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Well, it's 10minutes from afternoon, but that's out here in Arizona-land (which currently still matches West Coast Land) so it's afternoon for the rest of the country already, and even later than that for my handful of UK readers (::waves at British readers::). I don't think I have any Australian readers, but if I do, I'll be honest and admit I haven't the foggiest idea what time it is down there, or whether it's tomorrow or yesterday for you.

So, first-- "my guests" in LJ? Anyone else think it's really friggin' creepy? For the record, I have it turned off. You may come and go from my journal anonymously. (Which also means, I think, that I remain anonymous if I'm reading other people's LJs. So if you *don't* see my name, it's not 'cause I'm not there, mwhahahaha. Or, y'know, something.) Internet stalking is easy enough-- why would you want to leave a more obvious trail about what you've been reading in Livejournal? And why do you care who's been reading your LJ? Besides which, if you have a creepy stalker person, s/he could just sign out of LJ and still reading your (public) entries. I dunno. The whole thing just seems weird.

Next up, fandom stuff. I haven't decided yet if the Yarn!Chester Scene Challenges will restart tomorrow. I actually have one left (a video!) from the original set that I could post, and one or two ideas that I could take today yet to cover the next few days. ami!Dean 2.1 is finished (other than his amulet, which takes roughly 5 minutes, 4 of which is hunting down the right sized needle for threading the bead which then gets smashed with a hammer, which is still conveniently on the counter from where I used it to make ami!Dean 2.0). ami!Sam 2.1 is not quite finished. I had some major issues with his overshirt, which are now on the way to being solved but required making a new set of arms. There's the possibility of finishing him tonight yet but even if I do, I don't know that I'll have time to take pictures (or the inspiration to.) I rather suspect that the Yarn!Chester Scene Challenge will restart on Wednesday, although I hate that it means I'll be missing a self-imposed deadline. (Yes, yes, most of me realizes that no one cares, but part of me hopes that people were going to stop by my LJ looking for the scene challenges because I'd said they'd start tomorrow.)

And speaking of self-imposed fandom deadlines that I did not meet-- you may (or may not) have noticed that there were no reviews of Bone Key yesterday (or, for that matter, today.) That was... unintentional and regrettable. There are two chapters left, but I have not yet read, recapped or reviewed them. Chapter 19 will, however, be up tomorrow, and the final chapter (20) will be up on Tuesday, with my overall thoughts on the book posted either Tuesday or Wednesday. There are roughly 3 of you reading my recaps, so I suppose it's not like I'm disappointing hordes of followers, but I hate to disappoint anyone. :) I had every intention of posting yesterday but I overslept. A lot. Like, alarm set for 10:30, got up at 4. yeah...

In other news, I've been watching Reaper season two while working on the Yarn!Chesters. It's... not as good as season 1. And the whole "Sock lusts after his stepsister" plotline was really problematic (in many of the same ways that Dean favors Busty Asian Beauties is problematic, actually, only, y'know, worse.) From the point of view of the article that H. and I are writing, it's not as interesting as season one because so much of the plot hinges on (SPOILER FOR END OF SEASON 1--) Sam being (maybe) the son of the devil rather than having had his soul sold by his (human) father. His attempts to get out of working for the devil are therefore muddled. But it's still quite useful since this season there are gray-area souls that he doesn't want to send to Hell, and therefore attempts to renege on the deal, which is again useful for the paper. (END SPOILERS). Which reminds me that I really need to type up my notes on both Reaper and The Monkees episode "The Devil and Peter Tork." I also need to do more research into the mythology of playing games/challenging the devil and death because I think modern Western culture is now equating the two, which was not the case in medieval/renaissance England.

Drat, I have misplaced my notes on the Monkees episode. Grumph.

Only things I must do today:
1. Plan for tomorrow's class (revision day)-- make worksheets
2. Visit Fritz and Malcolm-- Skilliam's cats. Skilliam and I don't get along all that well any more (well, he acts no different than ever, I guess) ever since my last birthday when he pretty much said flat out that he doesn't all that much care for me. But we still have to work together and he never seemed to have realize what he'd said (even though it had the effect of my no longer visiting him in is office, etc.) Regardless, I still like his cats, especially Malcolm who was one of my fosters. Skilliam is out of town this weekend with his girlfriend/fiance/wife (to get married.) I was over at his house on Friday to see said house (as he'd recently moved) and Malcolm was terrified of me, choosing to hide under the stove the entire time I was there. I plan on spending a good chunk of time hanging out and reading so that Malcolm will (hopefully) investigate me and make friends. (This was the kitten who would sleep under the covers with me, his head on my pillow, while he sucked on my fingers.)

Oh! Most random thing ever-- I had to perform surgery on my dress. See, I have this sea-foam colored sundress (purchased inexpensively on sale at the Gap a few months ago). I wore it to the zoo a couple of weeks ago. During this, I noticed a dark spot on the bodice and figured I'd gotten a stain on it. This annoyed me, but what can you do? As I said then, one really ought not stand below a giraffe who's eating. So I tried to get the stain out when I washed it, but alas, it was still there when I took it out of the washer.

But this is when I realized it was not, in fact, a stain. It was something dark colored in between the two layers of fabric which make up the bodice. I knew this because it would *move* when you pulled the two layers apart. Weeeird. So yesterday, because I want to wear the dress, I made a small hole in the inside layer of fabric, used a tweezers to remove the object and then sewed the hole back up. Micro-surgery! (It turned out to be several inches of rolled up dark colored thread. All is fixed and I am wearing my dress today.

Hey, the subject line says Random.

I'm off to write up my thoughts on Reaper for the article.

I hope your Sundays are fabulous!
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Mostly because I ate too much soup, I think. But also partly because I generally feel like poo.

I accomplished a little bit of research for the Faustus-project (or, well, mostly reorganizing the research that we already had into Google-Docs.) And that’s about it, thus far. There are phone calls I should make, there are errands I should run. Mostly, however, I’ll be happy if I can get some cleaning accomplished.

Also, I’ve been having random shooting pains up my arm today. Not good. And they don’t seem to be caused by any specific activity-- some happened while I was typing, yes, but some happened while I was dozing off in bed in this morning. And it’s pain in a place I’ve never had pain before -- along the left of the inside of my forearm (left when you’re looking at your up-turned arm.) So, y’know, that sucks.


I think I’m going to go read for a bit as it doesn’t require me to move my arm much (or move myself much either), at least ‘til my tummy settles. Then some cleaning.

Also, all that’s left on Yarn!Chester ami!Dean v2.0 is his eyes and amulet. Hurrah! (And I’ve already made the base heads and hands for ami!Sam and ami!Castiel v2.0. Woot.)
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I wrote this long post earlier today, and then erased it all before posting it because it was boring.

However, I make no guarantees that this one is any more interesting.

I talked with [livejournal.com profile] spade this afternoon, and that was awesome. She and I have been emailing these past few months, but we haven't gotten to hang out since I left Virginia in 2006, and we haven't even talked on the phone in all that time. (I never think to call people other than my parents, grandparents and [livejournal.com profile] pyrite). When Spade called, I'd been lounging on the couch, Foster-Kitten-Dean sprawled across me, twitching through his dreams, as I vacantly watched an episode of Burn Notice. It took me a minute to decide to get up and answer my phone (it was in my office) when I heard the strains of "Carry On Wayward Son" (my ringtone), but I am so very, very glad I did. (Foster-Kitten-Dean was probably not as pleased as he spent the next 5 minutes sitting on the floor looking dazed.)

We chatted about lots of things, and it was verra, verra good. But most relevant, given yesterday's post, is that we made a decision about Supernatural Conventions. We had, originally, been vaguely planning to save our pennies and go to the Parsippany, NJ con in July 2010. While that's actually further for me to travel, the arrangements made sense because it would have been part of a trip for me back east to the parents. NJ then would be about 1/2way between PA and VA and within driving distance of both, etc. etc.

The SPN set tours, however, changes everything.

Will there be set tours at Vancouver 2010? Pondering )

So, the current plan for [livejournal.com profile] spade and I is that we WILL go to Parsippany or Vancouver. We will not make any decisions until we have lots more information. (The beginning information for Vancouver 2010 will, apparently, be coming out at Vancouver 2009.) I don't know how these things generally work-- when we'll need to have the money to start buying tickets (geez, did I see rightly that tickets for the next Asylum are already on sale? That seems like a bit of BAD TIMING. You'd think the people running it would want to put some distance between the most recent event and trying to sell tickets for the next one. But that's just me.)

Spade and I will undoubtedly plan further when I visit her later this month. (Current travel plans: depart AZ on the 20th of June (!!) with [livejournal.com profile] flurije. Drive to TN. June 25th, fly from Nashville to Lynchburg. Rent car. Drive from Lynchburg to Staunton. Hang in Staunton (and Charlottesville) for a few days. At some not-quite-determined point, take train from Charlottesville to Philadelphia. Parents will pick me up there and drive me home for a few more days. I will then fly from Philly or Newark back to AZ on the 5th (and start teaching summer session 2 on the 6th-- eek.) C'ville people, I will be in touch shortly via email (but not tonight 'cause it's already 1am.)

IN OTHER NEWS, there is no other news. Wait, no, that's only true if the definition of "news" includes "interesting."

ami!Dean v2.0 continues. He is all put together (head, torso, legs, arms, overshirt), and his coat is finished (it's removable!) Tomorrow I'll start giving him hair. Depending on how much time I get to spend on him, he could very well be finished by the time I sleep tomorrow (although he'll also need eyes and his amulet, of course). I'm not 100% altogether perfectly happy with his coat, but it is the best I can do, at least for the moment, and working with yarn. (I'm trying to approximate a leather jacket, after all.) Also, sadly, while he has pockets, they're not real. See, Daddy!Winchester's coat pockets were external, while Dean's are internal. I just didn't have it in me to figure out how to make real pockets like that via crochet. Sad.

But I am happy with the ami in general. Sure, with anything at all that I make I'm going to know exactly what all the flaws are. Regardless, in general, this ami!Dean is miles ahead of the old one (I feel bad for the old one) -- it has that certain ... insouciance that Dean sometimes adopts. Plus, the outfit is more iconic (he's in a black shirt, green overshirt, ala 4.01 specifically, but also many, many episodes.) The shape is better than the original. Plus, the outer shirt's sleeves role up, which just makes me ridiculously happy. Before I send ami!Dean v2.0 away, I plan on staging a picture of the bit at the end of "Skin" where Dean has shot the Shape-Shifter that looks like him. ::Shrug:: It'll amuse me.

IN FAUSTUS NEWS, thank you guys so much for your comments to yesterday's post about Faust-Myths. The movies/tv shows you've added will help me and Heather immensely. I'm really looking forward to diving into this project.

And now, bed, methinks.
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So, first the despair. As the entire fandom knows by now, the Creation Con in Vancouver is selling tickets to tour the set of Supernatural. (Info here, scroll down.) I heard this a couple of days ago already, and it's been percolating in my mind. Given that I posted things like this entry on how much I'd like to meet the designers and builders and creators of the SPN sets, you'd think this information would make me ecstatic. Alas, no. No matter how I run the numbers, I cannot figure out a way to afford to go. Tickets for the set tour alone are $350. And while that sucks, I don't actually fault the convention because it *is* an extremely rare occurrence to be able to see a working set, and talk with a crew person and such. But that $350 is on top of the price of the convention (itself not cheap) and then there'd also be airfare and hotel rooms and food. (Also, since you're at the convention, you'd probably also want to, I dunno, go to some of the panels and get some autographs and pictures. Mind you, the Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki autographs and pictures are already sold out yet too.) So... unless I get an enormous unexpected and extremely unlikely windfall, I will not be seeing the SPN sets, nor getting my picture taken with the Impala. I'm extremely sad about this. I don't feel that I'm entitled to go or anything, just that it really is a once-in-a-lifetime thing, and I can't do it. Just very disappointed. Alas. I will have to console myself with the fact that some of the Yarn!Chesters will be sent to the production offices, when they are finished.

Academia. I am also consoling myself with the fact that Heather and I have decided to write a joint paper about the Faustus myth in popular culture. This, naturally, includes things like the movie(s) Bedazzled, but it also includes Supernatural. We're not entirely certain where this article will go (as we came up with the idea over a sushi lunch this afternoon) but that's part of the joy. We do know that it will deal with the difference in commodification of the soul, now vs. the renaissance (when the Faust myth was written/disseminated.) And yet the Faust-myth remains potent and in use. (If someone says that a person made a Faustian bargain, you know what they mean, right?) Hopefully we'll get the majority of it done this summer. Her adviser, who has written books on Faustus and economic exchange, is away for the summer, which means that we can get away with not telling him about it until it's already drafted. He's no help whatsoever in the development stages anyway. Once it's drafted, he'll be quite useful, however.

On that end, you (yes you!) can help: where have you seen (in popular culture, preferably performance based) the Faust myth used? Where do people sell their souls? A sampling of what we've come up with so far:
Supernatural tv
Reaper tv
The Haunting of Molly Hartley film
Bedazzled (1967) film
Bedazzled (2000) film
St James' Infirmary (2009) stage
Hercules film (animated- Disney)

There are more, of course, but I'm blanking at the moment. Any thoughts you have, I'd appreciate. [livejournal.com profile] arkstangent says that no one in BtVSor Angel sells their soul, but [livejournal.com profile] pyrite assures me that both Lilah and Lindsay do in Angel, so I guess I'll look into that. I know of several (popular lit) books that use the Faust myth, but I'm more interested in performance.

So. Not nearly as cool as seeing the SPN set, but it's a way to put my obsessions (both the Faust myth and Supernatural) to work for me.

And lastly, Yarn. ami!Dean v2.0 has all his major body parts crafted. I'd have finished them sooner but one of his legs just would not cooperate. First his foot was too big, then his leg was lumpy. Very annoying. Anyway, head, torso and one leg are sewn together. Second leg and two arms are made. Still need to make the rest of his overshirt before I can sew the arms on. Then I'll make his jacket, then his face and hair, and he'll be set.

Also, I purchased supplies today to make a teeny-tiny journal for ami!John's coat pocket. It will very likely not be a working journal (too tiny!) but it will look good closed.
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I mentioned that yesterday I got to see/hear/chat with Harry Lennix again. Apparently one of the things he most recently had done (other than Dollhouse of course) is direct St James Infirmary, a new play by Brian Tucker, a new playwright and thus far the youngest ever to graduate from Julliard's playwriting program.

All I know about it thus far is that its title is a reference to Louis Armstrong, and that it's a retelling of the Faust myth in which the Faust-figure sells his soul so that he can never lose at a game of cards. According to Harry Lennix it's a retelling of Faustus with crossroads and all that-- I don't have a quote but I know he mentioned crossroads. What's so interesting about this to me is that there are no crossroads in Dr Faustus (Faustus is sent to a grove to conjure Mephistopholis and then later makes his actual deal in his own library-- and I don't remember any in Goethe's Faust (although I'll have to check). I had been assuming that the SPN crossroads demon was a separate thing (I mean, obviously it is in SPN, and as we saw with Daddy!Winchester and Azazel, deals with demons can be made with demons other than Crossroads ones, but I don't know what myth that comes from.) But anyway, apparently they're wrapped up together in some fashion, and definitely in St James Infirmary.

Unfortunately, it does not look like St James Infirmary is in print yet. However, this week I must finish my edits to the article that's being published in the Fall, the same one that Harry Lennix wants to read ahead of time. So I'll ask Dr Thompson to forward it to him (which she probably would have done anyway) and also ask her to ask Harry if I could get a copy of the St James script.

And yes, I am a hyooge dork, and I am well aware. However, I also should be reading more contemporary plays. And I've always been intrigued by the Faust myth (obviously, given my MFA project) and yes, there may very likely some day in the future be a scholarly paper of some sort from me on SPN. There are pop-culture and cross-genre conferences out there after all.

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