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I'm thinking about moving. Frankly, I had planned on staying in this flat from day one (2006) 'til I finished my PhD and moved away to teach in some non-Arizona place. But ever since the new owners and their new management company started putting pressure on "improving" this place, it's become annoying to live here.

(Not, of course, that I didn't have complaints before, but they were always singular. Such as the Great Bathroom Disaster of last year, or Air Conditioning Catastrophe of 2007.)

It's every week, it seems, that we get a notice on our doors saying, "we're going to be coming in." Last time of course it was the two weeks of hot water heater installation. This time it's to clean the air conditioning coils. Not a bad thing, inherently. "Preventative maintenance" and all that-- but they're going to come sometime in the next five days. Really? You can't be any more useful than that? Man, they make cable installation look timely!!

I know that I rent this space from someone else-- I am not the owner. But it is my home. And I do pay rent to make this my space as long as I'm renting it. But that's not how I'm being treated, y'know?

I double checked in the office if the only place the workers have to get to is the vent in the hallway (as per the information on our doors), and they said yes, but I don't trust them because the hot water heater people were fucking everywhere. (Um, please read "fucking" in the previous sentence as an adjective and not as a verb, 'cause, ew.)

I'm home all of today (still sick. Oh okay, I could teach, but I pushed myself yesterday at rehearsal and it was a mistake) and at least most of tomorrow, so I'm hoping they come then. I doubt it, though. If they don't come when I'm here I'll move the cats into the bedroom and hope that the office people are right this time.

I'm getting really scared about May. I'll be gone for a month, and I have arranged a small army of friends to come take care of my cats each day, but now I'm worried that maintenance will need to come in and will let the cats out. But I can't afford to board my cats for a month and that would be unfair to the cats (tiny wee room vs. apartment.)

Then there's the issue of the colony cats. I was brushed off today when I asked if they'd heard anything. (Mind you, the person I spoke with in the office today brushed off everything I inquired about. I honestly felt like I was rude for taking so much of her time so that I could pay my !#@$#@ rent and such. ARG.) At this point I don't mind the status quo too much, but...

See, then there's Mad Mabel. She showed up on my doorstep yesterday and asked me to come speak with her. O-kay. She regaled me with tales of how awful the plumbers were when they were here two weeks ago and how this is harassment, etc. Mind you, I still think she's insane, but she's not entirely wrong. She thinks they're trying to force her out of her apartment. Here's the thing-- what she thinks is harassment is simply unmindfulness and the same thing that's going on to all of us. BUT they are hoping she'll leave-- I've heard office people say so.

She wants me to join her in a legal action. Um. Yeah, no. 'Cause I 100% agree that what they're doing is rude and disrespectful to their renters, but they've done nothing illegal. (Our leases say they can come in with 48hours notice. They give notice. They're just jackasses about it.)

So anyway, she has decided she will no longer feed or water the cats. AND she wants me to not feed/water them in the place we've always fed/watered them (which is by her front door.) She wants me to feed them on the 3rd floor. Which, okay, on one level, hey, easier for me. But it's unfair to the cats. Up on the third floor, they don't have as many options to flee (and they're feral, they flee humans.) AND having them up there is going to make people in this building see them as a bigger problem because they'll be contained in a smaller area (not literally contained, but you know) when feeding, etc. But I don't really see an alternative at the moment, so I moved the water dish upstairs, and fed the kitties up here this morning.

I think I'll have to find some other places to put little piles of dry food out, too, though. In the bushes, etc.

Of course, if (and eventually, regardless, when) I move, what happens to the cats? ARG.

Mind you, I despise moving. I know not many people enjoy it, but I really loathe it. I'm a home-body. I like to stay home. I like to have a home. I like my books and my stuff and ... yeah.

It wouldn't be a bad thing to start getting rid of stuff now, of course. (Well, not this particular instant, but you know what I mean.)

And moving is expensive-- paying people or at least renting a truck. (And if it's just me, and it's August, I'll have to pay someone.)

And the management company that runs this place runs a lot of places, so I'd have to look particularly for some place not them.

Oh boy, a project for June and July.

But maybe things'll get better...
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Rambling about Lampshades, actually )

In other apartment news, the water heater fixing is now going to take (for the whole complex) 'til Wednesday of this week. When I came home this past Wednesday, there was a new water heater just sitting on my porch. On Thursday I tried to take a nap, but had a hard time, knowing that plumbers might come at any minute to work on the water heater. At one point I heard a WHUMP WHUMP WHUMP of someone bringing something very heavy up the stairs to the third floor. I willed the person to go to a different apartment, but alas, there was a LOT of knocking on my door, despite my yelling, "JUST A MINUTE" as I fumbled for my glasses. I opened it to find a guy with ...

a new water heater. One that looked just like the one on my porch.

"Yes?" I asked

"I have to put this on your terrace." The man had an accent, Greek perhaps?

I looked at the water heater on this clearly exhausted man's dolly, then back to the one prominently displayed on my "terrace." "Umm, there's already a new water heater on my terrace."

He looked at me, he looked at the water heater he'd lugged up many flights of stairs. "There is clearly a mistake." He looked so forlorn, poor guy.

I said goodbye and that was that, other than the WHUMP WHUMP WHUMP of his taking the water heater back down the stairs.

I ran into the plumber guys on Friday as I was coming home and cheerfully asked them how it was going and how far they'd gotten (meaning, how far in this building, and had they gotten to my flat yet.) The first guy i asked didn't speak English, but he must have thought I cared deeply about my question because he went and got someone else. This person thought I was angry, and was cranky right back at me, saying how they had to put in the washer/dryer hookups and the water heater so how could they be done?! I just looked at him all, "O-kay, I was just wondering... dood."

But with this attitude, I figured they hadn't gotten to my flat at all. So imagine my surprise when I discovered that now accompanying my new water heater in the middle of my deck ("terrace") there was two large pieces of wallboard and all the stuff that had once been inside the closet on the porch. All of it destined to be sitting there 'til Monday. Lovely. Frankly, at the time I was angry. I'm just hoping they really will be done on Monday so that I can stop having to lock my cats in the bathroom. Grr.

The only good thing about the apartment complex at the moment is the new fitness room. The one woman who works at the office is sooper nice to me, even though I'm always making trouble, and when I stopped by on Friday to ask if the plumbers were going to be working over the weekend (and so glad that they were not), she showed me the new fitness room, even though it's not officially open 'til Thursday.

It's gorgeous. All new equipment! Four treadmills! Two ellipticals, one with the swingy arm things! A stationary bike (or two?) And ALL of those have their own cable televisions and ipod jacks! (There's also a flat screen tv near the weight lifting equipment.) Dood, the last fitness room? It had 3 treadmills, one of which worked, and a dying elliptical. They were always promising they'd get a radio in there, but never did (not that it mattered, since I used my iPod, but still.) So, I am pleased. I was worried, though, that we'd only be able to use it while the office was open, but no, for a $25 deposit you can get a swipe card that lets you in any time between 6am and 10pm. So I am pleased. (And with it right next to the office, separated only by a glass door, it seems to me that if a piece of equipment stops working, it'll get attention far faster than the old room.)

Oh. While at Target today I bought an inexpensive oven thermometer so I can finally satisfy myself that the oven doesn't (or does) work, and get that fixed soonish too. Whee.

Hopefully once the water heater business is finished, and (if) the feral cat situation is cleared up in a satisfactory manner (meaning the cats aren't removed, and I'm allowed to continue taking care of them, along with Mad Mabel), I'll go back to enjoying living here-- or, really, more the neutral stance I've always had about the place.


Feb. 9th, 2010 10:27 am
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I got up at 8:30ish so that I could herd the cats into the bathroom by 9, in case the apartment people were coming. They did, in fact, show up at 10, and there were three of them and they looked at my water heater and that was all. Evidently this is not a one day thing as I was led to believe, but rather they'll be installing a new water heater (and the washer dryer hookup) "later this week." Thanks guys, that's helpful.

They left the door to my patio open when they left. So even though these are not apartment complex people, and therefore would not care about the number of pets, I'm still going to have to herd the cats into the bathroom every day because I clearly can't trust these guys to not let the fuzzies out. On the bright side, it's pretty clear they're not coming back today, so I can probably let the furballs out of the bathroom... But since I'm paranoid, I'll do it after I run my errands.

Oh, errands. I want to get breakfast out (Einstein's) but otherwise I also need to hit the post office (international shipping of cat toys, hee) and the grocery store. Then I'll be spending at least part of the afternoon out with Heather, grading 321 papers. Joy. I haven't looked at any of them yet-- I finished commenting on 101 papers yesterday and thought I deserved to wait. Well, that and I fell asleep on my couch at 4:30 yesterday and didn't wake up 'til 9 or so. (But, y'know, treatment for sleep apnea is "elective." Yes, I'm still bitter. And still broke. And so, still untreated.)

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Today I totally overslept-- I was supposed to be at rehearsal at noon, so I set my alarm for 10am. I, uh, got up at 1pm. Fuuuuuck.

Everything else has been more or less good, though. I cleaned, I made a new CD for my alarm clock (I figure part of the reason I've been sleeping through the alarms is that I've become used to the music...? Hey, it's possible. This mix is called "Wake the hell up" and is volume 1. Heh.), I've chatted with my parents, I've vacuumed, and before that, I fixed my vacuum, and I have watched the Puppy Bowl.

How often do you have to change the belt on your vacuum? It seems like it's a bit too often that I have to... Grr. Oh well.

So why all the cleaning, you might ask. Yesterday I found out that the apartment complex people are demanding entrance into my apartment for the next five days. I am not a happy camper. They are checking the water heater (I'd like a new one please, sometimes I don't get hot water for my showers) , and things like that. And, if I want to pay $35/month, they'll put a washer/dryer in my balcony closet. I'm really tempted-- I would love to be able to do a load of laundry whenever I wanted. I'd have clean clothes more often, I'd be more likely to put stuff away because it wouldn't mean putting away HUGE loads of stuff all at once. But by the same token, I don't spend $35/month on laundry now, so it'd be doubling what I pay by going to the laundry room. Do I really want to pay for that convenience?

This also leads the problem of Widget. Last time they wanted access to my apartment, Miss Widget spent the night at Flurije's-- but that didn't go well. Flurry got no sleep and Beatrice was angry for a week. I asked [livejournal.com profile] wild_donkey_man, but he won't be around much this week and so was reluctant. Similarly, two other friends last night at a dinner party I attended said they'd take her, but it was clear that it'd be a hassle for anyone. So I guess I'm going to take my chances and just hope that whoever has to come in doesn't notice or doesn't care... It's unclear from the highlighted map as to whether they need access to my bathroom-- if they don't, I'll keep all three in there so that none of them can run out. I'm really scared that the workpeople will let one of the fuzzies dash out. :(

Also, they want three closets cleaned out -- uh, no? How the hell am I supposed to do that? And how much do they really mean? Naturally I have questions about all of this-- timing, where they really need to get to, how much access they need, etc. But can I ask? NO. Because they put the notice on our doors at 6pm on Friday-- right when the office is closing. These serve as 48hours notice, but you can't call and ask them any questions during that time because the office is closed 'til Monday morning! ARG.

In other news, PUPPY BOWL VI. I love the puppy bowl. I get almost as excited about the puppy bowl as people do about the Super Bowl. And this year, not only was there a kitty half time, but there were BUNNY CHEERLEADERS and piloting the blimp there were HAMSTERS. Heeee!

I had more to say, but that was all ages ago, 'cause since writing the above Flurry and I have ordered and eaten Chinese food and watched an episode of Make it or Break it and now I have to comment on at least 7 student papers. :P

So, hopefully, more on last night's soiree and other fun things at another time.
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(Feel free to skip, but this will make me feel better or worse, as I add to this throughout the day... The footnotes are the most interesting part, I suspect.)

Work Stuff:
-emailed S.E. re: article, as promised last month
-emailed 221 students re: first draft responsibilities
-called T.S. (and spoke with F.S., too!) to pay "application fee" for GOING TO LONDON
-called grandmother-- she got a new kitten!!* Hee.
-worked out (30 minutes on elliptical)
-worked on Second Shepherd's Play lines (while on elliptical!)
-cleaned iced tea maker (ew, warm vinegar smell)
-filled out London application
-filled out Blackfriars survey
-paid electric bill (yay the lights will stay on!)
-took pictures of the ferals (to eventually update Project-Cat)
-actual lunch and dinner
-German translation (UGH. I suck at this.)
-sorted/put away all the clean clothes that have been sitting out for weeks
-sorted dirty clothes for laundring tomorrow
-home remedies/spot treatments on some of the clothes needing laundering

Fun Stuff:
-watched a few eps of Lie to Me
-knitted on my scarf
-played some puzzle pirates
-read a bit of trashy fiction

Did Not Accomplish:
-comps reading (eek)
-few more emails

Might Still Accomplish:
-duvet cover on (we'll see... it's a freakin' struggle. But I sleep with wet hair and I have such oily skin (even after washing my face before bed) that the duvet cover needs very regular washing, y'know?)

Tomorrow: play rehearsal (12-2), Laundry, those emails, comps reading (good grief, I hope), parental phone call and maybe tennis?

Fortunately, I have off Wednesday and of course Thursday. My parents arrive Thursday evening-- so I have that day and a half to get this place in some semblance of order... Eek.

Widget is currently licking an Old Navy bag. She's so weird. The cat I had growing up (Buster) liked to pee on plastic bags (yes, ew.) Widget? She lies on them and nibbles on them and apparently flat out licks them. This is so weird to watch. I think I'm going to make sure the cats' food bowls are full in the hopes of distracting her in a gentle fashion...

G'night all.

*When I was growing up, my (maternal) grandparents had a black cat named Jasmine and a white cat named Sheba and they lived in the basement. Jasmine was a kitten from one our outdoor kitties' litters.** But my grandmother is more of a dog person.*** My aunt took in a cat at some point, and her kids named her Sarabi (ala Lion King), but my aunt is violently allergic to cats (instantaneous sneezing) so my grandmother took her. Sarabi never really warmed to other people, but loved my grandmother, would curl up in her lap and such (and she, unlike the dogs or Jasmine and Sheba, when they lived, got the run of the house). Sarabi, sadly, passed awy a few months ago. My grandmother seemed to want to replace her right away-- calling shelters to find a long haired calico female cat with, preferably, a bob tail. This made me nervous since even if you get a matching pet, you know it won't be the same personality. BUT apparently my grandmother found THE cat this past week-- a gray and white kitten who is only 9 weeks old (!!!), with white paws and who seems likely to grow into a long-haired cat (well, probably medium haired I'm guessing.) When I called my grandmother today, my mom was up there taking pictures. I can't remember if my grandparents got Sheba and Jasmine as kittens (I'm guessing yes, but it was a long, long time ago) but my grandmother seems totally enamored of this new kitten and her new kitteny ways. ("She climbs up your grandfather and I! She sits on my shoulder while I do my hair!) So I am incredibly charmed. :)

**When my parents bought our house in 1982, it came with outdoor kitties. The ones who stuck around we named Smokey and Houdini, and I'm pretty sure they were mother/daughter, and that Jasmine was one of Houdini's kittens. Mind you, in 1982 I was 2 years old, so even allowing for the the generations of cats necessary to get to Jasmine, I was too young to be clear on all the details. I don't remember at what point we stopped having any cats coming round... I suspect, though, that after Houdini and Smokey passed away, it would likely have also been around the time we got Montgomery, who was a 150pound Great Pyrenees who, when young, liked to chase cats. Yanaba, who was a husky mix, hated cats, so when we got her (when I was... 16?) there definitely wouldn't have been outdoor cats around anymore.

***She was a dog breeder for a while-- dalmations, I believe. Not a big operation or anything-- today she'd probably have been labeled a backyard breeder, but she was careful and not, y'know, just out to make a buck like so many. Anyway, she didn't do it for long. By the time I was old enough to remember her dogs, she had dobermans (Reds and then Thor, the fraidy cat doberman) and then switch, in what seems like a hell of a 180 to me, to cocker spaniels. The first one was named Buffy, and she and Thor (the doberman) were together for a while, which was an odd pairing, in my ever so humble opinion. After Thor passed away, she switched entirely to cocker spaniels. I think she currently has FIVE, which yes is excessive, in my opinion, but she's retired, and they're her hobby and job and everything else, y'know? She has Chelsea, Holly and Bridget, who are all buff colored the way Buffy was (hence Buffy's name...), Jessie, who is a dark brown, and a black and white one whose name I can't remember, and who is scared of all people except my grandmother.
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[livejournal.com profile] flurije has assured me that one of my dresses (which I was worried about) is not, in fact, too fancy for the conference, so this means that I actually have 5 nice outfits that I like and don't feel hideous in. (Often dress clothes make me feel fat and ugly and therefore panicky, which is not what you want at a conference, y'know?) So that's good.

It is, however, much later than I wanted it to be as I finished the packing extravaganza. Le sigh.

And I don't have a nice briefcase/bag (or even a not-nice one). This is problematic as I feel a backpack does not give the right ethos. :P Not happy. I asked Flurry if she had one I could borrow, and she said maybe, but since she's picking me up at 6am, and neither of us are morning people, I'm not holding my breath. :)

Maybe the conference will supply messenger bags like last conference! :)

I'm wearing jeans on the flight tomorrow. I know that I'll be meeting a scholar and an MLitt student, but ... I just can't see dressing even snappy-casual, let alone business-nice for a cross-country flight.

Speaking of cross-country flights, I haven't had time to think about mine, and therefore panic, so that's good. But if you don't hear from me within a week, assume I've been in a horrible plane crash. :( (I got this icon just for this sort of thing!)

I'm pleased that I won't be missing a Supernatural (this week is a random repeat) but I am very displeased to be missing this week's Criminal Minds. Anyone know where I can get it? I don't really want to bother the (totally awesome and kind) person who gave me the season premiere because she's a friend of a friend, so it would suck to bother her, y'know? (So I'm bothering all of you instead.) I'd *almost* rather miss Supernatural because I already have a season pass to download episodes of that.

I keep sneezing because of the dust I kicked out of my (not currently working) vacuum when I replaced the bag. Y'know, vacuum bag manufacturers, the see-the-dirt! window on the bags is cute and all, the first time or two you use the vac, but I'd prefer you put your efforts into a bag that not only formed a seal when *in* the vac, but formed one when you took the bag out of the vacuum, too. (My old vacuum's bags did that. You'd think the one that *isn't* 30+ years old would be able to, too.)

Shower is scrubbed. I *love* magic erasers. They work very, very well. Surely there must be something horribly wrong with them, right? You have to cut down a whole forest to make one? They're carcinogenic? Something-- 'cause no cleaning product that works that well can be without drawbacks.

Time to finish packing (does one ever really finish packing, or does one just eventually stop and assume that there's enough stuff in the bag that whatever's missing is just too bad?), shower and sleep. Gotta get up at 5. :(

VA here I come. :)
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Dear Vacuum,

I get it. Working for me? Not an easy gig. Sure, you sit in a closet for a really time, but when it's time to do your job, it's a toughie. There are three cats' worth of fur to take care of, after all. And yarn. And spinning fiber. And long hair, which is really the worst of it.

BUT YOU'RE ONLY A YEAR OLD. You are so not allowed to die on me.

But dead you are, it seems.

Fuck you, vacuum.

no love,
Eilonwy, with really dirty carpets.

(It still has suction, but the spinning thing AND the self propel are now saying No thank you. Or, more like it, No, and go screw yourself. And also, here's a delightful smell of something burning!

Sigh. It was my 29th birthday present. It's not allowed to die! And I clean out the roller brush every time I use it! So what the hell?)

And what do I do about these carpets?!
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Doing all the travel prep crap. Whee.

Tonight's tasks have been CLEANING and LAUNDRY. Fun, fun. I'm about to scare the hell out of the cats vacuum. I'd rather wait 'til I've straightened up my bedroom, but it's almost 9pm and I know I wouldn't want my neighbors (especially if I had any above me) vacuuming late at night, so I'll do it now. I also have to run to the post office-- yes, obviously the counter is closed, but the machine thingie isn't, and I need to ship out a skein of yarn I sold. (My shop is now on Vacation Mode until I return from VA.)

Not a good day-- nothing went right the first time around. Everything took multiple tries. BUT the portfolio (a step in the PhD process) is turned in. Unfortunately, when my chair saw it, she thought the secondary sources on my reading list were too few. Sigh.

But I should get some ideas at the conference this week-- seeing as how my dissertation is renaissance performance practices on modern stages and all.

(It was ridiculous, the hoops needed to be jumped through to turn this damn thing in.)

On the bright side, I've straightened up much of my house, so that's good. I found my kitchen table, which has been buried beneathh stuff for so long I wasn't sure it was still there... Still need to scrub the bathroom and straighten the bedroom.

Laundry is almost done-- I can go get it in a few minutes. Much of it will be immediately packed, which saves on folding/hanging up. :)

I have to pay to check my bag, so I'm packing some books for my dad. I figure if I have to pay anyway, let's make it worth my while. :)

Now if only I had the money to pay for this trip... Must. Be. Frugal!! (Thank the heavens for [livejournal.com profile] spade's family letting me stay with them!!)
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I cleaned my bathroom at midnight last night. Why? I'm not sure. Yes, it needed to be done. But it didn't need to be done right that moment. But once in a blue moon I get a strange impulse and I follow it through. (I'm reminded of the time that I woke up at 3 in the morning and decided that the cat litter had to be changed right then which necessitated going out to the convenience store and buying litter.) If this sort of thing happened more often I'd be worried, but it's a once-in-six months sort of thing, and never anything particularly weird, just weirdly timed. But hey, clean bathroom.

Now if only I could get the impulse today to clean my kitchen and put away laundry. (I hate putting away laundry.)

Not much to report about my life just now. Had the all-day Writing Programs meeting on Wednesday, which is actually a misnomer as I was able to leave around noon. I picked up the books I need for my German class (fortunately only 2, but they only had new copies, so it did cost me $65.) I had lunch with [livejournal.com profile] flurije, too, which was nice.

Thursday I already wrote about, with its expensive car repair (not unanticipated, but still), and the bus ride that wasn't so bad. Lunch with Heather was nice, as was the ice cream afterwards.

Yesterday I met up with Skilliam and [livejournal.com profile] wild_donkey_man, to meet with the professor with whom we are teaching Intro to Brit Lit, over at her house. She fed us muffins and tea (mmm, muffins and tea) and the meeting went fine and actually got me a little ways towards excited to teach the course again. (This will be the 5th semester in a row I've taught it and the second time with this prof. The first time had not gone particularly well-- not because of her but because of me and because of that particular group of students. I have a better handle this time 'round, I feel, on how to approach the course.) The prof is going to teach the class which I will be missing for the Blackfriars Conference

Speaking of missing classes for the conference... we were told in the WP meeting on Wednesday that we must ask permission to miss classes. Seriously, we now need to go to the head of Writing Programs (and really, oughtn't she have more to do than deal with requests like this? She does, after all, have 10,000 students going through 101 and 102 alone, and 199 instructors to deal with) and ask to be permitted. The head of Writing Programs, who has just started, doesn't know me, doesn't know anything about me, my teaching, my research, or the BF conference, but I have to ask permission. Now, there was never any real question about getting permission, mind you. There haven't been any complaints about my teaching, or about my missing classes. I had planned around my absences with Blackboard Assignments and such. But still, the need to ask permission grates. Worse, when I emailed, she said she "recommended I be permitted" but sent my email along to another WP director type person (who also doesn't know who I am). (She also said yes and good luck at the conference. But this is not my point!)

Upon talking with Heather on Thursday, she said that when she'd asked the TA Mentors about this new policy of asking permission/letting people know when we won't be in the classroom, that it includes things like Library Days, or Conferences which take place in our offices instead of in our classrooms. REALLY?! Bloody hell. Since that tidbit o' information did not come to me from an official channel, I am disregarding it until further notice.

So. Ho hum. Classes start Monday. I have nothing particularly exciting planned for my final weekend of freedom, especially as [livejournal.com profile] flurije and A. have gone up to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. They invited me along, and I was sorely tempted, but there are all these little things I need to accomplish. Plus, I sort of need an at-home weekend before jumping into classes. Going on a trip right before the semester starts would jangle my nerves greatly. (And my nerves don't really need further jangling!)

There will, most likely, be more spinning accomplished this weekend. (I've made a major dent, however, in my fiber stash. This is Not Good.) I've been watching Due South, which I had never seen before. In some ways it feels very dated. In others, it's quite good. I said before that I quite like Paul Gross, which is what inspired me to bump the series up in my Netflix queue (it's also something that always seemed like a show I'd like). I really like the dog in the show (Diefenbaker) but he also makes me a bit sad because he reminds me of my Yanaba (a husky mix) who passed away a little over a year ago now. I still miss her a lot. I've only watched 3 episodes so far, and the pacing seems off, but perhaps that's a 1994 thing held up to 2009 sensibilities. (Seriously, some of the chase scenes seem to go on forever.) I'm enjoying it, though, as background while I'm spinning. The other discs I have from Netflix at the moment are Regency House Party, which I saw when it aired on PBS, but want to see again. (That's the kind of reality show I can get behind). And also Upstairs Downstairs, which I've never seen, but think will prove a nice counterpart to Regency House Party. They're all disc ones because I wasn't sure if I'd like Due South or Upstairs, Downstairs.

I'm also rereading as much Terry Pratchett as I can in the next two weeks in preparation for the North American Discworld Convention. It's the sort of thing I wouldn't have made an effort to attend were it not happening here in Tempe. I used to be obsessive about Discworld, but my interest fell off in recent years. By the same token, the convention should be a lot of fun.

Right. Time to put that laundry away. :(


Aug. 8th, 2009 02:53 pm
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I'm having a pretty good day so far. How's about you guys?

I woke up around 10, and chatted with [livejournal.com profile] pyrite. Then I finished reading Devil in the White City, which was very good. (I'm too much an academic to not be a bit skeptical of popular history and the choices made by the author, but it was very well researched and the choices made were plausible. More importantly to the enjoyability, it was exceptionally readable and just plain a good read. I'm interested in the author's other books now.)

I've spun quite a bit of fiber (into singles) today as well. I had bought this fiber called "ember" a loooong while ago, but when it arrived it looked nothing like the picture on Etsy. I was disappointed, but figured monitors make for different color experiences. I also felt that it didn't look like it was described, either. (Described as dark grey and red, and it looked like brown with streaks of red.) So it sat for a long while until yesterday when I thought, heck, I'll spin this up and figure out something. Buuuut, it turns out it spins up beautifully as ... dark grey and red. Go figure. So that's happy making. When I'm done it'll be a 3ply (two plies of this fiber, which is superwash merino in differing thicknesses, and one ply of a bright red cotton).

I have also soaked and hung up four new skeins of yarn. (Unfortunately it's not nearly as hot as usual today. Figures-- I need the heat to dry my yarn and it slacks off. What the hey? Why is it only 97 degrees? What happened to my 110?) I'm not sure which of the skeins I'll sell and/or how. I'm quite pleased, though, with one that's a ply of camel and a ply of dark brown suri alpaca. The grey suir/huacaya alpaca blend plied with silk looks great-- the differences in thickness (which was intentional) has allowed for a nice halo to start on the alpaca strand. However, I didn't have a lot of luck with the silk (it was more or less my first time spinning from a silk hankie. The single was fine, but the plying was difficult) I think it's really nice yarn, but I'm worried because there's one break in the skein (knotted) and a few breaks of the silk ply. I'll probably sell it with that warning and a deep discount. There's also a skein of camel plied with spun-from-the-lock wool, which looks awesome, but its only 59 yards. It's hard to sell the small skeins, y'know? The last skein is also camel, but plied with the last of the wool/soy blend from the previous skeins, and is only about 60 yards, too. I might collect wee skeins like this and sell them as a set. We'll see.

Anyway, some of those skeins needed thwacking, which is precisely what it sounds like-- hitting them against a hard surface while wet. The only such surface currently on my balcony is the thick part of the balcony railing. But since the railing is hollow metal, it makes a ringing sound. My neighbors must think I'm insane. One guy was walking buy, 3 floors down, while staring up at me. I smiled. He didn't ask, so I didn't explain.

Oh! And my spot of good luck! I won this angora/alpaca batt!! I'm very excited. It looks beautiful. I love spinning alpaca. An angora/alpaca blend should be heavenly. (If you scroll down a bit, you can see the angora bunny from which some of the fiber comes!) Not only is the batt beautiful, but I never win anything, so it was awesome to find out that I won!! Woooo!! ::happy dance:: Is verra cool.

I'm going to try and finish my grading for the summer session now. It'd be nice to be able to submit those grades and be done. I have to spend a chunk of time tomorrow working on my fall syllabus, too, since it's due by 5pm Monday. (Eek.) The only downside to this is that I'm not sure where I put the book I'm using for the Fall class, which will make finishing the syllabus difficult... So I may be going into the office on Monday to work on it. Hope not.

I have a puzzle pirate date at 5pm (and by date I mean "appointment" not anything romantic.) Also on PP tonight, one of my friends is going to teach me about navigating/battle navigating. I hope to finish at least the last ply of my newest yarn today, too, maybe even ply all three together. Wheee.

Tomorrow there's more Supernatural with [livejournal.com profile] flurije and A. We might even finish season 2. (!!) Which would put is more than halfway through the series, since season 3 is short. I'll be working on ami!Mary at that point. I'm most worried about her hair, though.

I have no intention of leaving my house today, though. Do you think that's bad? Hm...

I wonder if I should take up dying my own fiber? I didn't really feel drawn to it 'til lately...I think I'd rather have a drum carder with which to blend fibers.

Hm. I also need to take more yarn!chester pictures this weekend, so as to ensure enough scenes to fill the coming week.

I really ought to clean. My place looks like a very small tornado went through. Ugh.

My parents bought a red Lexus yesterday (apparently.) Both halves of that description seem really weird to me. (They kinda wanted a Prius but you still have to order them, evidently. And more importantly, they're too small for my mom. My mom's a very small woman, actually; it's not like she needs a large car. But she has a mental block about small cars. She thinks my Jetta is too small. When I rented a car to drive in VA this past May, my dad set it up-- I expected a compact, the cheapest. Nope, she didn't think a small car was safe, and so I had the next size. I'm kind of surprised she doesn't drive an SUV--

Oh crap, I have no idea what kind of Lexus they got. Doesn't Lexus make SUVs? I can't see them spending that kind of money, to be honest, but still... No, they wouldn't have...

Anyway, that's all the news here. I'm still not thinking about the sleep study, which is why I haven't responded to comments yet. I will. Later.

Oh hey, there's a fudgesicle in the freezer with my name on it.
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I live in an apartment full of clutter. That's just the way it is. Someday I hope to change that, but I don't actually see it happening. (It wasn't so bad when I lived in W'boro-- it was a bigger apartment, and I had room just for my crafts. That helped a lot. I miss that apartment a lot. I never should have moved to the S'ton one for my last year in VA. Oh well. But maybe when I actually have space again I shan't be quite so cluttered.) I've solved the question of always losing my keys by installing a hook by the door (started this in college already.)

Because the cell phone makes noise and because I usually have it somewhere close I don't tend to lose that too often. (Lost it more when I still had a landline.)

But scissors, no matter how many pairs I own, I am constantly misplacing them all. And when I look for a pair, I never find the pair I expect to find. At present I actually know where two sets are, but only because I was looking for something else.

Weirdly enough, the other thing I constantly lose? My pin cushion. How weird is that? This was made worse when Foster-Kitten!Dean still lived here because he had a penchant for stealing it. However, my three kitties don't have any particular fondness for it, so losing it is all me. I have no idea where it is just now. (This is irritating as I use it to mark amigurumi hairlines and attach outerwear before sewing it on. I am currently at the point wehre I shall be sewing arms and then hair onto ami!Dean (2.1).)

Le sigh.

When I'm not careful to keep my hairbrush in my bathroom (such as when I lived with other people), I 'd lose that all the time, too. Then I'd go around singing, "Wheeeeeeere is my hairbrush?" which is doubly weird since I've never actually seen Veggie Tales.

What do you lose?

Edit T Add: Oh hey look, my pin cushion. In the bag o' amigurumi parts and various implements. Where it belongs. Where I swear I checked three times before. Oh well.


Jun. 6th, 2009 06:20 pm
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Welp, I’ve cleaned my kitchen and straightened up my desk. Trust me, these were both pretty large tasks. Sadly, this does not make my apartment clean. :(

I also made a bunch of phone calls related to Foster-Kitten-Dean, and that situation doesn’t look good. :( (The only potential home I currently have for him is in Chicago. Currently, no airlines are sending animals via cargo out of Phoenix because it’s too hot.)

So now I think I’ll... y’know, I’m not sure. Undoubtedly I should keep cleaning, empty the dishwasher (which just finished running), vacuum, straighten up the living room, that kind of thing. Which I really don’t want to do. But since I really oughtn’t crochet (thanks wrist!) I’m not sure what I do want to do. So. Guess back to cleaning.

Hm. Dinner might help get rid of this headache. But I can’t tell if I’m hungry. And after this afternoon’s soup debacle...

Oh, the exciting Saturday evening of an Eilonwy. :D
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Also, I’m relatively resourceful.

Just worked out (that friggin’ elliptical will be the death of me, I swear. Did 22 minutes, which isn’t much, really, but I had bumped up the difficulty level AND realized that I’d gotten into a much faster stride than I wanted to when The Republic Tigers’ “Fight Song” came on, so I figure it’s equal (or better) than the 25 minutes I did yesterday. (I’d aimed for 30 today, but got so very thirsty and hadn’t brought any water with me. Also, I find working out to be REALLY FUCKING BORING, which means it’s difficult to sustain.)

ANYWAY, to get to the work-out room (or “state of the art fitness center” as the promotional material for my apartment complex laughingly calls it) you have enter the pool area. My apartment complex has two pools (because it used to be two apartment complexes, frankly.) One is by the main office, which is not the one I was at, and one is by the maintenance offices, which is where the fitness center is. To get to either area you have to use your “amenities key” to get through the gate (which is about 5 feet high, and made of slats that only go up and down. No footholds. This is relevant for later.) When I got there today (and yesterday, for that matter) the gate was ajar, which is technically a Bad Thing because the whole *point* of the fence/gate is to keep children out so that they don’t drown. (I suspect it’s true of most states, but I know it’s true of AZ that you are required by law to have a locked gate around your pool for this very reason.)

So I did my work out, which was more difficult today for all the reasons I said above and also because I’d just worked out yesterday and mainly because I wasn’t working on a thinky-thoughts meta in my head the way I was yesterday (nor on creating crochet techniques for Yarn!Chesters the way I was a few months ago when I was working out relgularly.)

When I went to leave, the gate was closed, presumably due to the family I’d seen come and use the pool and leave while I was working out. OKay, no biggee. I dig out my keys and slip the appropriate one into the lock and ... it doesn’t turn.

So I try every lock (for some reason there are 2 on each gate) and also my house key (just in case, ::shrug::) to no avail. I am trapped in the pool area.

Cranky, because it is (a relatively cool for AZ summer) 94 degrees out and I am dying for a drink of water (or iced tea, which is what I’m actually sipping currently) and a shower, I call up the apartment office (hurrah for cell phones) and explain the situation, regardless of how weird it sounds, and they agree to send a maintenance guy.

So I’m waiting. And really hoping it won’t turn out to be the guy who did the work on my apartment, because I just don’t think I can deal with him today. (I was hoping it would be the cute guy but alas, it turned out to be neither, eventually.) And then I think, the last time I was here and needed it, my key did work to get me *in*. So I reached through the slats and tried the key on the outside of the lock, and wouldn’t you know it, it worked.

Mind you, before I thought of that, I was eying up lawn chairs and wondering what I could move and/or stack to get myself over the fence. The garbage can was a good height, but it was concrete and so not actually movable. But the inner bit to it, the can itself, might have worked, if I pulled it out. The lounge chairs might have worked if I gathered enough, but I’d need a great deal of them, probably all of them. And the jump down would likely hurt because all along the edge of the fence is concrete side-walk, so I’d need to be careful on my landing, lest I break a bone.

Anyway, I called the main office back to tell them I didn’t need rescuing, but just then the maintenance guy showed up, as I was walking away. I explained the situation and he tested my keys (indeed, it works on one side and not the other-- just as I said!) and agreed that he needed to fix the lock. So, yay.

And now I am home, having rescued myself, and am about to hop in the shower. Ahh, the little things of life.

Later, I meet with a director to discuss being her dramaturg for a production of Hamlet. Then, probably drinks with A., and maybe with H. and her husband, too, at the local Irish pub. Woke up late, today, though, which means that the stuff I’d meant to do today will have to be done tomorrow instead. Grrr.

List of things to buy when I get my summer scholarship monies? Includes a new alarm clock. (Considered buying one last week when I was at Target, but was overwhelmed by the potential to get one, for only $40, that would also be an iPod dock. But I don’t listen to music in my bedroom. But I could. But I don’t spend time in there except to sleep (and dump laundry.) But I could wake up to my iPod! I dunno.) List also includes hair dryer, new jeans, sandals and potentially a wok to replace the one that went up in flames.

Le sigh. Anyway, now a shower, after which I will sit around with wet hair for a very long time.

(Which reminds me, I’m considering changing my hairstyle-- which is to say, y’know, getting a hairstyle. I’ll post some pictures, eventually, of what my hair currently looks like. But for those of you who know me (ie: know what I look like) any suggestions on what to do to keep my hair long but flatter my (not exactly attractive to begin with) face a bit more?)
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(You know, the non-flaming-wok portions!)

So, let's see. Got up at 7:15, and got my car to the dealership juuuust after 8am, so go me for that. My "account manager" is smarmy and only jokes about money, so that was annoying. I had promised Maintenance Guy that I'd be here around 9 so he could work on my bathroom walls (he only spackled them up yesterday, he still needed to sand and paint.) But the delightful people at the VW place forgot about me, so I sat for almost an hour waiting for a ride back to my place. This was doubly annoying because 95% of the time I carry a book and a fiber project. Today I had nothing. Well, actually I had a knitting project, but it was almost done, so I finished it in 5 minutes. Grr.

Got back here, immediately ran into Maintenance Guy who said he'd be over in a few minutes. An hour later he showed up, sanded, did something with a spray can that was smelly, and left, saying he'd be back in a while to paint/finish up. I napped 'til 1:30 (didn't mean to quite so long. Oops.) Then A. came over just after 2pm, bearing strawberries. Alas, [livejournal.com profile] flurije was not feeling well, and so decided to not join us for the first part of the SPN Summer Marathon. (To be clear, this is the marathon to (re)introduce A and F to SPN, not the one that I'm separately doing so that I can join in re-watch conversations at TWoP. Yeah, just go with me.)

A. really likes the show. We watched the first three episodes (the pilot, "Wendigo" and "Dead in the Water" [this last of course amusing her because of the house which also appears in Devour, which I had also made her watch in the past]). It's so awesome watching SPN with someone, especially someone who hasn't seen it before. Also, she encourages my Yarn!Chesters (whereas most RL people just look at me funny, and Flurije calls me a nerd.) While watching said episodes, I sewed Papa Yarn!Chester up (arms! legs! attached to the body and head! along with his overshirt!) and started to crochet his (removable!) jacket.

A. wants to finish the rest of season one this weekend, having already made plans for us to watch as much as possible on Friday and then finish up on Sunday. I don't know that this is a feasible plan, but hey, I'm more than willing to go for it. :D Also, A. reports that she feels like she is cheating on her husband because of the way she is attracted to Dean. Being the pragmatic sort, I said a girl's gotta do... because her husband is off at navy training and she's not going to see him for months.

Maintenance-Guy did eventually return, around 3:30, to paint/finish. I like Maintenance-Guy, mostly, but his work ... shoddy. Granted, I grew up in a house that my parents were constantly remodeling, but damn, even I could have spackled better. You can totally tell all the places that they had to cut into the walls. Oh well, whatever. You know why I don't care? BECAUSE IT IS DONE.

Too bad my oven isn't working.

Alas, we didn't have time for a fourth episode (which doubly sucks, because, like me, A. is from PA (well, A. is from all-over, but a lot of that is from PA.) where 1.04 is set {Nazareth is just a few miles from where my parents grew up, grandparents live, and where I lived for a time, etc. And the airport is one I fly out of all the time. Of course they filmed in Vancouver, but still, they were representing PA} -- and because I feel like 1.04 is where they start to hit their stride. (The pilot is great-- it holds together well as a pilot and as an episode, and lots of shows can't say that about their pilots. I've never been a fan of "Wendigo", although I can't quite put my finger on why. I like Haley. There are some great lines. We of course get "saving people, hunting things: the family business" from it. But there's something about it that just doesn't work for me. I like "Dead in the Water" a lot, too, and more each time I watch it, actually. But not until a few more episodes do I think the show really gets it. Dunno.) ANYWAY, we didn't have time for a fourth, even though A. wanted it, because my car was done.

On the car front, good news (I guess.) While fixing all the things I actually took the car in to get fixed, the mechanic fixed a bunch of seals that were only reachable because he was replacing a gasket cover. This is part of what took so long in getting my car (although I have never gotten my car back quickly from this place.) Unfortunately, while he didn't charge labor, that's another $50 worth of parts on top of the estimate (which was an already quite sizable $620.) And of course no one had asked me if that's what should be done. (I'd have said 'yes' I suspect, but still, it's the principle.) Fortunately, Smarmy-Account-Manager finagled the bill (via labor, I assume) to make the whole thing only $10 more than the estimate, rather than $50.

Of course, this could all be total bullshit. I wouldn't know where to look in the car to find new gasket covers, let alone the seals that are apparently below those. Sigh. Still, Smarmy-Accounts Guy apologized profusely for the wait this morning, and I rather suspect that had somethign to do with this pricing snafu. Well, that and the fact that the mechanic made an executive decision without clearing it.

On the bright side, they oiled my driver's side door. I kept meaning to ask them to do that-- it started squeaking a few months ago. But then it stopped squeaking, and there were a lot more pressing issues to keep on top of with the car. But now the door swings open really easily, which is mostly great, but almost caused me to swing it open into someone else's car at Target, which is where I went after picking up ze car (there I just got some necessary odds and ends and priced iPod docks for the car. They seem to range between $25 and $80, and I don't know why.) I forgot to pick up the tea I wanted for my iced tea (but found a reasonable alternative that I hadn't thought of, in my tea cabinet, so that's good.) Fortunately, I remembered to pick up cat treats, so now Callie-Cat will, hopefully, stop acting so disappointed when I leave the apartment. (Whenever she knows I'm leaving, she dashes around, chirping, and rolling about in front of the door in the expectation of treats. For the past few days I only had some left from a while ago, which I know that none of the cats particularly like. She chases them, like usual, but then instead of eating them immediately gives me this baleful look. Most of them are gone when I get back, so evidently someone eats them. Or perhaps the cats are stockpiling them for some nefarious purposes.)

Then I came home because I wasn't feeling particularly well suddenly. After checking my email, I had the Crap! Dinner is ON FIRE incident. Then I made dinner properly and joined A and [livejournal.com profile] flurije in some Puzzle Pirates. For some reason I don't find it nearly as addictive as I did back in 2004, when I first played. This, and the fact that I'm broke, would be why I haven't bothered subscribing. We only puzzled for 1.5hours, and we only won one pillage, which was really weird. Those who puzzle more than I posited that it was because of the recent upgrade of PP-- all the bots seemed to be set on Impossible To Beat.

Afterwards, I watched some of SPN season 2-- more than I meant to, but I got wrapped up in working on ami!John. I finished making his coat: this includes the body of the coat, the black collar, and some detail work to make it look like it has seams and pockets. I really like details. Also, I'm still ridiculously proud that the coat is removable. (Yes, I'll likely go back and make coats for Sam and Dean later.) I also stuck pins in his head to indicate to myself where his hairline and part are, as well as his facial scruff. He looks quite freaky with the pins, but this is my usual modus operandi. Depending on how I feel tomorrow, I might be able to finish him and post pictures. Woot! We'll see, though. No promises. But it will be done soon. (I can't work on the current knitting project until after I've laundered it several times to felt it, anyway. So, Yarn!Chesters!)

Tomorrow evening I'm going to a fellow Ta's house to watch Tis Pity She's a Whore with the rest of the Renaissance Colloquium. I will undoubtedly take something crafty along (I cannot watch tv/movies [except in a theatre] without something in my hands to work on) but I don't think I'd want to work on ami!John's hair there (the hair is the fussiest part for me) so I might start working on Chuck's head and hands (the easiest bits.) Tomorrow I should also collect some appropriate pictures of Chuck-- I have no idea, for example, if he wears slippers or what. (Of course, this sort of question is often irritating on SPN, and I would assume most shows. Filming tends to be from the waist or chest up. Took me forever to figure out if Papa Winchester even wore jeans. (He does.) I just guessed at his shoes.

Foster-Kitten-Dean is playing with a jingle-ball and I am quite sleepy. Time for me to head for slumberland. Here's hoping I don't end up with another dream like this afternoon's in which a wedding party (for my pseudo-sister, who really is getting married in a year) ended up dancing a techno/hip-hop version of Hava Nagila. After waking up, I figured out that that must have been my subconscious working in the ring-tone of my cell-phone that I had used as an (ineffectual) alarm. Not nearly as cool as the song-and-dance-routine dream of a few days ago, but it does explain it-- I suspect I slept through various ringtones and they were incorporated. [Note: No, my cell phone does not actually play Hava Nagila.] I really need to buy a new alarm clock. I considered buying one today at Target... I could get a $20 clock/radio (and I never use the radio.) Or I could get a $40 clock/radio/iPod dock. This latter was, obviously, tempting. But I don't have a spare $40, so that was out. But my current clock/radio is old (I've had it since starting college, when its predecessor, the exact same clock/radio but a generation or two older, died) is untrustworthy. [What I really want is the one I saw online somewhere which rolls off of your dresser and around the room so that you *have* to get up to chase it and turn it off.]

Right. Bedtime.
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Look, I"m a lousy cook, mainly because I'm just not interested. So I stupidly left a wok with some oil in it on the stove because I was waiting for water to boil. I decided to check if I had email before returning to the stove and got caught up in a response to a comment I'd posted regarding someone's SPN meta on Sam's character in season 4 of SPN. As I'm typing, I hear a WOOMF!!! and turn around to find that the wok is on fire. Well, fortunately just the oil in the wok, of which there was only a tablespoon.

I had the presence of mind to remember not to put water on an oil fire, but beyond that wasn't sure what to do. I mean, I turned off the stove, obviously. And then opened all the windows because smoke was filling the apartment. The fire went out relatively quickly (see above re: 1 tbsp oil). It took me a little longer to figure out how to turn off the smoke detector because I've never had to before, having never actually caused a kitchen fire before this.

The detector continues to give irritated (and irritating) little chirps.

My dinner cannot now be cooked because I'm pretty sure my wok is destroyed. Fuck. And the smoke is taking a very long time to air out, despite the hugely opened window and the blowing fan. Some of this is perception, however, because I've just discovered that the smoke put some smears on my glasses, too. Ahh, yes, things aren't *quite* so bad post-lens-cleaning.

::Sigh:: And also, ::facepalm::

Mostly, I'm amused. (And hungry.) No, I can't afford a new wok, so that sucks. But I'm 29 years old and this is the first fire I've caused. And I think, since I did not panic, I handled it okay. Yes, it was stupid of me to walk away from a stove which was turned on, lesson learned. No major harm done (except to the wok).

So, uh, now I'm going to try (again) to make dinner, only this time without setting anything on fire. Wish me luck. :)
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I tried to convince Heather to join [livejournal.com profile] flurije and Alicia this afternoon in their (re)introduction to Supernatural. (Flurije has seen season one, but doesn't remember it (!!) and Alicia has seen one episode ("Jus in Bello" from season 3).) Alas, Heather is busy (doing actual schoolwork and research, unlike bad, bad me.) I said that that was a shame as naturally I'd hoped to recruit her to SPN. She suggested that the network should do a Mary Kay: the more people you recruit, the more prizes you get. She then asked what the top prize would be, instead of a pink Caddy?

Naturally I was able to immediately answer a 1967 black Chevy Impala. With a weapons cache in the trunk. Of course.

Then I started pondering what runner-up prizes would be. I suspect that a sawed off shot-gun would be in questionable taste. An antique 1835 Colt revolver could be good.

Hee. One of the early prizes could be a purple greyhound shirt.

I may very well be insane (likely) but at least this sort of musing keeps me from smashing things. Not a good morning so far. I got my car to the dealership on time (8am) then had to wait 50 minutes for them to find a driver to take me back to my place. Naturally I was antsy because it's never taken that long before (it's never taken more than 5 minutes) so I didn't have anything with me to do and I'd promised to be here (at home) at 9am for Maintenance Guy to come and sand and paint the bathroom walls. So I didn't get back here 'til 9:10. Fortunately, Maintenance Guy hadn't been here yet-- I know because he called after me as I was walking to my place. At 9:10. When he said he' d be here-- at my flat-- in a few minutes. It is now 9:50. HATE SEETHE LOATHE ANGER. I am so very tired of this crap.


May. 26th, 2009 03:55 pm
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I was supposed to be at a play-discussion group today (to talk about Pericles-- the Renaissance grad students are (re)reading some of the more obscure Shakespeare plays over the summer and chatting about them.) This was to be at 1pm. Since I was told the maintenance guy was coming in the morning to fix the holes in my walls, I figured it'd be fine, right?

Maintenance guy came at 1:30. Then disappeared for more than an hour, returned around 3 and just left now, just before 4. Sigh.

On what planet is 1:30pm in the morning???

And he has to return tomorrow to sand (the spackle) and paint. Fortunately, that shouldn't affect tomorrow's plans much. (He says he'll be here around 9am. I have to have my car at the dealership at 8am, but that's nearby, so even if it takes a bit to get a ride back, I should return by 9. My only other plans are afternoon and/or evening-- Alicia and [livejournal.com profile] flurije are coming over for a Supernatural marathon. (Mwahahahaha.) Which means that even if maintenance-guy means 3pm when he says 9am it won't matter 'cause I'll be here, just albeit with other peoples.)

For the record, the kitchen sink still leaks. I, however, have decided I don't much care, since the faucet leaks into the sink and then drains normally. I know I *should* care because it's wasted water which is bad for the environment and bad for my water bill, but trying to get the damn thing fixed is bad for my sanity.

I've been trying to read Richard II (for next week's play discussion group) and having very little success. (Seriously, I am psychologically wired to have my brainz melt when trying to read history plays. This is Not Good. [livejournal.com profile] angevin2, I need your brains!) But at least I'm partway in. I have also read a slightly out-dated EW, which makes me want to see Terminator, which is convenient, since I've already made tentative plans to do so, again with Alicia and Flurije. Now, however, I am going to work on ami!John. Ironically, this probably means finishing my (3rd) rewatch of SPN season 1 just in time to start it again with A and F tomorrow. Hee. (And yet, I'm oddly fine with this, although it will make for a weirdly staggered continuous rewatch, in that I'll be doing rewatches 3 and 4 at more or less the same time.) Then again, I also have the first discs of Connections2 (because I'm a dork) and Slings and Arrows here from Netflix. So we shall see. (Which reminds me, I have to send MBV back to Netflix, too. I am going to buy it at some point. Maybe in Summer's second half when I have both a paycheck (from teaching summer session 2) and my summer scholarship. We shall see. I really ought to just save everything I possibly can, since my scholarships run out soon. But. That is for a different post. I do need to use some of the scholarship money that should be arriving aaaaany day now to buy new jeans (ugh, I hate jeans shopping) and sandals. Both my pairs of casual sandals finally wore out, sigh, as in not just unattractive but physically unable to wear them. And my comfy jeans have been more-or-less destroyed by the kittens climbing on me. Thankfully Foster-Kitten-Dean is doing that less and less, but that doesn't save this pair of pilly jeans. I didn't know jeans *could* pill.)

I have wandered from my original point. Off to crochet.
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... I don't think they're actually going to call me back.

Honestly, the biggest problem I have with living here, and it's one I've had since the day one (or at least since the first apartment-type problem I had) is communication, and the lack thereof. If a tenant calls the office to ask a question, and the office finds out that the answer isn't definite, or isn't today, or what have you, the office should still call back. I'm thinking mainly here of the Great Air-Conditioner Crisis of 2006 when all I wanted was to know what was going on. I could have been in a (n air-conditioned) hotel room 24 hours sooner if someone had just told me that it wasn't going to get fixed that night. I had to call repeatedly to find out if the damn thing had been fixed or when it was going to be, during the week that I was living in a hotel room.

I get much better results when I go in in-person. So, I guess I'll have to go do that.


I mean, obviously there's a communication problem. Obviously they should hunt that down. But I don't care what the problem is, just give the message, y'know? I know the Maintenance Guy can't come today (they're not supposed to work after 3pm). I just want to know that he's coming on Tuesday!! ARG.

And the annoying part is, short of having my dad teach me everything he knows about maintenance (which would be difficult as he's on the East Coast and I am in the desert), I don't know how to fix this problem. (Not the drywall specifically-- although that, too-- but I mean, the annoyance of repair-people.) I want to own a house at some point, but I think that will just exacerbate this issue.


I quit. Me and Foster-Dean are going to go lie down on the couch. (He's currently asleep, draped across my lap. He'll probably sleep the rest of the afternoon, judging from all the other kittens I've taken to get vaccinations in the past.) I should eat something, too, but I'm too annoyed and tired to even bother with a veggie burger at the moment. There are emails I need to write, and errands I need to run, but FUCK 'EM ALL, I say. At least, y'know, for the nonce.

hee. Nonce.
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Why do you guys read my LJ? It's just complaint after complaint.

So, part of the trouble is my own fault-- I woke up late. I woke up at 10am instead of 7am. This is, sadly, not too unusual. The past two weeks all I have wanted to do is sleeeep. I'm averaging between 10 and 12 hours a night. Should I go to the doctor? Probably. But I'm tired of being told one of two things:

1. You are depressed. Depressed people sleep. (I point out that my depression is under control. I know what sleeping to avoid the world feels like; this is not it. Then they tell me...)

2. Some people are just tired. (How the hell do I argue against this brilliant piece of medical logic?)

Anyway, I digress. So I woke up late, which meant that I could not take Dean to the Vaccination Clinic (from 8-12) and still be sure I'd get back in time for maintenance, who was scheduled to arrive at noon. Instead, I vacuumed and cleaned up a bit more, in preparation for a My Bloody Valentine viewing tonight.

Noon came and went, and I decided, Fuck it, I trust the guy who is coming to fix the drywall. So at 1pm I called the main office and told them to tell maintenance that they had permission to enter. And then I took Dean to the Humane Society for his first set of shots.

Two hours later (ugh), I get home and find a note on my door. Maintenance will return to do the work on Tuesday, is morning acceptable?

So I call the main office and talk to a woman there whom I quite like (she's very nice-- she's the one who rescued Sam/Whiskey back in March. She likes cats, but her boyfriend is allergic) and I tell her the story. All I want is to be sure that someone gives Maintenance Guy the message that yes, Tuesday morning is acceptable. (I have afternoon plans, but I'll work around this.) (She's not the one I spoke to earlier.) She radios the Maintenance Guy and I can quite clearly hear him over the radio and phone saying that I had not given permission to enter and even though we had made arrangements, I was not there this afternoon.


So now I'm waiting for the Office to call me back (she asked to whom I spoke earlier and I said one name, but in reality, I realized after the fact, that it wasn't her, it must have been the new girl whose name I don't know). She wants to clear this up. Well... fine. But all I really want is for someone to tell Maintenance Guy that Tuesday is fine.


My neighbors must love me.

Also, I really want a nap.

I still have a long drive ahead of me (to take care of Alicia's cats, and I should probably check on Baby B, too, since her mommy won't be home 'til late tonight.) My Bloody Valentine starts at 8:45 tonight. Will I be awake that long? So. Damn. Tired.

Update when I hear back from the office... ::twiddles thumbs::
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I keep getting distracted today. Example:

Oh, I think I'll have some iced tea. I left my cup in the living room. I should straighten up my living room. I should put the Yarn!Chester supplies all in one place. That tub of crafting stuff is overflowing. Dan called this table my "craft table" last weekend-- it's supposed to be an end-table, I should straighten it up. This box of clothes for Goodwill has *got* to get out of my house. Oh look, chocolates that [livejournal.com profile] pyrite sent me!

Damn, I think I'll have some iced tea...

I finally have iced tea, but I started this process an hour ago or so. :)

Bits of my living room look much better than usual. Bits look worse (because my method of cleaning often involves throwing stuff that doesn't belong in one area into another area, hopefully one closer to where the item belongs.)

Next step: clean up the pile of yarn that I tossed in front of the craft closet, then clean-- somehow--meep-- the pile of stuff off of my kitchen table. (It includes two semesters' worth of student blue books, though, which I'm really not sure what I'm supposed to do with. I mean, ideally they go back to the students, but students never pick up final exams--

Hey! AC/DC is on the radio! woot!

(told you I'm easily distracted today) [Man, I really, really miss the classic rock from earlier seasons of SPN]

--so I should probably take them back to my office on campus, but I don't exactly have a ton of space there either. :-P

I will probably not bother to clean my desk yet today, but I do want to clean my kitchen up. The bathroom can wait 'til post drywall issue.

Oh! Apartment update-- the drain/garbage disposal all works now. The faucet still leaks 'cause maintenance is waiting on parts (apparently just a washer-- so why not go to the Home Depot across the street? Whatever.) They'll be back tomorrow afternoon to fix the drywall in my bathroom. Joy.

And I have to get up early tomorrow to take Dean for shots at an inexpensive clinic. (I mean, like, leave home at 7:15am. Yay.)

Tonight I'm going to tear out all the knitting I did on the current project because I have decided I don't like it and am going to try something different. I may or may not experiment with cutting the Nu-Foam for the Sooper Sekrit Project of Doom, depending almost entirely on when I decide to vacuum. :)

Tomorrow night, hanging out with Heather and Dan to watch My Bloody Valentine, hee.

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