooks.) I'd caught bits of it on BBC America back when I was watching series one of Robin Hood (see above re: Richard Armitage, but actually that was a cast that was entirely comprised of sexy Brits, not just Armitage alone.) And I'd found it interesting then. But upon checking imdb to see what else Richard Armitage was in, I discovered that he was (is?) in series 7 and 8 of MI-5. I've very much been enjoying series 1 and 2 of the show, and series 7 is now on my Netflix queue (as it's only on DVD, not instant). I don't know that I'll watch all of the intervening series as I understand that Tom Quinn (the main character from series 1 and 2) is not on after series 3. So I may watch 'til his character leaves, then start back up with series 7. We'll see... (And apparently series 8 isn't available via Netflix-- any Brits watch this show and know if it's currently on, or recently finished or what?)

(I may have to rewatch the Keira Knightley version of Pride and Prejudice as apparently the actor who plays Tom on MI-5 was Mr Darcy.)

Speaking of Richard Armitage, I also watched the Macbeth episode of Shakespeare Retold as he played the Macduff character. Also, I'd been told by several Shakespeareans that the series was very good and that Macbeth was the best of them. It was quite good. It had some issues (both as a retelling of Shakespeare and as its own piece) but nothing too bad. It had some great moments, too, some very nice modernizations.

However, I blame it for the wacky dream I had in which everyone wanted to ride a roller coaster called the Macbeth (why was it called that? why were we riding roller coasters? No clue.) But every time someone said the name of the ride, it was said the way Paul Gross says MacBETH? in series (season?*) 2 of Slings and Arrows. This meant that I simply had to bring up Macbeth in some fashion while hanging out with Flurry so that I could say MacBETH? over and over. Naturally.

(Apropos of very little, last night I dreamt of TastyKakes.)

So. Yeah. I need to get over this sinus problem mess so that I can start thinking about something other than telly again. (Namely, my dissertation.)

I'm looking forward to watching the series premier of Parenthood tonight.

I saw Shutter Island on opening weekend and hated it.

I've crocheted 5.5 sheep while watching all of the above. (They're for my Second Shepherd's Play castmates. There, uh, will be 6 total, I'm not stopping with that .5.)

I've played with Sculpey a lot in the past two days, too, and made some accessories for the Yarn!Chesters. (One of the nice things about watching things on my computer-- which I rarely do-- is that I can sit at my desk and work on things like Sculpey. It's not nearly as comfortable as on my couch, of course, but then I don't play with sculpey on my couch, do I?)

While looking at pictures for the accessories, it reminded me of how awesome seasons 1 and 2 of Supernatural are, so I may be beginning a rewatch of that eventually soonish. Or something. :)

All right, this already ridiculously long and pointless entry is rapidly devolving, so I'm going to stop now. You'll probably be relieved to know that I'll be back in classes and such tomorrow. I'm not at 100% health-- well, not even 100% for me health-- but well enough. My throat only hurts a wee bit, and then only when I cough. I have coughing fits, but it's not all the time My nose is mostly clear, the pressure's mostly gone. The only major issue left is that my ears are still closed. Very frustrating. :P But hardly an excuse to keep from teaching/going for ice cream with Heather/going to a presentation on "Virtual Reconstructions of History." This last I don't particularly feel up to doing, but it could prove useful for my diss. Yay.

*Do Canadians use "season" or "series"?
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Michael's has yarn!chester sized doll stands for $1.50, so I bought 5. Mwahahaha.

The newest yarn!chester is put together-- has a body, arms, legs, head. The coat is made, too. So all that's left is hair, eyes, and a necessary accessory. I'm hoping what I bought at Michael's today (other than the doll stands) will enable me to craft that. We'll see.

I really really need accessories for these guys, though. But I suck with sculpey. [livejournal.com profile] oddharmonic, were you still interested in crafting some weaponry for the yarn!chesters? If not, no worries-- anyone else interested? I might try, but I don't have high hopes. My skillz do not in polymer clay lie.

I have got to finish ami!Flagg-- he's sooooo close to done.

I'm still sick, sick, sick. Don't know what I'll do with the rest of my evening. I'm not quite up to putting the hair on the newest yarn!chester, but I may keep working on the free hand amigurumi sheep I'm making for cast members of The Second Shepherd's Play.

::pout:: [livejournal.com profile] doctor12am was s'posed to be here this weekend, but even though postponing sucks, and he doesn't know when he'll be free (arg!), it's a good thing he's not coming, as I am still miserable. The nurse practitioner gave me Allegra and a nose spray, but sadly no magic bullet to clean out my sinuses and make me feel human again. So. I guess I shall do easy crafting stuff 'til I feel not-dead.

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Sick-- as in, I am sick. It's allergies/sinus, so no big deal, in the grand scheme of things, but it's making me miserable. Thus far I've medicated with OTC stuff, but if I don't feel better by the time I get through class tomorrow, I'm hitting up the health center. I doubt they can do much-- they may well not even give me antibiotics-- but I could probably get them to prescribe me some Allegra, which works much better for me than Claritin. I currently have a voice, but it hurts to use it. And I have a headache, sinus pressure, drainage, a cough, and all that good stuff.

But what really sucks about it is the canceled plans. [livejournal.com profile] doctor12am was supposed to be visiting me. :( But I made him postpone 'cause I'm too sick to clean, and will likely be too sick to be any fun over the weekend. :( (Case in point, it is 4pm on Thursday. Thus far I have gotten up, had breakfast, fed the cats, took my meds, read some of North & South by Elizabeth Gaskell, and slept. I am now having lunch.)

Ecobooks -- in news that will surprise absolutely no one, EcoBooks, the store at which I was very briefly employed, has closed. Upon driving home from a student dinner last night (celebrating my comps victory, no less), I passed the shop and thought it looked quite odd. So I pulled into the parking lot of the strip mall, and drove more slowly, and closely, past it. The signs all over the doors said, "Everything must go" (and, more oddly, "peace please.") The innards, however, were completely empty (yet oddly with the lights on)-- no bookshelves, no books, no couches, no tables/knickknacks, etc. Only the bright green giant counter that Savas had built (with his own two hands!) remained. As I say, no surprise (although I thought it might hang on a few more months) although annoyed 'cause I had $100 worth of credit there. :P

Project-Cat-- No major news over in Project-Cat, but I have been posting regularly and you should check it out. Cute pictures of kitties, various happenings around the colony, that sort of thing. (The big news, I guess, is that Mad Mabel seems to have stopped caring for the cats. As near as I can tell, she's been caring for them for a decade, and now? Not so much. This means more work and more expense for me. Le sigh.)
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1. My eyes. I saw the eye doctor over break, and he assures me that in general my eyes are fine. However, when they get really tired (and I'm beginning to suggest that it involves stress, too) they don't want to focus properly. (When he tested me, for the first time ever, I had trouble making the dots line up. My muscles want to not line up-- I can't remember now if they're overcompensating or under.) I don't need reading glasses yet-- they'd make things worse at this point-- but it odes mean that once in a while, like right now, my eyes will refuse to focus quite right. Books, at the moment, are easier than the computer screen, so when I finish this post I shall go back to studying from books and not worry about typing up notes tonight.

2. Studying. Is going too slow. Am going to fail comps.

3. Restaurants. Both Einstein's and Solo (a nearby coffee shop) were too full to accommodate me and my studying today. I guess a drizzly day off from classes will do that. But grr!

4. As You Like It at the Old Vic. Okay, there's nothing inherently wrong with that. But it's going to open two weeks after I leave London. And why is this important, you might ask? Well, I'd be slightly disappointed if that were all-- I love AYLI (and have strong feelings about its staging). But it's starring Juliet Rylance (Mark Rylance's step-daughter, apparently) and Christian Camargo (and they're married, apparently. Um, Christian Camargo and Juliet Rylance, not Mark Rylance.) I love Christian Camargo. He's probably best known as the Ice Truck Killer from season 1 of Dexter, but I saw him first in Plunkett & Maclean, and [livejournal.com profile] pyrite and [livejournal.com profile] corruptviridian and I then saw him in Kit Marlowe at the Public Theatre in NYC. (Pyrite and I, twice.) We even got to talk to him. (And by "we" I mean, Pyrite said some things and I squeaked. This was not just out of !!!!! of meeting Christian Camargo-- who we had just seen naked-- but also because the show is very sad, and so I'd just been crying, too.) I like to joke (although it is, technically the truth) that Christian Camargo is the first man I'd seen naked. See, as the titular character in Kit Marlowe, he swung in, naked, on a rope. What I remember most about that production, however, is not the (lack of) costume, but the acting, and the minimalist, but very effective staging. I digress. I am now very far off topic of what makes me cranky (since a naked Christian Camargo most assuredly does not make me cranky), which is not getting to see his/Juliet Rylance's AYLI. (It's currently playing in Brooklyn, which is, admittedly, closer than London, but I am not in Brooklyn either.)

5. Critics. Specifically Shakespeare Scholars. They all seem to hate original practices without actually ever seeing any. Bastards. On one hand, if they all loved OP, I wouldn't have a dissertation to write. On the other, I'd really like it if just one or two agreed with me.

6. Spring Semester. In that it starts tomorrow (although I don't have to teach until Wednesday.) I'm so not ready. :P

Oh well, back to reading despite #1.


Jan. 7th, 2010 10:16 am
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I ate a popsicle. And am drinking hot tea. And now my teeth aaaaache. I've never had sensitivity to hot or cold foods before. And this achiness is lasting and lasting. I'm not a happy camper. (And I was at the dentist just two weeks ago and got a clean bill of health.)

I have to go meet my adviser for lunch-- something I'm already dreading because I have to try and look smart for a really long time with no other students/professors around to hide behind-- and now I get to do so while in massive amounts of inexplicable mouth/jaw pain.

Off to get ready to go-- and to find me some painkillers.

And to stop Jackjack from his inexplicable and sudden pissiness at Widget. Man, I am not in a good mood.
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I neeed this book. Why are you so expeeeeensive???? Neeeeed this. As in, for the dissertation. Need need need. The bibliography alone is requisite. I might, I suppose, be getting it for Christmas as it's on my wish list, but I doubt it. And ASU's library doesn't have it. I currently have it on ILL, but need to return it tomorrow because of leaving town on Monday. Pout, pout, pout. Anyone have any idea how I can get it for less than $113 (the current lowest "used" price on Amazon.) I've already checked Alibris and ABEBooks. It's too new (having come out in late-ish 2009. I know because my adviser showed me her copy and said, "You need this." And I said, "I can't afford this...")

This is my new favorite quote: An author places himself uncalled before the tribunal of criticism, and solicits fame at the hazard of disgrace.

I can't say I'm a huge Samuel Johnson fan. (I approve of the fact that he approved of Frances Burney, but it seems to me it was in a rather patronizing way.) But that's a good quote. I ran across it in the comment section on an article about the new Stargate series, but find it particularly useful given both my own run in with an author (as you'll recall, over at Amazon) and the one that Neil Gaiman recently linked to. (In which Candace Sams responds to a one-star review of her book Electra Galaxy's Interstellar Feller. The trainwreck was here. The author defended her work by claiming that the reviewer was drunk with the power of being allowed to review on Amazon (?!), had called her minions down upon the author, suggesting that the reviewer was not smart enough to understand the book, and was generally out to get her. She began anonymously but within a page of comments was outed as the author. She raged against everyone commenting, suggested that the reason her book sucked was the editor's fault, that because Harriet Klausner gave her a good review, the book must be wonderful, and eventually declared that she had been receiving threats and was reporting everyone involved to the FBI. This included other authors (such as Meljean Brooks) Sadly, however, I've just noticed that she has deleted all of her comments, so all that is left is the (still amusing) responses. [Although you can see the other review she commented at here-- there's no long drawn-out argument, but you can see her "issues" and a response.], Many people had tried to gently point out that this is not, in fact, the best way to handle the situation, but to no avail. (Hell, the review in question wasn't even that vitriolic. The one-star reviews I've written were fiercer.) You can see the Best Of in a blog entry here. Perhaps savvier people than I will know how to find archives/screencaptures. There is now speculation that the author wasn't batshit crazy, just pretending to be, in an attempt to get out of her contract with her publisher. ...That's still insane, 'cause there are now thousands of readers who won't buy her stuff (maybe more-- this was linked by Neil Gaiman, both his Twitter and blog, after all!)

On internets, you amuse me.

(Speaking of, it turns out that when the above author writes "Fantasy and Erotica" it's under the name C.S. Chatterly. I have to assume that the C.S. is her real name-- Candace Sams-- and that the Chatterly is a reference to Lady Chatterly's Lover. I then have to wonder if she's ever read that book because while, yes, it is certainly explicit in its sexual content, it's actually far more about industrialization than it is about erotica. But then again, her homepage declares her to be a not only a former cop/ambulance driver but also a gardener, author and senior woman on the US Kung Fu team... when would she have time to read DH Lawrence?)

(Oh, and apparently Laurell K. Hamilton did something similar, which you can read here. It's pretty awesome, too.)

I understand the desire to respond to criticism. But... it does no one any good. Well, except for the thousands of people reading the trainwreck. Whee!

In other news, I'm drowning in stress. I leave on Monday for PA and I'm totally not ready, and I have gotten nothing done for comps and ohmygodhelp. Also, Christmas shopping? What Christmas shopping?

I did go to the Heard Museum today-- well, to their shop-- in order to get a book signed by Sandra Day O'Connor. Well, two copies-- one for me and one for my Pseudo-Sis. While there I picked up a few things for gifts. Justice O'Connor was very nice but was clearly growing tired of the whole situation by the time I got my book signed.

I was in line for a little over an hour. Cleverly, however, I had brought a book with me (one other than Justice O'Connor's!)

Here, have a health-care (of me) Sum Up. This week I saw 3 doctors, went to the health center 4 times, was prescribed 3 new medicines, had 3 vials of blood drawn. Did I miss anything...? I wrote about Monday and Tuesday's appointments before. Wednesday I stopped in twice, first to get a prescription (#2) that they'd had to special order and second to get a letter that my doctor wrote for my insurance company (and oh crap, I have to deal with that too.) As far as I can recall (and it was a hell of a week, so I could be wrong) I did not go to the health center on Thursday (but instead worked at the bookstore.) Friday, however, I was to be on campus not for the health center but to give my 221 grades to the my prof, and then go out for lunch with her and the other TAs. I was, however, running late. In my rush, I parked in the nearby parking garage and hurried to gather my things.

Unfortunately, I then slammed the middle finger of my right hand in the car door. There was shock, and then there was searing pain and there was rather a lot of dripping blood, and an amazing instantaneous bruise. I sat there for a few minutes, crouched between cars, trying to decide what the hell to do. I considered calling my mom for advice. I considered going to the coffee shop for ice (and napkins) and then going to my appointment. In the end, however, I called [livejournal.com profile] wild_donkey_man and asked him to meet me at the health center so that I could give him my grades. I wrapped my bleeding finger in some tissues and went to the health center. Poor W_D_M, I'm sure he didn't need to get a phone call from a semi-hysterical colleague. By the time I got to the health center, I was already doing much better-- while the finger hurt if I so much as looked at it, I was no longer in so much pain that I was crying. If I thought about it, though, it hurt horribly again, so I went on in to Urgent Care. I felt foolish-- it's a bruise and a cut, right? Gimme a bandaid. But see, since it was both, and since I squashed the nail and stuff, I thought it best to go in. They gave me an ice pack, and made me wash out my own wound (!!). The Medical Assistant was the same jackass I'd seen on Tuesday, so I was displeased on that front. The doctor, however, was really nice-- she was very sympathetic. She had the assistant put a compression bandage on me, and gave me some follow up care suggestions as well as a prescription for an antibiotic. She offered me a painkiller, too (if I thought Tylenol wouldn't be enough) but I demurred. She warned me that there might be bleeding under the nail which builds up pressure and requires a cauterized hole to be put in it. Fun! Surprisingly, though, this does not seem to be the case, ::knock on wood::

I stopped at CVS after, to pick up some guaze and stuff because the compression bandage didn't, y'know, catch blood and I was still all oozy. I still managed most of my errands, believe it or not-- bank, post office, gas for the car. Then I came home and slept. By last night I wasn't in much pain, just the occassional twinge. The finger is ugly and I don't want to, y'know, bang it into anything, but I was knitting last night already and my typing is normal. At this point it looks much worse than it feels (and likely will for months, since I bet the nail is going to fall off, ewwww.)

An update on the Paypal saga... Zynga's last email just said they're dealing with it. Then I found a refund in my Paypal account. But Paypal then said that they were giving me back the $150 while they investigate. So where did it come from? Before that Paypal comment, I'd tried to cancel the investigation, but evidently it didn't work. And I don't have access to my account now-- which really sucks because I'd bought something on Etsy before realizing I can't pay for it. I emailed the artist, so hopefully it'll be okay. :( (I'd also really like access to the rather large-ish amount of money in my Paypal account just now-- between the yarn and mousies I have enough money in there to maybe buy the Oxford book... if I can ever have access to it again... )

Tomorrow, I'm braving Target (!!) and packing and cleaning. Monday, off to the land of the COLD. (Mom says it's 24 degrees in PA today-- it was 71 here.)

I really don't know what to do about this damn Oxford book. Poo.
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Not much has developed in their relationship over the past few chapters. The only big new I haven't shared is that his father doesn't approve of her. And that they canceled a date (although I use the term loosely) to the zoo because of a difference in world views. I'm unclear on this last bit.

Chapter 27, however, has a few tidbits you might like to know (as I struggle with translating the "overloaded adjective construction.")

The book asks, Is the mailman a man persecuted by fate?

A cockroach jumping high in the air frightened Miss Meier, while she sat with the mailman.

The mailman saw in the plucky hippo newly escaped from the zoo a symbol of the craving for freedom of people and animals. (The book also informs us, in English, for no apparent reason, that the hippo's name was Bubbles.)

So there you go. (I have more homework for the week, but I need to do other work for now.) I'll share more about the adventures of Miss Meier and her mailman as I learn them.

(In unrelated news, my tummy really hurts. Hence the icon. I thought I was just dehydrated, but water hasn't helped. I've not eaten anything unusual-- my usual cream cheese and English muffin for breakfast, and now a large salad for lunch. No change. My abdomen feels sort of achey all over, but with some more acute (but not steady) pain right in the middle. Is not fun.)
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Since you guys rocked at the whole Finding Eilonwy an External Hard Drive thing, wanna help with more stuff?

Here's the thing: I suck at projecting. My voice doesn't carry very well, and I'm not very good at being loud. When I need to be loud, or when I just plain need to talk a lot, I end up with a sore throat. Every time. If I go to an amusement park, I know that the next time my throat will hurt 'cause I'll shriek once or twice on a roller coaster and my throat is done for. If I go to a club, I know that the next day I'll have a sore throat and less voice because I'll be trying to be heard over/under the music.

Saturday, while still in VA, I went to the Blackfriars Conference Banquet and talked a lot in a room full of people. Then, I went to a very very very crowded bar and talked a lot. The next day? Sore throat. It was almost gone by Wednesday, but that morning I gave a lecture. I used a microphone, but I was still talking for 50 minutes straight, and afterward, had a sore throat. It was almost better by today, but I taught and then had rehearsal, and now? Sore throat. I can rest my voice all day tomorrow, 'til evening, but I have a play rehearsal on Sunday, too.

And the play I'm rehearsing for is going to be performed on an outdoor stage with no help for directing acoustics.

So, I put to you two things:

1. What can I do to make my throat feel better now that it already hurts. (I have been drinking lots of hot tea, but other than that?)

2. How do I learn to project without hurting myself??

In other news... I spent a lot of money today. Bad Eilonwy. I ordered my external harddrive. But then Wyrding Studios is having a sale... bad, bad. And I went grocery shopping. (That part's not so bad 'cause I had to get cat food or risk the wrath of Widget. Though she be little, she is fierce.)

Renaissance Colloquium went well, even though I wasn't really anticipating having to open it. Oops. And my chairperson volunteered me to help today's presenter dig up more information because I'm the only person who has theatre experience and can guide the presenter in what questions to ask various places as he seeks information on The Othello Project (an adaptation of Othello set in Mississipi in 1964, and perfumed in 1995 in Toronto and 1998 in FL and nothing since...) Fun! (Actually it will hopefully be fun, but I don't really need/want more to do!)

Rehearsal for Pyramus & Thisbe also went well. It helps that I have such enthusiastic students playing Thisbe and Pyramus and to a slightly lesser extent Wall and Lion. Their enthusiasm is infectious, too, so everyone gets into it.

221 was fine-- but we didn't really get to look very closely at Midsummer 'cause I took questions, and they asked questions, and I answered, and it was all about early modern English history and staging, and I can talk about those for hours and hours and hours, which is partly why I now have trouble with my voice, and definitely why we didn't get to the play very much.

I finished rereading Where Serpents Sleep last night, and since I have at least 3 days before the newest Sebastian St. Cyr arrives (thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you to [livejournal.com profile] pyrite who mailed it today-- priority no less!!) I started rereading the first book-- What Angels Fear. This is interesting (to me) on two levels. One, going backwards from the most recent ('til next week) book to the first really highlights what has changed, both in terms of the narrative and also in terms of what the author chooses/chose to highlight. I really don't remember anything in Serpents that particularly referenced Sebastian's more unusual abilities, whereas it's emphasized (not overly, but clearly) several times in the first few chapters that his eyesight and hearing are unusually adept. Also, the reread has given me a new perspective on Kat. I've always liked her as a character, but have never liked her as a romantic interest for Sebastian. I'm finding that I'm more forgiving of that relationship this time around.

At the bus stop this morning there was a random (older, married, English-as-a-second-language) guy who kept trying to get me to talk with him. He could not take a hint even though I had a book open. >.< I was polite, mostly. But I wanted to read!! I mean, I walked up to the bus stop with an open book! (when I'm not in a hurry I'll read while walking). I sat down with an open book! I kept turning to my open book! Dood, I don't want to hear about your friend who teaches English in Japan.

On campus today, I went to the MU for lunch. Alas, when I went to purchase sushi and asked for more soy sauce, they told me no. So I left that shop without buying anything and went and bought an egg salad sandwich. So there. But anyway, on the way out of the MU to join [livejournal.com profile] flurije and to read the paper I needed to comment on in time for Renaissance Colloquium, there were a bunch of religious prosleytizers with signs. One of them said something along the lines of REPENT YOUR SINS JESUS. Admittedly, "JESUS" was in a different color, but still, I felt that a judicious application of punctuation might really have helped this man's point. Then again, no one seems to have a clue as to how to write anymore. And I don't just mean my students. I received a sign on my door a few days ago that read as follows:

Dear Resident' (s)

On Thursday October 29, 2009 between
the hours of 9am and 12pm the water
Will be turned off for repairs. We
apologize for any inconvenience and if
Have any questions feel free to call the
office staff.

Would it really have taken them more than 30 seconds to fix the formatting and extraneous capital letters? And what in the freakin' world is with the random apostrophe in the greeting?

OH! I forgot to mention that I almost caught the feral kitten today. He* was eating with some of the adults when I came downstairs (I'd been on my deck taking pictures of Walsingham who was up a tree when I heard Mad Mabel pour out their dinner. When she does that, all the cats come running, so I went inside and put on clothes-that-weren't-pajamas (I'd planned on a nap) and went out to take pictures and go to the store.) All the cats dashed away from me, but the kitten was uncertain, somewhat trapped between me and the stairs on one side, Mad Mabel and some guy on the other side (and the other side far from his comfort zone of the drainage tunnels and where the other cats were.) I blocked his path with my sweater as best as I could and scooted down under the stairs, but at the last moment he escaped around my sweater. Next time I'll just throw the sweater at him. I'll try to get a chance to post pictures (and a blog post at Project-Cat) tomorrow.

I got an email from the head of PFF who was all clueless as to why I would want to leave and telling me how the next two seminars will have English faculty on them and therefore are useful. I didn't bother responding, and I gave the homework I'd done for today to another PFF person so that he could have it-- I'd spent hours on it and wanted someone to use it, and he'd forgotten to do his.

I took a long nap post-grocery store, but am still quite tired. I played Puzzle Pirates for a while with [livejournal.com profile] flurije, but now 'tis bedtime. Zzzzz....

*I have no idea as to the kitty's gender, but until I do, he's a "he" and his name is Sebastian. Heh. If he's a girl, I'll perhaps name her Bast instead.
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and, in fact, miserable.

What I desperately need is three months (ie: 'til mid January) to do nothing but teach (and not that, if I could help it) and read for comps.

Current Stress:

221 LECTURE: Tomorrow I must lecture on A Midsummer Night's Dream. While on one hand, that's a piece of cake (better that than just about any other play, and I can talk about staging for half the class) it's still a lot of work to prep the lecture and the power point and to then be ready to stand in front of an entire lecture and my prof.

221 PYRAMUS & THISBE: I am currently leading about 15 undergraduates in a "production" of Pyramus and Thisbe. It goes up on Wednesday in class (a week from tomorrow), so on one hand it's short-term stress, on the other, though, it's additional time and effort.

PFF: This class has been fairly useless and it requires a great deal of effort-- not to mention twice monthly THREE HOUR seminars on Friday afternoons, plus other workshops and such. I am very close to withdrawing from it, but it may well be too late in the semester. (Just looked-- I have 'til Nov 8th to withdraw... I will make that decision very soon. I promised myself I'd stick out this year but... why? I shouldn't make this decision while I'm this upset, though.)

SLEEP APNEA: This one is a multi-part cause of stress. First, the apnea itself which causes me to be tired all the time. I know most people are sleepy in the mornings, for example, but I could barely keep my eyes open during the Blackfriars Conference, and these were all papers I was interested in. Imagine how you feel after catching perhaps only 2 hours of sleep-- that's how I feel every day.

Add to that the fact that the people who are processing my prescription (for the machine) are incredibly incompetent (I spoke with them today.)

And the fact that my insurance company has denied my claim.. I now get to spend $1000 for a machine which may or may not help me to actually feel better. Turns out I can spend $225 on a humidifier (gotta buy that regardless, evidently) and "only" $105/month in a rent-to-own scheme (which is how I'll go because I am not convinced that this is going to entirely work. Judging from the nightmares I had when I used the !#@$ machine in the sleep lab, I may not be able to keep the damn thing on when there's not a tech to come rushing in and admonish me.)

I will be emailing/calling the health insurance for a clarification of their denial, of course. My mom said it could just be something like messed up paperwork. I, however, am a cynic, and am fairly certain it's because my apnea is only "moderate" meaning I am unlikely to die in my sleep because of it. This would be more reassuring if it weren't for the fact that I'm likely to die while falling asleep in my car or something equally stoopid, and still caused by the sleep apnea. Even more likely is the fact that I am not exactly functioning very well, and so I honestly don't know that it's at all possible for me to continue this career. Melodramatic? Perhaps. But honestly true. I don't know that I'll be able to write the diss at this point (or pass the comps) let alone struggle for tenure! This is BULLSHIT. My body is defective and I can't afford to get help. And I can't say that anyone really understands, either, which is equally frustrating.

COMPS: Most people get 6months to a year to prep for comps. I get 3months, while I try to do everything mentioned above and below as well.

VACUUM: Is broken. Gots to fix.

CATS: Still a bit worried about Jackjack's spot (on his tummy) but it actually looks less bad than it did before (it hasn't shrunk, but less of it is scabby.) Callie's feline acne seems to be clearing up even though I can't get her to let me clean it with anything. (I did, however, take away the plastic bowls.) So that's good stuff. But then there are the ferals... There's a kitten I need to catch (and doing so, and taking care of him will probably run about $200 in vet bills-- shots, neutering/spaying, check-up, food, medicine) and at least 5 adults I should try to catch and get TNRed (Pigpen, as before, Tigger, the gray tabby who's friendly, a new Tuxie, and the new gray-ish cat with the white tip to his tail, and a couple of moo-cows I never caught.) I need to raise $300 before I can contemplate these endeavors, though. I considered another raffle (the last was very successful) but then remembered that those are, actually, technically, illegal.

GIRL-PLUMBING: Probably as a result of stress, I've been having some, relatively minor but very very very irritating, issues. I shan't say more here, 'cause I don't want to lose readers.

STUDENTS: The problem? I has them. No, most of them are great, but how can I focus on studying when I have teaching and vice versa? And some of my students are ... difficult. Apparently the 17% student saw the prof today and he cannot recall the name of the book we are currently reading. She directed him to talk to some other people here at the university, but he's evidently resisting the idea that he might have memory trouble. He is, however, the extreme version of many students here, frankly. (One student went to the prof to complain that she'd gotten a D on the exam. She said she'd googled all the answers and studied for 3 days, so how could she have done so poorly?!)

MONEY: I'm not, like, unable to pay my bills on a regular basis (thank goodness), with the exception of the unexpected things, like this sleep apnea equipment. But I need to get to the Globe this May, as part of my dissertation work, and I don't have $3500 to do it. (Plus food costs.) I have no ideas. I'm all out.

CONFERENCE: Honestly, I'm still frustrated by the conference even though it has now been over for several days. I spent a lot of money and a lot of time to attend and it was ... not great. Good parts? Absolutely. Awful parts? Yes. And the worst was my own "roundtable." I honestly think I'd have gotten more out of just flying out to VA and hanging with [livejournal.com profile] spade and peeps from C'ville.

Cut for Probable Insensitivity )

So now I'm going to do some German homework in an attempt to play catch up in that class (I'm behind by a week's worth of work AND I have to make up a quiz). Then hopefully I'll still have some time to work on the power point for tomorrow's lecture before German class. I don't think I'll go home right after class, though, 'cause I still have 101 stuff that needs doing and such. Sigh.
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My parents and I chatted tonight, and I felt so boring 'cause I had nothing to say; I haven't done anything lately.

Which is, at least in part, why I haven't been updating here in LJ-land. I've been reading, though.

Been grading. Am actually caught up on that, but I get final drafts for 101 on Wednesday. :P Fortuately, only 21, and they don't take too long to grade.

PFF is proving a total waste of my time, and I'm thiiiiiis close to dropping it. Especially since there's a big assignment due at the end of the month-- when everything else is due in my life, too.

I'm very much looking forward to (and afraid of) the Blackfriars Conference at the end of the month. I have a lot to do for that, though.

German's going okay.

FINALLY heard from the supply company regarding my supposed CPAP machine. Unfortunately, my insurance refuses to cover it. AS I told my mom tonight, I hate the idea of needing to use one, but to have to pay for it, too? That's just horrifying. I'll hear more tomorrow about how much it's going to cost, and what happens if, after a month of use it doesn't work, and why the insurance isn't covering it. I am NOT happy about any of this. VERY CRANKY EILONWY.

Am, obviously, therefore, still exhausted all the time.

It's been nice o get in touch with old friends on Facebook, a few people from high school. But ... they all have babies. So do my previous friends from MBC/ASC. Babies everywhere. And here I am, growing old and alone (and, as I told [livejournal.com profile] flurije on Sunday during a grading session, when I die, I will be found alone and half eaten by cats-- not wild Alsatians like Bridget Jones, but still.)

Arts & Crafts:
No real progress on ami!Jo. I've been knitting a cat for [livejournal.com profile] pyrite. I'm almost out of yarn for it, though, and don't have the supplies (yet) to spin more, so I'll go back to the amis then. Was getting frustrated with this cat (I'm knitting, so I'm using a pattern, one by Alan Dart) but had a sudden understanding breakthrough a few minutes ago. A good feeling, that.

Took pictures this afternoon out in one of my apartment complex's courtyards. I haven't put them on the laptop yet, or fiddled with them, but hopefully I'll have one or two that I can use for the BuddyTV contest. I think I'll also have gotten one or two I can use for postcards to Vancouver since I haven't sent any in a loooong time.

I started planning a meta on time and clocks (or clocks and time?) on the show. I'm halfway through a LONG meta on magic use (positive and negative) on the show, too. One of these days I'll even finish them and post them.

Hm. That's about it. :)
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Saw the ENT. Am very cranky.

He was rude and abrupt. He informed me that the best thing I could do is lose weight (which is admittedly generally true with sleep apnea) but then snapped at me when I pointed out that I weighed 40 pounds less a few years ago and still felt like crap. Also, when typing up his notes, he said (he spoke, didn't type), "patient denies gaining any weight in the past year"-- the "denies" makes me feel like he doesn't believe me.

Evidently I have to try the sleep breathing machine thing (CPAP titration machine) for 30 days before he'll even speak to me about other options. This is partly for insurance (so why the bloody hell couldn't someone just tell me that in the FIRST place before I spent $35 today?!) and partly to see if ti's working and if I need something else.

He was so rude and I'm so frustrated that I ended up crying, which made me feel embarrassed (especially as he snottily informed me that it's not like the diagnosis is cancer or something). Then the crying made me feel *more* embarrassed. So now I'm frustrated and angry. And apparently fat.
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Blech. I am in a terrible mood, albeit one that is markedly improved from where I was at 6am upon leaving the sleep study, and more awake than I was until 9am, upon getting my large coffee.

I don't want to talk about the sleep study at the moment. I'll write its own post at some future time. It'll be relevant for a while, given that I won't hear from the doctor 'til next Thursday (so much for the "fast" response they promise on their brochures). I can't even explain why I don't want to write about it. Suffice it to say for the moment that it was weird, but painless and apparently I wake up 30-40 times an hour which, I have to guess, despite not hearing from the doctor yet, is probably why I'm so freakin' tired all the time.

ANYWAY. I came home this morning rather upset and ended up talking to my mom (she called because of my text messages. I didn't actually want to talk to anyone.) Everything that's going wrong or difficult at the moment was swirling around in my head, but she made me feel better.

(Other than the sleep study stuff, there's also the fact that my car's ABS Brake warning light has been coming on intermittently, but not for a few weeks-- until this morning. Money is a huge issue right now-- I can afford basic stuff, but am having no luck saving for trips because things keep coming up. I'm way behind in my research (mostly because I can't stay awake to do it). And for some reason (between friends getting married, friends buying houses, friends having babies, and friends having anniversaries) I'm feeling all lonely and "I'LL NEVER HAVE SOMEONE" etc. All of this was exacerbated by lack of sleep (even if I'd slept well in the study, it was only 6 hours) and lack of caffeine (none since Wednesday evening. So I guess it's not too surprising that I ended up crying this morning.)

On the downside, though, my parents' car (a 10 year old Buick) needs to be replaced-- they thought it needed struts, but apparently the innards are so rusted that the mechanics were all, Yeahh, it needs more done to it than the car is worth. So my parents are out car shopping at the moment (and texting me as they do. I've always kidded them that their Buick was a grandparent-mobile and they're not grandparents (nor like to be ever, ::sniffle:: at the rate I'm going) so now they're messaging me asking if certain cars are "cool" or "grandparent." Oh, and their old Buick? Gets better gas mileage than is allowed for the Cash for Clunkers program. Figures.

Back in news on my side of the country... The Puzzle Pirates situation got handled (hurrah!) so I played online a bit for the first time as a subscriber. (There's a player on there who always flirts with me. I suspect said player flirts with everyone, but even did so after finding out our age difference. Most Puzzle Pirates players seem to be in their late teens and I ... am definitely not. The player in question isn't either, but is still much younger.) So that was nice and was the first of the day looking up.

Then I took a shower to wash the glue out of my hair. Ewww. I'd gotten all the rest of the glue off of me while at the lab, but couldn't get it out of my hair with the luke-warm water in the washroom, so just pulled my hair back. The headache that began yesterday afternoon, presumably from lack of caffeine, was back with reinforcements since this morning, so I took some ibuprofen and that took the edge off.

Then I ran errands. Walgreen's (cat food and envelopes), gas station (for, um, gas), Einstein's (bagel and COFFEE. Laaaarge coffee. Not too long after this, my head began to feel better, thank goodness), Michael's (for yarn for yarn!chesters, but also picked up a few other things also yarn!chester related), the post office (to mail my contract to Shakespeare Bulletin in an envelope I bought from Walgreen's) and then home. I meant to stop at the mail room on the way in (since I didn't yesterday and I know there are Netflix dvds awaiting) but forgot. I'll go later.

Now I'm going to spin some more yarn. I'm spinning a hand-dyed corriedale locks (green) plied with baby camel (um, camel colored.) I'm almost ready to ply, so presuming it turns out well, this'll be on Etsy soon, too.

There's a nap in my future, although knowing what I know from the sleep study naps now seem less appealing. Still, necessary. Dinner out tonight with H. and D., A. and [livejournal.com profile] flurije, so that's nice.

Tomorrow no major plans except a puzzle pirate appointment at 5pm. Sunday I think there will be more Supernatural with A. and Flurije. (We're 5 episodes away from the end of season 2. We watched 3 episodes last night to keep me awake for going to the sleep study.)

By Monday I have to have my fall syllabus for 101 done. Thankfully this mostly means juggling around the summer syllabus to fit the fall class format.

There are a bunch of odds and ends I need to be doing academically (other than my research.) And scholarship/grant/etc/ stuff I really need to be looking into. (Some are due Sept. 1st). And I have to have all my grading done by Monday as well. Fortunately, there's not much left. I should, though, look at what I graded yesterday again with a caffeinated eye.

Also? I know exactly what you're going to say, [livejournal.com profile] wild_donkey_man, as regards caffeine, but don't. I am so not in the mood to hear about my caffeine stream needing more blood in it. :P
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OMG. Today is the No Caffeine No Naps day. I got up at 10, so it's not like I'm actively sleep deprived, but stilllllll.

Worse, I'm sitting in a coffee shop (to grade) and am not allowed caffeine. And there's a guy sitting one table over, napping. I WANT TO NAP.

Also, my head hurts.

So... I have to be over at the sleep lab place at 10pm. Honestly, I'm suddenly (as of yesterday) rather nervous about this whole ordeal.

Then again, I'm looking forward to it if only because it means I'LL BE SLEEEEEEEPING.
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Other than "of confusion," of course. (The answer is: none! I'm in a commonwealth! Ha! No, really, I'm in PA. And it is technically a commonwealth. In fact, although I have lived in many different places, AZ is actually the first state I have lived in, as PA, MA and VA are all commonwealths (and Ireland is a country). For the curious, KY is the only other commonwealth, but I have not lived there. I digress. A lot.)

Anyway, left VA yesterday morning, having woken up early and said goodbye to [livejournal.com profile] spade and her family. This was very sad, as I adore them. The train-ride to Philly was fine, and the wonderful [livejournal.com profile] lizabethanqueen, whom I had not seen in 5 years, along with her significant other, met me at the train station. I got to hang out with them (and their cats) for a while 'til my parents came to pick me up. (It was like being in junior high again, only instead of staying with friends after school, it was after a train ride.) We then had dinner (a second one for me, sigh, but I had salad both times, so not so bad) in Manayunk (yes, Manayunk) at a pub, while I regaled said parents with the tale of my trip. (I told them that the plot was weak, but the setting and characters were awesome.)

Today I went to the eye doctor because I'm having difficulty seeing with my contact lenses. He informed me that that's me just being very aware of my (slight) astigmatism, mainly because my glasses fix my vision so well and I wear them so much more often, but also partly exacerbated by my eyes' dryness. Until I move away from the Southwest, he cannot condone my wearing contacts more than 2-3times per week for 4-6hours, tops. Which, given that I can't see crisply through them is fine, I guess. (It's a vicious cycle.) On the bright side, no glaucoma (first time I had that test-- not a puff of air like the other time I've had it, but actually checking the pressure against your cornea! eek! no warning!), no corneal vascularization (my real fear), etc. And my prescription has not changed at all, 100% the same. Woot.

Then my parents ran errands while I slept in the car (although I joined them for lunch at Panera.) I just cannot wake up today, a fact I blame on a combination of sleepiness from so much travel and the fact that it's gray and rainy and dark here. Also, cold. Brrr. In a sweatshirt all day. We stopped in with my grandparents for a little bit, too, but we'll visit more with them on Friday. My grandmother wants to see the Yarn!Chesters but there really wasn't time this afternoon.

Tonight I'm going with my mom and Miss Murphy (our labrador) to Murphy's "good canine citizen" class at "Cold Nose Lodge." Yes, seriously. But if Murphy masters this class, she can work towards being a therapy dog, something my mom has always wanted to accomplish with Murphy. I don't much care to go, but mom really seems to want company (although she prefers to guilt people into this rather than just saying so.) On the bright side, I'm taking my camera to see if I can get some video of Murphy doing her "clapping" because apparently she doesn't bark at the only dog in the class who is bigger than she is (and tries to dominate him) but claps.

In preparation for said video, I took the videos and pictures off of my camera's card-- 202 of them. Yikes. They fall into several categories: random travel pictures, pictures of the Yarn!Chesters in various places, recreations of scenes from SPN using the Yarn!Chesters (more on that later), pictures for a Yarn!Chester story, and several videos.

Now, though, it is dinner time. Tonight I think we will be playing with the magical game playing pony. (Read: playing pool.)

Tomorrow we're going to the canal museum and taking a canal ride. (This will put me on a boat, bringing my total types of transportation on this vacation up to 4.)


Jun. 17th, 2009 02:16 pm
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I have one thing to say about the current state of my health, and while it may make some people uncomfortable, I'm not going to put it behind an LJ-cut, so there.


I have never been someone who complained about her period. Okay, back in jr high when it was still new I'd complain about cramps and about the annoyance, but since then, and in general, nope. I deal with it and move on. But typically the first day hurts. AND MAKES ME EVEN MORE TIRED.

So today, I'm exhausted (as per usual.) I'm slightly dizzy, and my FREAKIN' UTERUS wants me to SUFFER. (Along with my entire lower back, which is doubly annoying because I don't normally get backpain with my cramps. Thanks body!) It's not that the cramps are excruciating, honestly. I know women who have much worse menstrual pain. But they're not fun and on top of how much CRAP I FEEL LIKE ON AN ORDINARY DAY. And how much more tired I feel with my period. YES, LET'S ADD PAIN TO THE MIX, SHALL WE? OH GOODIE.

I've been told that exercise helps. I think it's a load of horse manure (much like exercise induced endorphins are also a MYTH), and would prefer to lie on my couch and slowly expire. However, I have found the work-out clothes that I have spent a rather long while seeking today, and donned them. I have sorted laundry and will be taking it to the laundry room, and then continuing on to the work-out room. The elliptical is likely to either kill me or cure me, and I don't much care which right now. On the bright side, I have both an EW and Hamlet [redux] to read, although the latter may cause me to SPORK OUT MY EYEBALLS. (I haven't written about my dramaturg position, have I? I should do that sometime. Oh yes. Oh, "edgy" student directors. Oh dear.) So, exercise I shall.


Afterward, I will take a hot shower (I hope-- I don't always get water as hot as I want here). After both that and the completion of the laundry will commence the lying on the couch and slowly expiring. Alas, this latter must be temporary as I have promised my services to [livejournal.com profile] flurjie as she has begun moving and wishes me to help. And because I am a good friend (and would feel guilty saying to refuse) I have, of course, said yes.

I must also feed the gecko and go to the grocery store.
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So I did everything I said I did in the previous email, and since then I've also worked out (and while doing so, worked out an idea for how to make the hoodie for ami!Sam better), and showered and dressed (for now) and made lunch, which I'm about to eat. And I'm astounded at how I'm practically on schedule with the rest of the world! (Remember East Coasters, which so many of you are, it's only 12:30 here in AZ-Land.)

But of course, now that I'm sitting down to eat, I'm starting to feel the fatigue creep back up, demanding my attention. Well, it can't have it, not 'til later. Grumph. (I'm going to eat lunch! Renew my lease! Visit a gecko! Go to the grocery store!)

::beats fatigue back with a stick::


Let's see who wins.
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Mostly because I ate too much soup, I think. But also partly because I generally feel like poo.

I accomplished a little bit of research for the Faustus-project (or, well, mostly reorganizing the research that we already had into Google-Docs.) And that’s about it, thus far. There are phone calls I should make, there are errands I should run. Mostly, however, I’ll be happy if I can get some cleaning accomplished.

Also, I’ve been having random shooting pains up my arm today. Not good. And they don’t seem to be caused by any specific activity-- some happened while I was typing, yes, but some happened while I was dozing off in bed in this morning. And it’s pain in a place I’ve never had pain before -- along the left of the inside of my forearm (left when you’re looking at your up-turned arm.) So, y’know, that sucks.


I think I’m going to go read for a bit as it doesn’t require me to move my arm much (or move myself much either), at least ‘til my tummy settles. Then some cleaning.

Also, all that’s left on Yarn!Chester ami!Dean v2.0 is his eyes and amulet. Hurrah! (And I’ve already made the base heads and hands for ami!Sam and ami!Castiel v2.0. Woot.)
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..on this fine Monday afternoon.

Grumph. Woke up late-- again. Very late. Sigh. Guess I really will have to call the doctor-- tomorrow.

I'm about to go work out for the first time in months. Do.Not.Want. But sort of do, too. I mean, I don't want to actually be working out (ugh) but I think I'll feel better for having done it. Then I shall do so again on Wednesday (I don't think timing will work tomorrow), and again on Thursday and/or Friday, and hopefully I will get into a pattern as I tried to do a few months ago. (I fell out of said pattern when I went home to PA for a few days, and never got back on.)

Other exciting things I'll do today: pay rent, clean kitchen, do dishes, call grandparents, call parents, read Richard II. I am one exciting party girl. Non stop excitement in the Eilonwy Spackledust household, let me tell you.

I have SPN metas brewing, both about The Greater Good and one that's more of a rant about what Sam was up to all season 4. If either turn out well, I'll post them to heavy-meta. I'm hoping to be thinking about something other than SPN while working out, but hey, whatever gets me through the mind-numbing tedium of a work-out, eh?

(One of my friends posted some things that got me thinking about where I am, and whether I'm using fandom as sort of a substitute life. And I figure, if I'm going to substitute something for having a real life, it probably ought to be, oh, I dunno, my grad studies. :) I'm not leaving fandom, I'm not leaving SPN, I'm not not making Yarn!Chesters-- I'm just seeking balance. That's sort of my life's mantra ('cause I'm terrible at it) and I needed a reminder, I guess. That's not unusual with me-- I am obsessive about things, be they entertainment or whatever. (Last summer it was spinning.) And this is the time of year when I need the reminder (summer, when I don't have a fixed schedule.) It's good. And trust me, you couldn't (currently) pry me out of the SPN fandom with a crowbar.

Tomorrow I have lunch plans with Heather, then the Richard II discussion group. Afterward, potentially more season 1 SPN because [livejournal.com profile] flurije is leaving town for a bit starting Wednesday. My schedule is open starting Wednesday, but I'm going to try to focus more on my dissertation bibliography (balance!) and such. It'll be good. I can do this. :) (I can do this better if a doctor can cure my need for 12-14 hours of sleep per night... ugh. Dear Self: Call the friggin' doctor tomorrow. I know you don't want to, but do it anyway.)

So. There you go.

What's the state of you?


Jul. 25th, 2007 11:01 am
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What do you know about Lasik surgery? Good, bad. Success stories, horror stories. Have any of you had it? Please to be telling me. I'm even making this a public post so that if you know someone who knows someone or something, other peoples can post.

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