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1. My eyes. I saw the eye doctor over break, and he assures me that in general my eyes are fine. However, when they get really tired (and I'm beginning to suggest that it involves stress, too) they don't want to focus properly. (When he tested me, for the first time ever, I had trouble making the dots line up. My muscles want to not line up-- I can't remember now if they're overcompensating or under.) I don't need reading glasses yet-- they'd make things worse at this point-- but it odes mean that once in a while, like right now, my eyes will refuse to focus quite right. Books, at the moment, are easier than the computer screen, so when I finish this post I shall go back to studying from books and not worry about typing up notes tonight.

2. Studying. Is going too slow. Am going to fail comps.

3. Restaurants. Both Einstein's and Solo (a nearby coffee shop) were too full to accommodate me and my studying today. I guess a drizzly day off from classes will do that. But grr!

4. As You Like It at the Old Vic. Okay, there's nothing inherently wrong with that. But it's going to open two weeks after I leave London. And why is this important, you might ask? Well, I'd be slightly disappointed if that were all-- I love AYLI (and have strong feelings about its staging). But it's starring Juliet Rylance (Mark Rylance's step-daughter, apparently) and Christian Camargo (and they're married, apparently. Um, Christian Camargo and Juliet Rylance, not Mark Rylance.) I love Christian Camargo. He's probably best known as the Ice Truck Killer from season 1 of Dexter, but I saw him first in Plunkett & Maclean, and [livejournal.com profile] pyrite and [livejournal.com profile] corruptviridian and I then saw him in Kit Marlowe at the Public Theatre in NYC. (Pyrite and I, twice.) We even got to talk to him. (And by "we" I mean, Pyrite said some things and I squeaked. This was not just out of !!!!! of meeting Christian Camargo-- who we had just seen naked-- but also because the show is very sad, and so I'd just been crying, too.) I like to joke (although it is, technically the truth) that Christian Camargo is the first man I'd seen naked. See, as the titular character in Kit Marlowe, he swung in, naked, on a rope. What I remember most about that production, however, is not the (lack of) costume, but the acting, and the minimalist, but very effective staging. I digress. I am now very far off topic of what makes me cranky (since a naked Christian Camargo most assuredly does not make me cranky), which is not getting to see his/Juliet Rylance's AYLI. (It's currently playing in Brooklyn, which is, admittedly, closer than London, but I am not in Brooklyn either.)

5. Critics. Specifically Shakespeare Scholars. They all seem to hate original practices without actually ever seeing any. Bastards. On one hand, if they all loved OP, I wouldn't have a dissertation to write. On the other, I'd really like it if just one or two agreed with me.

6. Spring Semester. In that it starts tomorrow (although I don't have to teach until Wednesday.) I'm so not ready. :P

Oh well, back to reading despite #1.
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Why am I awake?! WHYYY???

I am mostly packed. The house is mostly straightend up. Ish. Errands have mostly been run. Before bed I need to change the cat litter, put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher (without hurting my injured finger too much), and take a shower.

At 11am, [livejournal.com profile] wild_donkey_man will be arriving to take me to the airport (as he is, once again, my hero.) Before that, however, I need to go to the post office (although because I did not receive payment for a recent Etsy order, this has been downgraded to Not As Important, but I want to get a pressie in the mail for [livejournal.com profile] pyrite), the campus bookstore (for a polo shirt for my dad), the university library (to drop off the ILL books so that I do not have to pay exorbitant fees since they're due on the 4th and I get back the evening of the 5th) and the apartment complex's management office (because rent will be due while I'm gone.) I had intended to get up at about 6:30 in order to accomplish all of the above, but now that it's 3am, I don't really see that happening. Meep.

My finger is healing much better than I anticipated. It already doesn't hurt unless I actively hit it against something. (It is, admittedly, dangerous to reach into my pockets or a bag-- gotta use my left hand for that. But everything else is pretty much okay.) I had put nail polish on just before the Great Car Door Accident of 2009, so I can't really tell what's going on beneath the nail, having been too squeamish to try and take the polish off 'til now. That said, the discoloration I can see beneath the nail is not nearly as bad as I expected. I'm going to brave the polish remover before showering yet tonight, I think. (Besides, it's looking ratty on all m fingers.)

I don't want to leave my kitties for 2 weeks. :( My parents assure me that I'll have two BIG kitties to keep me company in PA (meaning their two dogs) but while that'll be great, I'll be worrying about my babies, here alone most of the day. Especially given the veterinary issues they've had this year. Skilliam is coming over to take care of them every day, but still. :(

I've packed a giant suitcase o' clothes, which currently weighs about 40pounds, I think. I'll also have my backpack, into which I'll put my laptop. I consider that my "personal item" as far as carry ons are concerned. And I've packed a duffel bag full of comps reading as well. Delightful. But I'm coming down to the wire as far as comps are concerned. Mergle.

But I can't study all the time, and sometimes I'l lhave to be around family, so I did pack some knitting. I have the makings of fingerless gloves, two headbands (ear warmers), one toy I promised ages ago, and then a whole bunch of yarn for catnip mousies (especially the one I still owe [livejournal.com profile] chibimitch.) So expect some more mousies upon my return.

I had hoped to create a Yarn!Chester Christmas Carol before leaving, but that's now quite out. But I will (FINALLY) be posting a picture of the two newest Yarn!chesters while I'm gone as I have taken two and they're on my camera, which is coming with me.

While getting stuff ready over the past two days, I've been watching a lot of ER. (I have the first three seasons on DVD.) The last episode I watched (season 2) had a very young Trickster playing a med student. Hee. Oh Trickster.

I might ship some of the books back to AZ... Heh.Flat rate priority for the win!

Right. Bedtime. (Well, see above.)

I'll be online, but not in any sort of normal capacity, over the next few weeks. I'll probably not be reading LJ with any kind of thoroughness, so I apologize if I don't respond to something that you expect me to. Whee.
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I had a very difficult time getting out of bed today because last night I stayed up waaaay to late rereading a favorite novel. Oops. Upon getting ready I came to the realization that it's been a really long time since I'd bought any clothes, especially "basic" type clothes and that many of the shirts I have are falling apart. I'd already decided to drive to campus today because I want to get groceries on the way home (as there is a very real chance of a grocery strike starting tomorrow) so I decided to stop at Target on the way in the hopes of finding some basic short-sleeve fitted v-necks or scoop-neck shirts. I was quite surprised to not, in fact, find any-- you'd think that since this is AZ they wouldn't be trotting out mostly long-sleeved stuff even though much of the rest of the country is chilly. But I did find a three-quarter length v-neck that I liked (in green) and a white tank top to wear under it. After purchasing these two items (and some lip-stain and a few other oddments) I changed into the new clothes (annoyed by the shirt I'd been wearing which had started off this entire enterprise by having a small hole in, potentially acquired via cat claw.)

Sadly, the cheap parking lot near my office seemed full, so I parked in the nearby (more expensive) garage. Two douches in suits were walking in the middle of the driving area, which was irritating, but fortunately I wasn't running late for anything. Then an undergrad in a sports car nearly crashed into me because she took the corner too fast and too tight, but we avoided a collision and I finally parked up on the fourth floor. I decided to stop in the coffee shop as I'd not had breakfast (being out of food at my house) and ordered a breakfast sandwich and a hot tea.

I don't know if you drink tea, but when you order it in a typical coffee shop, it is really freakin' hot. I'm used to this, and tend to put a few extra napkins around the cup, on top of the piece of cardboard that is supposed to keep your hands from burns. So, no trouble there. Unfortunately, Mr Coffee Shop Owner didn't put the lid on the cup right, and there I am, going for the door, and the lid pops off and hot tea/water pours all over my right hand/arm. I probably should have shrieked or something so that someone would have noticed and I'd have at least gotten a free drink out of the deal. But no, my usual modus operandi is to avoid conflict or notice of any kind, so I mopped up the spill (on myself, not the floor) and went about my business with my new first-degree burns and tea stains on my brand-new less-than-hour old shirt Grr. Okay, so it's less than an hour later and you already can't see the bright red skin that had originally shown up. It now feels a bit like a light sunburn, so all in all, not a big deal. But still, it made me cranky. And my shirt has drops on it. And I have a bit of a crush on someone that I see on Thursdays and I'd wanted to look like, I dunno, not-a-slob. :P

I'm especially cranky since the last time I was heading for my office (Tuesday, since campus was closed yesterday) I got run into by a skateboard. (I'm crossing the street and this guy quite clearly can't control his skateboard and steps off it-- leaving the freakin' heavy board to slam into the top of my foot/ankle. I shrieked "Fuck!" he apologized vaguely and skated off, I limped out of the crosswalk and assessed the damage. A kind woman who'd been in front of me at Subway just moments before, randomly enough, asked if I was okay. I blinked back tears and said yes. And I was. Until a few hours later, after I'd been sitting to grade for a long while, when I tried to walk to Flurije's car (as she was being kind enough to give me a ride) when I realized I was in achey agony. Grrr. I went to a friend to complain about the situation, but it had turned out that just hours before, in front of the same building, he'd seen a skateboarder slam into a blind man's cane and keep going. The poor man, clearly not knowing what had happened, was left to fluster his apologies. Freakin' skateboarders, man. Ouch.

ANYWAY, I and my new burns headed on into the office. I stopped at the Writing Programs Office to check my mail, however, because I've been waiting for a week now to hear if I'd passed my portfolio.

The portfolio, for those who aren't slaving away in academia, or who might have a different set of rules compared to ASU, is essentially the first part of the PhD examination process. It's kind of both the capstone to your coursework and the doorway into the dissertation work. You have to turn in two polished essays-- ones which have received more work than simply for a course, as if you were thinking about publishing them-- and your preliminary bibliography, which is to say 50+ works on which you "want" to be tested on. I'd been told that this whole process was just a hoop to jump through, and not to worry about it, just get it done. I had assumed it was pass/fail, and fail just meant that you had to fix some things. I turned in the article that was published in Shakespeare Bulletin and the paper on The Fatal Dowry that I'd originally written for a class, then revised for Renaissance Colloquium. I did not revise it again, however. (This is the same subject as the paper I gave at the Blackfriars, but a longer version.)

I had run into my adviser twice between handing in the portfolio and receiving the letter about it today. She had given me comments about how she thought I'd be pleased. I assumed this meant I passed. I honestly never thought about the potential for not passing-- remember everyone had told me that this was just a hoop needing jumping through.

So it turns out, I learned today, that there are, apparently, levels of passing one's portfolio. Had I known this, I undoubtedly would have given that second paper at least one more going over, probably many. And indeed, upon receiving my letter from both my committee and the department chair and the supervisor of graduate studies, there was a lot of commentary on how I should try to publish this second paper, but that it would need significant work before that could happen. Regardless, that paper did what it needed to do in a portfolio, which is to say it showed that I could research, write in an academic style, etc.

But it seems that I continue to owe my success to the paper for Shakespeare Bulletin. On the strength of that paper, my committee suggested (and the department awarded) a "pass with distinction."


I should be quite happy, I know. And I am! But it's weird because ... I didn't know that existed! I didn't know there were levels. Are there other levels, higher ones, that I just missed? Are there lower levels (besides pass and fail) that I leapt over? I know I should just be happy, but it's a really weird feeling to not really understand the good thing that I have apparently achieved! I can't find any information on this question on the ASU site, so... Y'know what? I choose to believe Heather when she guessed that Pass with Distinction is the highest. I feel like I and my first-degree burn might deserve the celebration. :)

Besides, the award for passing your portfolio is to study for the comprehensive exams, so... :)

And I'm off. Much to do. Gotta get a chapter of German done for class at 3 (the subjunctive-- bloody hell, more freakin' verb forms). I also have 30-some papers to grade for 221 (would have liked to have turned them back tomorrow, but so not going to happen it seems), classes to plan (tomorrow's 101 and 221), and a play to read (Massacre at Paris by Marlowe for tomorrow's Renaissance Colloquium.) Whee.

Tonight is Supernatural. And Project Runway, even if the latter is on ridiculously late at night now.
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and, in fact, miserable.

What I desperately need is three months (ie: 'til mid January) to do nothing but teach (and not that, if I could help it) and read for comps.

Current Stress:

221 LECTURE: Tomorrow I must lecture on A Midsummer Night's Dream. While on one hand, that's a piece of cake (better that than just about any other play, and I can talk about staging for half the class) it's still a lot of work to prep the lecture and the power point and to then be ready to stand in front of an entire lecture and my prof.

221 PYRAMUS & THISBE: I am currently leading about 15 undergraduates in a "production" of Pyramus and Thisbe. It goes up on Wednesday in class (a week from tomorrow), so on one hand it's short-term stress, on the other, though, it's additional time and effort.

PFF: This class has been fairly useless and it requires a great deal of effort-- not to mention twice monthly THREE HOUR seminars on Friday afternoons, plus other workshops and such. I am very close to withdrawing from it, but it may well be too late in the semester. (Just looked-- I have 'til Nov 8th to withdraw... I will make that decision very soon. I promised myself I'd stick out this year but... why? I shouldn't make this decision while I'm this upset, though.)

SLEEP APNEA: This one is a multi-part cause of stress. First, the apnea itself which causes me to be tired all the time. I know most people are sleepy in the mornings, for example, but I could barely keep my eyes open during the Blackfriars Conference, and these were all papers I was interested in. Imagine how you feel after catching perhaps only 2 hours of sleep-- that's how I feel every day.

Add to that the fact that the people who are processing my prescription (for the machine) are incredibly incompetent (I spoke with them today.)

And the fact that my insurance company has denied my claim.. I now get to spend $1000 for a machine which may or may not help me to actually feel better. Turns out I can spend $225 on a humidifier (gotta buy that regardless, evidently) and "only" $105/month in a rent-to-own scheme (which is how I'll go because I am not convinced that this is going to entirely work. Judging from the nightmares I had when I used the !#@$ machine in the sleep lab, I may not be able to keep the damn thing on when there's not a tech to come rushing in and admonish me.)

I will be emailing/calling the health insurance for a clarification of their denial, of course. My mom said it could just be something like messed up paperwork. I, however, am a cynic, and am fairly certain it's because my apnea is only "moderate" meaning I am unlikely to die in my sleep because of it. This would be more reassuring if it weren't for the fact that I'm likely to die while falling asleep in my car or something equally stoopid, and still caused by the sleep apnea. Even more likely is the fact that I am not exactly functioning very well, and so I honestly don't know that it's at all possible for me to continue this career. Melodramatic? Perhaps. But honestly true. I don't know that I'll be able to write the diss at this point (or pass the comps) let alone struggle for tenure! This is BULLSHIT. My body is defective and I can't afford to get help. And I can't say that anyone really understands, either, which is equally frustrating.

COMPS: Most people get 6months to a year to prep for comps. I get 3months, while I try to do everything mentioned above and below as well.

VACUUM: Is broken. Gots to fix.

CATS: Still a bit worried about Jackjack's spot (on his tummy) but it actually looks less bad than it did before (it hasn't shrunk, but less of it is scabby.) Callie's feline acne seems to be clearing up even though I can't get her to let me clean it with anything. (I did, however, take away the plastic bowls.) So that's good stuff. But then there are the ferals... There's a kitten I need to catch (and doing so, and taking care of him will probably run about $200 in vet bills-- shots, neutering/spaying, check-up, food, medicine) and at least 5 adults I should try to catch and get TNRed (Pigpen, as before, Tigger, the gray tabby who's friendly, a new Tuxie, and the new gray-ish cat with the white tip to his tail, and a couple of moo-cows I never caught.) I need to raise $300 before I can contemplate these endeavors, though. I considered another raffle (the last was very successful) but then remembered that those are, actually, technically, illegal.

GIRL-PLUMBING: Probably as a result of stress, I've been having some, relatively minor but very very very irritating, issues. I shan't say more here, 'cause I don't want to lose readers.

STUDENTS: The problem? I has them. No, most of them are great, but how can I focus on studying when I have teaching and vice versa? And some of my students are ... difficult. Apparently the 17% student saw the prof today and he cannot recall the name of the book we are currently reading. She directed him to talk to some other people here at the university, but he's evidently resisting the idea that he might have memory trouble. He is, however, the extreme version of many students here, frankly. (One student went to the prof to complain that she'd gotten a D on the exam. She said she'd googled all the answers and studied for 3 days, so how could she have done so poorly?!)

MONEY: I'm not, like, unable to pay my bills on a regular basis (thank goodness), with the exception of the unexpected things, like this sleep apnea equipment. But I need to get to the Globe this May, as part of my dissertation work, and I don't have $3500 to do it. (Plus food costs.) I have no ideas. I'm all out.

CONFERENCE: Honestly, I'm still frustrated by the conference even though it has now been over for several days. I spent a lot of money and a lot of time to attend and it was ... not great. Good parts? Absolutely. Awful parts? Yes. And the worst was my own "roundtable." I honestly think I'd have gotten more out of just flying out to VA and hanging with [livejournal.com profile] spade and peeps from C'ville.

Cut for Probable Insensitivity )

So now I'm going to do some German homework in an attempt to play catch up in that class (I'm behind by a week's worth of work AND I have to make up a quiz). Then hopefully I'll still have some time to work on the power point for tomorrow's lecture before German class. I don't think I'll go home right after class, though, 'cause I still have 101 stuff that needs doing and such. Sigh.
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Doing all the travel prep crap. Whee.

Tonight's tasks have been CLEANING and LAUNDRY. Fun, fun. I'm about to scare the hell out of the cats vacuum. I'd rather wait 'til I've straightened up my bedroom, but it's almost 9pm and I know I wouldn't want my neighbors (especially if I had any above me) vacuuming late at night, so I'll do it now. I also have to run to the post office-- yes, obviously the counter is closed, but the machine thingie isn't, and I need to ship out a skein of yarn I sold. (My shop is now on Vacation Mode until I return from VA.)

Not a good day-- nothing went right the first time around. Everything took multiple tries. BUT the portfolio (a step in the PhD process) is turned in. Unfortunately, when my chair saw it, she thought the secondary sources on my reading list were too few. Sigh.

But I should get some ideas at the conference this week-- seeing as how my dissertation is renaissance performance practices on modern stages and all.

(It was ridiculous, the hoops needed to be jumped through to turn this damn thing in.)

On the bright side, I've straightened up much of my house, so that's good. I found my kitchen table, which has been buried beneathh stuff for so long I wasn't sure it was still there... Still need to scrub the bathroom and straighten the bedroom.

Laundry is almost done-- I can go get it in a few minutes. Much of it will be immediately packed, which saves on folding/hanging up. :)

I have to pay to check my bag, so I'm packing some books for my dad. I figure if I have to pay anyway, let's make it worth my while. :)

Now if only I had the money to pay for this trip... Must. Be. Frugal!! (Thank the heavens for [livejournal.com profile] spade's family letting me stay with them!!)


Oct. 17th, 2009 01:53 pm
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Grumph grumph grumph. I am a gretsy Eilonwy.

Mostly I have a baseline spazzed-out stressed-out crazy mood 'cause of how much I need to accomplish before Tuesday morning.

A sampling:

Chore Stuff:
Clean (and my house isn't just dirty, it's also MESSY); prepare cat stuff (they're being babysat by Flurije), laundry (so I don't have to travel naked); pack (see previous); shop (for some cold weather conference style clothes); run errands for things like cat litter/cat food

Teaching Stuff:
Prepare 3 lesson plans for 101, 1 lesson plan for 221 (even though I don't know what's being taught on Monday/Wednesday), grade 21 papers (101); prepare the lecture and powerpoint for a 221 lecture for as soon as I get back, prepare an assignment for 221; read book 8 of Morte d'Arthur; cast Pyramus & Thisbe (for 221); prepare Pyramus & Thisbe script

Conference Stuff:
Respond to the criticism of my paper (it's a roundtable); read and criticize other people's papers

Academic Stuff:
Research/find/pepare my reading list and portfolio to turn in on Monday; attend a production meeting for The Second Shepherd's Play which I will be either-- get this-- directing or playing the lead female role in. HA! I did say I wanted more theatre in my life.

You know. All by Sunday night.

ANYWAY, I actually started this post to complain about the BuddyTV contest I entered. If you followed the link I posted on Thursday, you'll have noticed that there are 4 showdowns with 40 entries in each. But rather than choosing your favorites of the 40, or ranking them, you're faced with two images you get to choose between, out of a possible 780 (for each showdown) pairings. I suppose you're expected to go through all 780 of them.

This would be fair, I guess, if it moved entries up or down bracket style, based on which one beats which one. BUT NO! As far as I can tell, entries are being ranked based on a flat number of votes (clicks) they receive.

And that would still be fair, I think, if every person voting went through all 780 matches. But they take a long time to load and even if they didn't, 780 is a lot and I have a life (see above; no matter how incredibly RIDICULOUS my life may be, it's a life) so I, for example, don't have time to click through 780 pairings. And I really really really doubt that anyone else does, too.

Maybe it is still fair because all the pairings that come up are random, so any time someone starts (but doesn't finish, I'm betting) going through the pairings, they're getting a random pairing and therefore randomly have the choice to give one of two entries his/her vote. But it doesn't seem quite fair.

My point in all this is not sour grapes. I don't, at this point, know how my entries are doing (although I'll admit that last time I looked, they were not doing well.) My point is that I kind of wish I hadn't entered/put effort into it because I don't feel like the results will be fair. (If I felt they were fair and I was still losing, that'd be a different story. Still incredibly disappointing, but ok.)

ANYWAY. I am going to get dressed now (I overslept.) And do some of the above stuff, followed by some more of the above stuff, and then with some more of the above stuff on top.

(On the bright side, last night I did manage to finish my German homework, and the majority of a piece of crappy stupid busy work work for PFF. Chugging along, I guess, chugging along.)

Wish me luck.
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I'm beginning to wonder if my German is far, far worse than I thought it was. Or if the author of German Quickly is smoking crack. Or if Germans just smoke a lot of crack.

Some of the sentences I've translated today (and keep in mind that we're only on chapter 3, so while I could be making mistakes, these aren't complex sentences and therefore my mistakes can't be that bad.)

The truth has a beautiful face, but torn clothes.
I understand this one, but I find it disturbing.

Haste breaks legs.
Gotta say I find "Haste makes waste" less distressing.

Farmers love long sausages and short sermons.
Do I have a guttermind or is this somewhat subtextually dirty?
(Also, in my homework I refuse to translate bratwurst as sausage. I'll find out on Tuesday (when I get my first homework back) if that's problematic. But to me bratwust is... bratwurst. I suppose this comes of growing up in PA Dutch country, but still...)

Misfortune has broad feet.
And you know what they say about an anthropomorphism with big feet!.

These next few I didn't translate-- they're translated in the textbook. It seems to me that the Germans have mommy-issues.
Fortune is the mother of misfortune.
Caution is the mother of wisdom.
Wealth is the stepmother of virtue.
Poverty is the arts' mother.

also, The world is the devil's bride.

Haste is the mother of imperfection.
This one I translated, so could be wrong).

Wealth is the stepmother of virtue? I don't know what that's suppose to mean...

The goat is the cow of the small man.

Surely I mistranslated the next one...
The disorderly lives of the people is the wellbeing of the arts.
Well, wait, no... actually I think I'm right. Well, this from a country who gave us Brechtian theatre, no?
HA! No. I mean
of the doctors. That makes a lot more sense. Hee.

I think that's a sign that I should stop for now. Fortunately, I have accomplished half the homework. I'm going to spin for a bit, I think, before doing more German. After a bit of German work my brain starts to get fuzzy. If/when I have kids, I am so putting them in foreign language classes when they are very, very young and still able to easily learn languages.

Speaking of German silliness-- sort of-- ... my office mate is taking an architecture class because his area of study is spaces in literature. (He's the one who wrote/presented a paper on House of Leaves, for example.) One of the class's assignments (and this is a graduate level class, but in the Architecture department) is to write and perform a "Techtonic Rap." It's a ridiculous sounding assignment anyway, but I suggested that he should, instead, write and perform "Teutonic Rap"; just walk in an bust out rapping auf Deutsch. It'd be awesome.


Jul. 6th, 2009 08:44 am
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I canceled my doctor's appointment this morning. On one level this was bad because I need to talk to billing, and I need to see the doctor. Also, said doctor is leaving town shortly. On the other hand, I'm friggin' exhausted and I need to be teaching in a few hours and I feel under-prepared. So.

I didn't sleep well-- kept waking up worried that I'd overslept (which was a real possibility had things gone the other way.)

I don't want to teach today (and I have 5 weeks of this, whee!) What I want is to sleep some more. Then work on some of the ideas I've had over the past two weeks of travel (ideas which involve, independent of each other, mostly, yarn, sculpey, postcards, meta, pins and more.) Instead, I really need to get ready and leave and find breakfast (there's no food here) and feel more prepared for teaching. On the way home I need to stop for food for me and the cats. This afternoon I need to call campus health to reschedule (if possible), and prepare for tomorrow's (and the rest of the week's) classes. (The syllabus is written, don't get me wrong. I just need to ... I dunno... work out details, I guess.) Also, I should continue to work on figuring out why my apartment smells less than good. (The large bag of garbage that A. left under the kitchen table might be part of it, and I have already moved the offending article to the outside, where it will shortly be tossed into a dumpster before I head to campus.)

Also this week, I really need to find an appropriate air-travel sized carrier for kitten!Dean. Whee.

Hopefully this evening will see the first of the Yarn!Chester travel photos up and about. Um, so to speak. Not, like, meandering around, just posted online. :) [Oh! And finally ordering a battery for my computer now that I've gotten some of my scholarship funds! And probably playing Puzzle Pirates with [livejournal.com profile] flurije and A.]

I wish I was back in VA with [livejournal.com profile] spade and [livejournal.com profile] 1flying_wonder. Or at home in PA with my parents (but with less running around necessary.) Oh well. It appears I must settle for in AZ, teaching 101, and figuring out what the bloody hell I need to do with my reading list so that I can get to, y'know, reading, and preparing for my comps.
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..on this fine Monday afternoon.

Grumph. Woke up late-- again. Very late. Sigh. Guess I really will have to call the doctor-- tomorrow.

I'm about to go work out for the first time in months. Do.Not.Want. But sort of do, too. I mean, I don't want to actually be working out (ugh) but I think I'll feel better for having done it. Then I shall do so again on Wednesday (I don't think timing will work tomorrow), and again on Thursday and/or Friday, and hopefully I will get into a pattern as I tried to do a few months ago. (I fell out of said pattern when I went home to PA for a few days, and never got back on.)

Other exciting things I'll do today: pay rent, clean kitchen, do dishes, call grandparents, call parents, read Richard II. I am one exciting party girl. Non stop excitement in the Eilonwy Spackledust household, let me tell you.

I have SPN metas brewing, both about The Greater Good and one that's more of a rant about what Sam was up to all season 4. If either turn out well, I'll post them to heavy-meta. I'm hoping to be thinking about something other than SPN while working out, but hey, whatever gets me through the mind-numbing tedium of a work-out, eh?

(One of my friends posted some things that got me thinking about where I am, and whether I'm using fandom as sort of a substitute life. And I figure, if I'm going to substitute something for having a real life, it probably ought to be, oh, I dunno, my grad studies. :) I'm not leaving fandom, I'm not leaving SPN, I'm not not making Yarn!Chesters-- I'm just seeking balance. That's sort of my life's mantra ('cause I'm terrible at it) and I needed a reminder, I guess. That's not unusual with me-- I am obsessive about things, be they entertainment or whatever. (Last summer it was spinning.) And this is the time of year when I need the reminder (summer, when I don't have a fixed schedule.) It's good. And trust me, you couldn't (currently) pry me out of the SPN fandom with a crowbar.

Tomorrow I have lunch plans with Heather, then the Richard II discussion group. Afterward, potentially more season 1 SPN because [livejournal.com profile] flurije is leaving town for a bit starting Wednesday. My schedule is open starting Wednesday, but I'm going to try to focus more on my dissertation bibliography (balance!) and such. It'll be good. I can do this. :) (I can do this better if a doctor can cure my need for 12-14 hours of sleep per night... ugh. Dear Self: Call the friggin' doctor tomorrow. I know you don't want to, but do it anyway.)

So. There you go.

What's the state of you?
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(You know, the non-flaming-wok portions!)

So, let's see. Got up at 7:15, and got my car to the dealership juuuust after 8am, so go me for that. My "account manager" is smarmy and only jokes about money, so that was annoying. I had promised Maintenance Guy that I'd be here around 9 so he could work on my bathroom walls (he only spackled them up yesterday, he still needed to sand and paint.) But the delightful people at the VW place forgot about me, so I sat for almost an hour waiting for a ride back to my place. This was doubly annoying because 95% of the time I carry a book and a fiber project. Today I had nothing. Well, actually I had a knitting project, but it was almost done, so I finished it in 5 minutes. Grr.

Got back here, immediately ran into Maintenance Guy who said he'd be over in a few minutes. An hour later he showed up, sanded, did something with a spray can that was smelly, and left, saying he'd be back in a while to paint/finish up. I napped 'til 1:30 (didn't mean to quite so long. Oops.) Then A. came over just after 2pm, bearing strawberries. Alas, [livejournal.com profile] flurije was not feeling well, and so decided to not join us for the first part of the SPN Summer Marathon. (To be clear, this is the marathon to (re)introduce A and F to SPN, not the one that I'm separately doing so that I can join in re-watch conversations at TWoP. Yeah, just go with me.)

A. really likes the show. We watched the first three episodes (the pilot, "Wendigo" and "Dead in the Water" [this last of course amusing her because of the house which also appears in Devour, which I had also made her watch in the past]). It's so awesome watching SPN with someone, especially someone who hasn't seen it before. Also, she encourages my Yarn!Chesters (whereas most RL people just look at me funny, and Flurije calls me a nerd.) While watching said episodes, I sewed Papa Yarn!Chester up (arms! legs! attached to the body and head! along with his overshirt!) and started to crochet his (removable!) jacket.

A. wants to finish the rest of season one this weekend, having already made plans for us to watch as much as possible on Friday and then finish up on Sunday. I don't know that this is a feasible plan, but hey, I'm more than willing to go for it. :D Also, A. reports that she feels like she is cheating on her husband because of the way she is attracted to Dean. Being the pragmatic sort, I said a girl's gotta do... because her husband is off at navy training and she's not going to see him for months.

Maintenance-Guy did eventually return, around 3:30, to paint/finish. I like Maintenance-Guy, mostly, but his work ... shoddy. Granted, I grew up in a house that my parents were constantly remodeling, but damn, even I could have spackled better. You can totally tell all the places that they had to cut into the walls. Oh well, whatever. You know why I don't care? BECAUSE IT IS DONE.

Too bad my oven isn't working.

Alas, we didn't have time for a fourth episode (which doubly sucks, because, like me, A. is from PA (well, A. is from all-over, but a lot of that is from PA.) where 1.04 is set {Nazareth is just a few miles from where my parents grew up, grandparents live, and where I lived for a time, etc. And the airport is one I fly out of all the time. Of course they filmed in Vancouver, but still, they were representing PA} -- and because I feel like 1.04 is where they start to hit their stride. (The pilot is great-- it holds together well as a pilot and as an episode, and lots of shows can't say that about their pilots. I've never been a fan of "Wendigo", although I can't quite put my finger on why. I like Haley. There are some great lines. We of course get "saving people, hunting things: the family business" from it. But there's something about it that just doesn't work for me. I like "Dead in the Water" a lot, too, and more each time I watch it, actually. But not until a few more episodes do I think the show really gets it. Dunno.) ANYWAY, we didn't have time for a fourth, even though A. wanted it, because my car was done.

On the car front, good news (I guess.) While fixing all the things I actually took the car in to get fixed, the mechanic fixed a bunch of seals that were only reachable because he was replacing a gasket cover. This is part of what took so long in getting my car (although I have never gotten my car back quickly from this place.) Unfortunately, while he didn't charge labor, that's another $50 worth of parts on top of the estimate (which was an already quite sizable $620.) And of course no one had asked me if that's what should be done. (I'd have said 'yes' I suspect, but still, it's the principle.) Fortunately, Smarmy-Account-Manager finagled the bill (via labor, I assume) to make the whole thing only $10 more than the estimate, rather than $50.

Of course, this could all be total bullshit. I wouldn't know where to look in the car to find new gasket covers, let alone the seals that are apparently below those. Sigh. Still, Smarmy-Accounts Guy apologized profusely for the wait this morning, and I rather suspect that had somethign to do with this pricing snafu. Well, that and the fact that the mechanic made an executive decision without clearing it.

On the bright side, they oiled my driver's side door. I kept meaning to ask them to do that-- it started squeaking a few months ago. But then it stopped squeaking, and there were a lot more pressing issues to keep on top of with the car. But now the door swings open really easily, which is mostly great, but almost caused me to swing it open into someone else's car at Target, which is where I went after picking up ze car (there I just got some necessary odds and ends and priced iPod docks for the car. They seem to range between $25 and $80, and I don't know why.) I forgot to pick up the tea I wanted for my iced tea (but found a reasonable alternative that I hadn't thought of, in my tea cabinet, so that's good.) Fortunately, I remembered to pick up cat treats, so now Callie-Cat will, hopefully, stop acting so disappointed when I leave the apartment. (Whenever she knows I'm leaving, she dashes around, chirping, and rolling about in front of the door in the expectation of treats. For the past few days I only had some left from a while ago, which I know that none of the cats particularly like. She chases them, like usual, but then instead of eating them immediately gives me this baleful look. Most of them are gone when I get back, so evidently someone eats them. Or perhaps the cats are stockpiling them for some nefarious purposes.)

Then I came home because I wasn't feeling particularly well suddenly. After checking my email, I had the Crap! Dinner is ON FIRE incident. Then I made dinner properly and joined A and [livejournal.com profile] flurije in some Puzzle Pirates. For some reason I don't find it nearly as addictive as I did back in 2004, when I first played. This, and the fact that I'm broke, would be why I haven't bothered subscribing. We only puzzled for 1.5hours, and we only won one pillage, which was really weird. Those who puzzle more than I posited that it was because of the recent upgrade of PP-- all the bots seemed to be set on Impossible To Beat.

Afterwards, I watched some of SPN season 2-- more than I meant to, but I got wrapped up in working on ami!John. I finished making his coat: this includes the body of the coat, the black collar, and some detail work to make it look like it has seams and pockets. I really like details. Also, I'm still ridiculously proud that the coat is removable. (Yes, I'll likely go back and make coats for Sam and Dean later.) I also stuck pins in his head to indicate to myself where his hairline and part are, as well as his facial scruff. He looks quite freaky with the pins, but this is my usual modus operandi. Depending on how I feel tomorrow, I might be able to finish him and post pictures. Woot! We'll see, though. No promises. But it will be done soon. (I can't work on the current knitting project until after I've laundered it several times to felt it, anyway. So, Yarn!Chesters!)

Tomorrow evening I'm going to a fellow Ta's house to watch Tis Pity She's a Whore with the rest of the Renaissance Colloquium. I will undoubtedly take something crafty along (I cannot watch tv/movies [except in a theatre] without something in my hands to work on) but I don't think I'd want to work on ami!John's hair there (the hair is the fussiest part for me) so I might start working on Chuck's head and hands (the easiest bits.) Tomorrow I should also collect some appropriate pictures of Chuck-- I have no idea, for example, if he wears slippers or what. (Of course, this sort of question is often irritating on SPN, and I would assume most shows. Filming tends to be from the waist or chest up. Took me forever to figure out if Papa Winchester even wore jeans. (He does.) I just guessed at his shoes.

Foster-Kitten-Dean is playing with a jingle-ball and I am quite sleepy. Time for me to head for slumberland. Here's hoping I don't end up with another dream like this afternoon's in which a wedding party (for my pseudo-sister, who really is getting married in a year) ended up dancing a techno/hip-hop version of Hava Nagila. After waking up, I figured out that that must have been my subconscious working in the ring-tone of my cell-phone that I had used as an (ineffectual) alarm. Not nearly as cool as the song-and-dance-routine dream of a few days ago, but it does explain it-- I suspect I slept through various ringtones and they were incorporated. [Note: No, my cell phone does not actually play Hava Nagila.] I really need to buy a new alarm clock. I considered buying one today at Target... I could get a $20 clock/radio (and I never use the radio.) Or I could get a $40 clock/radio/iPod dock. This latter was, obviously, tempting. But I don't have a spare $40, so that was out. But my current clock/radio is old (I've had it since starting college, when its predecessor, the exact same clock/radio but a generation or two older, died) is untrustworthy. [What I really want is the one I saw online somewhere which rolls off of your dresser and around the room so that you *have* to get up to chase it and turn it off.]

Right. Bedtime.
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La la la. Nothing much to really say today, at least thus far. I overslept (as per usual) by several hours. (I am calling a doctor tomorrow. Again.) I've been hanging out in pjs (since I didn't yesterday, despite getting such a lot of encouragement to do so via Twitter.) I've been crocheting and watching SPN (season 1, which is fitting since I'm working on ami!John. More on him below.) I got to chat with my [livejournal.com profile] pyrite for a while, though, which was fabulous. I miss her lots. :( Why's AL got to be so far from AZ? Poooo. Caught up on LJ and Twitter and my Google Reader and comments in my inbox. So that's all good.

Am about to go take a shower so's that I'm not all gross for the Quit This Bitch party tonight. (It's not a "party" in the sense of loud raucous music and a ton of people. I suspect it'll be more of a get-together or a soirée. There'll be a handful of awesome peoples, there'll be booze (sangria and plum wine, at least. I'm bringing the latter as I finally went to the liquor store yesterday [with Heather for company] and the former is [livejournal.com profile] flurije's contribution.) I'm, evidently, in charge of picking up hummus and pita, so hopefully Whole Foods (or another grocery store) will still be open (despite the holiday) when it's time for me to head out. There'll more than likely be a bad movie to watch, so I'm packing up some crochet stuff to take with me.

Irritatingly, while on the phone with Pyrite, Foster-Kitty-Dean start gnawing on some straight pins I had stuck into a foam thingie that I use for blocking knitting pieces. (It currently holds two knit circles that will, eventually, be part of a felted wristlet. I had to block them, though, so that they'd stop rolling up (stockinette stitch) when I go to put a design on them. See, it's going to be a Devil's Trap wristlet. Hee.) So I removed the kitten, and then took the potentially gnaw-able pins out of the foam and put them into my pin cushion. I have since, however, lost the pin cushion. This is very irritating, as it means that I can't place ami!John's legs to see how he looks before I sew them on. Grr.

Speaking of ami!John, I need your advice. Ami!John currently has a head, a body, two arms, one leg, two feet, and I'm almost done with the second leg. He'll have an overshirt and, hee, an over coat, which is my challenge for myself in this ami. (Dean and Sam only have one layer atop their undershirts. Castile, too, but since his is a trenchcoat I forgive myself for not putting in his blazer. That said, I'm thinking about going back and adding one. But I digress. Ami!Bobby has two layers-- his over shirt and his (removable) vest. So ami!John's overcoat (the one seen in episodes like "Dead Man's Blood" and "Salvation") is the next logical step. It will be, hopefully, removable, you see. I'm very excited. Essentially I'll be making a vest like ami!Bobby's but longer, and adding sleeves. Which makes sense, right?

BUT, after all that's done, it'll be time to do his hair. This includes, potentially, facial hair. Now, John Winchester, while a very very important character, and one with whom I am sympathetic (as a person, if not as a father), is not a character about whom I have strong opinions as far as appearances go. So. What do you guys think? (Someone out there has a strong opinion, given how many of you voted for ami!John. Plus, I'm deep enough in the fandom to know that some of you adore him.)

Should my ami!John have a full beard, ala "Home" (such as here) and slightly less full as in "Shadow" (such as here)?

Or should he have the scruffy look he had in "Dead Man's Blood" (here) and "Salvation" (here)?

Or should he be clean-shaven (which is not what I expect) as in the flashbacks, such as "Something Wicked" (here or the pilot (here)?

(I'm guessing not so much the cleanshaven look since that's mostly a flashback thing. I include it in the options mainly from a desire to be thorough.)

This is very important, drat it, so let me know what you think! (If I don't get any advice, I'm going to aim for the scruffy look ala "Dead Man's Blood" because that's actually the outfit and coat I'm also modeling ami!John after. But I'm nervous about making a scruffy look-- I'm not sure how. That'll be the other challenge with this ami!)

Anyway, now a shower. Wheee.

(Oh! Also! I'm thinking that instead of remaking ami!Dean and ami!Sam-- because that would be a bit sad-- I might just use the ones I have but change a few things. I could make them jackets, presumably. I could re-do Sam's hoodie, since I'm still not happy with the way the hem turned out. This wouldn't fix the size issue (that Dean is very chubby compared to the others) but I kind of like him as is... Similarly, I think I could add a bit of crochet to make ami!Castiel look like he's wearing a blazer under his trenchcoat. Conversely, I could just remake ami!Sam and ami!Dean to make the new ones look more like ami!Castiel and ami!Bobby. I dunno. I'm torn.)

Next new ami is ami!Chuck. I'm very excited about that one. After that, I'll probably hold a new poll since so many votes went to John and Chuck in the first one that the rest of the characters all got between 1 and 3. I also meant to put Ava and Andy on that poll but didn't have room/forgot. My love for Ava and Andy, though, might be somewhat influenced by [livejournal.com profile] kroki_refur's Awesome Adventures of Andy and Ava. I suppose Uriel and Zachariah also belong on the poll, as at this point I'm just thinking of characters who were important and were in more than one episode. (Technically I guess that means Jake belongs on, too. And Tessa. And the YED, although then I'd need to buy yellow beads, heh.)

I guess I'll just never be finished with this project. (Since each ami takes about 1.5 weeks to make. Although if I EVER GET THE DAMN TORSO down to a science, they'll go much faster. That's the part I keep tearing out and restarting a billion times on each one.) The Sooper Sekrit Project of DOOM is also, technically, part of the Yarn!Chester project. MWAHAHAHAHAHA. (Sorry, I have to cackle each time I think of the Sooper Sekrit Project of DOOM. Or SSPoD, which is sort of fun to say ssssssssssssssspod.)

Right. What was I going to do? Oh yes, shower. I'm going to go do that.

Tomorrow: Morning: maintenance. AGAIN. Afternoon: Pericles playreading discussion. Guess I'd better reread Pericles in the morning, eh?
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I mentioned that yesterday I got to see/hear/chat with Harry Lennix again. Apparently one of the things he most recently had done (other than Dollhouse of course) is direct St James Infirmary, a new play by Brian Tucker, a new playwright and thus far the youngest ever to graduate from Julliard's playwriting program.

All I know about it thus far is that its title is a reference to Louis Armstrong, and that it's a retelling of the Faust myth in which the Faust-figure sells his soul so that he can never lose at a game of cards. According to Harry Lennix it's a retelling of Faustus with crossroads and all that-- I don't have a quote but I know he mentioned crossroads. What's so interesting about this to me is that there are no crossroads in Dr Faustus (Faustus is sent to a grove to conjure Mephistopholis and then later makes his actual deal in his own library-- and I don't remember any in Goethe's Faust (although I'll have to check). I had been assuming that the SPN crossroads demon was a separate thing (I mean, obviously it is in SPN, and as we saw with Daddy!Winchester and Azazel, deals with demons can be made with demons other than Crossroads ones, but I don't know what myth that comes from.) But anyway, apparently they're wrapped up together in some fashion, and definitely in St James Infirmary.

Unfortunately, it does not look like St James Infirmary is in print yet. However, this week I must finish my edits to the article that's being published in the Fall, the same one that Harry Lennix wants to read ahead of time. So I'll ask Dr Thompson to forward it to him (which she probably would have done anyway) and also ask her to ask Harry if I could get a copy of the St James script.

And yes, I am a hyooge dork, and I am well aware. However, I also should be reading more contemporary plays. And I've always been intrigued by the Faust myth (obviously, given my MFA project) and yes, there may very likely some day in the future be a scholarly paper of some sort from me on SPN. There are pop-culture and cross-genre conferences out there after all.
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While I'm thinking about it, having just written an email to a potential keynote speaker, I thought I'd post this call for papers here, since I know there are other graduate students on my friends list. Feel free, also, to pass this 'round to potentially interested parties. I'll even make this a public entry.

The 14th Annual Southwest Graduate English Symposium Presents:

(Re)Inventing Communications and Communities:
Transmission, Translation, Transgression

Friday, February 29, 2008
Saturday, March 1, 2008

The conference entitled“[Re]Inventing Communications and Communities: Transmission,Translation, Transgression” invites you to submit papers thatcritically examine the invention/re-invention of communications andcommunities. How are communications and communities transformed bytransmission and translation? How can communications and communitiessurvive and thrive? How far can we go with transgression?

Interdisciplinary andcreative panels and papers are encouraged in fields that includeliterature, rhetoric and composition, creative writing, theaterstudies, communication, language studies, English education, womenand gender studies, film, visual studies, history, psychology,philosophy, religion, social sciences, media studies, and popularculture.

Panel proposals shouldbe no more than 500 words and submitted by September 30, 2007. Paperabstracts should be no more than 350 words and submitted by October15, 2007. Please include home and office numbers, complete mailingaddress, e-mail address, professional affiliation, and AVrequirements with your submission.

Please directsubmissions and questions to asu2008symp@gmail.com

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