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I'm all pouty because my trip is over. I'm sitting in the LVI airport, and have found an outlet for my computer in my terminal, so that's good. (There's a whole area set up for laptops, but it's halfway down the terminal. Mind you, the terminal consists entirely of 10 gates, so it's not like I'd be far, but I prefer to be really close to the gates to be aware of any updates. Which in retrospect is dumb because gates 10, 11 and 12 share one desk, which I am now behind. Drat. Oh well. I'm comfy now, and connected to both interwebz and 'lectricity, so I shan't be moving. ) But I am sad because my mom was sad all day (Because of my leaving town) so between that, and being very tired (from travel and such) and the knowledge that tomorrow begins a whole new (and busy) routine, I'm feeling kind of down.

Mind you, the Lehigh Valley Zoo was pretty awesome. It is small (although the game preserve in which it sits is large), and we covered pretty much everything in under 2 hours, but was awesome. In particular, for $1 you could get a little cup of nectar and go into a lorikeet area and feed them. I got to feed a bunch of them, and one of them stole the cup away and flung it about before i could retrieve it. I then had to wash a bunch of nectar off of me, but that was fine. They were very cute. Apparently the time my parents went, my dad even had one land on him to take nectar from the cup. (This time there were quite a number of small screechy children and the lorikeets not flying about were staying safely out of the range of the smallest people-puppies.) I also bought feed to give treats to some very round sheep, and some BABY GOATS. I love goats, so cute! You could go into the enclosure to brush them (I did not-- I figured that I was a bit old for this) or stay outside and feed them; I did the latter. The mama-goat kept butting in on the babies to demand food, so of course I fed her too. But the babies were so cute with their tiny little muzzles!!

Also, I took many pictures of the zoo's brand new (African) penguins. And of their river otters (they're next to newest exhibit.) The otters were so cute. they have three, and they were wrestling and playing. I took video, which I'll post eventually along with pictures.

So where was I in describing my week (backwards)? I skimmed through Friday evening, but I feel there was something on Friday which I have now forgotten. Poo. Thursday was... um... well, I remember going to my (paternal)grandparents' house to do yardwork and look around at my the paint job my parents have been doing. I wasn't really dressed for yardwork, but I raked a lot nonetheless. Also, the visit rekindled my desire to live in the upstairs portion of the house and rent out the bottom. Whether this will ever happen, I do not know.

Also, I was suckered by the neighbor. Apparently my grandparents and their neighbors, who had always been friends as far as I knew, had a falling out before my grandparents moved to assisted living. The woman (we'll call her "C") hates spruce trees. This seems like an awfully specific thing to hate, but whatever. My mom says she remembers C, who had a terribly bad back, going out late at night and putting salt around all the spruce trees in her own backyard so they'd die and her husband would get rid of them. Somehow they eventually convinced my grandparents to get rid of their spruce tree as well (I think there was something slightly more nefarious, something about bringing people in to look at it, even though it wasn't theirs and such.) Anyway, my grandmother is the Queen of Holding a Grudge, and she never forgave C or her husband. (Evidently C sent flowers, but my grandmother refused them, heh.) It's a shame since apparently they were quite close because both my grandmother and C kept late hours and would send notes between their houses and such. But whatever.

Anyway, the neighbor has 3 greyhounds. Not knowing about the falling out between my family and theirs, and certainly not having guessed that my parents had not spoken to the neighbors in all the times that they'd been working at my grandparents' house, I went over to say hi to the puppies. I am a sucker. Out comes the husband (I can't remember his real name, but we'll call him "B".) "Are you [Eilonwy]?!" he asked, doing the whole "My how time flies" schtick. I said yes, and he came over to talk. I wanted to know about his dogs, but he immediately asked if my parents had decided what to do with my grandparents' house yet. I said that they weren't sure yet, but they were thinking about buying it and renting it out (which they are thinking about doing, but they haven't decided.) He made some (very) small talk then excused himself. I thought it was a bit odd but nice that he wanted to chat and went back to my parents who immediately wanted to know what I'd said about the question B had asked. They had realized, as I went to pet the puppies, that no one had told me about the feud. Sigh. So I gave away more information than I ought to have, but not too much I guess. What pisses me off is that B didn't even so much as ask after my grandparents. Grrrr.

Then we went to my maternal grandparents' house but they were not home, which is odd. We found out on Friday, though, that this was because they were visiting my cousin Sie who had ended up in the hospital the night before, having been hit in the head with a baseball. (She plays softball, but had stayed after her own game to watch the boys' game.) Until Friday they thought she'd broken her collarbone and her neck, as well as having a hell of a concussion. By Friday afternoon, thankfully, they'd decided that she just had a concussion (and she came home on Saturday.) On Wednesday she had memory loss (she knew she had a sister, but not her sister's name and didn't recognize her picture) that continued through Thursday (she didn't recognize my grandmother) and by Saturday she still had not regained her peripheral vision. Scary. But she'll be wearing a collar for 2 weeks then seeing a specialist to be looked at again and hopefully will be okay after that. ::fingers crossed::)

Thursday evening my parents dropped me off at the Japanese steak house to meet with [livejournal.com profile] moobie for sooooooshi. I didn't eat that much because I'd had pizza with my parents in Wport (so much food this trip!) but I enjoyed it greatly. More importantly, the company rocked, of course. Moob and I caught up a bit then went to my house where we watched "The Devil and Peter Tork". Twice. (The second time with commentary) while I took notes for the article I'm (hopefully) writing with Heather. Then we played several games of pool (Moobie is unfairly trained, however, due to several boyfriends who played pool.) Moob left around midnight. Fortunately she did not have to work the next day, but I knew I had to be awake(ish) for visiting my grandparents.

Wednesday was the canal. My parents and I got to Easton just in time to see the 1pm boat pull away from the dock, but in retrospect that worked out okay as it was full of small people puppies. So we walked around the wee technology exhibits for a while (lots of information on Bethelehem Steel and the Dixie factory) as well as looking around outside. The boat ride itself was awesome. We saw how the mules got hitched up, how they start the boat, how they turn it around and such. We didn't go through a lock, but we did float (sail? get pulled?) as far as the Glen-something lock and saw its lockhouse before turning around. We also got a thorough history of the canal and its workings, so when we didn't make it to the canal museum, that was okay. Also, while we were on the water, the Sojourners (canoe and kayakers who start in Mauk Chunk/Jim Thorpe and boat/camp their way to Easton over 5 days) pull in, and the (local) news was there and such. Also, the captain of our boat was very attractive. Alas, a canal boat's captain is in the *rear*. Poo. Had a nice chat, though, with the interpreter (not the captain) after the ride, too. (Asked about how this area's canal bit is treated differently than Walnutport's, for example. W'port is also a canal town, you see.)

After the canal, we drove up to the Crossings, a series of outlet stores, because my mom had broken her Bass sandals and wanted new ones. It was a bit silly going that far, but the price was right. She got two pairs, I got one, and dad got shoes, too, which he'd been seeking (nonchalantly) for months, evidently. I also got a floofy skirt at the Coldwater Creek outlet.

Then it was back down the road to Bethlehem Steel, which is now the Sands casino, to meet up with Deebs for dinner. I played slots for the first time-- $.02 ones. I won $30 from playing (my dad's) $5, so that's cool. It goes towards Vancouver. I also lost a second $5, so that sucked, but at least it wasn't much. Sis Steph won $44 on a $5 (she was up to $55, but went down again.) We had dinner in the St James' Gate pub. Unfortunately, the service sucked and the food, while good, wasn't good enough to make up for the sucky service. Grrr. When we came home that night it was pouring down buckets and storming, so I just went to bed.

There, now you have the whole PA experience and we are all caught up. The flight before mine has arrived and landed, so we'll probably start boarding before too long, so I shall post this and turn off le laptop. Also, all this typing, while tiring out my hands, has made me feel a wee bit better. And I plan on sleeping on the plane. I probably shan't post tonight, but I'm sure I'll be back into the regular posting routine (and I'll start with the Bone Key reviews) quite soon.

Don't break the interwebz 'til I gets back. Also, please think happy Keep The Plane in the Air thoughts for me. :)
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So... once I'm back in the land of the desert, I have a ton of Yarn!Chester type stuff to post. ami!Sam and ami!Dean traveled from Phoenix to Franklin (TN) by car with me, then got to explore a heck of a lot of Staunton, VA. They're now with me in PA, and are quite likely going to be going on a canal boat ride today, and there are pictures of all of that.

There are also pictures of them recreating various scenes from the show (like the ones from "The Rapture" and "Skin" that I'd posted before.) The plan for those is to post one every day with no explanation to see if people can guess. :)

Also, there is one (so far) full episode's worth of pictures (and a video) for a full, very silly picspam of Yarn!Chesterness. (It involves wind-up, jumping.... you know what? Nevermind. :D You'll see when it's posted. It'll be a surprise.)

And I finished ami!Castiel (v2.0) on the train on Monday. This just leaves ami!Bobby to complete the four slated for the production company. (Yes, I'll be sending some of the travel photos, too. Heh.) [ami!Bobby v2.0 so far only has a head and hands, the most basic, generic pieces. I did start on his hat last night (because it's the only appropriate yarn I had with me) but it was while I was playing pool with my parents, and so I really only managed a few stitches. It didn't help that while playing pool I slammed my right hand into the side of the table (twice) enough to hurt a lot at the time, and be bruised this morning. On the bright side, both times I did that I got a ball in the pocket, so. But it doesn't help with crocheting.)

I still plan on taking some pictures of the Yarn!Chesters in my parents' yard as well, 'cause there are summer flowers blooming and the incongruity pleases me. Plus, I promised way back when, when I posted the original Yarn!Chesters in front of my flowery lap-desk.

So the question is-- and this is a question for Yarn!Chester fans and those who are totally disinterested alike-- should I make a separate journal for the Yarn!Chesters? Should they have an LJ (or other) that's totally theirs so that I stop filling up this journal with quite so much Yarn!Chesteriness, and it is al in one place that various people can be directed to? Or should it stay here in this LJ, where people already know to look for them (or avoid them)?


I am now going to go make breakfast. (French toast bagel! Um, not a bagel that's been made into french toast-- a bagel purchased as being a french toast one. Oh nevermind.) Then, National Canal Museum. (This will both get me on a boat-- a 4th kind of transportation for this trip-- and has also always fascinated me because my great-grandmother, as a young girl, was one of the people who'd lead the mules along the tow-path.) Dinner tonight will be at the brand new casino in Bethlehem (the Sands) which weirds me out, but hey, whatever, we'll be eating at the St James' Pub and Carvery and just looking around because it's still new to have casinos in PA.

Tomorrow we're going up to my grandparents' house to do some work. I'll try to get a proper picture of a real sign for Nazareth (ala 1.04 "Phantom Traveler") just because it will amuse me.
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So. Yes. ami!Chuck now has plaid boxer shorts. Unfortunately, in the 2 minutes I gave myself, I was unable to find a way to take a picture of said plaid because my camera kept whiting everything out in its flash. Will try again tomorrow.

ami!Dean v. 2.0 has a head and two arms. Even better, the sleeves on his arms roll up and down. Hee. ('Cause, y'know, he sometimes has his sleeves rolled up. But when I make him his coat, it'll probably fit better with the sleeves rolled down... it all made sense in my head.) I've also started his torso, but it is incomplete. I ran into my typical torso troubles, although I might have finally fixed them. (Note to self: 36 stitches. You don't need any more than that-- more than that leads to all your troubles.) I'll know for sure tomorrow when I finish the torso. While the feet and legs aren't easy, at least I've written a pattern for them.

It looks like the YED is winning the poll, hands down (along with Mary) so it's a good thing I picked up some beads that might work for his eyes while I was at the store today.

Given that I crocheted for about 5 hours today, my hand and wrist are in pretty good shape... I was starting to feel some achey-ness at the end of the evening, and it would probably be a really bad idea for me to crochet any more tonight (even though I want to) but my hand feels okay now and probably will in the morning. (Besides I still have to finish this damn abstract for the ASC, and then I should go to bed.)

Flurije (with help from A.) made a delicious stir-fry for dinner. Mmm, healthy. Vegetables, even! And there were cherries for dessert. I was hungry when I got home, so I mixed up some yogurt (plain, with oats and dried cranberries added in) but I messed up the proportions (I was thinking about this post, actually, and put in a cup of yogurt instead of a half cup.) I put in more oats and cranberries to compensate, but I couldn't make it taste quite right and ended up throwing out half. Oops. :(

Tomorrow to do: call grandparents, call parents, clean kitchen, read Richard II, pay rent. Not necessarily in that order.

Foster-Kitty-Dean is in playful mode, which makes sense since I was gone for 8 hours. But he's in playful mode in my lap which leads to the occasional unfortunate claw, or dash for the keyboard. He likes to watch the mouse move on screen, although he thankfully doesn't chase it. He does, however, once in a while go for my fingers.

Okay. At this point I'm just procrastinating. Off to finish the abstract, and then to bed. G'night.
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So I made wee little pockets for him. Working pockets, at that. With pocket-flaps, like the coat on the show. (No snaps, though. I'm not *that* crazy. Although I suppose it's a fine line at this point.) I've decided I like his beard scruff as is.

I am now working on ami!Chuck officially. (Not literally at this moment because I am typing and mircrowaving my lunch. I'm pretty good at multi-tasking, but even I cannot crochet and type. (Or crochet and eat miso soup, which is what I'm about to do.) I've come to the conclusion that, weirdly, it will actually be easier to make ami!Chuck's robe separate (ie: removable) than it would be for it to be connected. So I'm part-way done making him wee bare arms. I may have to cheat a little with his torso, though (because of the color changes necessary to make it look like he's wearing a wife beater.) It'll be weird, too, to make socks and bare legs instead of pants over shoes. But I like a challenge and I have ideas for each step of ami!Chuck.

I think I mentioned that on Thursday I introduced A. to SPN (watching episodes 1-3 of season 1) -- and she loves it (and Dean) to the point where she feels she's cheating on her husband. (H. pointed out that A.'s husband is cheating on A., with a mistress known as the Navy, so whatevs.) This evening I'm going over to [livejournal.com profile] flurjie's house, with A., and we're going to make veggie lasagna and watch as much of season 1 (starting with episode 4, logically) as we can. A. has already declared that she then wants to watch the rest of season 1 on Sunday. Hee. ::does happy dance of SPN recruitment:: I also let A. in on what the Sekrit Project of Doom is, and she highly approves.

I did some of ami!John's hair, as well as ami!Chuck's head and hands while at V.'s house last night to watch 'Tis Pity She's a Whore. H. of course already knew what I was up to, but only one other person, out of all the people there, actually asked what I was doing with the little doll. :D Upon being told, he simply grinned and said, "Isn't summer great?" Heh. Oh, grad students, we are a wacky bunch. (Nothing, however, has yet to beat the security guard at the ASU graduation [where Obama spoke] who pulled the incomplete ami!Bobby from my bag and said to another guard, "Hey, a voodoo doll!")

Oooh, soup's done.
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Look, I"m a lousy cook, mainly because I'm just not interested. So I stupidly left a wok with some oil in it on the stove because I was waiting for water to boil. I decided to check if I had email before returning to the stove and got caught up in a response to a comment I'd posted regarding someone's SPN meta on Sam's character in season 4 of SPN. As I'm typing, I hear a WOOMF!!! and turn around to find that the wok is on fire. Well, fortunately just the oil in the wok, of which there was only a tablespoon.

I had the presence of mind to remember not to put water on an oil fire, but beyond that wasn't sure what to do. I mean, I turned off the stove, obviously. And then opened all the windows because smoke was filling the apartment. The fire went out relatively quickly (see above re: 1 tbsp oil). It took me a little longer to figure out how to turn off the smoke detector because I've never had to before, having never actually caused a kitchen fire before this.

The detector continues to give irritated (and irritating) little chirps.

My dinner cannot now be cooked because I'm pretty sure my wok is destroyed. Fuck. And the smoke is taking a very long time to air out, despite the hugely opened window and the blowing fan. Some of this is perception, however, because I've just discovered that the smoke put some smears on my glasses, too. Ahh, yes, things aren't *quite* so bad post-lens-cleaning.

::Sigh:: And also, ::facepalm::

Mostly, I'm amused. (And hungry.) No, I can't afford a new wok, so that sucks. But I'm 29 years old and this is the first fire I've caused. And I think, since I did not panic, I handled it okay. Yes, it was stupid of me to walk away from a stove which was turned on, lesson learned. No major harm done (except to the wok).

So, uh, now I'm going to try (again) to make dinner, only this time without setting anything on fire. Wish me luck. :)
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When I was a senior in high school, which was 12 years ago now (yikes), I was able to drive to school because my parents insisted on my getting a license and a car over the summer (mainly so that I could work at Dorney Park, which is a nightmare of a different story). This was *great* because it meant I could sleep in. When I took the bus, it took 45 minutes to get to school from my house as we wound around my entire area, as it was semi-rural. Driving myself took 15 minutes-- 8 on a good day, and yes, I timed it. :)

I have a fairly uncommon last name. Slightly North and perhaps west of where I grew up (in the slate and coal mining areas, actually, and the still more rural/farming areas) my last name is more common. (This is to say that my last name is German, essentially.) So I was the only student with my last name at my high school, despite each class having 580+ students.

So one perfectly normal morning of my senior year, I drove to school and went through home room and my first period class (which was ceramics, an elective.) So there I am, working on who knows what art project of dubious merit when in came our short and totally awesome principal. He just, y'know, wanted to let me know that someone, a high school student, with my last name had been killed in a car accident and that some people had been reporting that it was me, so if I heard anything weird, that's what was going on.

He had called my parents first, to ask if I was dead. (I'm sure he was more subtle than that.) I'm sure he scared the hell out of my parents, and this was before any of us had a cell phone, but the timing didn't work-- there was no way the student killed in the crash could have been me. (In fact, it was a male student from the adjoining school district, but that's not the point.)

All day long people came up to me, saying that they'd heard I was dead. It was, as you can imagine, rather surreal.

But what stuck with me most was that no one was upset, or more to the point relieved to discover that this was not the case. To be fair, my two best friends hadn't heard-- one was out sick (Nosilla. I think that was when she got chicken pox, which totally suck to get when you're 17), and the other just hadn't heard the news. (Hi [livejournal.com profile] moobie!)

I know that was a long time ago. And I know that high school sucked, and frankly does for most people. But it was also really ... formative in some ways.

Especially when a few months later, one of the swimmers killed himself and everyone was in shock and mourning and the school all but shut down for a few days.

Not to sound maudlin, although I already do (heh), but it makes you wonder how many people you matter to, y'know?

Believe it or not, I'm actually in a much better mood than I was pre-ice cream. Heather said yes as soon as she saw my invite, and I went to pick her up. We had tons of ice cream and then went for lunch, too, hee. Backwards? Eh, why not? So I had a nice salad, too, so I actually got some vegetables into me. The food, the sunshine, and most of all the company, made me feel much better. Of course, now I want a naaaaaaap, but it's almost time for the weekly parent chat. :)

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