Oct. 5th, 2009 06:40 pm
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It's my birthday week, so I'm giving you presents!!! For the week I have drastically lowered prices in Etsy Shop. All my handspun yarn has been lowered significantly in price!! Act now! Pass the word to other fiberistas who may wish for handspun yarn!
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I have posted three new handspun yarns in my Etsy Shop.

Northern Lights, a pair of black merino/silk plied with commerical variegated cotton skeins. (The cotton came from the Big Bag of Cotton Crochet Thread that I inherited-- 30 years on-- from my great grandmother.)

Subtlety & Sunrise, another pair meant to go together, also of merino/silk (although of pastel colors). One skeins is navajo plied, the other is plied with more of the cotton.

and finally,

Sunset on the Mountain, wherein I tried my hand at a sort of art yarn style. I took a bunch of things I had in my Spinning Basket (which isn't a basket, but nevermind) and tried out different combinations and then handcarded them all together. (Handcarded. Yes, I'd love a drum carder, but I'm fortunate enough to have hand carders and so I spent a couple of hours hand carding and making rolags before spinning.) The colors remind me of the sun setting over snow capped mountains-- or what I imagine that would look like at least. :) The materials for that one are kind of crazy-- it includes ingeo (made from corn!), milk fiber (yes, seriously!), icicle (a style of sparkly nylon), merino and other woosl, and various types of silk (bombyx and tussah). The whole project actually started because I had spun a whole bunch of tussah silk from hankies but then lost the end (its sticky and I had spun it very fine, so it was very problematic.) I was tired of dealing with it, so I cut it off the bobbin. I cut it smaller and used it as add ins for this yarn. It adds hints of color and texture, you see.

That brings the total number of skeins in my shop up to 16 (!!). Geez. Check them all out here, and tell me what you think. And I have two more which need pictures before I can list them (one's a BFL in shades of green, the other is a camel/merino in shades of blue). I'm really impressed by how much better my pictures turn out when I just take the yarn outside into the sunlight. I very well may take more pictures of some of my older skeins so that they're brighter and I'm happier with the colors looking exact. You know, when I have time... :-P

(Sekrit messuj to [ profile] rubrchick, I'll be in touch re: our projects very soon. I'm still up for it, promise!)

Hm. I really need an icon for talking about my handspun.
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You may have missed it yesterday, but [ profile] blergeatkitty launched her new line of "History is Funny!" t-shirts. You should totally check them out here because they are awesome.

In more self-interested news, I've updated my Etsy Shop with many new handspun yarns. The ones I showed in this entry are all up and for sale, with the exception of the alpaca/silk which already sold. (Yay me!)

There's also Faerie Garden, a green and many many colors bamboo and merino blend.

And Cranberries, a many shades of red Navajo 3ply of merino

And finally Seduction's Kiss, the same merino in a 2ply, the second ply a deep red thread. (This makes for a yarn that's stronger than a 1ply, but not much thicker. Also, it gives a touch of color and makes the texture into a bit of a spiral style.)

This means that there are currently 13 skeins of yarn in my Etsy shop. :) I think I'm going to go with a more art-style yarn next.

(Y'know-- when I'm not taking the head off of my most recent amigurumi because I've decided it's terrible. Yes, I'm going to make a new head and put it back on, as opposed to leaving her headless.)
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I finished a new skein of yarn today-- I'll soak it and dry it tomorrow. No huge rush-- I think it'll be well received, but I still have 2 new ones to put up in Etsy (Thursday and Friday) and the ones that are up aren't flying off the shelves. (No surprise-- no one has any monies.) But it's very pretty-- bamboo and merino, so soft and shiny, and while I would not have suspected it from looking at the roving, it turned into this beautiful pale green with lots of other colors in, skein.

I don't think I worked more on ami!Mary tonight than any other SPN night, but it seemed that way because so much of her came together. She is all in one piece now, including her nightgown, and even a lace top to it. (!!) Honestly, I'm really pleased with how the nightgown turned out. I haven't decided yet what I'm going to do about the rosette on it yet, though. (I have one, but I think it's too big, so I need to approximate something instead.) I'm also having trouble with her hair, in that I cannot find a yarn that I think is the right color. I have a pale yellow that I'm going to use for S3 Ruby and Meg, but it doesn't seem right for Mary or Jess.

Fortunately (or obsessively, I'm not sure which) I realized that I have some yellow fiber, left over from various other spinning projects, so yeah, I'm going to actually spin yarn to make hair for these amigurumis. Or at least try. The plan is to spin an energized single, and set the twist, using some of a textured batt and some of a plain roving, so as to put some of the wave and curl into both Mary and Jess's hair. I'm really really really not sure if it's a blessing or a curse that I spin.

Tomorrow, I think, [ profile] flurije and I are going thrifting. I don't know what she's looking for, but I'll be looking for things for the yarn!chesters. :D (I found the perfect kitchen set for them today, but it was twice what I was willing to pay, especially since I already have the burger and the pie from the VA trip.) Hm. This paragraph isn't about fiber. Oops.

Oh! Here's something else fibery. I got a Moonwood batt today-- the one I won in the give-aways during the Alpaca/Angora Smackdown. (The Angora won by a "hare".) The artist (Moonwood Farms also included some lovely samples to try spinning. So that's much fun. :)


Aug. 9th, 2009 09:51 pm
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Like I said in my previous entry, I have 6 new skeins for my Etsy Shop, not including the 5 that are already there, which I wrote about a few days ago.

Below the cut you can see a picture of the 6 new skeins. I'm putting the first one in the shop tonight, and the rest will go up one each day this week.

Fibers include camel, tencel (which is wood!), merino, cotswold curls, commercial cotton, alpaca (suri AND huacaya) and silk.

handspun yarny goodness )


Aug. 8th, 2009 02:53 pm
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I'm having a pretty good day so far. How's about you guys?

I woke up around 10, and chatted with [ profile] pyrite. Then I finished reading Devil in the White City, which was very good. (I'm too much an academic to not be a bit skeptical of popular history and the choices made by the author, but it was very well researched and the choices made were plausible. More importantly to the enjoyability, it was exceptionally readable and just plain a good read. I'm interested in the author's other books now.)

I've spun quite a bit of fiber (into singles) today as well. I had bought this fiber called "ember" a loooong while ago, but when it arrived it looked nothing like the picture on Etsy. I was disappointed, but figured monitors make for different color experiences. I also felt that it didn't look like it was described, either. (Described as dark grey and red, and it looked like brown with streaks of red.) So it sat for a long while until yesterday when I thought, heck, I'll spin this up and figure out something. Buuuut, it turns out it spins up beautifully as ... dark grey and red. Go figure. So that's happy making. When I'm done it'll be a 3ply (two plies of this fiber, which is superwash merino in differing thicknesses, and one ply of a bright red cotton).

I have also soaked and hung up four new skeins of yarn. (Unfortunately it's not nearly as hot as usual today. Figures-- I need the heat to dry my yarn and it slacks off. What the hey? Why is it only 97 degrees? What happened to my 110?) I'm not sure which of the skeins I'll sell and/or how. I'm quite pleased, though, with one that's a ply of camel and a ply of dark brown suri alpaca. The grey suir/huacaya alpaca blend plied with silk looks great-- the differences in thickness (which was intentional) has allowed for a nice halo to start on the alpaca strand. However, I didn't have a lot of luck with the silk (it was more or less my first time spinning from a silk hankie. The single was fine, but the plying was difficult) I think it's really nice yarn, but I'm worried because there's one break in the skein (knotted) and a few breaks of the silk ply. I'll probably sell it with that warning and a deep discount. There's also a skein of camel plied with spun-from-the-lock wool, which looks awesome, but its only 59 yards. It's hard to sell the small skeins, y'know? The last skein is also camel, but plied with the last of the wool/soy blend from the previous skeins, and is only about 60 yards, too. I might collect wee skeins like this and sell them as a set. We'll see.

Anyway, some of those skeins needed thwacking, which is precisely what it sounds like-- hitting them against a hard surface while wet. The only such surface currently on my balcony is the thick part of the balcony railing. But since the railing is hollow metal, it makes a ringing sound. My neighbors must think I'm insane. One guy was walking buy, 3 floors down, while staring up at me. I smiled. He didn't ask, so I didn't explain.

Oh! And my spot of good luck! I won this angora/alpaca batt!! I'm very excited. It looks beautiful. I love spinning alpaca. An angora/alpaca blend should be heavenly. (If you scroll down a bit, you can see the angora bunny from which some of the fiber comes!) Not only is the batt beautiful, but I never win anything, so it was awesome to find out that I won!! Woooo!! ::happy dance:: Is verra cool.

I'm going to try and finish my grading for the summer session now. It'd be nice to be able to submit those grades and be done. I have to spend a chunk of time tomorrow working on my fall syllabus, too, since it's due by 5pm Monday. (Eek.) The only downside to this is that I'm not sure where I put the book I'm using for the Fall class, which will make finishing the syllabus difficult... So I may be going into the office on Monday to work on it. Hope not.

I have a puzzle pirate date at 5pm (and by date I mean "appointment" not anything romantic.) Also on PP tonight, one of my friends is going to teach me about navigating/battle navigating. I hope to finish at least the last ply of my newest yarn today, too, maybe even ply all three together. Wheee.

Tomorrow there's more Supernatural with [ profile] flurije and A. We might even finish season 2. (!!) Which would put is more than halfway through the series, since season 3 is short. I'll be working on ami!Mary at that point. I'm most worried about her hair, though.

I have no intention of leaving my house today, though. Do you think that's bad? Hm...

I wonder if I should take up dying my own fiber? I didn't really feel drawn to it 'til lately...I think I'd rather have a drum carder with which to blend fibers.

Hm. I also need to take more yarn!chester pictures this weekend, so as to ensure enough scenes to fill the coming week.

I really ought to clean. My place looks like a very small tornado went through. Ugh.

My parents bought a red Lexus yesterday (apparently.) Both halves of that description seem really weird to me. (They kinda wanted a Prius but you still have to order them, evidently. And more importantly, they're too small for my mom. My mom's a very small woman, actually; it's not like she needs a large car. But she has a mental block about small cars. She thinks my Jetta is too small. When I rented a car to drive in VA this past May, my dad set it up-- I expected a compact, the cheapest. Nope, she didn't think a small car was safe, and so I had the next size. I'm kind of surprised she doesn't drive an SUV--

Oh crap, I have no idea what kind of Lexus they got. Doesn't Lexus make SUVs? I can't see them spending that kind of money, to be honest, but still... No, they wouldn't have...

Anyway, that's all the news here. I'm still not thinking about the sleep study, which is why I haven't responded to comments yet. I will. Later.

Oh hey, there's a fudgesicle in the freezer with my name on it.
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Blech. I am in a terrible mood, albeit one that is markedly improved from where I was at 6am upon leaving the sleep study, and more awake than I was until 9am, upon getting my large coffee.

I don't want to talk about the sleep study at the moment. I'll write its own post at some future time. It'll be relevant for a while, given that I won't hear from the doctor 'til next Thursday (so much for the "fast" response they promise on their brochures). I can't even explain why I don't want to write about it. Suffice it to say for the moment that it was weird, but painless and apparently I wake up 30-40 times an hour which, I have to guess, despite not hearing from the doctor yet, is probably why I'm so freakin' tired all the time.

ANYWAY. I came home this morning rather upset and ended up talking to my mom (she called because of my text messages. I didn't actually want to talk to anyone.) Everything that's going wrong or difficult at the moment was swirling around in my head, but she made me feel better.

(Other than the sleep study stuff, there's also the fact that my car's ABS Brake warning light has been coming on intermittently, but not for a few weeks-- until this morning. Money is a huge issue right now-- I can afford basic stuff, but am having no luck saving for trips because things keep coming up. I'm way behind in my research (mostly because I can't stay awake to do it). And for some reason (between friends getting married, friends buying houses, friends having babies, and friends having anniversaries) I'm feeling all lonely and "I'LL NEVER HAVE SOMEONE" etc. All of this was exacerbated by lack of sleep (even if I'd slept well in the study, it was only 6 hours) and lack of caffeine (none since Wednesday evening. So I guess it's not too surprising that I ended up crying this morning.)

On the downside, though, my parents' car (a 10 year old Buick) needs to be replaced-- they thought it needed struts, but apparently the innards are so rusted that the mechanics were all, Yeahh, it needs more done to it than the car is worth. So my parents are out car shopping at the moment (and texting me as they do. I've always kidded them that their Buick was a grandparent-mobile and they're not grandparents (nor like to be ever, ::sniffle:: at the rate I'm going) so now they're messaging me asking if certain cars are "cool" or "grandparent." Oh, and their old Buick? Gets better gas mileage than is allowed for the Cash for Clunkers program. Figures.

Back in news on my side of the country... The Puzzle Pirates situation got handled (hurrah!) so I played online a bit for the first time as a subscriber. (There's a player on there who always flirts with me. I suspect said player flirts with everyone, but even did so after finding out our age difference. Most Puzzle Pirates players seem to be in their late teens and I ... am definitely not. The player in question isn't either, but is still much younger.) So that was nice and was the first of the day looking up.

Then I took a shower to wash the glue out of my hair. Ewww. I'd gotten all the rest of the glue off of me while at the lab, but couldn't get it out of my hair with the luke-warm water in the washroom, so just pulled my hair back. The headache that began yesterday afternoon, presumably from lack of caffeine, was back with reinforcements since this morning, so I took some ibuprofen and that took the edge off.

Then I ran errands. Walgreen's (cat food and envelopes), gas station (for, um, gas), Einstein's (bagel and COFFEE. Laaaarge coffee. Not too long after this, my head began to feel better, thank goodness), Michael's (for yarn for yarn!chesters, but also picked up a few other things also yarn!chester related), the post office (to mail my contract to Shakespeare Bulletin in an envelope I bought from Walgreen's) and then home. I meant to stop at the mail room on the way in (since I didn't yesterday and I know there are Netflix dvds awaiting) but forgot. I'll go later.

Now I'm going to spin some more yarn. I'm spinning a hand-dyed corriedale locks (green) plied with baby camel (um, camel colored.) I'm almost ready to ply, so presuming it turns out well, this'll be on Etsy soon, too.

There's a nap in my future, although knowing what I know from the sleep study naps now seem less appealing. Still, necessary. Dinner out tonight with H. and D., A. and [ profile] flurije, so that's nice.

Tomorrow no major plans except a puzzle pirate appointment at 5pm. Sunday I think there will be more Supernatural with A. and Flurije. (We're 5 episodes away from the end of season 2. We watched 3 episodes last night to keep me awake for going to the sleep study.)

By Monday I have to have my fall syllabus for 101 done. Thankfully this mostly means juggling around the summer syllabus to fit the fall class format.

There are a bunch of odds and ends I need to be doing academically (other than my research.) And scholarship/grant/etc/ stuff I really need to be looking into. (Some are due Sept. 1st). And I have to have all my grading done by Monday as well. Fortunately, there's not much left. I should, though, look at what I graded yesterday again with a caffeinated eye.

Also? I know exactly what you're going to say, [ profile] wild_donkey_man, as regards caffeine, but don't. I am so not in the mood to hear about my caffeine stream needing more blood in it. :P
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I'm printing out the publishing agreement for my article with Shakespeare Bulletin now... I have to mail it asap (once I've, y'know, filled it out and stuff.) It's a wacky weird feeling.

I finished ami!Sam (and ami!Dean's amulet) and took pictures. So there will be Yarn!Chester Scene Challenges again starting tomorrow. They'll be posted every weekday until I run out of ideas. I honestly don't know how long that will be. I do think, however, that some of these new scenes will be harder than the original 15. (By the same token, the only homage I've photographed so far is *really* easy.) We'll see...

I went to two (2!) thrift stores today in the hopes of finding more Yarn!Chester accessories. No luck. I did, however, realize as I was wandering up and down the aisles of the second one, that anyone seeing me there must wonder about me. When looking for Yarn!Chester accessories I'm perpetually smirking because there's a monologue in my head about Supernatural and the Yarn!Chesters and what would and wouldn't work. You can't go looking for something specific because I guarantee you won't find it, so you have to have an open mind. For example, I spotted a rocking horse and poked at it (just because it was a rocking horse.) Then I thought, Hm, wasn't there an episode with a rocking horse? Yes! "The Kids are Alright"! Oh, but the Winchesters never saw the rocking horse. Poo. Moving on.

(One thing I did see and, I suppose, could have bought, were a huge number of angel knickknacks. At some point there will likely be a "Houses of the Holy" with angel-statues scene, if only so I can reference Dean's line about being filleted by a hooker from God, but not in this batch.) I also found a really creepy clown, but I didn't want to spend money on a clown, and, more important, did not want it in my apartment. Ugh.)

I was surprised that in the three thrift stores I've gone to thus far I've not found a Barbie car. I want to find a really cheap Barbie car so I can take its wheels-- I don't really want anything else from it (unless it's the 1989 model of the 1957 Chevrolet, in which case I could use more of it.)

The second store had a lot of naked Ken dolls. Today's stores were both Goodwills. Small stuff, like wee toys and dolls, were in plastic baggies, but not the giant ones of the store I went to last week. (Also, these bags were a lot more thematic than the ones from last week.) So there were a number of bags with just two naked Ken dolls (or maybe they're the large G.I. Joes? I dunno) and all I could think of was that they seemed to be in some really interesting poses, but for all that the poses were unusual, I bet slash writers have covered them. You see why I'm constantly smirking?

Accessories I need most: phones, weapons, Sam's laptop. But every time I think I'll go ahead and try to use Sculpey I remember that a: I'm no good with Sculpey and b: my oven isn't working. (I really ought to get that fixed.)

I plied a lot of yarn in the past two days, bulky weight (one thick'n'-thin, the other just bulky). I'd forgotten why I didn't like spinning bulky-- when it's arty yarn and bulky weight it gets caught on the damn flyer hooks and you spend more time untangling and hand-winding than you do plying. It's really irritating. Of course, while I was at the fiber shop last week I bought a bag of locks, which means that this tangling-in-the-hooks-thing isn't over yet-- but maybe I won't spin the locks next. So now I have four skeins of yarn that I soaked and hung up to dry. The 12wpi merino (275 yards!) will be dry tomorrow, no worries, and put upon Etsy shortly thereafter, I hope. The thick'n'thin wool/wool/soy blend will probably be dry tomorrow, too, although it is more damp than the merino. (But there's not as much of it-- it's only 60 yards, I believe.) The banana fiber/wool/soy blend, however, may not be dry for another day, even though it's outside in central Arizona dry heat. Man that stuff turned out thick. It also bled when I soaked it (weirdly it bled a beautiful purple color, even though the fiber is a medium blue) which muted some of the colors in the wool/soy blend, but I think it'll be okay. Depending on when it tries, it'll be up on Etsy soonish. (There's 122 yards of that which is respectable, in my opinion, for a 6wpi super-bulky!)

I started working on ami!Mary but something went wrong in step one already, so it doesn't count. Also, I don't have any really fine yarn to do the lace on her nightgown (well, not in the right color), which I've decided is a sign meaning I shouldn't try to do the lace on her nightgown. Just doing Bobby's hat in that weight thread n early drove me insane and has definitely sworn me off of making another ami!Bobby any time soon. (I probably do have to redo ami!Castiel for my collection because for some reason my Cas is smaller than he ought to be. But Bobby and Chuck are okay, and while John is a little short, I'm okay with that.)

I made a huge mistake with Puzzle Pirates. I decided that since I play so often and because I canceled my Big Fish account, I would go ahead and subscribe to PP for 3 months. However, upon clicking "subscribe" I didn't notice, but it took me to my *old* account, the one I thought was no longer existent. I didn't notice this until *after* I paid. Craaaaaaap. I've emailed the company to ask what I can do (can it go to my new account? The one I actually have a pirate on so that I don't have to redo all my stats and make a new character, etc.) but they haven't responded and I didn't really expect them to until tomorrow. Sadness.

I should stop procrastinating (which is, honestly, what this entry is) and prepare for tomorrow's class. (Last one! Woo! although my students don't know that yet. Hee.) I also want to have the Yarn!Chester Scene Challenge ready to post as soon as I wake up.

Hey, if any of you see me online on Thursday, can you remind me that I'm not allowed any caffeine or naps that day? I'm worried I'm going to forget.

Hm. I also need new Yarn!Chester icons, methinks. Well, I'll never give up my Callie-cat one, but the other has the 1.0 Yarn!Chesters and we're up to 2.1 now. Must ponder.
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Or, in some cases, new information.

Every year [ profile] shadesong puts her time, health and sanity on the line to participate in Blogathon in an effort to raise money for an Important Cause. This year, as with several in the past, money raised is going to the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center. As everyone who reads this journal is intelligent, thoughtful and aware, I probably needn't tell you what an important cause this is. If, however, you'd like to know more about why raising money for BARCC is important, especially now with terrible funding cuts, you should read about it here in Shadesong's words.

My point, dear readers, is two-fold.

First, you should go forth and enjoy the fiction which 'Song is posting all day long, every half-hour, over in her journal, and then you should sponsor her for doing so. Every bit helps and it all adds up and will help both individual rape survivors, but also to effect change as we, hopefully, as a society crawl our way out of the rape culture we are so mired in.

Second, you should consider bidding on the art which accompanies the stories which 'Song is posting. These are all pieces, in a variety of genres (including food!) handmade by people who not only care about 'Song but about this cause. You should at least check out the auctions to see some really marvelous pieces. Also, there's handspun yarn by yours truly there, which my ego won't let me not mention. :D You could get two handspun skeins of yarn ("Fire and Ember") AND be helping out a great cause.

(Third, and not actually part of my two-fold point; otherwise it would have been a three-fold point, you should also check out other crazy-passionate people who are spending these 24 hours blogging for Causes. And fourth, you should consider donating to or helping at similar centers/networks/etc. in your own areas because only by both helping individuals after-the-fact and spreading awareness beforehand, can we effect real change and prevent lives from being shattered.)


Jul. 18th, 2009 04:20 pm
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Doooood. So, in the past week I have sold all the handspun out of my shop. Well, frankly, I have sold everything out of my shop because "all" I had up was 5 skeins of handspun. Some of that yarn had been in the shop for almost a year without buyers. I'm grateful and pleased to have sold my wares-- very, very. I'm just confused as to why (and how!?) they appealed now.

::happy dance:: Either way, tho', I'm pleased.

Is time to find a way to fill the shop back up!

I'll be posting the very artsy crazy yarn I finished a few nights ago. (Is verra cool.)

I need to remember to take the last non-matching bobbin to the yarn store as they found the last one that goes with my wheel. I've been dragging my feet on this -- partly because I haven't been spinning and partly because I know I won't be able to buy anything when I'm in the store (I feel like I ought to.) But at least now that I have been spinning it'll feel okay. They're not open on Monday, so I'll do that on Tuesday.

No time to spin today, I don't think-- am about to head to the polytechnic campus to take care of A's cats, then out to dinner tonight with H&D. Tomorrow I need to comment on student drafts, but there should be time for spinning in the evening (if I don't do another craft or puzzle some pirates.) I have a bunch of fiber to play with (3 types/colors of undyed alpaca, although two of those are in very small quantities, lots of various commercial merino-blend solid colors bought for a project I've now forgotten about, a braid of hand-dyed sea-foam, a few silk hankies that I'm scared to try because my hands are so dry that it'll stick, a merino/baby camel blend that is lovely but unexciting-- this is the project I stopped spinning halfway through before, so there's a single on the bobbin, a gorgeous handdyed merino top and matching silk top of dark blues and greens, a handdyed merino top (from the same artist) of dark reds, a blended silk and merino multi-color roving, tons of drips and drabs of samples and leftovers... lots to choose from.

The trouble is, for me, when making yarns for my Etsy shop, I feel that they should be very much mine. Taking someone else's hand-dyed roving and spinning it feels like cheating, like I'm unnecessary. Which, I guess, is silly because not everyone spins. And if someone buys yarn from me then sells an object made with the yarn, that's perfectly fine. I guess maybe it's because spinning doesn't feel as creative as, say, knitting. But it is of course-- there are a multitude of styles of spinning, and choices that go into it, not to mention whether you're any good at it.

Still, when I sit down to spin next, I think I shall spread my fibers about me and see what jumps up and says "spin me!" (only not literally, because if something literally does that, I'm going to jump up and run away, not spin.)

Anyways, can't spin now. Am off! Whee!
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After so many weird and somewhat-negative days (I'm looking at you, Last Thursday, with your Neurologist Appointment, Bad Student Evals, and Vet Appointment. Oh yes. You.) today was a Really Good Day in many ways.

First, class was fine. There was a bit of a downside when I just could not get my students to understand that standards of beauty change, that Miss America 2009 would have lost the Miss America 1921 pageant. (They were going on about inner beauty when they saw the 1921 photos and couldn't grasp the idea that that woman was the winner not because of inner beauty (which she may have had, I dunno) but because she embodied the ideals of the time. It didn't help that seeing 2009 in a bikini seemed to render many of the guys in the class incapable of coherent speech. I hadn't thought about that as a side effect because frankly *I* don't think Miss 2009 is all that attractive. I think she's kind of scary looking and very fake looking. She, too, may have inner beauty (I do not know) but I personally don't find her outer beauty appealing. I digress.

But in general, class went fine. Also, people responded to both today's Yarn!Chester post and Bone Key chapter recap/review, which always makes me happy. Hurrah!

Oh, and before class I made my daily stop at the coffee shop. I wasn't too sure about the flavor of iced tea they were offering, so I asked for a sample. I expected a sip, y'know? But they kindly gave me a whole cup (and thankfully it was good, so I bought a full sized glass.) The owner called me one of his favorite customers. We chatted about the weather (it's really friggin' hot just now here in AZ) and he good-naturedly called me one of those girls because I carry a parasol. (I burn really easily and I have a longish walk from car to office...) They were very nice.

Then later I had a lovely nap, shared partly with my Jackjack, once he stopped walking on my head. I was dozing off when I heard a knock on my door. It was the UPS guy with a (mostly-surprise) present from [ profile] nyankoframe!! Dooood. I don't know what I did to deserve random pressies, but I certainly appreciate them. I now have several books I wanted (from my Wish List, you see.) ::happy dance::!! Thank you [ profile] nyankoframe!!! My giftie includes John Winchester's Journal (which is one of those *perfect* gifts because I really wanted it but couldn't see buying it for myself), The Devil in the White City, which fits squarely into my historical niche of turn of the 19th century, and The Happy Soul Industry, which just looks fab. I can't remember where I heard about this one (perhaps the webcomic I read about Libraries, which often has book-related advertisements up top.) ::happy dance:: !!

THEN out of the blue I got an Etsy Convo asking me if a skein of yarn which had been listed in my shop (but currently wasn't, as I hadn't bothered to renew both skeins) was available. I said yes, and would gladly renew it and sell it to this Etsian. Not only did she want the matching skeins, but two more skeins besides!! ::happy dance::!!! I looooove when people like my yarn, of course. And this was my biggest sale EVER on Etsy. (In fact, there's only one little lonely skein of yarn left on my Etsy page. Oh noes! Quick, someone buy it! Heh.)

I have written another chapter's review of Bone Key and am likely to do another yet tonight (I like having a buffer of chapters. Plus, I've only been posting one a day, but since every-other-chapter is an Original Character chapter, and therefore less interesting to the readers of my reviews, I'd like to post two chapters a day.)

I have to do a significant amount of work for tomorrow's class (about which I'll post separately, actually, because I'm going to solicit ideas), but I think I'm also going to spin. For the first time in months. I've been wanting to anyway, but kept putting it off because I felt like I should finish This or That first. And because the last spinning project I was working on was leaving me uninspired. But.

Hm. Well, even now I feel like I should work on ami!Bobby rather than spinning. But I will work on one or the other. While watching the first disc of Slings and Arrows, which I have never seen. Or continuing on with season 4 of Supernatural. We shall see... One or the other. :) I shall also wind up the sold yarn. And take pictures of the yarn which will be raffled (raffled? auctioned? I don't recall) for [ profile] shadesong's Blogathon. WHeeee.

A good day.

Now I'm going to put on a bra ('cause this dress demands it for decency's sake) and go get my mail. I should eat dinner, too. When I get back I'll do that and write about/work on tomorrow's class activities. No puzzling tonight, I think (A. is packing and leaving for Jamaica tomorrow (!!) and I haven't heard anything from [ profile] flurije) so it's just me and my crafts. Happy sigh.

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