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Apr. 7th, 2010 01:34 pm
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I fail at using Excel. :P I really need to make spreadsheets for both my classes so that in a few weeks, when I'm both a: in England and b: having to turn in grades I can just plop the remaining grades into the spreadsheet and get final course grades. (I, uh, normally do it all myself, via pencil, calculator and math.)

Anyone wanna make me two spreadsheets I can fill in?
::bats eyelashes::
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about The Canterbury Tales:
"Some stories are more comedic and others extremely tragic. This is the effect that Chaucer is going for because such is the inevitability of Chaucer's times. Some days are great, but the prospect of what was on the horizon loomed over the current, temporary joy."

Um. Huh?

Oooh, and this one, (different paper but also about The Canterbury Tales):
"The narrator saw the Parson in an un-sarcastically holy pecan in the middle of the chaos in the church as he showed by stating..."

It's rare that I can't decipher what a student meant, but this is one of those times. I mean, she might have meant "as an un-sarcastically holy beacon but that's a stretch anyway. But this is the same student who said "in the mists of the Church's decline" when she meant "in the midst".

I now interrupt this discussion of stupid things written in student papers to tell you a story about this evening. It occurred as I was grading, so it is relevant. Flurry and I went to an Italian place to grade and eat dinner. This Italian place is also a bar. And, apparently, on Friday nights? Karoake. So we graded while a small handful of drunken people sang really really badly. (As this was my first karoake experience, I asked Flurry if it is possible to sing karoake well, and she assured me it is not.) Despite this, I actually managed to get a few papers graded. But eventually it grew to be too much, so we headed to the bar to pay for our meals. This meant mingling amongst the drunken singers. One guy, probably in his mid40s, asked me if I had heard him sing. Of course I had, but I just sort of shrugged 'cause there's no way I could remember which one he'd sung (and I wasn't going to say he'd done it well since he clearly hadn't.) He said he had sung it to me because I was looking at him. (He was facing the screen, which is the opposite of where we were sitting, but whatever.) I said I had been grading papers. He asked if I'm a teacher, and I said yes (all the while giving him as little attention as possible, 'cause I just wanted to pay and leave.) He asked what grade, I said college. This, as per usual, lead to the discussion of how young I look. He thought I was 21. I laughed and said add 10 years. He couldn't believe that I was 30, and then asked how I keep my innocence.

Hee. I shrugged, not knowing how to answer other than, "Just lucky." He went on to suggest I stay so that he could sing to me again, and that maybe our paths would cross again.

Mainly I was amused by the "How do you keep your innocence?" question. I mean, leaving aside the word choice, it's still a bizarre question. Flurry suggested I should have answered that I apply a paste every morning. Later I realized I should have answered that I sleep in ForeverWare (any Eerie Indiana fans reading this?) or that I drink the blood of virgins (or failing students.)

Amusing as it was, the whole thing made me really uncomfortable. I hate to be rude, but I also don't want to say anything that could be construed as flirting because I don't want to get into a situation that's difficult to extricate myself from. It's happened too often (in Ireland, for example.) I never know what to say in these situations. yuck.

Anyway, home now. I shan't return to grading 'til tomorrow, most likely, so I'll post this and post more quotes later, should I come across any.


Aug. 8th, 2009 02:53 pm
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I'm having a pretty good day so far. How's about you guys?

I woke up around 10, and chatted with [livejournal.com profile] pyrite. Then I finished reading Devil in the White City, which was very good. (I'm too much an academic to not be a bit skeptical of popular history and the choices made by the author, but it was very well researched and the choices made were plausible. More importantly to the enjoyability, it was exceptionally readable and just plain a good read. I'm interested in the author's other books now.)

I've spun quite a bit of fiber (into singles) today as well. I had bought this fiber called "ember" a loooong while ago, but when it arrived it looked nothing like the picture on Etsy. I was disappointed, but figured monitors make for different color experiences. I also felt that it didn't look like it was described, either. (Described as dark grey and red, and it looked like brown with streaks of red.) So it sat for a long while until yesterday when I thought, heck, I'll spin this up and figure out something. Buuuut, it turns out it spins up beautifully as ... dark grey and red. Go figure. So that's happy making. When I'm done it'll be a 3ply (two plies of this fiber, which is superwash merino in differing thicknesses, and one ply of a bright red cotton).

I have also soaked and hung up four new skeins of yarn. (Unfortunately it's not nearly as hot as usual today. Figures-- I need the heat to dry my yarn and it slacks off. What the hey? Why is it only 97 degrees? What happened to my 110?) I'm not sure which of the skeins I'll sell and/or how. I'm quite pleased, though, with one that's a ply of camel and a ply of dark brown suri alpaca. The grey suir/huacaya alpaca blend plied with silk looks great-- the differences in thickness (which was intentional) has allowed for a nice halo to start on the alpaca strand. However, I didn't have a lot of luck with the silk (it was more or less my first time spinning from a silk hankie. The single was fine, but the plying was difficult) I think it's really nice yarn, but I'm worried because there's one break in the skein (knotted) and a few breaks of the silk ply. I'll probably sell it with that warning and a deep discount. There's also a skein of camel plied with spun-from-the-lock wool, which looks awesome, but its only 59 yards. It's hard to sell the small skeins, y'know? The last skein is also camel, but plied with the last of the wool/soy blend from the previous skeins, and is only about 60 yards, too. I might collect wee skeins like this and sell them as a set. We'll see.

Anyway, some of those skeins needed thwacking, which is precisely what it sounds like-- hitting them against a hard surface while wet. The only such surface currently on my balcony is the thick part of the balcony railing. But since the railing is hollow metal, it makes a ringing sound. My neighbors must think I'm insane. One guy was walking buy, 3 floors down, while staring up at me. I smiled. He didn't ask, so I didn't explain.

Oh! And my spot of good luck! I won this angora/alpaca batt!! I'm very excited. It looks beautiful. I love spinning alpaca. An angora/alpaca blend should be heavenly. (If you scroll down a bit, you can see the angora bunny from which some of the fiber comes!) Not only is the batt beautiful, but I never win anything, so it was awesome to find out that I won!! Woooo!! ::happy dance:: Is verra cool.

I'm going to try and finish my grading for the summer session now. It'd be nice to be able to submit those grades and be done. I have to spend a chunk of time tomorrow working on my fall syllabus, too, since it's due by 5pm Monday. (Eek.) The only downside to this is that I'm not sure where I put the book I'm using for the Fall class, which will make finishing the syllabus difficult... So I may be going into the office on Monday to work on it. Hope not.

I have a puzzle pirate date at 5pm (and by date I mean "appointment" not anything romantic.) Also on PP tonight, one of my friends is going to teach me about navigating/battle navigating. I hope to finish at least the last ply of my newest yarn today, too, maybe even ply all three together. Wheee.

Tomorrow there's more Supernatural with [livejournal.com profile] flurije and A. We might even finish season 2. (!!) Which would put is more than halfway through the series, since season 3 is short. I'll be working on ami!Mary at that point. I'm most worried about her hair, though.

I have no intention of leaving my house today, though. Do you think that's bad? Hm...

I wonder if I should take up dying my own fiber? I didn't really feel drawn to it 'til lately...I think I'd rather have a drum carder with which to blend fibers.

Hm. I also need to take more yarn!chester pictures this weekend, so as to ensure enough scenes to fill the coming week.

I really ought to clean. My place looks like a very small tornado went through. Ugh.

My parents bought a red Lexus yesterday (apparently.) Both halves of that description seem really weird to me. (They kinda wanted a Prius but you still have to order them, evidently. And more importantly, they're too small for my mom. My mom's a very small woman, actually; it's not like she needs a large car. But she has a mental block about small cars. She thinks my Jetta is too small. When I rented a car to drive in VA this past May, my dad set it up-- I expected a compact, the cheapest. Nope, she didn't think a small car was safe, and so I had the next size. I'm kind of surprised she doesn't drive an SUV--

Oh crap, I have no idea what kind of Lexus they got. Doesn't Lexus make SUVs? I can't see them spending that kind of money, to be honest, but still... No, they wouldn't have...

Anyway, that's all the news here. I'm still not thinking about the sleep study, which is why I haven't responded to comments yet. I will. Later.

Oh hey, there's a fudgesicle in the freezer with my name on it.
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I teach until 1pm, so why am I just getting home at 9? Geez.

Actually, there's quite a rational reason. After class (which I think went fairly well), I went to A's house to check on her kitties (as she is in Jamaica.) I took a nap on her couch (mmm, nap) then ate lunch and graded 2/3rds of my class's papers. Then I drove to [livejournal.com profile] flurije's house, to check on her cat (she's still in TN) and grade the rest of the papers. In between I stopped at Jamba Juice for a yummy blackberry smoothie. Mmmm. Then on the way home I stopped at the post office to ship off yarn (both commercial and handspun, wheee.)

Now it is 9pm. I am making iced tea, and I plan to work on some art yarn I started spinning last night (is very much not my usual style!!) and then early to bed.

Early to bed tomorrow night, too, I hope, because I have a slim hope of getting up reeeeeally early and going to Winter at the Zoo. They're going to make it snow and give frozen treats to the animals! Hee! But it's only from 7am 'til noon, so, y'know, heh. Wish me luck.
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i has none.

Dear Self,

If you wish to accomplish the very short list of things you need to do today, you really ought to, y'know, do it.

To do: finish grading 221 exams.

That's it. Then, dinner and crocheting (not at the same time, if you do not wish for soggy yarn) while rewatching 4.21 and 4.22. (At the very least you should be able to finish ami!Bobby's !#@$!@#$ hat, which you have been working on, tearing out, restarting, etc. since Tuesday.)

Tomorrow: revise 101 syllabus for Summer Session 2. (Due Monday.)

Also, this weekend, Self, you really need to update Project-Cat, too.

So, Self, stop reading comments, stop looking at patterns, stop reading TWoP, stop clicking "Refresh" on your Friends List, and go finish those exams. ::firm nod to self::

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(Well, *a* moment of truth. There are lots.)

I'm going to go take a shower (and good grief, is it time. My hair needs as washing like you wouldn't believe.) They said wait 24 hours after they painted the bathtub, and it has been 28. Time to go get clean.

On the downside, Jackjack jumped into said tub yesterday afternoon, about an hour after the work people left. He left little grey footprints (well, pretty big footprints, given the size of my cat), and I didn't want to touch the chemicals on the bathtub, so I just got him out and closed the door to keep him out of it again. But now we'll see if those footprints are permanent...

(A little part of me kind of hopes they are. Does this make me a bad person?)

I woke up very late today (1pm instead of 10am... uh, oops?) I then spent all afternoon crocheting (other than time online and time winding handspun, and a bit of time finishing a cat toy which was knitted.) So the evening will, alas, be spent doing some necessary work. Post-shower, I must:
-grade the last of the 321 presentation papers (this includes, alas, emailing those students who I allowed to email me papers)
-post all 221 and 321 grades (minus, of course, the not-yet-complete 221 grades) on Blackboard
-package up the 3 items that I need to get into the mail tomorrow (which is to say, put into the mail via the automated post machine, since I'm aware that the post doesn't go on a Sunday.)

Then, and only then, may I return to ami!Bobby.

Eventually, and I'm talking weeks, maybe months down the line, I will need beta crocheters for the Yarn!Chesters patterns. Any volunteers? (I'll ask again closer to the real time so that you'll know if you'll have time to do them, of course, but if I have enough interest her in LJ-land, then I shan't need to seek out betas in real life or via Ravelry or something, you see.)

Now, I'm going to go enjoy the hell out of my shower, if you'll excuse me please. :)

(Hey! Check out the mood-- 'dirty' twice in one day, and using both meanings of the word! ('Cause, y'know, this time I'm about to shower, so literally dirty... yeah.))

1. Apparently, yes, the cat prints are permanent. Snerk.

2. THOSE BASTARDS PUT THE SHOWER DOOR ON WRONG. Which meant that upon trying to close it, the door nearly fell on me. Then while trying to *fix* it, the ENTIRE THING FROM DOORS TO BRACE nearly fell on me. "Top Notch" repair? No, not so much. ARG.

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